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on 7 November 2015
I loved the first book... It took a bit of getting used to what with this SciFi v. Fantasy mashup but what a story and what characters! Caine was an anti-hero the likes of which I've not read since being introduced to The Bloody Nine!

But the second book... Meh!

Too long and almost unnecessarily complicated. Don't get me wrong I appreciate a book with depth but it needs to hang together properly.

Everything I liked about the first book was missing and instead replaced with theological, metaphysical or psychological arguments and I'm not sure what they added.

Did it teach me more about Caine or any of the other characters? Not really, only because it introduced a concept and never really followed it through.

It was an epic book but I've lost interest now. A shame as the Caine character was phenomenal!
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on 21 August 2015
I'm struggling. This is the second Caine book I have have in quick succession, and I have to admit. I don't get it. The author seems have a set formula, and is loathe to digress from it. Not terrible by any means, but difficult to recommend.
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on 4 September 2013
I usually enjoy science fiction and similarly many types of fantasy books but I just could not get into this. Convoluted and over the top on all counts.
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on 15 September 2016
loved it
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on 24 August 2013
Well written epic conclusion to the story. A brave look at what happens to your hero after the story ends, and it aint all pretty. A slight hint of inevetibability but worth it all the same, at times a bit confusing and uses convenient plot devices though.
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on 5 August 2017
Great book. Well written, enough depth to be interesting and enough originality to never be dull even to a veteran fantasy reader. I will be reading the next one.
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on 21 October 2013
The whole series is like a POV action game, but enjoyable for all that. I like the main character but found the 'supporting cast' a bit on the thin side. I will probably read more of this series but not right away.
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on 17 September 2013
Ok the first thing I have to do is apologise to the author for not giving this a 5 star rating. Compared to The Acts of Caine 1, this was not as good in my humble opinion, more of why in a moment. However, if I could have marked that book above a 5 star I would. So this 4 star is in comparison to that 5 star. If I had to make a comparison against pretty much anything other than the 1st book in this series this second would be a 5. (Phew).
The last part of this book surpasses it's prequel, but there are sections along the way that find our hero and the author far too introspective and some of the narrative forms an ideological sermon about politics, greed, the rich and the poor the haves and the have knots. Quotations from Friedrich Nietzsche and Sun Tzu in a Sci-Fi novel set in the 22nd century with much of the content based in a fantasy style world which exists in parallel to Earth, where there are elves, ogres, magic swords, gods and demons, well you can see this book covers some ground. Still the action although not as unrelenting as the first book was brilliantly written, descriptive and pacey, there just seemed to be much more down time in this book.
There I go again, comparing brilliance with genius. If this were a standalone novel I would be raving about it, it's just that the first one was so damn good, this pales just a little in comparison. There are now 4 in the series, so after a rest, I will be into the third which is based both before and after (at the same time) the events so far described in the first two books. Complicated themes are explained so easily by this wonderful author. You can't read it while watching the TV it demands your serious attention. I hope you are not swayed against it by my review it really is an excellent and challenging story.
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on 27 May 2013
Caine was an assassin. He was also sent from our world and watched as popular culture for Earth's entertainment. He got the girl, but he lost a lot. That's where the book begins, sort of with the concept of 'no such thing as happy endings' in real life...

Ok, so remember when you were young and books struck you like they were real? Your favorite characters in stories mattered, and weren't just the latest thing you were interested in? That's Blade of Tyshalle. The characters come alive, you'll be so angry, and immersed, and totally rooting for them from start to finish. This is a book you can read when you're feeling down and will utterly sustain you, one with an extremely gritty and dark voice that will drive and drive no matter how desperate things get. Story is amazing...

It's also an ambitious step up from Heroes Die in some ways, whereas the former was concerned with playing on perceptions of violence and popular culture and did so masterfully, this one is downright philosophical, playing on sci-fi and fantasy tropes but getting at a core around impression management and identity. What it means to be a person that wears a mask. The relationship between pretending to be a monster and being one for real. That's heavy duty stuff and it's one hundred percent delivered. The book is utterly amazing.
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VINE VOICEon 24 June 2013
The second title in the series and one that goes to show that Caine is in for not only a world of hurt but one that will have him ducking and diving, utilising all his hard earned skills to aid his survival. As with the first the characters are stunning, the pose sharp and all round with the story arc was something that I just couldn't put down.

Add to this almost magical storytelling, some great twists and an author who knows how to hook the reader not only with the stunning set up but emotionally into the character all round makes this a must read for me as a fantasy fan. Great stuff.
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