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on 28 September 2012
The Devil's Metal - Karina Halle.

What first grabbed me about this book was the promise of a sexy rock star and a semi recluse ye determined young woman written for 'new adults', if you have read S.C Stephens Thoughtless you will understand the excitement a sexy angst ridden bad member can bring even from a literary perspective.

The beginning of the book was everything I had wanted, even down to the over excited/crazy best friend. Dawn's obvious passion for music was very clear and she was relate able to the reader. You want her to succeed and achieve her dreams.

The music references where perfectly proportioned and included nicely, each character was well built up but then came the aspects of the 'weird' or 'supernatural' which I found mostly obscure and for some reason just didn't sit well with me. For most of the book they are peppered in, which is okay(ish) but then towards the end it's all sort of thrown at you and becomes very unbelievable (Yes I know the paranormal is unbelievable but in a book you want it to suck you in and make you believe in a world where devils, witches, vampires or whatever supernatural being may be involved is real).

I found the ending was a little rushed and sloppy (sorry) and I didn't have that feeling of satisfaction that normally comes after reading a book. Normally I am a huge fan of Karina Halle and I wish this book sat better with me. I am sure some people will read this book and love it because it does underneath everything have a good and original story line and characters you want to empathize with.

Overall I would give this a 2.5/5 its not terrible but it isn't something I would read again.
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on 29 October 2012
BOOK REVIEW - The Devil's Metal (Devils #1) - Karina Halle

All Dawn Emerson wanted to do was write. Being an avid fan of Rock n Roll, her dream of becoming a respected music journalist was always going to be a rough ride, because in 1974, the only thing women were good for was knowing their place. With the feminine movement in full swing, a new age was dawning and women found that they were finally being given a voice. So when Dawn receives a call from the Editor of Creem Magazine, giving her a chance to put her writing skills to the test and go on tour with the highly successful Rock Band; Hybrid, she jumps at the offer. After all, this is what dreams are made of!

Upon a frosty reception from all but one band member, it's clear from the offset that they had other ideas: Noelle, the female bassist didn't want another `Groupie' on the road. Graham, the drummer, wanted `that guy' from Rolling Stone Magazine. Sage Knightly, the guitarist thought it was all just a very bad idea in general, and Mickey was too stoned to really give a monkey's. Robbie, the singer was the only one who relented, because after all, Dawn looked pretty hot!

Dawn knew she had her work cut out with these boys, but nothing could ever have prepared her for what she was about to encounter while on that rickety old green tour bus.

What should have been the start of a career changing musical journey turns into the ultimate nightmare when she becomes the target of three Groupie's that seem to have a connection to Graham. When a string of misfortunate events start to envelope the band, and her sanity comes into question when she experiences visions of a demonic force, it's only a matter of time before trouble really hits the fan, and Creem Magazine get the tour review that will make history...


HA! Wow, what a journey that was. This book starts off with your normal, `run of the mill' farm girl, wishing to write about the leather clad, guitar wielding men that adorn her bedroom wall. As a lover of Rock music myself, I could totally understand that notion! But I didn't expect the twists and turns that took me on a riveting musical journey that rode at breakneck speed on the horror express, and I'm pretty sure I had a first class ticket!

The Devil's Metal is nothing like I have ever read before. I love paranormal, but this book gave me the serious heebie-jeebies. It gives a refreshing uniqueness to what could have easily been just another `rock n roll' bad boy tour novel.

Regardless of the `hot sex' references on the synopsis, this is NO LOVE STORY! Don't go in expecting hearts and flowers because you are more likely to get skull and crossbones!

Take a chance on this one, it may just surprise you!

A perfect Halloween read, but a word of advice - Leave the lights on! ;)

5 Stars.
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on 10 October 2012
I knew starting this book that it wasn't going to be another 'Experiment in Terror' story - but I was still excited - a mixture of paranormal, sex, drugs, rock and roll with Karina Halle's writing, where could I go wrong?!
And as usual Karina Halle has managed to pull off another 5 star offering!
We are introduced to Dawn in 1974, she cares for her alcoholic father and younger brother who suffers from Tourette's and she still grieves for her mother who committed suicide years before. Unexpectedly, a call from Creem Music Magazine, surprises her and she realises she may achieve her dream of becoming a famous music journalist, as they announce she is being sent on tour with her favourite rock group, Hybrid.
The tour is one that will go down in "history", for reasons no-one is sure of, but Karina Halle builds an atmosphere of tension, first between the band members, and then outsiders. The ominous feeling builds, often with just a few words, or a short conversation, not necessarily with a full-on paranormal event, and therein lies the beauty of her writing!
And Sage!! I wanted to wrap him up and . . . . HMMMMMMM . . . . !! Really looking forward to the sequel :-)!
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on 5 November 2013
Everyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with Karina Halle and I love everything she writes. Having loved "The Artists Trilogy" and still loving the "Experiment in Terror" books I couldn't wait to read her new "Devils" series.

Did I enjoy it, abso-bloody-lutely!!!! It's another brilliant storyline from Karina Halle and this time centres around an up and coming music journalist, Dawn Emerson, and the band she loves, Hybrid. After finding herself bagging the ultimate job, travelling with Hybrid and writing a review of their latest tour, Dawn finds herself embedded in something mysterious which is affecting the band and which appears to be directly linked to band member Sage Knightly.

As the tour progresses and strange occurrences continue, Dawn begins to suspect something more than bad luck has attached itself to the band and determined to understand more she starts to put the pieces together only to uncover the truth. Dawn has to decide whether she will stay and be part of the unfolding events or turn her back on Hybrid and more importantly Sage who has captured her heart.

This is a fast paced storyline with a rather nice relationship which develops between Dawn and Sage which looks to continue into book 2 in the series, The Devil's Reprise. The supporting cast are an interesting mix of human and non-human characters who each have a part to play in the unfolding events.

This story is based in the 1970s and with all the band talk, I found myself reacquainting myself with some serious tunes from the back in day.

The Devil's Reprise (book 2) is already live so enjoy this and rush on over to get your teeth into the second book in the series.
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on 6 December 2013
My luck with books involving rock stars/bands has been shit so the only reason I even read this was because it was by Halle. If anyone could pull it off it would be Karina. And I wasn't wrong.

Karina has this special knack for originality. She takes `common ideas' and works her magic on them and they come out full of awesome.

I actually thought the fact that this book was set in the 70's would have been a setback for me as a reader but it turned out to be one of things I loved most about the book. It made it feel even more real and gave it a whole other atmosphere.

Dawn is a small town girl. She loves music. She is a music journalist but because she is a female most people don't give her much credit. She hasn't had a breakthrough in months until she is offered a job to write a piece on Hybrid, one of her favorite bands.

Let me start off by saying that the part about her ex -boyfriend has no relevance what so ever. He is only mentioned and that too in the beginning.

Getting back to Dawn, I loved being in her head. I couldn't help but relate to her, from the parts about being disappointed to the whole `reviewing process' and even her nerves about doing the whole thing. She was a great main character. She makes mistakes but she is so strong. Even with all her excitement about being with the band, she isn't so star struck to pick up on their faults but even then she accepts them because well, they are only human (.... :P :P :P if you've read the book you'll get what I am making tongue faces about).

Sage, well, we don't really know much about him seeing that he is so secretive but as he and Dawn get closer you get to learn quite a bit about. While I liked him, I didn't really love him until the ending and it wasn't because we finally got the whole picture about him. It was because of what he did, that truthful moment because if he had said something other than what he had it wouldn't have worked. Karina knows that too. So she did justice to his character by making it end the way it did. I actually cannot wait to read the next book and be in his head and see how things turn around with him.

The band was so FUN to read about. Their interactions with each other, their interactions with Dawn. EVERYTHING. I loved getting to know them better. Seeing their faults and weaknesses. My favorite one out of all of them was Bob, yes he wasn't a band member but I cannot help but adore him. He is so cool!

Jacob, however, was the most interesting of the lot, even more so than Graham. He was the one character who you couldn't quite pinpoint. What were his motives? Was he the good or bad guy? It wasn't until the end when you actually got a little insight into his character.

The plot was pretty amazing. It was pretty fast, I found myself worrying the book would end too soon, which it did. I will however admit to expecting more in the `creepy' area from this book because compared to the creepiness level of her EIT series, this was nothing.

I cannot wait to read the sequel and even my short wait for about a week seems too long.

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on 3 November 2013
I enjoyed this. It was completely different to what I normally read but I love Karina Halle's work so I knew it would be good.
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