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Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
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on 27 March 2013
Another great album from this special band. For me, this album ticks all the boxes. Stunning artwork (once again by the band's guitarist, Skrymer); their unique blend of black and Folk Metal; and the way they manage to combine the often up- beat (for want of a better description) folk/ metal sound with lyrics frequently a little on the "darker" side (concerning such topics as nature, Finnish folklore and myths). In this way, the music does not always match the darker-themed lyrical content, adding a wonderfully creepy, Fairy- tale feel to their albums that I have never heard in other bands. This album reminds me of a few of their others, particularly Jaktens Tid, but is still new, still captivating and novel. This album is heavy, dark, fun and, like all their other releases, unique and worth buying. Get the others if and when you can! Long live Finntroll and Pagan Metal!
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on 16 May 2013
I have been a fan of Finntroll since 2004 after hearing- Trollhammaren! This will probably be there troll cry forever! Although I think Jaktens Tid is not far behind!! Finntroll have been going from strength to strength over the years and I think this is the strongest Finntroll album to date, it has everything here that I like about the finns. Very atmospheric, have fun, play it loud! I liked that they kept the intro and outro short this time round as I found in the past they have gone on too long. I love the growl from the troll at the intro, you would think it was in the room with you! I have listened to the album a number of times and noticed elements from previous albums. Midnattens Widunder comes to mind at the outro. It's amazing how Finntroll have been able to keep their music fresh & interesting. I hope they release an acoustic sequel to Visor Om Slutet! Nattfodd which will always be a fond favourite. . . but I think Blodsvept will shortly take the throne! If you like Folk Metal that is way over the top and doesn't take itself too serious, you definitely should get your hands on this! Great artwork by Skrymer as usual!
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on 4 June 2013
I have been a fan of Finntroll virtually from the beginning. I've seen them live in London a number of times, and their gigs are the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Nothing's changed; if anything, they are even better this year. The Camden gig, as always left me sweat-soaked, exhausted and thoroughly satisfied. This release came out just before the gig and even now, weeks later, I'm still playing it on a loop. They have put out some great albums, but Blodsvept is my favourite. The tracks are varied, with a good mix of metal and jaunty little folk melodies. It just doesn't get better than this. Just one note of caution: be careful if playing this in the car. You may feel the sudden urge to leap about like an idiot!
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on 18 June 2013
That is an excellent job, full of good quality music. Really liked this new job, it is different and surprising.
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on 21 September 2013
It's all subjective but I think every track on this album is superb. The best yet from the mighty Fintroll
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VINE VOICEon 25 March 2013
I have been following Finntroll and folk metal as a whole for near 10 years now and among all the bands that play this style I have always considered the trolls to be the best in terms of consistency and delivery. Finntroll have released some great albums over the years and their last effort, Nifelvind, I thought was excellent. Indeed the albums seem to have been improving one after another since the arrival of Vreth in 2006. This I wondered how it would be though. With their rivals either rapidly decreasing in quality or leaving folk metal altogether could the trolls deliver where others have failed these last few years?

The answer: in spades. I will go on record as saying this is probably Finntrolls best effort to date. The one thought I had with the last album was it didn't have enough of the trolls trademark sound and I'm glad to say that Humpaa is most definitely back. But like all bands they have evolved into perfecting both their folk and death/black sounds. The title track is a slight change as a first Finntroll track as its not purely atmospheric but this is not a bad thing at all as once the metal begins it doesn't relent. Expect to be blown away. The best way I would describe this albums for fans is to take the quality of Nedgang and multiply this to 11 tracks.

Blodsvept Finntrolls best? You bet your life.
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on 2 April 2013
After about a year away from metal with growly vocals, it was finally my beloved Finntroll which dragged me back into their hellish carnival of musical exccentricity. And I've never been happier

While some bands seem to pitter out after a few albums, Finntroll are far from running on fumes as the new baby is packed to its filthy guts with the infectious energy and off the wall madness the lads have showwn us since day one. As a long time fan of the band, Blodsvept strikes me as the kind of beautifully woven album that not only shows just how far Finntroll have come as masters of their craft, but should also please fans both old and new. Blodsvept stands atop the bands discography and possibly that of the folk metal genre by its seemingly effortless combination of the best parts of Jarktens Tid, Ur jordens djup and Nifelvind. The token folk melodies and bouncy madness of the bands formative years can be found, especially vibrant on the likes of Ett Folk Forbannat, the stunning Skogsdotter and the title tack. At the same time, the oppression and claustrophobic black metal crush of Ur Jordens Djup rears its ugly head on När Jättar Marschera, Skövlarens Död and Midvinterdraken to name a few, while the musical eccentricity that characterised Nifelvind runs the album throughout, manifesting itself in surreal yet fitting injections of jazz, rag time, big band, swing, banjos and brass trumpets. And, much like Nifelvind, the band once again meld and blend with sememless precision their complex and often bewildeing musical influnces. As such, fans of any of the bands albums should feel welcome and at home Blodsvept, yet also find a few new things stick their teeth into, such as the Middle Eastern sounding break on Haxbrygd.

Its worth mentioning a few opther things about Blodsvept. For one, the song writing and song structures are a more simple this time around, more so then Nifelvind, and, to my surprise, it actually serves the band really well. The songs are some of the most immediate, cachy and memorable since Nattfodd, and brings back the party atmosphere of earlier releases to a certain extent. Yet, at the same time, their wild-eyed diversity and fearlessness in throwing in bizzare musical ideas keeps the album from being simple or boring. At the same time, Blodsvept also boasts busier guitar work then the band usually put foward, with more guitar leads then I can remember being on the last album. It's good to see them utilizing both guitarists. Finally, its wonderful to hear Vreth really come into his own. He shows more diversity as a vocalist this time round, often changing pitch from a crusty growl to a piercing scream, and the overall earthy quality of his throatwork fits the downright drity vibe of the band to a T. It might have been nice if the band had thrown in the odd melodic vocal, something in the vain of Korpens Saga, but oh well. Maybe next time eh lads?

There's not else to say. Finntroll are still here, still miles ahead of most folk metal bands and still making excellent albums. Like walking a tight rope between insanity and genious, Finntroll have again created something that seems light-hearted and not to be taken to seriously, but also has a great deal of substance to delve into. Blodsvept is a true triumph in creating eccentrically extreme music that is energetic and down-right fun, yet at the same time diverse, engaging, heavy and smeared in musical depth. There are very few bands if any that can pull off this type of sound, and while the majority of folk metal bands plod around with rehashes of decade old ideas, Finntroll are bravely forging their own path of music without boarders or preconceived notions of how metal should be done. Fans of the band will love this, and anyone looking for something heavy and 'a little bit different' can hopefully find something to love in Blodsvept. If it was enough to break my year long sabatical from extreme music, it might just be enough to bring a smile to your face.
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on 9 April 2013
I have to agree with the other reviews to date and there's little to add to the comprehensive reviews given. So, rather than say what has gone before...a couple of questions that the CD answers:
1. What band would you play a stranger if you wanted to confuse the hell out of them?
2. Which band can reliably write dark/macabre music that makes you happy, smiley and want to dance a jig?
Finntroll have now delivered 6 very consistent albums of folk/black metal, probably best summed up as bonkers!!! This release does not stray from a twisty-turny path they've made their own. Get it \m/
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on 18 May 2013
Without a doubt, Finntrolls most consistent yet varied album to date Each subsequent song is a new treat to the ears with a plethora of interesting vocal melodies and hooks.

But the best thing about this album is the sublime use of brass instrumentation. These guys know exactly what it brings to the music, and how to use it to such an extent that it's not over used, not underused, and leaves you wanting more just the right amount.

Add to this, none of the guitar work feels even slightly tired generic.

In a word - a masterpiece.
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