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Having gone through some reviews, I was cautious that the Inateck would have compatibility issues with my external WD drives. So once mounted I immediately connected my 3 WD external drives, including the latest 2TB My Passport Ultra, and am pleased to report that I have no problems whatsoever.

Installing the card is very easy, and no force is needed to secure it in place. The bundled accessories come in very handy, as the USB card needs to be powered via the included cable in order to function. A set of mounting screws are also included for those with older style cases.

The comprehensive English only, (I hate going through a manual with a zillion languages) well laid out colour user guide should be read prior to proceeding with the installation.
It specifically mentions "Please make sure the hardware is installed before installing the driver". The mentioned driver is on an included CD.

Supported systems are Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32&64 bit)

My Windows 7 64bit recognised and installed the corresponding drivers in a jiffy.

I have had no problems whatsoever with this USB3 card, and definitely give it the thumbs up. Great buy!
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on 29 December 2013
More details are available on the Western Digital forums and at The Fresco Logic USB 3 chips do not work well with devices that don't support link power management (LPM, USB 3 power saving) and unlike the USB 3 chips from Renesas (NEC) and Intel, LPM cannot be disabled on the FL100x or FL1100. There is a solution of sorts on the link I posted above for cards that use the older 2-port chips (using a very old driver that did not have LPM enabled) but this will NOT work for 4-port cards that use the FL1100 like this one. In addition to frequent drive disconnects, I was also getting very bad speeds (~ USB 2 speeds) when copying files between drives connected to the same card.

For the moment, I'd advise any Windows users (I'm not sure what the Mac situation is) that have or plan to get a WD USB drive to get a card that uses the Renesas uPD720201 chip instead. LPM can be easily disabled, and I've had no problems with any devices. Copying between drives connected to the same card is much faster also. You can find 4-port cards that use the uPD720201 here on Amazon, and they're even cheaper than these FL1100 cards too.

I would just add that SpringRain have been very willing to help and offer suggestions and have provided great customer service, this compatibility issue should not be taken as any criticism of them as a seller.
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on 17 July 2013
I have installed this card in a 2010 Mac Pro and it works out of the box. It is recognised by Mountain Lion (10.8.4) as USB 3.0 Superspeed Bus. I believe it has the same Fresco chipset that Apple use in their hardware.

The card does require additional SATA power, for this I used a SATA extension cable (search Amazon for: 0.3M Internal SATA Power Extension Cable) and cut the guide off one side so it fits into the motherboard socket on drive bay 4. Alternatively you could use one of the included splitters for multiple cards or molex connection.

Currently I only have a USB 3.0 card reader, so haven't really been able to put it through it's paces, but transfers do seem noticeably quicker.
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on 6 October 2013
I wrote a review with one star since when I connected my devices to this USB 3 card the PC would often reboot - so I gave the item one star and the review was entitled 'Unreliable in my PC'. The same day (Sunday) it was written the company had taken note of my review and wrote to me offering tech support suggesting that the power lead to the card may not be connected properly. I had packaged the item for return to Amazon the next day but still physically had it. The card power connection had looked okay to me so I had not tried re-installing but, on receiving their email, I did re-install with great care to ensure all connectors were pushed home - and the card worked fine.
For large files I am getting 5GB per minute of actual file data as a transfer rate which I never saw before between any 2 of my drives. On groups of smaller files I am getting 3.8GB. Using 2 other USB 3 cards I have I was getting about 3GB (and up to 2GB per minute for USB 2 transfers) - so I think it is well optimised for data transfers. I am impressed that they took the trouble to courteously step in immediately and offer advice which pinpointed the problem.
I also like that they include all the connectors you are likely to need and the manual is well and clearly written in proper English. So I have revised my review to 5 stars. In fact I would give it 5 stars plus for suppliers attitude. I like.
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on 5 September 2015
Installed easily and all the bits required are in the box. However, on my slightly older PC with probably the first generation of PCI-E, I didn't really see any improvement over USB 2. I haven't done any fancy transfer rate measurements, but I use it to run big backups onto a USB 3 external disk drive (8 hours+ to backup!), and it takes about the same amount of time using this card as it does using USB 2. The same backup on a newer PC with native USB 3 runs a lot faster. Probably other factors involved, but that's my tuppennys worth.
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on 27 July 2014
took all of about 2 minutes to attach the supplied power cable, slide card into its mounting slot attach power cable to card,then screw panel back on pc tower and it works straight away(oops after loading the enclosed driver cd)simple, a very cheap,easy and worthwhile upgrade
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on 23 October 2013
I have two of these cards in my PC. They work. They are reliable.

Please note: These cards require a PCI-EXPRESS SLOT (V2.0 recommended) in which to be installed. That is the small PCI-slot that is 2.5cm in length. They will NOT fit into standard PCI-slots.

After buying several different make of USB3 PCI-Express cards, I finally settled on the Inateck 4-Port version as opposed to the 2-Port one. Yes the 4-Port is dearer, but look at this way - the 2-Port card takes up the same space as the 4-Port and you lose out on two extra USB3 ports...

Why the Inateck cards? Honestly? Being new to USB3, I had no personal preferences at the time, I just kept trying different makes of cards until I found a make that worked.
They have worked for me with 64 bit versions of Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. I have not tried other operating systems so cannot comment.

Card Installation is easy -
Just plug the card into a free PCI-Express slot, tighten up the fixing screw, connect the auxiliary power cable, and away you go.
(You may need to adjust the backplate position slightly by slackening off the two card fixing screws then re-tightening them like I did to make the cards fit properly. This is not a problem with the cards, but is caused by the variance in computer case construction tolerances. I often have to "tweak" cards to make them fit properly in this computer case)

Driver Installation -
Win7 required the manual installation of a driver, but Win8 and 8.1 automatically installed the correct driver without any intervention from me.

Pros -
Are well made
Have external labels identifying each port
The card can connect to a SATA power connector directly, or via a SATA to Molex converter (a SATA 'Y'-cable Power-Splitter is also supplied)
Supports XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 (32/64 bit)
Up to 5Gbps data throughput
USB 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 Compatible (any combination)

Cons -
None to speak of

A non-reviewable and SELF-INFLICTED problem -
I think I damaged the second card I bought when I was re-routing the motherboard power cables after installing a new video card. I had detached one of the leads off a 100uF power stabilisation capacitors (there is one for each USB socket). It was the furthest one away from the motherboard PCIe socket. It was now no longer vertical to the plane of USB card as it should be, but was tilted over by almost 45 degrees. This made that USB port inoperable. The other ports continued to work despite the damage to the other port.
I could have returned it and said, "It was like it when it arrived", but I'm not like that. I also wanted to see how easy it was to repair and if this self-made-fault had caused any damage.
I used a hot-air reflow/desoldering tool to remove the damaged capacitor and replaced it with an identically-specced capacitor.
Put the card back in the computer and it was as good as new. What made me very happy was that the 'fault' had not blown any of the onboard SMT fuses.
The conclusion I draw here is if it is "SusiProof", it must be well made!

Conclusion -
The Inateck USB3 cards are the only ones that I have found that work reliably for me. They are rugged, well-made, work reliably (despite me trying to break one), and are actually very pretty to look at (a gorgeous red colour).
I have had no random disconnects or faults listed in the Windows System Event Viewer.
They have worked well with any USB device I have plugged into them.

If you want a decent add-on card to give your PC USB3 capability, this is the one for you.

I was in no way paid or influenced to write this review. I bought these two cards from using my own money.
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on 12 August 2013
I bought this card as a replacement for a Xenta card which crashed my PC.
The card comes with very clear instruction manual and full size CD with drivers, plus Sata cable splitter and Molex to SATA splitter (and screws).
Very easy to install but I have installed many cards in my time.
Once the card was fitted I rebooted Windows (7) and it found the card but not the driver.
Ran the driver CD and the driver installed flawlessly.

Attached my new USB 3.0 dive and it found it straight away.
Speed has increased for data transfer so that's working fine.

Spec says it also works with Windows 8.

I am very pleased I purchased this product.
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on 27 February 2016
I was torn between 3 and 4 stars for this.

On the one hand, the speed boost is great and it is very simple to install. It worked straight away and my drives now transfer pretty much as fast as you should expect from a good USB3 port.

On the other hand, you can't use anything plugged into these ports to wake your machine from sleep and the power cable used to power the ports is definitely too short. I could only just get it wired in past my graphics card. If you're just running a very basic machine it will probably just fit no trouble. However, if you've got more of a custom build going on, or even mediocre cable management that you would like to maintain, you'll possibly need to buy some extra different cabling to get everything fitted/looking how you want it to.
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on 25 May 2016
pretty much plug and play had no problems with the drivers ( on a custom built dell machine several years old running windows 7 ). working well with no apparent effect on processor speed even though I have a good few usb slots already connected. does require a scart connection ( or alternative ) to supply power. comes with 2 different cable types ( as pictured ) to do this ( depending on your PSU ) but I found the sata cable was too short and had to buy an extension ( which was frustrating but only cost a couple of quid ) and now it works fine
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