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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars

on 11 August 2016
A fantastic book two of the Blemished series, which finds Mina escaping from Area 14 towards the Clans in Scotland. But is all as it seems?

This tale is filled with action, adventure, surprises, revelations and so much more. There are themes such as the importance of family, betrayal, budding romance and its pressures, and the balance of good and evil.

Overall, a well-written dystopian story with great characters, plot and sense of place.

Highly recommended.
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on 11 May 2013
After finishing book 1 I just had to know more, I immediately bought it from Amazon on my kindle app. I'm still not a massive fan of ebooks but they certainly have their uses.
This starts right where book 1 left off, Mina has managed to escape Area 14 and has made her way to Scotland, it's supposed to be a safe haven but things aren't all what they expected.
The clans aren't quite what Mina expected, there is split groups, arguments and dissension between the members and Mina is thrust into the heart of it with her friends Daniel, Angela and Sebastion.
ONce there Mina is reunited with her father and you discover some of his past and secrets, I don't like him very much, he tends to put plans and strategies before his daughter, he does show a soft side but not very often. Then we are introduced to the 'Freaks', a group of kids who have powers like Mina, her dad had been 'collecting' them, meet Kitty, Mike, and Hiro. They all have different powers but they fit together and become stronger. (I won't spoil the link or their powers).
I really liked the group and how well Mina fit into the group, they bring more excitement and a sense of belonging into the book. The real shocker for me was Angela's reaction, I actually quite liked her in book 1, I felt sorry for her and admired her strive and kindness, but all that vanishes in this book. Mina is still determined to stand by her, but I have to admit I would have distanced myself as much as possible.
I liked the characters at the Clans and round it, they bring a wider view of the world. And each person mentioned had a purpose, they all moved the plot forward or made a difference somehow, one of my favourites is Ali.
This book has a lot more action than the first (The Blemished), it's a lot faster-paced and dangerous, a war is brewing and Mina seems to be caught in the middle.
The writing flows off the page and the characters become like friends, you are transported through the story and it draws you further and further in.
I really love this series and can't wait to see where it goes in the next book.
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on 17 March 2013
I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of The Vanished and I loved it as much as the first in the series.

It starts immediately where The Blemished left off and is completely action packed almost from start to finish. Mina is much more confident and headstrong now, less unsure and reliant on others. I was with her every step of the way on her quest to determine what's going on in her new surroundings.

I also like the introduction of the other gifted characters who are like Mina. This combination of dystopian and supernatural really makes for an intriguing and riveting read.

Well done to the author for a great series. And I've just noticed she's released a novella in the same series - yay! Also really looking forward to book 3.
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on 12 June 2014
I am only a few chapters in at the moment. Enjoyed first book so decided to buy this one. Can't help but get annoyed at the poor attempts to write Scots. Sorry. It just isn't always spot on and being Scottish it is annoying me a tad lol. Other than that book seems okay so far and I'll keep reading.. hopefully I will stop noticing the shambling scots dialect so much the more of it I read.
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on 7 March 2013
Even better than the Blemished. This book had me gripped from the beggining. I loved the dark mystery at the heart of the compound and can't wait to read book 3!
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on 19 January 2015
Great dystopian series :)
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on 16 September 2015
was a good read.
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