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on 20 November 2017
Looks alright. Hope it lasts as just had it for less than a week.
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on 16 September 2013
After my previous experience with a Chinese phone I decided to be more circumspect. Checked the reviews and waited until it was stocked by a national UK company (CW).

Packaging: Small box complete with manual, earphones that are going nowhere near my ear, phone, battery and USB lead for charging. All pretty standard. Phone specification as described. So far good.

Phone: As pictured. May not win many beauty contests but it's a phone not a fashion accessory. Screen is capacitive, good size and the 800x480 resolution is high for a phone at this price. End result is a very clear and bright screen that's easy to use at all light levels.

Camera takes respectable shots and videos and is certainly better than my S3 (though so was the K800i, my S3 is iffy in this department) though it won't be best of breed. Maybe highly recommended at its price point.

The Ascend Y300 is indeed a dual-core 1GHz phone with 512MB RAM, 4GB internal memory and SD Card slot that supports up to 32GB cards. Ascend Y300 is solidly built with the USB socket on the upper right hand side, rubber backing to make it easier to hold. A couple of hours on charge and you're good to good which is more than enough for a day's usage.

In operation: Huawei's version of JB is quick and makes using the phone a breeze. There is a slight delay in loading apps but that is to be expected with the available RAM. Wi-Fi works well and has no problem in finding and staying connected to a source. Volume and speaker were loud enough. Call quality is fine with reception crystal clear. No problems in sending and receiving texts either.

Connecting to PC: Windows 7 (64-bit) recognised it immediately and was good to go in under a minute. Huawei do make updates of their firmware available from their website for users to download and install. They will also send you the unlock code free of charge so you can install whatever firmware takes your fancy. Since I find the pre-installed one fast enough, all I did was delete the installed rubbish on it and nothing else. Still nice to have the option though. You can also use any SIM of your choosing as well.

Conclusion: This is a great budget phone and comes recommended. You won't find a better one at this price point!

HINT: When asking for the unlock code do NOT use a Japanese e-mail address. They don't like that one bit.
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on 10 July 2013
I bought the Huawei Y300 a few weeks ago. All I can say is that this phone is great!!! Especially considering the price. I paid less than 100 GBP and the phone is all you need. It has plastic and is not super high end but all works well inlc camera. So this one is definetly a Iphone or Samsung alternative!
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on 28 July 2013
This mobile arrived very quickly from China with no extra duty but opened by Customs.
The mobile works out of the box and actually has a dual sim card slot taking two standard sized sims which is extremely useful, especially abroad. Setting up email and configuring the phone was easy and straightforward. It found my wifi and connected properly and sending and receiving emails, messages and calls is fine - both on 02 and Orange (my signal strength here is quite poor for both).. The sound when playing files is also quite good. Battery life not unusually long or short. I do not use these things for video so this has not been tested. The operating system is not slow and the screen sensitive. Not too heavy to hold but not overly durable
The biggest downside is that as it is from China there is no Google Play store--ouch!. Huawei has its own store with some apps but not all for Western activities and banking. It can be unlocked by requesting an unlock code from Huawei and this works, but I have not yet tried to see if I can access the Play store.

Value for money this is excellent, perhaps when this is more widely used in the UK or Europe there may be an open firmware update with the Play store included.

A few weeks on and I have found this phone to be excellent in use. I have discovered that this one is a Y300-0000 version from China which is dual sim and marginally smaller battery to the Argos product which is Y300-0010. The firmware is also different, you need to go into the Chinese web site to look for this phone.
There are various tips on the internet on how to add the Google play store once you get an unlock code direct from the manufacturer. This I have done and all my apps are now available. It picks up signals quite well and the voice reproduction is good.

Basically, if you have a bit of time then this one is brilliant since if you go abroad, just buy a local sim and shove it in with your normal UK one alongside. You can decide which sim to use for calls, texts, data etc.

£100 should now be the norm for this standard of phone instead of inflated prices found elsewhere!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 14 November 2013
So lets start with the hardware:

Dual core 1GHz Dual Core Snap dragon S1 Processor
512Mb Ram
4Gb Memory
4" IPS scratch resistant screen
1750mAh Battery
Dual Camera & Flash
Textured casing.
USB mains plug with micro b usb connector.

So what does this translate to?
*The dual core processor makes it quite capable of handling most apps and apps running concurrently: for example music running whilst surfing the net.

*The 512Mb ram means that it can stutter under heavy load so this is in no way a 3D gaming phone. But all the addictive games like Angry birds, cut the rope etc work fine.

*4Gb of memory is quite sparse for a smart phone and only about 1Gb is available for apps and 1Gb is reserved for downloads etc. However, the phone can be expanded via micro SD up to 32gb.

*The screen is clear and readable. With the right app you can watch any video format and the result is clear and crisp. The touch screen is very responsive so doing fine work like mind maps is perfectly possible. Also, such a large screen on a sub £100 phone is an unusual but significant benefit.

*The battery on this device sets it apart from other budget phones. I charge this unit once every 2-3 days I would say I am a medium user, using the phone on WIFI most evenings as it is more convenient than waiting for the laptop to boot up. Also, the battery is removable so when the battery needs to be replaced you can do it easily (about £10 for a new battery). Rather than sending it back to the manufacturer like a certain fruit based product.

*The front camera isn't anything to write home about. But it is intended for skype type calls so it that respect it is functional. The back camera is 5MP so the images are crisp and clear again this is not ground breaking but functional. The Flash feature is something which you normally do not get on budget phones (anything sub £100 normally no flash) and I have found it quite handy to use as a torch (pre-installed app)

*This is not the prettiest of phones but it feels sturdy in the hand. Rubberised casing on the sides which means you feel less likely to drop it.

*The charger was a nice unexpected surprise. It is a mains plug with a USB port on it. This means that you can charge any other USB chargeable device via the same plug by swapping the cable. The charging cable is a standard Micro B USB cable which is becoming the standard for smart phones/tablets so it is cheap and easy to replace if damaged. Unlike, a certain fruit based phone which makes bespoke charging cables which are not even compatible with the previous years model of the SAME brand.

*Android Jellybean 4.1 - though this has Huawei's Emotion interface so all the apps on your main screen (apple style) and no draw to tidy up apps. Being used to android (2.3 to 4.1) I thought I would find this very aggravating but actually after a little time moving apps around this doesn't bother me. If you haven't used Android before there is an app for pretty much every conceivable purpose and many of the apps are free or very cheap. For example you can get a full office suite (read, edit & create word excel powerpoint etc) for free.

*A simple swipe from the top of the screen exposes quick buttons. These are greatly extended from my previous phone, most key settings can be toggled on and off by just pressing a button (WIFI,GPS,airplane mode,data, brightness, profiles,Bluetooth,WIFI Hotspot). You can toggle data on and off by selecting the two arrow symbol, which as a paygo user is important to do to save credit (previously this involved go through data settings).

*WIFI Hotspot is a great feature. By turning this on you can create an secure WIFI hotspot for up to 5 devices (basically MIFI inbuilt into the phone) I have used this a number of times and it works perfectly.

*Pre-installed is a power saving mode which will reduce screen brightness and turn off any battery hungry features (GPS, Data, WIFI).It lacks the refinement of some of the apps you can get on the market but it does the job it is required to do.

*BAD POINT it comes with lots of pre-installed software like EA game demo's. More annoying is that you can not uninstall some of these apps. Considering the phone is a bit tight on memory this is in my mind an unforgivable sin by Huawei.

Overall, this is a great phone (it does everything I need and some) and for the price the hardware spec is significantly better than anything else in the same price range.

I brought this as an upgrade to my Samsung Galaxy Y.

The reason I went for this instead of one of the major brands is that Huawei is actually an established brand in the UK. If you check your broadband router (BT openreach, etc) you are likely to find that it is actually a Huawei device. Also, a vast majority of the mobile broadband sticks are also Huawei. So their hardware has been proved to be sturdy and reliable for years (though only nerds like me have noticed).

They are breaking into the phone market with their own brand rather than re-brand and going by their initial phone specs it wont be long before they challenge the likes of Samsung (The Galaxy S3 Mini is actually a slightly lower spec than this phone!) which is no bad thing as it will hopefully start to bring the ridiculous prices of high spec phones down. Looking at you fruit based phone.
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VINE VOICEon 19 November 2013
Have bought a couple of Y300-100 so far from a popular UK high street retailer, and very impressed. You shouldn't expect alot of smartphone for eighty quid, but this goes against that.

The phone feels reasonably snappy, the display is great for the price, the camera works quite well too again considering the price.

The homescreen launcher is quite clearly aimed more at the Asian market, and may not be everyone's cup of tea, however there are plenty of alternatives on the Google Play store, I would recommend Nova Launcher, the free version is great, the pay version amazing.

Had no problems running the latest apps (Phone runs Android 4.1.1 Jellybean), GPS locked on quick, and the phone takes an additional 32GB MicroSD card for extra storage. The SIM is a full-size SIM.

The only negative I have, is there is an annoying "feature", where when you leave a Wifi network and go onto a 3G network, it prompts you every time with an annoying pop-up message about 3G data useage, if you cancel it, it disables 3G data. Very annoying. It's possible to switch this "feature" off, but to do so you need to root the phone which means unlocking the bootloader. This is likely to be beyond the reach of most users this phone is aimed at. This is very unfortunate for such a otherwise fine little phone. I really hope Huawei sort this out in a future software update, even a 'don't ask me next time' checkbox would sort it.
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on 21 October 2013
The phone itself is nice and functional - there are lots of reviews online so I won't go into to too much detail other than the things that have really jumped out at me.

The price is excellent and if you are looking for a basic android phone to maybe do a little browsing, facebook and simple apps then it's good although don't expect too much performance in terms of games. The phone itself is a little square and 'plastic-ey' but again, for the cost and, as long as you're not buying it as a fashion accessory, it is functional with a nice screen and a reasonable camera. The phone also comes with 2 sim card slots which is good if you are looking for a personal & buisness solution and is a feature I am always amazed isn't standard in all phones.

Call quality is good although I would recommend maybe switching the standard keyboard (which feels cramped and disorganised) for something like Swiftkey - but that is a personal choice.

The OS is a slightly thinned down version of android which forces all installed apps onto your home screens (although you can folder up the ones you use less often) which I doubt will be a huge problem for most users. Different profiles can be easily setup and switched between.


Other users have mentioned it, but you really have to check with the seller (as it seems Amazon themselves don't supply this phone). Make sure you are buying the UK version of the phone, not an exported Chinese model. The Chinese model does not allow any Google apps (Play store, gmail, address book syncing etc.) to be installed or run out of the box. The seller that I bought from did not advertise this and I had to return the phone to them for a firmware change. I believe that you can also root the phone, but you shouldn't have to! UK firmware for this phone does exist and suppliers should tell you which it is being shipped with.
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on 10 October 2014
i'm sorry but this phone really sucked for me. it lasted a while but then things just stopped working at random. for example: it took a long time to load, apps would crash constantly, i would have to restart my phone because it would freeze on apps, i couldn't receive calls or text until hours later when it would finally inform me i have a text or i "just" missed a call from somebody, the camera would frequently freeze, apps would randomly close in the middle of me doing something, it would constantly tell me i am running out of memory when i barely used up any, i cant video on snap chat, i couldn't download pictures, music, apps or anything after a while and there are so many other things i could go on about but for me, this phone was a bad choice and complete waste of money. i suggest you don't buy this phone.
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on 25 May 2015
For an entry-level smartphone this does a very good job, Purchased in the UK for a £70 price for my son and it has served him well for around a year. Major flaw is the insufficient storage problem that you will hit fairly quickly. The addition of a storage card helps (micro SD) but unfortunately the moving of Apps to the SD card is neither intuitive nor effective as many remain steadfastly installed on internal memory. The answer to this problem is to root the handset and use an internal SD card as additional linked system storage. Rooting is a very quick process (although if you brick your phone doing so then I take no responsibility for that) however the process for getting the SD card correctly formatted and configured is less straightforward and you will need a few third-party apps to help you do this (although there is plenty of guidance online). You could also change the ROM if you wanted to although I have not explored this option. Phone is now working much more efficiently and no more insufficient storage errors on downloading updates to applications. So if your IT skills are up to it I would consider the rooting option - especially if you are out of warranty and are hitting the storage error problem as I was. Huwaei have extended their range of phones since this one came out and if I was looking now I would probably consider some of their newer models over this one.
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on 14 August 2013
This phone is a fantastic bit of kit maybe its the unlocked models but i have had no issue with 02 models

this phone works very well for the price i payed which was 80 at car phone warehouse

the pros

very responsive screen
fast booting ( not so fast the first time starting up)
half a gig of ram makes this phone sing well
great radio inside the phone its signal is damn good compared to most phones so if you like listening to the radio this phone is great
speakers are very good quality crystal clear audio
camera does contain a flash also does contain a front facing camera yet again once you access the camera app if you delete it your a idiot its that simple.
there is also a handy method of using the flash as a torch it has 3 settings which is very effective it does drain the battery though.
duel core
plenty of settings to personalize it

wifi setting is fairly quick in finding a wifi
vga front camera is very good at still pics ( have not tested via video call but i am going to assume it will be ok not the best.

cons ( not much for the price)
camera 5mp focus can be a bit drawn out takes a while for it to focus but once it does its very clear.
case housing feels very thin and cheap backplate would get something stronger or a decent leather case

id recomend


the case is good the screen protects arent great but for the case the price is worth it

batter life could be better but not a major issue.

another con is if planning music and video youll need a external micro sd max it supports is 32gb


overall happy with this phone its very good for the money you may get unlucky with a bad batch i was lucky not to have this issue like i said could just be that amazon has got there hands on a older batch of phones a simple phone update of the android will most likely fix this issue
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