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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 5 February 2014
I wanted a wireless speaker at a reasonable price which had both bluetooth and WIFI so I decided to get this one after reading many reviews - happy decision.

+ good size - it fits very well above my desk
+ not very heavy which I actually like
+ very good for the price
+ bluetooth works very well with all devices that I tested (ipod touch 4th and 5th generation, nokia lumia 800, some samsung mp3 players and smartphones and several notebooks)
+ airplay works well via the home network using itunes. the problem with airplay is the delay, about 0.7-1 seconds which is very noticeable when watching movies. but this is because of the airplay standard itself and not something to do with the speakers.
+ wifi direct. it's kind of bluetooth but it's wifi... and by that I mean that it works as a device to device standard and does not require a network to intermediate the connection between the two devices.
+ the looks are reasonable - nothing inspiring all good quality plastic
+ on the left side of the speakers at the back it has an aux connection (very useful for a fast and direct connection between any devices and the speaker itself - tested and fully functional) and an USB port (for any memory stick with music on it - just plug it and it will start playing music)
+ the remote - black and medium size - it has a play/pause button, bass+/- buttons, volume up/down buttons, on/off button, mute button and a mode button. the mode button toggles between the speaker's modes: aux, bluetooth, wifi direct. the airplay mode does not have a mode but works like an overriding mode. regardless of the mode in which the speakers are set, if you start itunes, a small light on the front of the speakers will turn from red to green probably marking the fact that it is now connected to the network. Once you start the music and select the speaker as the output, it will exit the current play mode and start playing the song - quite nice. The remote requires two AAA batteries but I cannot remember if they were supplied in the box.
+ easy to set up. Just follow the clear instructions provided in the box and that's it. It has quite a nice menu with many options if I am remembering it correctly.
+ the speakers also has three buttons above - the volume up/down buttons and the mode button.

- given the price range (something like £150), it's hard to find fault to such a comprehensive implementation still...
- the fact that if not used for a bit it switches off from bluetooth mode is not very convenient. If I have to take a break from listening to music, it will switch off which means that I have to power it up again using either the remote or the speaker itself.
- the bass must always be on max for me to give some nice output. Don't know why they chose this particular bass range

I really like them and I have been using this speaker for a while now and I am satisfied with it as the day I set it up. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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on 9 January 2015
Bought the Azatom Stealth-Air 2 speaker after reading many of the reviews on Amazon, and have not been disappointed.

The speaker has fantastic connection options with Bluetooth, WiFi and Airplay, plus the USB and the audio jack sockets for hard wire connectivity. Wanted Wifi so I can play i-tunes around the house, as Wifi has a longer range than Bluetooth. Many of the speakers on the market seem limited to either Apple connectivity or Bluetooth. Made the mistake previously of buying a wireless speaker that professed to being WiFi and usable with both laptops and desktop PCs, but turned out you couldn't play music from either as you needed the speaker app, of which versions were only available for Apple or Android tablets and phones. That one went back after 5 days of frustration with many friends trying to make it work, including an experienced sound engineer.

When I received the Azatom speaker I was up and running within 10 minutes. I found the set up instructions easy to follow (they may have updated them as they included missing set up steps mentioned by another reviewer here on Amazon). I now have the capability to play all my music and the approx 1,000 internet radio stations throughout house. Great sound and good volume range. One of the best things I bought in years and Azatom appear to be undercutting in price pretty much all the competition in the retail outlets. Also it was delivered FOC within 24 hours.
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on 12 August 2016
Excellent wifi/airplay/Bluetooth speaker, knocks spots of previously owned BOSE Soundlink Air which from it's purchase has proved troublesome and unreliable, and recently just packed up completely, not helped by awful customer service who offered an exchange with a reasonable discount on a newer updated system and then withdrew the offer!
Azatom have supplied latest unit which is the 2B at same cost. Quality of sound is brilliant with adjustable bass and so easy to use and set up. I'm very impressed and would definitely recommend, price is excellent too at about half the cost of other so called quality systems.
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on 7 February 2013
This is the second azatom product i have. The first was a gift which was a small radio alarm dock which i was most impressed with so when I started looking for a system for my front room which uses airplay and bluetooth which allows me to play from itunes and my Hubbies Samsung with the bluetooth. I had a good look at the Azatom models and found the stealth-Air. We checked out a couple other models in Currys, name a few Sony, Bose and iHome airplay systems. All were very expensive double the price or even triple. The sound quality and functions of the Azatom stealth air is way above its price tag and in my view it out performs the Bose Airplay speaker and blows away the ihome totally.

The bass is strong and the lyrics and music tones are all rich, warm with nothing missing. Some tracks i could hear instruments that i not heard before on other speaker systems. You can usually tell when a speaker is going to perform once you feel the quality in your hands and the weight when you lift it out the box. My speaker now takes pride position in our front room. It sits neat and performs fantastic i really cant fault it. The sound is a top performer.

The connection via airplay from my laptop was simple and the connection has been solid all the time with no breaks as of yet. My partner uses his Samsung galaxy S3 with bluetooth so thats ideal that we can both use the same speaker. We choose this speaker with this in mind as most systems only have one either, airplay or bluetooth but not both at the same time.

Overall, one of my best buys at a great price. Value for money
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I took a punt on this product, especially as I'd never heard of them, but reading through a number of reviews on different sites I thought it would be worth a bet.

Basically I was looking for a bluetooth and Air enabled wi-fi speaker to use with various iDevices and an Android smart phone. When I saw the price of some of the speakers with these features I almost fell off my chair, had I been sitting down, but I came across this product which seemed good value. If it wasn't any good I thought I'd just send it back.

The product was well packaged, out of the box the design is clean and clutter free, though my wife wondered why I had bought another toaster.

Seriously though, the design is clean and the bling kept to a minimum. The subtle design will fit in with most rooms. Some people like `in your face' music systems that scream `Look at me, look at me!', this is not one of those.

The quality of construction and materials are very good, though it is not as weighty as my Klipsch dock.

I do think the picture of the stealth fighter on the top of the unit is a bit naff, like sticking go faster stripes on a lawnmower, but it is small enough not to be too obvious, they would do well to remove it as it would enhance the look of the unit.

Set up was simplicity in itself, bluetooth took a minute or so and connecting it to my router took two minutes. Do follow the instructions carefully. I had my iPod, iPad and Macbook Pro connected without a hitch. The HTC phone and the iPhone were also no problem which I tried on bluetooth.

Design and construction aside, the million dollar question is whether it performs. Everyone has a different experience when it comes to music, and I'm no different from. I've actually been disappointed with the audio quality of a Bose unit, where another person thought it was exceptional.

So does it perform? Actually it does, and it does perform well. Connections from all devices except my Macbook are solid using either bluetooth or through the router. The ADSL router I use is an AsusDSL-N55U dual band for those who might be interested.

I have played a variety of music, listened to the radio using TuneUp and the odd audio book to try and get a feel for it.

For those of you who want to know what I listened to, here's a list, BBC radio 4, Johnny Cash, Spiderbait, Flo Rida, Dylan, Fall Out Boy, The Heavy, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Nickleback and some songs I love but refuse to acknowledge that I like.

The sound has a true clarity, though at first I thought it was lacking bass until I realised I should have turned the bass up. Thats when it hit me. Adding the bass to some speaker docks just adds a dead muffled bass sound which incidentally is what the Klipsch suffers from. Here it was different, it had life and it had warmth and did not take away the clarity of the music. Even having the bass at max does not take away the clarity. The music sounds as it should, not clinical like Sony docks can sound, but it gives music with a soul.

I tend not to need to hear music at full blast, but turn up the volume and the music is as good, no crackles or rattles to speak of except for my wife screaming at me to turn it down. I have over the years learned to filter that interference out.

It is early days yet, but this `toaster' seems to be up to the job and does the biz and I will not be sending it back.

My final words on this, get rid of the stealth fighter motif, it doesn't need it because it is better than that.
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on 18 August 2013
Exactly the sound I was looking for in a portable wi-fi speaker with high definition throughout the sonic range. Bought this after I bought another make only because this was mains powered only. Now have the best of both worlds but there's no denying, this has the best sound of all.

Only thing to watch out for is when moving the device - the bass speakers are underneath with no protection, so when lifting, be careful not to put fingers though them (although they are pretty tough). Not worth dropping a star for though.
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on 31 August 2014
I've thought hard about this review to make sure I am not being unfair but I keep coming back to the same feeling, in which case I'll share it with anyone else looking to buy.
I have other portable speakers and some nice medium range hifi equipment and for me the sound quality is the most important thing so after other owner's positive reviews about the sound I decided to buy - it seemed a reasonable price and it's British.

I really wanted to like this little unit but the truth is that I find it adequate and no more. Lots of reviewers comment on how good it is when turned up loud and it does improve when it's louder but if I want to turn up the volume on something that relies on a plug I'll stick to my hifi which is infinitely better. I am more interested in how clear and balanced the unit is when it is at a more reasonable level - like most I have neighbours - and what I have found is a quite reedy and over-trebled sound without much detail. Turning up the bass on the unit and in my phones (Walkman) equaliser to max really doesn't make a huge difference. The soundstage is narrow and detail merges and gets a bit muddied no matter where I place it. Bluetooth drops out all of the time but I can't blame the Azatom for all of that, Bluetooth seems to do that anyway and I ended up with a wired connection to save getting annoyed all of the time which kind of defeats the object.
Because there is some bass on this unit there is none of the empty plop plop sound where the bass should be as you get with some small speakers but the rest of the sound and the overall effect just falls really short for me, there's no wow.
When I compare this unit side by side to my Phillips Fidelio P9 I can hear the better clarity of the Phillips and I begin to realise what the professional reviewers meant by its lively, open and more balanced sound, it is more enjoyable to listen to, it is much clearer and whilst bass is usually really important to me it doesn't save the Azatom's overall performance.
This isn't supposed to be a comparison of two speakers and if you buy the Azatom you may not be disappointed, it depends what you normally listen to. For me, being able to compare showed me that for around the same price there are better sounding units that will give you, well, just a much more enjoyable sound.
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on 21 January 2016
I found this speaker very good, was looking at SONOS but the cost and sound of the Azatom is much better and has much more functionality, my only reason for giving 4 stars is that now and again i get wireless interruptions while using airplay, speaker is next to the router which is very stable with all other devices in the house.
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on 24 May 2013
My old Pure internet radio dock died, so I decided it was a great opportunity to update our home audio set up. We listen to iPod and internet radio (Magic, Jazz FM etc.) in equal measure, but I knew Airplay/Bluetooth offered a far more convenient solution than the now traditional and somewhat outdated (how did that happen?) iPod dock/radio setup. As the technology has now been around for some years, and more and more platforms/apps incorporate Airplay as standard, I felt confident in investing.

I did the usual scouring of the internet and visited our local Bose dealer, but nothing seemed to catch my eye/ear - particularly as this is still a fairly pricey bracket of the speaker market. The Bose in particular sounded good, but just not good enough for the sort of money they were after - particularly compared to my old Pure and Monitor Audio units from recent years. I also looked at more compact solutions such as the Jambox, etc. but again found them to be hugely expensive for what was on offer (bluetooth only, underpowered, technical issues - all for £150+).

So then I came across Azatom, one of a new breed of players in the marketplace offering an emphasis on quality/functionality/great design at an affordable price. In addition to glowing product reviews for this particular unit, I noticed their other products had received equal acclaim. The product spec. and British design sold it for me - these guys clearly know their market and I was impressed by the technology on offer at the price.

Well, their homework has paid off. For the price (and indeed some way above it) this is an outstanding unit. Rich bass (turn it up on first listen using the remote), clarity and room-filling sound are all there. Setup seemed a little convoluted at first, but in actual fact took 5 minutes. Once I had used my iPhone to setup the speakers on the wi-fi network, I noticed with some (albeit geeky) joy that they appeared on all compatible devices (iTunes, my wife's iPhone, Spotify etc.). Simple.

So now I either sit at my laptop working with my entire iTunes library to hand at the click of a mouse button, or simply use my iPhone to listen to my iPod, internet radio (plenty of apps now support Airplay) or Spotify (Airplay is not supported on desktop version but is on the app) with exceptional results.

I feel that too many 'established names' are dabbling in this relatively new market - reliant on brand and novelty value to make a fast buck from ill-informed consumers. Why pay a premium for lacklustre performance when you can have your cake and eat it too?

In short, highly recommended.
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on 3 May 2014
I was looking for a good airplay speaker to double up as a speaker for an LCD TV. Other reviews led me to this one, though I know nothing about the reputation or product of the company. I've now bought 2!!! Says enough.

The speaker itself isn't unattractive, though doesn't feel particularly premium quality, it's all shiny black plastic, aluminium look plastic and fine black mesh. Size is ok and it looks alright beside a TV in both places we use them. The remote isn't up to much and feels cheap. 1 of them has reasonable range, the other doesn't. I've not seen any half decent remotes with a speaker recently, but this one at least does more as you can alter the bass. It's not intended to be a portable speaker, but we've taken one a few places, you just need to be careful with the 2 big bass drivers in the base.

Connectivity is very good. The Bluetooth pairing is easy enough and connection good but not lightning quick. It does take a while to log on to the wifi network, only about 90 seconds, but feels like a lifetime when your watching for the green light. When it is connected, Airplay works just as it should and we have had no dropouts yet. We have both speakers connected to tv's via the AUX input and this works well.

Sound is the main feature and we're very pleased. It has enough power to fill a large room, bass is very strong, reaching some good low frequencies and it doesn't overpower any of the other frequencies. There are 2 big bass drivers working through the unit base they can generate plenty of sound pressure for the size of the unit. We are asking a lot of this speaker, from being a simple second TV speaker upgrade to playing a very wide range of music choices and it hasn't let us down yet. We haven't even found distortion at max volume. I have been comparing to some similar Bose products and it has better lower frequency response, about the same clarity and soundstage but a good bit more room filling power.

I've a few development ideas that would put this product to the top of my Santa list. It will be interesting to see if the company , an pretty unknown British brand, build on the success of this unit.

So to sum up -
Build quality - good, not constructed from premium materials.
Connectivity - excellent, Airplay is a big big bonus for us, all connectivity works as it should and without drama.
Sound - excellent, we've been comparing it to Bose products and it stands shoulder to shoulder and occasionally surpasses.

This is a really good product for a decent price - your not paying for a premium manufacturers name.
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