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on 22 March 2017
The dungeon collection is a match compilation highlighting Bret Hart's lesser known or unreleased matches. His most famous matches were featured on "The Best There is, The Best There Was and The Best There Ever Will Be" so these are all matches that have never been released on DVD before. Bret Hart introduces each match and talks about why he chose the match you're about to see and some interesting stories about the wrestlers involved.

Bret Hart vs. Dynamite Kid - This was a 2 out of 3 falls match but we don't get it all. The match starts when Bret is 1-0 up and had apparently been working the leg of Dynamite Kid. Kid came back and went after the leg of Bret and they worked over each other's legs for most of what we saw. What we did get felt slow and kind of clumsy, it wasn't very good unfortunately.

Bret Hart vs. Buzz Sawyer - The video quality for this match isn't very good. This is a much more scientific match than the last one, there weren't any big moves it was all grappling on the mat. Whist it was slow the scientific style of the match made it more interesting than the last match.

Bret Hart vs. Leo Burke - This is another match that starts part way through, we start around the ten minute mark with Burke in control. He keeps the control for a while until Bret turns things around pulling Leo off the top rope. This wasn't very good either but showed an early Bret Hart fighting as the underdog.

Bret Hart vs. Dynamite Kid - Dynamite Kid was repeatedly getting the better of Bret as the match started causing Bret to leave the ring before trying again. Bret eventually turned things around and tried to hurt the back of Dynamite Kid. This was a pretty good, back and forth technical match. Much more entertaining than their first.

The Hart Foundation vs. The Islanders - The Islanders start this match off on top so the Hart Foundation use a quick double team to get back in the match and then they worked over one of the islanders for a while. The Islanders eventually made a come back leading towards the finish. This was a pretty good tag match, it was a lot slower than tag wrestling today but it was still good, the Hart Foundation make really good heels.

Bret Hart vs. Andre the Giant - The video quality is really bad for this one and it was a dominant performance by Andre. Hart did manage to get Andre tangled in the ropes to get some strikes in but that was all. This was a rare match as these two really haven't wrestled each other much but it wasn't very good, Andre's offence just isn't very interesting.

Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect - This started of very technical with Bret Hart getting the best of Mr Perfect. Perfect started using strikes to get back into the match and then started methodically wearing down Hart. This was a really good back and forth technical match, just what you'd expect from a match between these two.

The Hart Foundation vs. The Twin Towers - The Hart Foundation actually get the upper hand to start this match despite their much bigger opponents. Boss Man and Akeem manage to stop Hart's momentum and they beat him down for a while until he can get the tag from Neidhart. This was a good match with the Towers using their huge power advantage and the Hart Foundation using their speed advantage and team work to fight back. The ending wasn't good but the match leading up to it was decent.

Bret Hart vs. Tiger Mask II - Tiger Mask wrestled a more technical style in this match, mainly targeting Bret's arm where as Bret was using a more brawling style to get back in the match, only really going for wrestling holds once he had the advantage. This was a bit slow at times and unfortunately never got to an exciting finish but it was still a really good match.

Bret Hart vs. Ric Flair - This was a really good match, it was mostly technical wrestling which Bret would often get the best of. Flair would do whatever he could to stay on top including using the ropes and distractions from Mr Perfect. It was a pretty good back and forth match, the finish was disappointing but the match until that point was not.

Bret Hart vs. The Undertaker - The Undertaker started off this match with his usual offence of strikes and chokes. Bret used his speed advantage to avoid The Undertaker so he could fight back. The Undertaker would be in control a lot but Bret would use his speed and technical skill to stay in the fight. This was probably the best the Undertaker had looked by this stage in his career.

Bret Hart vs. Bam Bam Bigelow - Bam Bam used his power and strength advantage to control the majority of this match, wearing the Hitman down. Bret would eventually come back using his speed and technical ability but he was clearly very worn down. This match was decent but it felt slower than I'd expected with Bigelow on offence.

Bret Hart vs. Diesel - Bret managed to avoid Diesel early on and cut him down and went after his leg to get rid of his size advantage. Shawn Michaels on the outside helped Diesel get in control and he wore down Hart with his powerful offence. This was a really good back and forth match, Diesel was clearly stronger but had less experience than the Hitman, Shawn Michaels and Jim Neidhart were on the outside and they played a part in the match but until the ending that didn't hurt the match.

Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart - This was a no disqualification match and both men were using that to their advantage, they weren't using weapons but would use the ropes a lot more and used an exposed turnbuckle. It was a very different style of match to their more famous Wrestlemania match with a more brawling style as opposed to the more technical style they usually use. This wasn't a bad thing however as although it's not as good as that match it's still a very entertaining match.

Bret Hart vs. Jean-Pierre Lafitte - Bret hit a suicide dive while Lafitte was coming down the ramp which is something you don't normally see from him. Lafitte over powered Bret and beat him down for much of this match, Bret avoided a top rope move and a dive over the ropes to get himself back in the match and the two fought back and forth for the rest of the match. This was a really good match with Bret making Lafitte, who I'd never really heard of before, look like a viable threat.

Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin - This match started out with both men technical wrestling, when the Hitman was getting the upper hand Austin threw in some strikes and switched to more of a brawling style which worked out better for him. This was a really good technical match but it wasn't quite as good as their two more well known matches.

Bret Hart vs. The Patriot - Bret attacked as soon as the bell rand and beat down the Patriot, the Patriot looked to come back but Hart managed to hurt his leg and then the Hitman targeted the leg of the Patriot. The Patriot would come back from that in a very evenly matched contest. There is some interference but luckily the match is allowed to continue. I didn't know anything about the Patriot before this match so was pleasantly surprised at how good this one was.

Bret Hart vs. Booker T - Bret controlled a lot of this match, he went after Booker T's leg and worked it over, he tried to get the submission with figure four leg locks which Booker T refused to give up to. Booker did make a few comebacks, capitalising on Hart's mistakes. It was a pretty decent match, especially considering it was part of Hart's WCW run.

Bret Hart vs. Sting - This match started out alright, both men were brawling rather than wrestling. Lex Luger came out and hit Sting in the leg with a bat so the match was thrown out. They agreed to restart the match but Sting's leg was really hurting him, the match didn't last long after that which was disappointing, this wasn't very good.

This was a pretty good DVD and would definitely be worth getting for any Bret Hart fan. The interviews between matches are more in depth than I expected and they're very interesting. There's a lot of good matches and you won't already own them on other sets. With match quality it doesn't quite compare to his first DVD as all his best matches were released on there but there's still a lot of enjoyable matches on here for anyone who likes Bret Hart and his style of wrestling.
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on 20 May 2013
I am a huge fan of the Hitman, and I honestly believe he is the BEST there is was or ever will be as a worker. Bret is often accused of taking himself and the Wrestling business too seriously. I don't think that is a bad thing, I personally thing that is the mentality you need to get to the top no matter what profession you choose. However you should only buy this DVD if you are a huge Bret fan, and are looking for a bit more background on Bret's matches.

The good thing about this DVD is it has a natural progression from some of Bret's early matches in Stampede Wrestling with the Dynamite Kid to the end of his career in WWE and his then his time in WCW to getting injured. As I said in the title Bret choose these matches for what they meant to him personally and the story behind the matches. In the first 1st disc and the first half of the 2nd disc Bret talks about the back stories of how honoured he felt about getting guys in the main event to ask to work with him personally. Bret introduces each match himself and talks about what it meant to him and why he added it to the DVD.

The 1st disc is his early days. The main problem I have with 1st match is that even though the technical wrestling is excellent the film quality is treble. I used to buy tapes of indi wrestlers about 10 year and still this film quality is bad (yes I know it was recorded before the digital age but it is bad). I look like it was taped of someone old home camera. The 2nd matchs filming is not much better. The 3rd match and the second DVD against Dynamite is excellent and you can see the difference in production equipment. Excellent match. Then the Hart Foundation tag team era. With a couple of their early matches.

The 2nd disc is more of the same. During the period Bret was an up and coming he had already made his name in tag team wrestling, but was just starting his singles career. In this disk he was working with people who are "above" him or in the same position so these matches tend to be time limit draws or him losing by DQ or Count out. There are is a great match with Mr Perfect Curt Henning, which all of their other matches in the future were a variation of.

The 3rd disc is now that Bret has been established as a multiple time world champion he is having matches of resolution to feuds or to put over potential main eventers or world champions. This is my favourite disc of the set because it has Bret's first ever match against Stone Cold, and you see the start of the attitude era, which Bret has never been comfortable with. He ignores this and jumps to his time in WCW and the thing he wanted to do and never got a chance to. People he knew he could draw money with like Booker T and Sting. Bret is not shy about telling everyone he did not like him time in WCW, mainly because he could not see where anything was going and things he though were good idea that worked elsewhere were ignored. The reason these matches were on the DVD was because Bret said he looked back at them and was impressed by his performance despite seriously needing surgery.

All in all a good DVD set the trouble is Bret made this set more for himself as a sort of memoirs. I personally think WWE - Bret Hitman Hart - The Best There Is : The Best There Was : The Best There Ever Will Be [DVD] was a better collection of matches, or at least bigger PPV matches. These matches on disc 1 & 2 are small tours and non-televised matches. Disc 3 is more of the PPV stuff. I would say only really buy this is you are a hard core Bret Hart fan. Anyone born post Attitude era will probably not appreciate this DVD. I also think Bret was being quite nice and PC on this DVD if you want his more detailed opinions read his brilliant book Hitman.
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on 29 July 2013
being a huge fan of bret hart, I was expecting this dvd set to contain many largely unseen wrestling highlights from his career.
the results are a bit mixed in my opinion. the matches on the second disc look great on paper but when I saw them, I felt the results in most of them were a bit of a waste after seeing some good action.
I also was hoping that more of hart's matches between 1988 to 1992 would have been selected. the ones where he squares off against ric flair from November 1991 and the undertaker from January 1992, are very good and it was a pleasure to finally see these rarely viewed matches.
the interview segments featuring the man himself, help to go some way as compensation for some of the average matches from the third disc.
this is worth buying but only if you are a fan of the hitman.
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on 23 May 2015
The best wrestler ever , talking about his matches, some have never been on DVD.

A must buy for any Hitmen !

Thanks Bret ****
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on 8 December 2016
Great package i wish Fremantle would make digipacks like this more often!Great value !
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on 2 January 2014
good dvd but i think ive seen something whats not on it unless i have to upload something to do it
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