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on 7 March 2013
I bought this last Friday, and it turned up pre 9.00 on Saturday morning. It was so easy to set up, it took me less than 5 minutes to unbox, connect it to my home WiFi network and start playing internet radio stations.
I downloaded the Minx Iphone App and was really impressed by its use-ability on my Iphone and Ipad Mini. There is direct control of the volume, the bass and there is a selection of pre-programmed equaliser setttings. Within a few seconds, I had located my favourite internet radio stations and set them as presets. An extra function that I found really useful was the ability to filter internet radio stations by the bit rate they broadcast at, allowing me to cut out all the lower quality streaming stations.
The Bluetooth control means my android phone loving wife can use it too, and this has proven to be a real hit as it was often a cause of real frustration that her Android phone would not work effectively with any of the other docking devices we had. The Bluetooth connection is available at the touch of a button so any friends visiting can easily connect as well without needing to download the App
I purchased the Air 100 to replace my B&W Zeppelin Dock and I have been really pleased with the results. The sound quality is excellent even at high volume, and beware this thing can go really very loud indeed! It fits neatly into room and although I originally was not that sure about the grey and white colouring, it really blends and is not nearly as intrusive as the B&W was. I am already looking at upgrading my living room system to the large Air-200 and moving the Air-100 into the kitchen or study.
A definite recommendation …
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on 14 July 2013
This is an absolutely wonderful piece of kit. Setup was fantastically simple and when twinned with Spotify and/or iTunes it allows me to play my music anywhere around my house and garden in true hi-fidelity sound. I was unsure if 100W would be sufficient but at full volume it would be impossible to be in the same room and hold a conversation. Therefore as a piece of equipment that will play at parties etc, the 200W speaker would have been unnecessary power for my needs.

I really cannot recommend this speaker highly enough.
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on 4 April 2013
Super quick delivery, straight out of the box I let my 9 year old set it up having read the reviews on how simple it was... two minutes and he’d done it following the step by step guide, brilliant!

Having the internet radio at the touch of a button (station presets on the top) is fantastic, no need to hunt for the phone or remote. This product has embraced the radio opportunity (overlooked by most others?) which gives the Minx Air a massive advantage as a direct radio replacement in the home.

The app control works great with apple devices whilst the ageing Blackberry in the house also works well with it. I have given the Air100 some serious use over the last 2 weeks and have been very pleased especially with the sound quality. The solidity & product weight means there’s NO annoying vibration/hum on the table top at higher volumes either.

I can see why Hi-Fi enthusiasts rate this product.
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on 13 May 2013
Many years ago I was a true audiophile with mountains of expensive kit, but downsizing from a large old Victorian pile to a flat, and then a modest bungalow called for a re-think.

Being a Mac enthusiast over the last thirteen years or so made it a fairly straightforward choice when buying speakers, namely the Harmon Kardon Soundsticks which proved to be an excellent buy for the desktop and could also work in a small living room at a push.

So what to replace them with? Good though they are, they are not really powerful enough for my current living room, so I decided to look for something a bit more powerful. Starting off, I began looking at powered speakers combined with an Apple airport express base station, but the wife was adamant that she didn't want masses of cable everywhere (a problem incidentally with the soundsticks).

I decided to have a look at the airplay speakers designed for the Mac. I eventually settled on the Altec Lansing inAir 5000 which I bought from Amazon. Although competitively priced I was disappointed with the performance, the bass was too intrusive and couldn't be turned down. I'm too old for the "boom box" scene. Perhaps my expectations of wireless speakers was unrealistic.

Some time later I read in the press that Cambridge were launching a new range of airplay/bluetooth speakers. I waited to see what the professional reviewers said. They were very positive, so I took the plunge and bought the 100 model from Amazon.

Of course the Minx 100 speaker is never going to match the output of an expensive HI-Fi separates system so you have to accept this as a fact, however on the plus side, it only has a power cable and can be moved into any room in the house, and it still manages to produce great sound!

Wow, what a superb piece of kit! Lovely design, top quality finish and construction. Set up dead easy and straightforward, just remember that there is a pause of 20 seconds or so when you select a different radio station.

But what about the sound? Listening to a wide range of music from my i-tunes collection, I can only describe the sound output as brilliant, very clean and transparent, plus loads of (adjustable) bass if needed.

My living room is 17ft x 12ft x 8ft high and at 2/3 volume the sound is as loud as we would ever want it - any higher is painful! This will give you an idea as to whether you need the 100 or it's bigger brother the 200 for your room.

Although I bought the Minx to play my i-tunes library, my wife and I find ourselves using it all the time for listening to daytime radio....an unexpected bonus! Being internet sourced radio, you can set the broadcast quality level via the Cambridge Minx "app" and listen to world wide radio stations without interference.

To summarise, quality, quality, quality. Not especially cheap, but in my opinion well worth the money. As soon as funds are available I'm buying another one for the kitchen....well done Cambridge!
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on 18 March 2013
I bought this for the flat where I live during the week, as I wanted something fairly small & simple but with decent sound. I listen to music on phone, on laptop, & on ipad too, so had found myself getting frustrated hooking wires up everywhere, or listening to things on tinny speakers.

I've had it for about a week, and used it for these 2 things:

1. Playing music from phone (samsung s3) / ipad / laptop. (I end up listening to music on all 3 of these, whether I intend to or not, so wanted something that would work with all three)
2. As a speaker when watching films on a projector from the laptop. (I'd persevered with the laptop itself, but netflix is so quiet this was a bit of a nightmare before)

It does all of that brilliantly, and I'd happily recommend it. I'm genuinely really impressed, and think I'll probably buy another for home. Here's some more info in case useful:

The build quality is really nice, and it feels very solid. The flat's all white walls/furniture so it works well, but is fairly subtle and wouldn't look out of place under a tv/in the kitchen/in a bedroom either. It's about 14" wide and about 7" high. It's tough to tell from the photos, but it looks very nice & 'high-end' in real life - very solid construction, grill that doesn't look cheap, rubberized buttons, etc.

Setup is as simple as the description makes out, especially with bluetooth where you just press a button to set it into pairing mode. The bluetooth range is good - it reaches the 15m or so from one end of the flat to the other, with a wall in between. & all of the volume/eq stuff cab be controlled from the phone/laptop, so there's no fiddling about.

I'd had a look at it in richer sounds before buying it (from amazon) so knew what it looked like, but had not properly heard it. I was a bit less worried about sound quality as I've had cambridge audio stuff before & it's been good, but I'm really impressed. Sound quality is great all over the flat - really rich, the bass is good, there's no rattling about. It's a proper bit of kit that they've obviously designed to sound really good as well as function nicely.

In summary: great product, I'll probably buy another for home, would happily recommend it to anyone.
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on 28 March 2013
Bought this mainly for my IPad Mini but have also used it with my IPod and my partners IPhone and it works great with all three devices. Set up was quick and very easy, also works with Bluetooth devices, works great with Spotify, works with games and video output such as YouTube, has phono inputs to allow connection to TV, has a digital tuner with 10 presets built in, good value at £330, what more could you possible ask for! Oh yes, i nearly forgot, it sounds absolutely superb.
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on 26 May 2013
I purchased the Minx Air 100 system and could not be more pleased with this product! I wont pretend to be technically minded, I wanted a system for the kitchen that could be moved when required and was easy to use. Due to the fantastic app that accompanies the product I can have any radio station programmed in and be listening to it within seconds even if im upstairs!!
once the device has been paired with your phone, app etc you can play anything you would listen to on your phone through the minx ,perfect for my son who loves the wrestling theme songs! you tube playing through the minx perfect!!
The sound quality is fantastic and for a small neat looking piece of equipment it can kick out the volume without losing sound quality!! perfect for parties!!
I love the look of the device its smart, modern and I am often commented on it, and when i show the features off, everyones impressed!!
I particuarly like how my favourite radio station is olyl avail through the internet or an app but once programmed into my minx I never need to search for this again!! wish i had a car version!!
You will not be disappointed with this product, as i am a music over telly person anyday it covers everything I need and does it with style - what more could you want - plus being very easy to use, and surprisingly portable!
Very very pleased with this purchase!!
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on 5 March 2014
I'm not yet convinced this was the solution to all my music problems.. I don't seem to be able to pair a phone the device via Bluetooth whilst my wife's phone has the same device on her Bluetooth (we both keep having to disconnect Bluetooth), and the lack of any display means you just press buttons in silence hoping something happens. Most annoyingly, internet radio (priority, and reason for purchase) keeps disappearing. I hope this is 'early days' whilst I am 'tuning in' to the idiosyncrasies, but so far its meant twiddling and frustration during the past five meals we've had together, rather than relaxing with our music.
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on 18 April 2014
I bought this a few days ago and have tested the equipment and will revise the note when I return from holiday. However my immediate comments are;

The unit is well made and has several wired and wireless connections.
The setup for wireless is a bit weird. It is best achieved via a tablet or smart-phone initially connecting to the unit using its own wireless, then you reset the device to work on your own wireless network. Once done it can then be located, but it is a faff.
The wireless works fine on Airplay and I have got my Synology media server to play music direct using the DS audio app from Synology (the audiostation on synology needs setting for media rendering, not very obvious).
Bluetooth works well and my android phone connected instantly and played music.
Nice tone, clear and goes quite loud. Balanced sound on classical music, not thumping boomy bass.
Included zapper functional and basic. Android Minx app could be a lot better. Sometimes does not find the unit on the network. It could also do with more options like streaming music instead of internet radio.
So far my view is it is very good but lacking in just a few niggling places. The sound is clearer than my sonos device Play 3.
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on 3 April 2014
I spent three weeks looking for an internet radio as FM and DAB is so poor in my area. I was frustrated because they were so expensive and then I happened across this. It can act as a standalone internet radio with 5 button presets and another 5 accessible via an included remote control or smartphone app... but it does so much more.

You can send music or radio to it direct via Bluetooth, you can plugin another music source via a 3mm jack or phono jacks in the back.

Of more interest to me was Airplay. I can play direct from my iPhone or iPad or using the Remote iPhone app can access my whole music collection in iTunes.

It's portable too - just plug it into the mains in any room.

The sound quality is excellent and the build quality is excellent and sturdy.

The Minx app for Android or iOS works well so I think the included remote will stay in a drawer.

Can't recommend highly enough!
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