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on 6 August 2013
I had no previous acquaintance with the work of Mogwai before I began watching "Les Revenants" on Channel 4 this summer. Their music absolutely made the story come alive (if that's not an inappropriate word) for me. It has haunted me now for two months. Since acquiring the CD I have been listening to it in the car on my commute to work and, frankly, it is affecting my perception of the world. (I write this in the aftermath of two recent significant bereavements.) This is spare and austere music in keeping with its solemn subject. The elements are simple. Repetitive motives suggest obsessive behaviour, e.g. of persistent grief as well as Serge's pathological actions as a serial killer. Distortion and feedback have the effect of fingernails on a chalk-board. Use of intervals such as compound augmented fourths (the infamous "diabola in musica") heighten the sense of encroaching anxiety. The cumulative effect is devastating - for example, on the first track, in which the glockenspiel suggests the vulnerability of "Victor" (his real name, we eventually discover, is Louis) and Camille, the two children among the "returned"; the lyrical 'cello speaks of the sadness of the bereaved, whilst the insistent drumming suggests the anger, bewilderment and frustration both of the untimely dead and those who mourn them.

The (presumably) ironic inclusion of a version of the early 20th Century free-church hymn "What are they doing in Heaven today?" poignantly highlights the dilemma faced by all the characters, living and dead, at the end of the first series, as the returned have patently not been existing in any kind of beatific afterlife during their absence - much as the bereaved people who miss them might have wished they had been - and its inclusion makes the double-suicide of the Koretzkys even more painful, even though this track was not included in the TV series (as far as I can remember).
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on 13 September 2013
Having watched the TV series, which I think is great (can't wait for the next series to start), I thought I'd get the soundtrack and I'm really pleased I did, excellent. If you're a fan if the series or even if not and enjoy good music, BUY IT! You won't be disappointed. I actually bought the MP3 version, a perfect download
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VINE VOICEon 25 July 2013
I'll admit that until The Returned started on TV, all I knew about Mogwai was the fact that they had a pretty awesome name. But the music for the TV program stuck out for me from the first episode, especially the wonderfully delicate yet punchy opening credits theme.

I'm already a fan of ambient music from the likes of Brian Eno, so if I had to make a comparison I'd describe Mogwai's soundtrack as being a darker cousin to Eno's stuff. Most of the tracks are quietly ominous, but easy to listen to and enjoy for their inventive and memorable melodies. There's really only one *uplifting* track, 'Special N' - most definitely one of my favourites, and a nice refresher before plunging back into the brooding mystery of The Returned's other music. Aside from 'Special N', the stand-out tracks are 'Hungry Face' (the opening credits theme), 'Modern' (very catchy electronic track) and 'Wizard Motor'. You've got to love the names. 'Wizard Motor' is surely the most recognisable track after 'Hungry Face'; it accompanies many of The Returned's more dramatic scenes, and whenever I listen to it I can't avoid remembering the end of the first episode when we get a disturbingly immersive view of Camille's school coach plunging down the mountainside.

The only track I don't like out of the whole album is 'What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?'. I found hearing a lyrical song at the very end of an instrumental album to be jarring, and it wasn't helped by the singer's rather drawling, monotone delivery. Apart from that, 'Les Revenants' is an unblemished piece of musical delight, great for listening to in the background (especially for writing) or just listening for the sake of listening. Recommended.
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on 14 June 2016
Wonderful soundtrack to a beautiful TV series. The Returned was the most original and thought provoking take on return of the dead ever made in my view, so very different to the American approach. Mogwai provided the perfect soundtrack which is haunting and very evocative of the series. I find it hard to judge the music without the pictures from the series in my head but I suspect that it would still work incredibly well simply as an album.
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on 13 October 2013
A talented French composer - this atmospheric music adds to the series The Returned. I could maybe try some other works.
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on 31 May 2014
I knew about the album because I'd actually watched the TV series it was written for. I really enjoyed that, so I wanted to get the album.

I'd never heard of Mogwai before, but I loved this. The tracks are all very powerful and very beautiful.

My one disappointment is that the tracks were a bit too short, but then you remember that it was written for TV.

Other than that, this is an amazing album. If you like a lot of weird sounds, dissonant piano, almost minimalist music that really makes you feel a bit scared, get this!

Just, don't listen to it when you walk into college and all the lights are off.
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on 5 February 2018
More chilled than their usual fare. Ideal chill out tunes with the lights out after a stressy day. A bit creepy in places: to be expected given the subject matter!
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on 4 July 2016
Loved the TV series and thought the soundtrack was amazing. Just had to buy it! The whole album lives up to expectation. I can listen to it over and over and not get bored with it. Absolutely worth purchasing.
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on 4 February 2018
All right. 😎 Thanks
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on 22 January 2018
Awesome cd
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