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on 20 September 2014
Excellent little camera exactly what I wanted
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on 16 February 2015
This is a great little camera from Canon and I have been really impressed with it in the time I have had it (about 8 months). Firstly, it feels like a really premium product made of a metal-feel plastic. It is a lot like Canon's more expensive products. This camera can take some very decent pictures in auto mode and you can even control a surprising number of settings in manual mode, which is good for a camera of this price. The camera takes very good photos which are marginally better than what you'd get from a high-end smartphone, but my problem with it is that it is very slow in comparison to my iPhone. When taking a photo you have to wait seconds for it to take, process and then you can take another one. This painful process has put me off using it. Also, the screen is not great. You can frame shots but it is far from ideal for looking at photos with.

While this camera certainly has its downfalls, I still give it 4 stars. It takes solid photos and I have to give Canon credit for putting effort into making the pictures look good rather than adding extras which are unnecessary. It is a shame that the processing is slow, but it's what you should expect from a budget camera and I am used to an iPhone 5s. I bought this camera primary to take shots with a wrist strap without risking my iPhone, which I usually use. It would be nice to have a better screen but for the price it is reasonable and the photos are surprisingly pleasant when viewed on a good quality screen such as a computer or iPad.

Overall, I would recommend buying one for general use if you don't currently have a high-end smartphone. This is made by a very reputable manufacturer and after trying out similar-priced models from other manufacturers, I would say this is the best point and shoot camera for the price. It is a very capable camera if you are willing to put up with the issues it has.
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on 20 August 2013
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I haven't had much exposure to these point and shoot cameras recently (tending more to DSLR and bridge cameras), and I had wondered as more and more people have cameras on their phones whether there was much of a market for these compact cameras. On the evidence of a few days playing around with this I can see that there is. The camera software has come on leaps and bounds (32 different scenes that can be applied), and the 16mb gives high quality pictures in a range of settings. This makes it very worthwhile to carry a dedicated camera - particularly when it is as compact, and good looking as this sleek metal bodied example.

Whilst it is possible to get into P mode it is a bit fiddly and I suspect most people will use this on fully automatic mode. Getting 8x magnification in such a small package is excellent and there is the option to go higher than that via digital. The video record function is 720 HD with basic but ok mono sound recording. The inclusion of a macro feature is an unexpected bonus. Using the camera itself in auto mode is about as simple as could be. Apart from having to turn up the brightness on the screen in bright sunlight (there is no viewfinder), I can see many people never venturing into the menu. The instructions that come with it are fairly minimal and you have to go online to download the full manual. However it is very intuitive and I was able to find my way around without consulting the start guide. It helps that there is an option to have tips / explanations display option. I was slightly surprised that no usb lead was included. I take the point that most people will already have one that will fit, and many like me will prefer to take the SD card out to transfer pictures, but for the sake of a few pence this will dent the consumer experience for some people.

So in use this is very easy. The quality of photos seems pretty good in a range of situations, and the latest software that snaps when it sees you smile is great. About the only thing I don't like is that being small and shiny metal, getting a good grip can be a little difficult. The included battery seems up to the job, but you would need to take the smallish charger with you if you intend to take more than a couple of hundred photos. Overall then, an excellent little point and shoot camera, at a good price. I like it.
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on 8 December 2013
I love my iPhone 4S and it has a good camera in daylight conditions. This Canon Ixus is amazing though and is such a good investment if you want:
a) a flash that properly illuminates a scene when you're taking photos indoors in shadow or outdoors at night
b) a powerful optical zoom that lets you close in on the action without any pixellation. the problem with digital zooms on phone cameras is that you essentially lose quality of photo if you zoom in too much
c) a camera that takes photos quickly without any delay

The Ixus is also slim and light so it doesn't feel like too much bulk. I slip it into my bag and carry it around very happily. I couldn't believe the price I got this camera either!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 September 2013
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My first digital camera was an IXUS 700 in 2005 and, costly as it was, it's still going strong on its original battery. In 2011, shopping for a family gift, I bought the IXUS 115 and again was most impressed (at a more affordable price tag by that point). So I expected much the same general feeling with the 132. In some ways, the 132 is a natural technological progression from its predecessors... but in others it's a bit less impressive and my overall impression is that it only just scrapes the boundary of what Canon should be calling a member of the IXUS range.

First off, if you knew nothing of photography and were just examining build quality, you'd think that the 8 year old IXUS 700 was by far the best made. It had a really well finished casing, extremely precise lens movement and, funnily enough, bore the words `Made in Japan' on the bottom. In the days before decent camera phones, this is the kind of thing you carried around for good opportunity shots. The 115 was a bit more mainstream in price and a little less stunning in build quality but boasted a full HD video mode which I can attest to being very competent. And then comes in the 132 which has some `top level' numbers that would seem to imply a steady progression (more pixels - as if we needed them! - bigger optical zoom at x8) but then lined up against the older 115 things get murky. Moreover, the 132 just feels a less high-quality item; made in China (though that in itself is no reflection on quality) but just more plasticcy with a snap-close body (no tidy little grub screws) and a general lack of finesse.

Then when you look at the spec you see that the 115 boasted a CMOS sensor, bigger LCD, full HD movie quality, slightly longer battery life, a wider aperture and longer exposure times and the same basic processor. In other words, a more up-market machine.

I don't pretend to know how Canon place their cameras in their range but to the uninitiated, I'd expect a newer IXUS to be better than an older one. Not so on spec in this example.

But what about in use? Well here I am more impressed. This is a really easy camera to get to know, especially if you've played with Canons before. In fact, so intuitive was it that I lent it to my five yearold daughter to use on a recent trip to Duxford Air Museum and Little Gransden Airshow. She got the best shots of the spectacular aerobatics at the show out of the whole family. The zoom came into its own and the smart focussing just took care of all the tricky stuff while my daughter delighted in showing me the results. Of course a camera like this doesn't cope so well with indoor shots but it managed better than any smart phone and the video quality isn't bad at all despite the slightly lower resolution.

In summary, the 132 is a very portable, competent and intuitive camera that I shall be packing with me as a matter of course for those unplanned photo-ops but I feel slightly sad that the IXUS range just isn't what it use to be and if you can do without the higher zoom power, I'd recommend the IXUS 115  over this particular model.
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This is a very small camera indeed. It's small enough to slip into a jacket pocket and hardly notice its there. If you're happy with automatic or straightforward program settings then it offers reasonable optics (very good for the size, but it has a rather small objective lens) and a proper 8X optical zoom onto a 16M pixel sensor, neither of which you'll get from a smartphone. So this camera's niche is for people who want better pictures than you can get from a smartphone but don't want to have to lug a great big SLR around with them. And it really is small enough that you can take it everywhere.

The camera comes with its own rechargeable battery and an external battery charger. You can't charge the battery in the camera, which is one way to make the camera smaller, but it does mean you have a charger somewhere in the house. Incidentally, when you place the battery in the charger for the first time, make sure you get it the right way up: I put mine in upside-down, and it took ages to get it out again.

You also need to buy an SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card, because otherwise you have nowhere to store your photos and videos. Something like this works fine (it's the card I'm using, and it will hold 1133 superfine large images or 49 minutes of video, which should be fine for most purposes). There's only very basic printed instructions (7 pages in English, repeated in a variety of other languages) and no mini-USB cable. If you want to transfer images to a computer, it's probably best to take out the memory card and plug it straight into the computer if you can; otherwise you'll need a cable like this one (you may already have one somewhere in your house).

Other than the battery charger, the only supplied accessory is a wrist strap, which is right-handed only. The button layout is pretty standard for small cameras, with the on/off button and the shutter and zoom controls on top and the various menu settings on the back. The viewing screen is decent, but there's no optical viewfinder - hadly a surprise on a camera this size. When you first turn the camera on it asks for the date and time (it encodes a timestamp into the EXIF data in each photograph, invisibly). It then asks you to press "Set" to continue, by which it means the button labelled "Func. Set" in the middle of the selector wheel. It took me a couple of minutes to work this out. Anyway.

You can record video. Disappointingly, it's at 1280 x 720 framesize, not "Full HD", but the quality is good. You can choose the ratio of your still photos in the "Func. Set" menu. 4:3 (16M pixel 4608 x 3456) is native. If you choose 3:2, 16:9 or square (1:1) it crops the image in camera, and you lose pixels in your image. If you're happy with editing your images on your computer its probably best to stick with 4:3 and crop the pictures later.

One of the controls on the back is a slider that lets you flip between Auto and Program modes. Auto makes all your decisions for you; with Program you can adjust various settings. When you're in Program mode you can set image compression to "Superfine", which means you get smoother images with fewer JPEG artefacts, but your memory card can't store as many pictures. I always use the Superfine mode, and I find it disappointing that it's not available in Auto mode.

Autofocus is good, but takes a while to work. When I tried taking zoomed-in pictures of close-up subjects it wasn't always obvious whether the autofocus had worked. Sometimes it hadn't, and I got a badly blurred picture. There is a macro setting, and another to force the camera to infinity, which is useful if you don't want the camera mistakenly focusing on something in the foreground. After spending a few minutes practicing I found I was able to take some quite reasonable pictures, much better than I can get from my smartphone, and not noticeably worse than I get from a much bulkier Canon camera. Having the 16M pixel sensor makes a big difference to image quality.

So it's a very small camera. It's slim, light and it looks pretty stylish too. I have a better camera, but it's too big to carry with me all the time, and that's where this one comes in: it's there when I need it.
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on 25 February 2014
I've had a Canon Ixus for many many years, it's gone in my handbag from party to party, event to event and always been a superior camera. Due to its age I thought I'd upgrade to a nice shiny new one - BIG MISTAKE. This is a VERY basic camera. If you are looking for a starter camera, maybe but I'd stick to your iPhone camera. Disappointment to the Ixus range.
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on 29 November 2013
I bought this camera just as I was leaving to work in Algeria - I simply wish I hadn't. Very disappointed had an IXUS before loved it - Please Guys at Cannon instead of giving us a heavyweight but totally useless paper user manual issue something thats useful you are cutting out a vERY large sector of the marketplace - there are places in the world with totally rubbish internet connections like here algeria ( no offence to any algerians out there) so its impossible to download easily. Coupled with this a small poxy bit of essential kit - the mini usb cable - charge us another couple of quid or whatever and put it in the ample space left in the packaging box. I'm really frustrated over this last item - Clearly say its NOT there on the box - I'd have bought one!!!!! Honest Guv! I now have the joy of trailing around trying to locate one here - no fun or moving to Option 2 get a friend to get me one and bring it when they come out.
Motto: Canon get your act together and provide the goods complete like you used to - you'll loose customers this way - I'll take a long hard look at the next thing I buy off you.
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on 7 December 2013
Though the features of the camera are less compared to standard cameras, but the money spent worth the product.
Really felt good in using and the features are so simple that even a newebie can start playing with the camera.
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on 21 February 2015
This has been a great camera - pocket sized and not too heavy, but not so small that my fingers are in the way of the lens! I have found it easy to use and the pictures are very good. The battery has a good life.
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