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on 8 November 2015
I have been using this for about a year now and once you have it all set up it is fine, however setting up is not easy.
The screws at the bottom are fine and easy to get the main pole attached to the desk (especially if you have someone helping you keep it upright and in place). However attaching the monitors is quite a bit trickier! Firstly you need to have super strength to tighten up by hand the bolts so that the arms don't slide down the centre pole or the monitors don't droop when you let them go. I ended up using a drill to tighten them up.
I would advice having another person with you to attach the arms... I didn't and it took aaaaages.
My other issue is that there is no horizontal slide on the side arms. So you cannot bring the monitors together without bringing them forward. This means that if you have monitors that are smaller than 27" and want them to sit flush next to eachother then you cant have them at the back of the desk.
Also I couldn't get any of the cable holders to fit in the locator holes so threw them away.
I would personally advise buying two single monitor arms so that you can get them positioned perfectly in isolation.
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on 11 February 2016
This dual monitor desk mount has quite a solid build. It felt quite heavy too. I have 2 Dell U2515H's and wanted them setup on one stand.

Now before I bought this I should have done my math and trigonometry to work out if the monitor arms would stay at a reasonable depth (as in how far forwards they would be from the single desk pole stand, when the monitors are moved side by side).
In my case, with the current set up the arms were like a foot forward making it worse than having them on their individual stands. To alleviate this issue I removed the smaller part of one arm and placed the monitor bracket back on it. I was then able to move the monitors side by side but for some reason the monitors were about 1cm different in height.

It took a lot of messing about and shifting the monitors to try and get them to align. It could be that my one is faulty as even taking the smaller part of the monitor arm away and connecting the VESA mount back to it shouldn't affect the height it is at. However one of the cable clips that were included was broken when it arrived so it could be that my one was knocked about.

You can slightly adjust the height of the monitor in the mount as the screws that hold them to it have some wiggle room, but it's not ideal.

One major annoyance is the way you tighten the monitor mount. On the side of the mount is a cover, and under that is a hex nut that tightens the joint so your monitor doesn't tilt down under it's own weight. The problem is, the bolt it tightens to, has a notch in it that prevents it from turning when you tighten the screw, and that itself is pushing against the joint (it's similar to a seat binder bolt used on bicycle seats).

What this means is that when you tighten the bolt, as the friction increases, it tries to move the bolt which in turn tries to tilt your screen in the direction you're tightening it (up or down depending on which side the nut is on). There is nothing to hold on to to provide a resistive force and make the bolt actually tighten, rather than turn the joint so I had to hold my screen and it helped stop it from moving. It's pretty bad design but I guess you get what you pay for.

If I was buying again, I'd buy one without this sort of mounting, and easy monitor removal by use of quick remove brackets.
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on 30 June 2017
Pretty easy to set up and seems sturdy enough. I've not had it for very long, so only time will tell if it holds up for a long time or not :)

It did however take a while for me to figure out how to get the caps/covers off of the bolts to tighten them, as there is no mention of how to remove them in the instructions and the way they are shaped doesn't make it immediately obvious (that might just be me though.
Also, the only way to bring monitors together is to bring one of them forward, which can be a bit annoying depending on what monitors you have.
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on 9 September 2017
I really like this monitor stand however, if you are using large monitors, get someone to help you fit them to the stand. Unless you are double jointed and have the patience of a saint you will find yourself cursing. Once its all set up though, it does everything you would expect it to do.
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on 2 March 2014
It is a very well built and industrial looking piece of kit. It's holding up both of my 24inch monitors with absolute ease. There is however one thing that's driving me up the wall, maybe it's just my OCD but the my two monitors CAN NOT be aligned. I have tried numerous positions and it's just not possible. Maybe it's a manufacturing defect with my one. If I level both of my monitors with a spirit level, the left hand monitor sits about 1cm higher than the other monitor. It might seem insignificant but the size of the stand and both monitors really exaggerates this difference. I wish I had done something about it earlier instead of ignoring it, I would have sent it back for another one.
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on 21 March 2013
For the money this stand is excellent value, although only using 2 monitors (24") as the height i like them to be at 7" off of desk means 3rd monitor cannot be used (Centrally) but I only got the 3 monitor stand as at the time was cheaper than the 2 monitor version and having the extra height of the stand pole gives me flexibility in raising them higher, when working away from the desk at my midi controllers. but is something to bare in mind if using 3 24"+ monitors and you don't want the 2 bottom touching the desk.

Quality of parts and finish is excellent and rivals stands costing far more and was assembled with included allen keys within minutes, also includes screws for attaching monitors and a curve monitor back setup with longer screws if needed.
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on 14 May 2014
Great product at a very keen price. I work in IT and get through more than my fare share of monitor mounts and stands. In the past its been Ergatron all the way but that's all changed. I thought seen as I was buying two quad stands for my own use that I would give these a try. I had considered ordering another Ergatron DS100 as I already had one but at £270 it seemed that I could by 5 off these and still have change.

So delivery man drops these off and first impression is heavy (always a good sign) and very well put together. Had them on the desk with monitors in less than half an hour. Look great and have much better adjustment than the DS100. I sold my existing Ergatron for £150 and so I'm £50 up on the deal.

From now on my clients will be getting Lavolta's for there multi screen setups.
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on 16 August 2017
Really sturdy and strong peice of kit,easy to set up,no problems what-so-ever. Thanks a lot.
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on 27 April 2017
Excellent product - Holds my x2 27" monitors with ease and looks professional. Very easy to set up - little on the heavy side though but great build quality.
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on 2 August 2017
Absolutely fantastic. 10 stars! Well done Lavolta!
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