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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 22 October 2013
I'll be honest with you - this wasn't even on my radar until release day.

The last Pokemon game I played was the original Red back in the day. Since then I have moved on to new franchises, even new gaming platforms (predominantly PC gaming nowadays). I only picked this up when I was trading in my Xbox 360, when I didn't really know what to use my store credit on.

I'm pretty much blown away. I haven't had as much fun playing a game in a while. I'm about 9 hours in, and about 7 of these hours were played non-stop on Saturday whilst the girlfriend was at work.

The graphics are fantastic, the art style complimenting the bright, vivid Pokemon and environments. I also want to mention how great the world looks, especially when the perspective of the camera changes as you play (for example, Lumiose City) which really add a whole other level of immersion.

My only negative so far would be the difficulty: I know this game is probably aimed towards a younger audience, and I'm only 9-ish hours in so can't really comment on the "late game", but I haven't really faced a challenging opponent as of yet, but am hoping this changes.

If you are familiar with Pokemon games, this will all be familiar to you. There is enough to warrant you playing through the newest version. If you are completely new to Pokemon, or even an old codger like me (I'm 30 years young!) there is still enough here to see and do to keep you entertained for many, many hours.

Pokemon has rekindled my love for fun like no other recent game has, and does so with it's simple, addictive gameplay.

Go catch them all!
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on 4 November 2013
Just as i expected and more. This game is very very good value for money since there is so much to do! It is quite reasonable to expect hundreds of hours of fun from this game.
There are hundreds of Pokémon to capture and gym leaders to beat... But, don't stop there! The endgame is raising your team of champs and battling people online! So many people leave the gane after beating the elite 4.
I love the 3d effects of this game, since it's the first title I've seriously played since Ruby. The game had so many new additions and old nostalgia too with the reintroduction of previous pokemon. It's never a dull sight when you throw your pokeball and a Blastoise emerges!

This is a must buy! I am 23 years old and I'm not afraid to admit i love this game!
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When I decided to give the Pokemon franchise another go my expectations weren’t particularly high. I remember the days of playing Pokemon Blue and how much fun that was, nothing would compare to that. So with that in mind I powered on the latest instalment, wary that any of the newer Pokemon games id played had grown old fast.

The first thing that shocked me was just how well the art style has transitioned across into a fully fledged 3D game. We are no longer playing a pixelated sprite game, everything about this looks great. Walking around the house you start up in just feels so much more immersive, its actually fun to take a look around and explore the building unlike previous generations where you are in a small boring room.

You set off on your journey and straight away you can run… No slow walking, no having to wait forever to move a little faster. Also the old classic fetch a parcel or egg or something random quest has gone, you just set off on your journey and dive straight into the good stuff.

Theres a massive range of pokemon to catch and collect right at the beginning and almost immediately you pick up an exp share which shares out exp from a battle with your entire squad putting less pressure on you to chose who will be your lead pokemon.

So far the game really feels like something new unlike previous generations which have felt like the original game just with small tweaks. The world is fleshed out and due to the new art style and graphics its just great fun to explore. Theres a whole host of small tweaks but ill touch on those when I give a more detailed impression of the game.

So far I've sunk only a few hours in but for the first time since Blue I really cant wait to power the game back on and waste a good portion of my life playing.
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on 16 June 2016
This was my first Pokemon game in a while. Like many people I grew up playing the games but as the technology moved on faster than my interest I stopped playing as much, I found preferred reading and sewing and just watching bad movies on netflix. However, after purchasing a 3DS I felt that I should check out the newest Pokemon game, just to see what had changed. The world and Pokemon have moved on so much from where they were when the games first came out, honestly it's probably become a little over complicated for me. However, this game is fun and engrossing and I have played many happy hours on this.

The game begins with you choosing whether to play as a girl or a boy and then move into your new town to start your Pokemon adventure. If you've ever played a Pokemon game then you know what to expect, a linear storyline with goals which results in you becoming the greatest Pokemon master ever (and the champion) and saving the world. This game is no different, however, what is different was the world and the storyline.

Kalos (the region in which you live) is heavily inspired by Europe, which living in England I really enjoyed, I could see monuments in the game inspired by places I've been to in real life, and this was one of my favourite parts.

My absolute favourite part of this game was the addition (and the fact you could train) one of the three original start Pokemon (if you've been around since the beginning then I'm sure you were just as excited). Getting to pick from my favourite three, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander added that little bit extra enjoyment for me and the chance to pick another completely unique Pokemon will appeal to many I'm sure.

For me this game is one of my favourites and I would highly recommend it regardless of whether you're an old Pokemon fan or someone who's never played it before.
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on 12 October 2013
I have played every major Pokemon game. Red and Blue, Gold and Silver, Emerald, Platinum, White/White2 and now I am onto the 6th generation of Pokemon. I got this game earlier than the release date, and I have gotten far enough that I can give my review on game mechanics, layout, game play, the new Pokemon, and so forth.

The game, I was very excited to see this appear at my house a day early, and I played it non-stop for eight hours. I am now playing it while I write this and am very impressed with the new mechanics Nintendo have put in. People said the newer games felt boring, I didn't feel that, but for anyone that did, X and Y brings in a breath of fresh air that the franchise arguably needs.

There are I believe 68 new Pokemon. I chose Fennekin as my starter, and I have checked out each of the 68 Pokemon through sites like Serebii. I was impressed with the majority. I love the X and Y legendaries, and a few of my favourites include Delphox, Diggersby and Tyrantrum.

The game offers new gameplay mechanics which are new to the franchise. You can roller-skate through towns, walk diagonally, and interact with others like never before. This game honestly feels like a Pokemon version of Animal Crossing, you can dress up your character with what you choose, you even can give your actual character a nickname with your name, all these new changes are welcome to the Pokemon franchise.

If you skipped Black and White, now's your chance to get back into Pokemon with the new generation that is generation six. For any long fans like myself, you will not be disappointed. Great job Nintendo and Game Freak.
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on 24 December 2013
I have to say, This was the Pokemon game I was waiting for! Haven't we all dreamed of a 3D Pokemon game? With a more interesting take on the idea of the Crime Syndicate (Team Flare), awesome battling systems and Mega Evolution! What's not to like?
The answer: Not a lot. The story is an interesting one, with Team Flare wanting to kill the world to make it nice and pretty, and the story actually is significantly more mysterious, with the addition of AZ, a wandering 'giant'. Although it's not as great as the ORIGINAL team plasma storyline, it's still an interesting one.
The region is much better than the previous generation. Although they fixed the problem with Unova in B2W2, it still didn't stop the fact that BW made you ALWAYS go on the beaten track, so this was a pleasant surprise.
One problem I have with the game is that there is a VERY limited aftergame, with only the mega stones and Mewtwo to find, as well as those infuriating roaming birds!
Mega Evolution is a bit of a dubious point for me. Whilst I think that it is pretty good, bringing some Pokemon like Absol, Medicham, Gengar and Alakazam up to a power level of Over 9000, I still think that GameFreak were a bit stupid to give Pokemon like Garchomp and Tyranitar Megas because of how already overpowered they already are. And also to give Pokemon like Mewtwo and Blaziken Megas, as the body behind pokemon competitive tiers decided that they were so stupidly overpowered! It's because of Mega Evolution that I dropped a star, as a lot of them have VERY bad designs! (Yes, I'm looking at you Mega Manectric!)
But enough of all that! The graphics are absolutely superb! GameFreak really put the hard work into this! And if you are a Diehard or new pokemon fan, this game will appeal to you!
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on 7 February 2016
I loved this game. I am a 23 year old and have grown up with pokemon since i was a few years old. I had all the games up until recently when i grew tired of the same repetitive formula. This game is however brought me back into it. Now thats not to say that this game breaks the mould in every way, but it is enough to refresh it for me at least.
Is it the same story as all the other games since red/blue, Yes. But it does add some more pokemon, which comes with each new generation, but integrated them nicely into the old pokemon. The 3d is great, it gives the game a new depth. And the 3d battles are fantastic and reminds me of the old Colosseum games except with a story mode built in which is great! Thsese new pokemon designs hold up to some of the older ones and do a much better job than some of these previous generations.
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on 29 January 2015
An excellent game, with some great concepts and features. Has the same style of story line as the other games, however, there are a lot more characters and plenty of interesting things to do, plus some incredible new moves. This game also introduced the fairy type and some cool new pokemon, which is a bonus.
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on 9 December 2013
Ok, so I've pretty much played every pokemon game from Leaf Green onwards (including Colosseum and Gale of Darkness on GameCube), and I pretty much loved them all. This game has a lot of things that stand in its favour: the graphics, the new designs and character customisations. At this point, I really have to point out that the design of the game is simply beautiful. However, I can't help but feel that the creators are relying on these points to make the game good...

The storyline for this game is by far the weakest of the franchise. In fact, for the vast majority of the game I would argue there ISN'T a story line at all... Team Flare continue to pop up here and there for no apparent reason, and do things that don't really seem to match up with their overall goal - by the way, their overall goal is pretty rubbish too. In past games, the leader for the Teams aren't introduced until the middle of the game at least, and usually pack a pretty good punch when you battle them. You can immediately tell, unless youre a few sandwiches short of a picnic, who the big boss in this game is supposed to be. The villains in this game, even the other trainers and gym leaders, are all just push overs that can be beaten with one or two good pokemon.

The legendary in this game is incredibly easy to catch. In other games (such as leaf green, emerald, diamond/pearl etc.) you usually have ascend a spire or mountain to get to the legendary. The one in this game is just... There...

The last thing I dislike about this game - I recognise that it seems like I complain a lot by this point, but it must be said - is that there isn't really much of a post-game. In other games, you can unlock areas that were previously inaccessible like Black City/White Forest, the orange islands or the whole Kanto region, but in X/Y the story ends with the Elite 4. They don't even power up the second time you play them... No new unlockable areas, no interesting side quests like cleaning up the rest of team rocket, team aqua, team plasma or team galactic (unless you count being Looker's sidekick for a while as interesting...) no new battles. All your left with is a bunch of mega stones to collect.

All in all, I played this game, up to and including the E4, with only three loses - Two of those were Sky battles, and sadly I only had one flying type...

I was pleased with the graphics and scenery (which as I said were stunning), but I hope future games build upon the actual story of the game and, although I recognise it is aimed at kids who haven't a clue what they're doing, make the game a bit more challenging for us slightly more developed folk...

Hope this helped :)
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on 24 October 2013
Besides the huge amount of graphical details that make the game to be quite beautiful, the online features are the things that really deserve to be praised. It's so easy to battle and trade pokémon with other players at any place, at any time. As the title says, every 3ds owner should get this game.
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