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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 11 September 2014
This review is going to be posted to all three products to make it easier for people trying to put together a setup for themselves and to save the 'google time' in looking for compatible equipment.

I purchased the AT2020USB+, a RØDE PSA1 Swivel Mount and Samson SP01 Shock Mount to work together in my endeavours for creating video tutorials.

The stand is sturdy and well sprung. Build quality in my opinion is very good and does not buckle or twist where not intended. Had been 'umming and 'ah-ing' about some of the £20 stands thinking that I could be making a mistake and to be honest - was glad I opted for this stand. I really didn't want to have to worry about it sagging or not supporting the mic or it falling into the desk. It is sturdy and comes with options to use with either a clamp or fitted mount (which requires a bit of DIY on your desk). The clamp section is free from the arm and can easily be attached to your desk and has a thin layer of foam to protect the desk top. The manual does make a point of not fitting it to a desk with a beveled edge or where the underside isn't square to the top face as it won't grip as intended. Once fitted, the arm slides into the top mounting hole, which is then the centre of rotation for the whole arm. The spring loaded arms are sturdy and support the mic and shock mount with ease - even fully extended. In fact, when you get the arm it is wrapped and warns about it springing open, which it will do! Once mounted with the Mic and Shock it is enough to balance it out and stays nicely put. A nice feature is that they also supply Rode branded velcro ties to hold your cable in place along the arm so you don't have to worry about tangled cables. There are two hand tighten nuts at the mic side of things to adjust the swivel of the mic end of things which are easy to operate although you would have all this set up prior to doing any recording. When you move the arms position the actual mic orientation doesn't adjust, so once you have the angle of the mic set - that is where it stays as you extend or move it up and out of the way.
Also supplied with this is a thread converter I guess used for various mic attachments although I didn't need to use it with this combination.

Samson SP01
This cage is solid metal cast and sprayed grey. It has the two (the only way I can think of describing these as) 'hair bobbles' (think of rubber bands covered in nylon), which support the inner cage. They appear to be nicely tensioned and each are joined with a black metal grip. In my configuration there is a about 1cm clearance between the inner and outer rings, to which the inner ring is staying level with the outer - so still centred. My intention for this was to have the mic inverted (cable out the top) to give me clearance under the stand. This is one of my main reasons for picking the SP01 as the AT2020USB+ will screw directly into the SP01. I really didn't want to chance something that was friction fitted and have it slip out. (To be fair - I'm new to this myself and hadn't seen any of these other mounts but again, didn't want to chance it). I also found that Rode do their own shock mount for this stand but unfortunately this mic doesn't fit it. This shock also provides enough clearance to be able to get to the controls on the mic and allow you to plug in your headphones (again, setup before recording proper) although I did find that the Jack plug on my Sennheiser headphones sticks out past the outer cage thus limiting how far you can rotate the mic, a simple right angle adaptor will get me past that one though.

Having been recommended this after chatting with Audio Technica over email and a well known broadcaster/ postmaster (and creator of online screen casts (!) over email - this had to be the obvious choice. It has been recommend as a very good value for money starting point in to the world of recording and I have to say I am impressed. This mic is a source of input AND output so can be used as a playback device as well as recording. The controls on the mic allow you to fade between sound output from the computer as well as what is picking up directly from the mic and from my point of view - very nicely done. The sensitivity is very impressive and play back works a treat (yes playback through the mic!). Obviously you need to have headphones plugged up to it to get this, but works very well. Installation (and this was on a Mac with OSX 10.9) was just simply a case of 'plug it in'. Jump in to sound options and select between output devices when you want to record / listen via headphones (you can turn the fader all the way over to just computer output if needed) and you are in a world of your own. Interestingly if you do keep the mic mixed in - if you are using full ear headphones you can still hear if someone wants you in the real world. The mic is supplied with a very lengthy black USB A-B lead - well long enough to go the length of the stand strapped to it with the velcro and down to the floor with quite a length to spare. So unless your computer is well away from the set up, the supplied lead should be long enough. It also comes with its own tripod type desk stand which has a solid feel as well as a mount to screw to the mic. If you didn't feel the need to get the shock mount you could actually just get the Rode and the mic as its supplied mount will connect directly to the arm. My reason for the shock mount was to try and remove any thud picked up by the mic when typing transferred by conduction / transference from the desk -> stand -> mic rather than sound emitted by typing - if you get what I mean . If there was a negative (and its small) the mic has a blue LED to show that it is plugged in - it would have been nice to be able to switch that off. Although my work around is to just angle the mic behind the monitor when not in use - so not big a problem.

All in all - well impressed with this set up and reasoning behind this was to share my learning curve if anyone was looking at going the same way. The combination isn't the cheapest out there - the stand and shock could be cut down but I did want a good start rather than cheap as chips which could lead to disappointment.

I hope someone finds this review of interest and hope you have the same enjoyment.
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on 13 July 2013
An excellent mike with very beautifull, reach sound - now with the live control possibility due to the introduction of an audio socket for earphones. I had initially bought its version without plus, but I couldn't work with it due to the lack of live control. This new feature changes all for me.
Apart from high end recording it can be used with skype - both mike and eaphones both connected via a single USB make your old headset redundant.
Unfortunately, at the moment it is not supported by Linux (linux mint 15).
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I purchased this microphone after finding it on Audio Technicas UK site at its launch (hence why this review won't state it's a verified Amazon purchase)
They have a list of authorised dealers which I used to find my nearest supplier (as it was unfortunately unavailable on Amazon when I first required one)

I'm happy with the ability to monitor the mic live through its headphone jack and also monitor any track on the PC in sync at the same time and through one headphone output.

This is pretty much the AT2020 usb with an added mixer and DAC to Headphone output inside the mic body.
Build quality is very good.
Frequency response good and s/n ratio very high.

There are two front facing controls
The left is labeled "monitor" allowing you to adjust the balance between the volume level of your performance/singing/narration directly from the condenser (in real time) with your backing/master tracks coming via usb from your connected computer.
These balance settings only affect the headphone out on the microphone and help the user perform better.

The Live monitoring stops performers drowning out voice level with too high a track level ,let's you hear exactly what is going on in the headphones and should make poorly balanced and off key/time recordings far less likely.Meaning fewer edits.
The second control on the right is the overall headphone volume, which goes plenty loud enough for most budget studio monitor headphones like the Sony MDR-7506 etc.

Rest assured,nothing you set any of the controls on this mic to affects the master recording output through USB and thus whatever program you use to record will still get a full amplitude signal from the mic,which you can adjust the sensitivity for in your software or operating system settings.

If you use a shockmount with an arm or base and pop filter because you like to produce very low background noise recordings, you may want to use the headphone monitor socket on the AT2020USB+ with a a 90 degree headphone connector (or adaptor)
I mention this because If standard 3.5 mm straight headphone jacks physically touch the shockmount they then transfer external mechanical noise to the mic that would otherwise be isolated by the SM.

Micing your source really close up should reduce the amount of gain you need to set in your computer as this microphone is capable of picking up a quartz clock second hand moving in another room (with the doors closed) if the gain is set high,and if not on a shock-mount it can pick up the low frequencies from a train approaching long before it is anywhere near you so it's pretty important to familiarise yourself with its sensitivity through the headphones and get a good feel for the mic.

Overall I think AT listened to its customers and have produced a very good, above entry level quality USB side address microphone with much less hassle for people who want get going asap with recording in high quality on their pc/laptop without the annoyance of latency problems and no more guessing latency values then re-editing unwanted sounds that may have got into the final mix.

I find it works fine with Audacity,as an input and output device when monitoring and recording without being so loud it causes feedback, and I haven't noticed the controls to get noisy yet,since launch date.

And yes it does work with Skype,it does get in the way of my face sometimes- but very honest friends say this is a plus...

*Always check the RRP before purchase*

What would I change if anything? - I'd have the headphone out underneath the mic.
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on 16 April 2015
I like quality when I purchase anything, just looking at this mike tells you just that. Great looks and feel sounds fantasic, but then I also purchased a pop filter to go in front of the mike. There is also the added bonus of the headphone jack with volume control, a great addition. Lastly it, it also comes with a leather case to protect it. Don't be affraid to buy, you know you want to lol. You can always return it.
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on 9 January 2016
Love it. Had so many issues with my Yeti microphone (lots of background noise, and terrible beeping). Audio Technica has none of those issues. Quick to set up and easy to use. I use for streaming and YouTube Videos. The quality is amazing! Anyone that watches the youtube video, you will hear the difference. When i play Super Mario Maker, i was using the yeti mic, and if you listen carefully you will hear back ground noise and beeping even when i don't talk which i tried to edit out. then after that is finished, i begin a commentary half way through the video playing a basketball game (NBA 2K16) i was using the Audio Technica for the commentary and you will see how clear it is......Make your own judgement !
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on 18 March 2016
A better mic for a higher price. Well worth the money for those who desire some quality in their recordings, streams or just in voice programs.
10/10 would not buy again, since I already have it :D
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on 8 March 2015
Great microphone, crystal clear recording. The only thing I would say was disappointing is the free stand that comes with it, it just doesn't seem solid and weighty enough to hold the mic firm in place. That said, most people would get a professional stand for this anyway.

The item arrived very quickly too, all round really good.
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on 14 September 2015
Works perfectly. Installed drivers, plug in and use. Quality is quite good, recommend a pop filter though. Sound comes in clear, no high end hisses. Frequency range is flat which is what you want from a vocal oreinted microphone. Actual desktop stand did not hold the microphone in place, had to use books in front to prevent it from falling over. Also the screwing cap came off so I had to contact Audio Technica to get a free replacement. Delivery was quick and orderly. Satisfied with the overall product and Audio Technica's response to the broken desktop stand. Actual seller did not adress the issue at any one time. I could not find a proper way to contact him, so I sent him an invoice with a message of the problem. Amazon needs to include an easy contact the seller button regarding defecincies.
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on 28 May 2016
Great audio quality. I really like this Audio Technica microphone and will definitely be purchasing further audio products from them. It has great audio quality, good features and comes with an appropriately sized USB cable. My only complaint was the stand with it is ridiculous, it is so light it cannot balance the weight of the microphone so whatever you do it will not stand upright with that stand - why even include it? It made no sense and unfortunately it caused me to have to wait for a new desktop stand to be delivered before I could use the mic. Other than that, the mic itself is great.
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on 22 June 2016
Perfect. even though i am having a problem to where i want it so it is not in my way. It is way better than the Blue Yeti which i just gave to my brother. I bought a shock mount and mudder pop filter with it which makes it look amazing :D Great product!
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