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on 25 September 2013
This was another bad amateur effort which should never have used that legendary NOTL title.
This was so unwatchable it reminded me of a few more older bad zombie movies like oasis of the zombies, zombies vs santa claus and zombie 90 extreme pestilense which in my book is still the worst zombie movie ever made but this new NOTL is not far away either.

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on 24 August 2013
Having read various reviews on Amazon criticizing NOTLDR, I made the brave move of purchasing the DVD, ignoring the negativity I had been witness to!

It was always going to be very brave of any producer or director to release a film with NOTLD in their title, and it was always going to be apparent that NOTLD fanboys and fangirls would either embrace the film or get their knives out and stab the film to death. I decided to watch the film as though I wasn't watching a remake of NOTLD and my experience was one where I imagined I had never watched the original film at all (Which I have several times I might add!)

There are some verbal nods to NOTLD in the film and some of the characters have the same first name as those in the original NOTLD, but the film overall bares slight reference to the original and is not a blatant rip off. It would have been easy to have just brought out a film which was frame by frame a copy of the original, but the writers and director have mixed elements of the original with elements of modern times thrown in for good measure. I liked the fact that the film wasn't all about zombies and that there was some tension between the members of the family all trapped in the house together and the stress of them dealing with death and resurrection. I have a very sick sense of humor so some of the serious scenes made me laugh.

I won't compare NOTLDR to NOTLD as we all know that NOTLD is a classic and would never be bettered by anyone. Come on, even the original was released at one time with additional footage added to it for some bizarre reason in an attempt to distant it from the original, so NOTLD is not the sacred film all fanboys/girls believe, as even the original makers added to it.

Another thought in my mind when people have accused the filmmakers of riping off the format is "haven't 1000s of other directors ripped off NOTLD too?" 100s if not 1000s of other zombie movies are based on the original but have a different title. The fact the title is attached adds to general negativity from others.

What I'm saying is give the film a go, it stands up well on it's own honestly. It's low budget but a lot was achieved on the budget it was given, and there are hints at a sequel being made, which would be a nice bonus, as it would allow the director more screen time to expand their vision.
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Don't you just hate those reviews that say blunt things like `This film is rubbish!'

I try to give a little more information than that, but, I have to say, that that is the crux of my review.
For those ten people out there who don't know, the title of `Night of the Living Dead' comes from the sixties zombie film, made by George Romero film and sporting the same name. The original sixties version is largely considered to be the `start' of the modern take on the undead. This film, ie. The 2012 version where the film-makers have stuck the word `Resurrection' on the end has NOTHING to do with the original or the official sequels spawned from it.

It is a `homage' to George Romero's classic. Therefore it takes the best bits and tries to give them a `fresh' new spin. And it fails.

Saying it's made on a `shoestring budget,' would be an overstatement. I doubt they had a budget at all. The actors (and I use that term loosely) seem to be straight out of the amateur dramatics society and the camera is mainly handheld all the way through, making it seem like your old home video footage of your holiday to Spain when you were a child.

One plus point: the gore is reasonable in the few places it's used, plus there's quite a shocking moment early on that I doubt many will see coming.

However, a couple of nice touches do not make a movie. The rest is just awful.

Don't be lulled into thinking it'll be good just because the film-makers stole a classic's title. It's just a poor attempt at cashing in on the name. If you like British zombie movies then stick to the 28 Days Later pair, or Shaun of the Dead if you want your gore with some light-hearted moments in it.
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VINE VOICEon 27 May 2013
I had to sit through this film at a friends and have say watching paint dry on a garage door would be more interesting. It is so poorly made one has to think it was done as a school project. Poorly acted and quite likely those involved wish they had never bothered. You have to give at least 1 star or you cannot post your comment. That said, given the choice there would be no stars from me.
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on 16 May 2013
It's depressing to be a Brit when you watch a DVD like Night Of The Living Dead Resurrection because it proves that the bottom end of the UK film industry churns out amateurish rubbish like this.

There is nothing new in the script, everything has been done before and done better. The camera-work is awful. I don't know whether the actors really are this bad or if even they couldn't salvage anything from a poor script coupled with dreadful direction. The stock characters are unbelievable.

It feels like a student project made by the kids at the bottom of the class.

How did this disaster of a film ever get released on DVD and where did they find anyone gormless enough to write the positive reviews on the DVD cover. Added to this, the artwork on the DVD looks impressive but is totally unrepresentative of what you see in the film. It's a travesty of a horror film.

Buyer beware, it really is a horror of a film.
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on 27 May 2013
I picked this up as the box looked very interesting, almost like that of a Romero film.
The film is nothing like that! It is a poorly directed, poorly acted student type film.
If you like the genius that is Romero type films avoid this! Avoid it even if you don't, its awful.
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on 6 July 2013
The only good thing about this DVD is the cover coz it fools you into thinking it's worth watching. At the top it reads 'when the sun goes down, the terror begins,' which is a pointless and untrue statement as the zombies are quite active during the day. When we do see the zombies (not very often) they don't look that scary at all.
I did like however like how at the beginning, people were trying to come up with a logical explanation for the zombie apocalypse. This is never discussed further...
The main characters are rather unbelievable. In fact I found the drama with the guy having an affair with his pregnant wife/s sister more interesting, although the stupid cow seemed to care more about getting him in her pants than being eaten by zombies!!! Hmmm.... The attempt to put in a 'twist' to the story is a poor one. The poor bloke being set upon by that gang of teenagers who ran him over constantly was more frightening than the damn zombies!
The ending was also pretty stupid with the army guys being total arsewipes by not believing the family were attacked by the teenage gang and the dismal fate that awaited the one survivor (being raped by them). And no conclusion as to whether the zombies have all been exterminated or not.... Very shoddy film indeed. Waste of time and money. Do not buy!
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on 4 March 2015
The worst zombie film I've ever seen and I've seen quite a lot. The acting is terrible and not believable, the plot is non existent and the special effects are errr 'special' in a bad way. Don't waste your time like myself and many others have.
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on 31 July 2015
Absolute Rubbish.Im guessing that the Makers used the name because it was in the public domain and in the vain hope that this might pull in some suckers.Well sadly for me I was One of them,don't be the next.
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on 13 June 2013
if I could give it no stars I would, Starts off ok then goes down hill rapid, there are a couple of references to Romero's classic including who you think is the main character, he gets shot in the face. At this point it descends into utter rubbish the dialogue is very poorly put over there doesn't seem to be any reason for the situation, if I had never watched a zombie movie before, I would have been completely lost, the special effects are poor to say the least, however the fact there was no story ruined what was a good idea for a film. I have to add this isn't the first time the cover of a DVD bore no resemblance to the film, and it is usually always a horror film
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