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on 1 December 2015
If you refer to some of the questions asked about this product some say it works with Windows 7, 8 & 10 ( including the seller ) others say it defiantly does not !

We I have to say after a CONSIDERABLE period of time I did get this drive to be recognised by my Windows 8 system and it has written onto a DVD with some photo backup files, not tried it yet with a Blu Ray.

The drive is VERY fussy about what USB port you connect it to. My system has mostly USB 3 sockets but I got this as it was ideal for occasional back up of large video files etc. I haver a PCI E four port USB 2 card in the system and ALL my other drives, mice, keyboards etc all run without any problem, but this drive would not be recognised when plugged into this. My drives are regularly updated but to be 100% sure I checked for any updates, no ! all were up to date. I did try the two front USB 2 ports and it worked but as the power & data leads were so short I had to hold the drive whilst testing.

Eventually got a USB 3 hub and connected this to a USB 3 port on the back of tower and this appeared to work OK. As I said above what a fuss.

The drive was recognised as a MATSHITA Panasonic drive and wrote a DVD of approx. 4 Gb of date in under 10 minutes.

Again as I said above the cables are too short for use on a tower system unless your tower has USB 2 ports at the bottom of the tower base, so it's ideally suited for a laptop.

Never has a slim line external drive prior to this and I was disappointed at the flimsy nature of the external casing. It flexes and does not always allow the draw to click in place.

I am using 'Burn Aware Free'. an 'open source' burning software, to produce my disks. Not got around to getting my Blu Ray player software yet. but intend to try 5K Player.

It does work ...... but not for all. Would not suggest this drive for a PC novice !
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on 4 January 2015
As an avid computer geek, this product has changed the way I backup files. Burning onto a single 25GB BD-R Disc is equivalent to 5 DVD-R so saves space of cluttered discs. Burning process takes just under an hour using the minimal 2x speed where burning 5 DVD-R at 2x speed = 1hr 40min - 2 hours long, so also saves time.

Slim & Fully external (H: 1.5cm x W: 13.5cm x D: 13.5cm) - This product is connected to laptop / PC or MAC via 2 USB cables, one of which is the power supply needed to run the device so no mains cable required making this extremely portable and reduces bulk. The device has a yellow light indicator to show when it's connected and flashes whilst burning or reading the disc. Once burning is complete, the disc tray self ejects and yellow light indicator returns to solid black state.

I highly recommend this to any fellow techies in search of a Blu-Ray Burner.
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on 25 July 2017
At first, I guess I got lucky with this thing. This player failed to recognise a couple of the first few discs I tried to play but I lazily put it down to scratched or defective discs and thought little more of it. However, having not used it for a while, coming back to it I realise it definitely isn't the discs that are the problem. I've now systematically tested this player with twenty new DVDs and it would only play three. It's too late now for me to ask for a refund - all I can do is warn you guys of how unreliable this item is and strongly suggest you consider an alternative; if not, let's hope you have better luck than I did.
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on 23 September 2017
Comes with a barrel adapter plug -> usb cable with no markings on the device body as to input voltage.

Misplacing the cable and disposing of the box six months later I assumed a 12v input voltage like all my previous external optical drives. Device and motherboard destroyed. Sure its my own fault, but it should have been properly labelled, this is the only device I own without appropriate voltage markings (polarity markings are, however, present).
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on 19 January 2017
The product arrived quickly and well packed. I was surprised as first that there were no operating instructions, but the unit worked just like an internal BluRay drive that it didn't really matter. An excellent product, just plugged in the two leads for power supply and data transfer into two USB ports and the unit worked perfectly and instantly. The leads are a bit short (about 12 inches) so you need to have two available USP ports close together.
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on 21 February 2017
Doesn't come supplied with the USB A-B that is essential to connect it to your laptop! It only comes with a USB power cable so I was lucky I had a A-B cable spare, otherwise you'll have to buy one.
It also doesn't come with any blu-ray player software supplied, so you also have to get hold of that yourself, and the only ones that really work you have to pay for.
On the upside it does actually play blu-rays once you've got everything else prepared.
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on 13 September 2015
A good little burner which is very reasonable price. Seems to work ok with the different types of disc but will only burn bluray at X2 speed and the same for DVD DL at X2 speed also. The need for two leads plugging in is a bit of a pain but the whole thing works so I'm ok with that. My previous two bluray burners only lasted a year so I'm figuring spending £40 is better than spending £100! The cost of £40 is factored in to the four star rating.
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on 7 July 2016
speedy delivery and well packed comes with 2 leads but no software i.e. to burn dvds,cd or blu rays. plug it in and it downloads the drivers to allow you to play movies its easy enough to go on line and get free software to make what you want very quite and quick when using well worth the money.
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on 8 January 2014
This is great for the price you pay. Just plug in and away you go.
I have burned 3d discs and they are fine, have also used it for other
discs and fine too. It comes in a box that is not the product box.
I got in touch with the company to tell them that this was not what I had ordered,
and they informed me they just use any old box to deliver in so keep in mind when
you order. Otherwise perfect really.
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on 7 February 2016
So far, so good. Bought as a replacement for a faulty Victorian Systems external BluRay drive (read only), this drive has proved to be quiet and reliable (so far!) - for the money, it is a bargain!
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