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on 26 November 2013
One clever camera

If it wasn't enough that the camera takes bright, clear pictures even in low light, has full HD video capability, 180 and 360 panoramic modes and a whole slew of scene presets, a bright rear screen, good battery life and works under water and is shockprof, Nikon thought you might like to use it as a GPS as well, or maybe control the camera by remote control from your iPhone, iPad or even iPod Touch.

Yes, you read that right - the camera has full (detailed) world maps and a GPS, altimeter and compass for really very accurate geo-tagging and browsing of your photo locations and you can even use it as a map at a pinch. And when you enable WiFi you can connect to it as though it were an access point, fire up the app and see what the camera sees, zoom in and out, take pictures or record video and ensure that you are in every photo (even if you ARE looking at your phone instead of at the camera!!).

Battery life is good but not stupendous (especially if browsing the maps or using the WiFi) so a second battery is a sensible thing to take away with you if you don't fancy hauling the charger around. Batyteries are charged out of the camera and the USB cable doesn't charge or power the camera so do bear that in mind. But otherwise this is a smashing little camera - fast, high quality, easy to use and very portable. Oh, and the 1cm macro is AMAZING.
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on 22 May 2013
Takes great pictures and videos, easy to use, simple menus (typical Nikon). The battery cover mechanism is really well designed and sturdy (compared to other waterproof cameras). Large, high resolution and bright screen. Couldn't ask for more... except....

It's sold as a rugged, waterproof camera but on the second day of use I found water drops behind the lens (i.e. inside the camera body, so not cleanable). These appeared on (and ruined) a number of otherwise excellent shots. Further, there was so much condensation on the inside of the back screen that I couldn't even see what I was pointing at - it made taking pictures impossible. Not sure if this was just one badly made unit, or if the whole range is faulty - interested to hear if anyone else has had this issue.

(I have returned the product)
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on 4 January 2015
Awesome little camera, its been around Italy with me, to Mauritius, and I've taken it scuba diving too. Great little travel camera, inbuilt GPS is a neat feature (images on computer are then geo-tagged to exactly where you were when taken).

Make sure you keep the battery/memory card compartment in good condition (dont let sand/dust get in there).

Not sure about other reviews saying the screens fail etc. Its been on 5 or 6 dives, and survived at 18m (depth held for only a few minutes), and the camera is still working fine.
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on 24 August 2017
great camera. the black colour wears away quite quickly due to salt water use but it doesnt effect the functionality. got down to 24m with it, but 25+ screen turns off etc which is fine. Not a great camera for night shots/caves but very good for underwater considering the price :-)
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on 15 March 2013
It is a great camera, feels very sturdy and is easy to hold as it is fairly light i felt. It takes great video quality. I bought this after my Nikon D90 as an additional one and i have yet to try the underwater deeper than my sink but it works :) great little camera to have in all weather and takes good quality photos. Iphone app works as well as a remote.
controls are a little bit small for changing zoom but the other controls are good including the movement sensor controls in one of the selection menus.
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on 10 August 2013
I am very disappointed and frustated with this camera. I owned couple of Nikon Pro DSLR(s) and I like Nikon. But I was wrong to think that Nikon will match up Canon or Fuji in pocket camera metering system. I set up on easy mode or auto mode with auto flash and face detection, and often the pictures were very over-exposure. I tried taking the same scene again with exact composition it gave me unpredicted inconsistent results. Sometimes it went under-exposure that confused me alot, but often it suddenly went over-exposure inconsistently. And what I meant is an extremely over-exposure when everything look flush and white.
I tried to change the setting and the flash mode, focus mode, EC, focus area, etc, everything, it still gave me unpredicted inconsistent over exposure. (And beside that the camera has a very long lagging, on startup and between shots with or without flash). This metering (exposure) problem has ruined the fun of our holiday. I wish I bought Pentax WG-3.
Even my daughter's £60 Fuji finepix and my son's Canon pocket camera never give us inconsistent overexposure like this.
On the other hand the lens suffers excessive glare mist. Be careful taking picture on bright day, there will be a lot of mist coming from lens glare. Dpreview also comments that the weakness is when you are using this on a bright day/light.
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on 2 June 2014
I purchased this via Amazon Outlet for a really good price just before I went on holiday to Corfu for a week. I'd planned quite a few swimming pool and sea swimming fun with the family - despite the cold water - and did some basic research on waterproof cameras. The Nikon AW110 had mixed reviews but the key thing to remember is that all these type of cameras will not produce stunning results like other compacts or SLRs because of the lens design. The reviews on Amazon have been quite negative but I've had few problems - most issues you can work around. First of all you need lots of sunshine as the lens optics are slow - but in Corfu in May there's plenty. Then you need to read the instructions about the waterproofing - I know this is dull but does ensure you'll get few problems. People seem to complain about condensation and that's what happened to me as well but it's not a surprise. Camera is in bag, then sits by the pool in the sun, and takes a dip in the cool water - and bingo you get condensation. And if you carry on taking photos they will all be spoilt. As the instructions say all you need to do is let the camera dry out for a while and the problem vanishes. Also getting water droplets on the lens is highly likely so make sure you take loads of pictures. Photo quality is good whilst not outstanding, and with a bit of effort you can capture some great memories which you couldn't do any other way. Movie mode is also good - my son enjoyed jumping and diving into the pool whilst holding the camera. A note of caution though - this camera will not float and although shockproof will not enjoy being deliberately thrown about and wrecked. I've really enjoyed this camera and leave it in my bag now as you can even use it in the rain - something I couldn't do with my other cameras.
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on 25 September 2013
So easy to use and left my family and I with fantastic memories of our holiday. the instructions are very easy to follow and even under water the images are clear.!! A little nervous at first, its not natural to take a camera in water let alone under it, but after the first few trials my confidence and photos got better. I would recommend, that if your taking photos while snorkeling in the sea, when you come out to rinse off in fresh water to remove the salt. Also if your going into the water for the first time after being out in the sun, let your camera adjust to the water temperature for around 5 minutes as the lens seem's to steam up a little but nothing to worry about it will clear..!!
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on 7 January 2014
DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BUY ONE. I am a keen photographer and have owned several other Nikon products in the past.

As we were going to Maldives for a holiday I thought I'd get a waterproof compact to take snorkelling, rather than a full housing for the DSLR. I read the reviews and my wife bought it in November as an early Christmas present, plenty of time to get used to it. Some of the reviews said it had leaked, but I chose to ignore. Wish I hadn't. There is definitely a fault with the design.

Before the Maldives, I used it to take some fun panoramas, human and pet portraits, some in low light, mostly turning out very well. I also tried out the wireless facility with the ipad, which was a bit patchy and to me more of a gimmick than of any use. It had been a factor in the decision to buy but was not worth the extra ££ over comparable models. The GPS worked well in India for a week before arrival in the Maldives, and gave a good log of our tour in Kerala.

Then we got to Maldives, and first time in the water, I managed to take around 10 photos before it leaked and died completely, never to recover. Ruined holiday, never another opportunity to do the same.

I took it back to PC WORLD and surprise surprise they refused to refund my money as it was more than 3 weeks post purchase. They sent off to NIKON for "repair or replacement". I don't want it repaired or replaced. I can never have confidence in this product again, because the design is faulty. The same is likely to happen next time it hits the water. It was guaranteed to 18m, (nearly 2 atmospheres) and failed in chest deep water. So, I repeat DONT BUY ONE!
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on 25 April 2013
Don't listen to the one star review above. As with all electronic kit when making a decent investment you should do your research. There's an app in the apple App Store for Nikon. Down load it, link you phone to the Nikon wifi and then open the app. You can then transfer the photos from the camera to your phone or iPad and you can also remotely control the camera to take photos (the same way as the panasonic lumix ft5 has been heavily promoting) by actually seeing what the camera sees on your phones screen.

The camera is waterproof, you've just got to give it a really good rinse under cold water and make sure it is completely dry before you open it to take the memory card out or charge the battery.

The inside of the lense fogged up on me once, and I realised I'd tried to blow some dust out of the battery compartment in an air condition room, so a little later the humidity of my breath had condensed on the inside of the lense. All you have to do is open the battery door in a safe dust/moisture free place and leave for a short while to dry out.

I really wanted the panasonic, but its more expensive, only has a 4.6x zoom compared to 5x zoom and only goes 12m underwater whereas the Nikon does 18m which to me says less chance of leaking in any situation.

The photos ate awesome and the video particularly messing around in a pool is so much fun and high quality.

My only issue is the white print on a couple of the buttons play (▶),OK & MENU has started to wear off after the first week? But a great first week on holiday with 700 photos and 50 videos taken its been heavily used, plus I know what the buttons do now anyway.

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