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on 3 September 2017
Cd came in decent condition. Love BFMV so happy to have this in my ridiculously large collection.
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on 28 March 2013
Back in 2004 when I first saw Hand of Blood on Scuzz TV, I was excited. I was excited about this band and I was excited to watch them grow. The first time I saw them they were supporting Funeral for a Friend in 2005, months before the release of their debut LP, The Poison which remains one of the finest metal albums of the 2000s.

When Scream Aim Fire was released, it showed signs of the bands growth; further incorporating the sounds of the bands that they grew up listening to. But things veered off track slightly with Fever, which had some good ideas but the delivery wasn't all there. Fast forward two years and we have Temper Temper. What happened? I hear nothing exciting going on musically and the lyrical content is very childish. Matt Tuck was never the world's greatest lyricist, but this is laughable. If they were to release this album as an entire instrumental, it would be better, because there are some fairly decent tracks in terms of the music but, like I said, we've heard it before.

I used to think that BFMV had a first class ticket to be this "generations" next big metal band. Maybe they will, they're sure appealing to a much more mass-marketable crowd. But when was metal about that? I hope this is just late 90s/early 00s Megadeth and they'll be able to pull it back and make more great music, if not, well, I always have The Poison.
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on 12 July 2017
Despite being almost unanimously panned, I really enjoyed the previous release of ‘Fever’. ‘Temper Temper’ aims to be a continuation of the style. However, the songs aren't as catchy and they seem to come across as cuts from the previous album rather than quality tracks. The first four tracks are decent enough, but the second half of the album is pretty dull. The exception to this is probably “Riot” but the chorus is extremely simplistic (“Riot!, woah, Riot!”). “Tears Don't Fall (Part 2)” aims to pander to fan’s love for the original but fails. The production is quite surprising - it was pretty rough in ‘Fever’ but now they have taken a further step back and come out with songs that sound like demo quality. It’s a very disappointing album.
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on 26 July 2013
My opinions on the songs as I listen to them.

Breaking Point - I actually quite like this sing. It's not as heavy as I thought it might be, but I personally don't mind. Not the most original lyrics though.

Truth Hurts - A bit slower than the previous song. Not bad, but not great. It's not very catchy, unfortunately.

Temper Temper - Since it's the album's title, I expected it to be one of the better songs. Again, it's not incredibly catchy on the whole, but I enjoyed the chorus.

P.O.W. - It starts quite slow, which surprised me. It might grow on me, but as for first impressions I've not hugely impressed.

Dirty Little Secret - See above.

Leech - The lyrics in the opening verse are terrible if you ask me. Actually... I don't really like the lyrics at all in this song. Not going to listen to this one again.

Dead to the World - Another slow one. Don't like this one either.

Riot - Yay a faster one! Just. I like the guitar; the lyrics aren't great again, but this one will probably grow on me too.

Saints & Sinners - See 'Truth Hurts'.

Tears Don't Fall part 2 - Since the first part isn't one of my favourite songs, I wasn't expecting this to be great. I can hear the similarities with the first one in the guitar, so it's not a bad song I don't think. Just not for me.

Livin' Life (on the edge of a knife) - Slow-ish again, but I could see myself liking this one. Wish it was a bit faster though.

Not Invincible - Definitely one of the best songs on the album - it's catchy (like most of their upbeat songs). I think the lyrics are better here.

Whole Lotta Rosie - I'll admit, I've never heard the AC/DC original, so I can't compare. However, this song certainly isn't for me. I don't like it at all.

Scream Aim Fire (Live at BBC Radio One) - It's a live version of one of their good songs. If you like live songs, you might like this. I don't.

On the whole, it's a slower album than normal. Nothing really stands out to me. The lyrics are dull and the songs repetitive. Not Invincible is probably the best song - shame it's only on the deluxe version. I'm not prepared to pay £9 for this though. I might get it second-hand one day.
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on 11 April 2013
Bullet's fourth album is not up to their usual standard by a long way. While many songs on the album still have the awesome riffs and brutal guitar solos, the lyrics sound like something a moody teenager would write over a weekend. Fans of Bullet will be very disappointed however it's not a bad album by any means, it's just not what we expect from Bullet for my Valentine. If you don't care about lyrics and only care if it's sounds good than give it a try, anyone else should go for Bullet's other albums as they are much better than this one.
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on 12 February 2013
I'll start by saying that I know an awful lot of people have slated this album, criticising the change of style and the lack of effort put in (apparently didn't go into the studio with any written material at all). In this regard, I can see why people are frustrated, I am too - because if this is what they can do with little effort, then with more time, and respect towards their fans, they could produce something fantastic.

I'm not going to bother comparing this to The Poison, like everyone else seems to. Times have changed, the market is much more competitive, and I believe that the band thought this change of direction would bring in new fans, whilst trying to appease the old. Sadly i think they failed to do both, and simply produced an okay album.

Onto the individual tracks:

1. "Breaking Point" - Not a bad opening track, pretty good guitar work with passable vocals. One of the heavier tracks on the album.
2. "Truth Hurts" - A good following track to 'Breaking Point'; better guitar work and vocals.
3. "Temper Temper" - The first released single, Basic guitar work, and pretty cheesy vocals but it grows on you with time.
4. "P.O.W." - Tempo brought down a little bit, a good track overall.
5. "Dirty Little Secret" - Similar to 'P.O.W' in style, another good track.
6. "Leech" - Really don't like this track, the guitar work is good, but the lyrics are absolutely atrocious.
7. "Dead to the World" - Another slow track, similar to 'P.O.W. and 'Dirty Little Secret', just not as good as the previous.
8. "Riot" - The second song released, personally I really like it. The lyrics are basic and cheesy, but its pretty catchy!
9. "Saints & Sinners" - Really like this track an awful lot - certainly one of the better one of the albums! Sticks very close to their older style
10. "Tears Don't Fall (Part 2)" - I don't know why they needed to do a part 2, the guitar work is simply in a different key with different lyrics. It's stll really good, i just personally didn't see the point in it!
11. "Livin' Life (On the Edge of a Knife)" - Generic, but nothing bad.

Deluxe Bonus Tracks:

12. "Not Invincible" - Ironically, this is a really good track. Should be part of the main album really...
13. "Whole Lotta Rosie" (from the "Live Lounge" show on BBC Radio 1) - AC/DC cover, need I say more?
14. "Scream Aim Fire" (from the "Live Lounge" show on BBC Radio 1)

Overall, there are a some good tracks; Saints and Sinners, Tears Don't Fall (Part 2), Riot, Temper Temper, not Invincible. All the others are either too generic or let down by poor lyrics.

I'd listen online and see if you like the change in direction and make a purchase (or not) based on how much you liked what you heard. The more you listen though the more it grows on you I found. I felt it was more worthy of 4 stars than 3...

Yes I wish they spent more time and effort on the album, but overall its still a lot better than the mainstream rubbish you hear on British Radio at the moment! Hope this helped!
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on 18 September 2013
I love a lot of BFMV's songs, but there are plenty that I hate. I thought the way they left Ashes of the Innocent out of their "Scream Aim Fire" album as a bonus song, and made Scream Aim Fire the feature song, spoke for itself.

They have the talent to make fantastic metal music, but they seem to want to draw attention to their more generic MTV/Radio friendly songs. They have the ability, but their prime motive is to make what they think will appeal to the mainstream crowd.

This album lacks any sort of punch. I wasn't, at any point, feeling what I felt when listening to other Bullet albums.

I'm not going to review each track, but just to say that I'm thoroughly disappointed with this album. Matt Tucker's hair loss is a symbol of the loss of passion they ever had for making music. Now it's all about money.
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on 10 May 2013
I've loved BFMV since their beginning. Since their original BFMV EP I've seen them live 3 times and loved the first 2 albums. The 3rd Fever, was ok, it was still BFMV but felt a little 'pop' and cheesy, the hard riffs and solos were still there and so it was acceptable.

This album however is a huge disappointment and I have to say I was/am pretty gutted about it. It sounds like they've completely run out of lyrics, really struggling to think of anything clever and just stumped for what ever they could make rhyme and in many cases not even bothered to try and do that. I've heard better lyrics on the crud in the charts at the moment.

It made me have to listen back to the last 3 albums to make sure that they did indeed used to have 'it', and they certainly did! But here, it seems they have lost it. Sad times BFMV.
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on 29 April 2013
Well well well... This album is half and half for me, half bad and half good. The songs I would recommend are:
Breaking Point
Not Invincible
Truth Hurts
Livin' Life (on the edge of a knife)
Tears Don't Fall PT' 2
All of the other songs i did'nt enjoy and found incredbily boring and predicatbale, the worst part was I could guess what was going to happen next and all the slower ballad like songs sound the same.
Overall if you liked The Poison and Scream Aim Fire, I would listen to this first before buying, otherwise it's an ok effort from BFMV, just hope they come back with a bang on their next album.
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on 21 September 2013
Another YouTube discovery...Welsh metal band Bullet For My Valentine blasting out the AC/DC classic on Radio One's Live Lounge. The guys from Bridgend really do this 1977 number justice, no quarter given in this blisteringly full-on version. The smiles on the video reveal just how much they are enjoying a good old fashioned down home kick-ass rocker, "Rosie" isn't sophisticated, just great fun to play and to listen to. The band play really tight, everything is bang on, I'm sure Bon Scott would approve. Play it loud and "Come on Great Britain, bang your heads!!"
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