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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Edition: Limited Edition with Chase McCain Minifigure|Change
Price:£83.86+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 28 March 2013
Having watched the trailers and webisodes for weeks, now it's finally here. Assuming you've played previous Lego games before (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter etc) then you know the basics of the gameplay already - collect studs, solve puzzles, enjoy the humour and build stuff. The only crucial difference between this and prior games is that there is no two player or single player tag teaming two characters: everything is controlling a single character at a time.This doesn't make as much of a gameplay difference as you might think.

The graphics are a treat on the Wii U with superb voice acting and the classic Lego game humour is intact. My 6yo has had no problem playing through the first few levels unassisted, enjoying having the in game characters talking to him via the Wii U gamepad whilst he controls Chase McCain on the TV.

If you have a Wii U already this is a no brainer. If not but the Lego games are your thing, this Wii U exclusive (for the moment at least) adds to the case for buying one.
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on 1 April 2013
Very much like GTA and the Simpsons Hit and Run, Lego city undercover is an open world game. The main story is based in chapters, each taking about an hour with 15 chapters in total. However there is much more than the story mode to play in this game. All over the city there are things to build, discover and do, so if you want a laugh-a-minute, action packed, lighthearted game that will entertain you for hours, buy this one!
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on 31 March 2013
I've been gaming for a good number of years now 24 of them in fact. So hopefully this will aid in my reflection on my recent purchase of Lego City Undercover.

I use to love GTA, when I say GTA I actually mean the original top down view shifting back and fourth and creating pile up after pile up to only set them on fire and then that was it, the fun died. Jump forward to a few years ago and GTA IV released on the XBOX. I grabbed a copy spun it up and away I went on my adventure as Nico.

Oh dear, I know sandbox games are the rage and these open world environments appeal to some folk as giving the sense of freedom but I like my games to give me some structure.

This is where Lego City comes out tops.

Firstly yes as stated by other reviews the game does like it's load screens, which can be overbearing especially if you've just waited a minute for a cut scene to load and then another 2 minutes for the level to load but its a small gripe and one I am confident Travellers Tale games will sort out. The second complaint made by others is no multiplayer, however you know what I am not bothered about that and feel the game has enough variety so far (only 7 hours in) that I've not once wished I was playing with a friend.

Now on to the guts, you play as Chase and you get various missions to perform, these missions give you specific objectives and usually result in you getting a disguise (think of it as a different character). These disguises allow you to perform different key moves which really makes the game world feel fresh. When I say feel fresh I mean that I can take a new disguise and go to an area previously explored to find something new within it or a different outcome.

It's obvious that plenty of time and effort has gone into the game and none more so than the amusing cutscenes and one liners thrown about the place, this is by far the best Lego game I have played in a good number of years and one with a very tongue in cheek humour that clearly is mocking similar games as well as all those cop movies from the 80's onwards.

If you own a Wii U and you are a gamer, or just casual or new to a console this certainly is a game to purchase, it's extremely accessible allowing young and old to quickly get to grips with what to do and linear enough to give the structure some (me) feel they need but still the freedom to explore as well.

Excellent addition to my growing library of Wii U games.
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on 14 May 2013
Lego City: Undercover has a beautiful open world for us to explore. The storyline is very funny and clever, infact this game has made me laugh more then any other. Like other people have already said, this really is like a GTA game for families. You are a cop arresting bad guys, instead of being a criminal doing bad things to cops.
There are loads of cool secret Nintendo characters/items to find. This game uses the GamePad well, but I was slightly disappointed that I couldn't play the game on the Gamepad only. Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition (Nintendo Wii U) has many cool Gamepad features whilst playing on the tv, but it also allowed you to play without the need of the tv as well.
Anyway the controls for the cars and Chase McCain are spot on. Lego City is a pretty easy game like other Lego games, which means younger/casual gamers should be able to complete it as well. My main issue is the long and many loading screens, which does stop the flow of the game a little. Lego City is one of the best games for the Wii U at the moment, which is a exclusive and should not be missed.
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on 9 April 2013
As you can tell my only complaint really is the slow loading times, but hey once you get into Lego City you're off and running, or driving as the case may be, and no more loading screens until you enter a level, bliss to just run, drive or fly around to your heart's content, smashing the Lego world to pieces! Our family ranges in age from 11 to early 40's and yet we have all found this to be an excellent and entertaining game, full to the brim with Mario references (fishing for cheep cheeps anyone?) and the usual Tt humour we have come to expect, brilliant! The graphics are beautiful, I particularly like sunset over Apollo Island, and the ability to take photo's and upload them to the net so the world knows just how much fun you're having as just a bonus. All in all I love this, More of the same please!!
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on 6 April 2013
So I can play more of this spectacular game in one sitting. The developers should be commended on making a fantastic game that any age can enjoy. With a great story and superb graphics I'm having a blast playing this.

I find myself on many occasions going off story to search, collect and destroy items around the gigantic open city, sometimes for hours on end and I have to remind myself to get back to the story objectives.

The gamepad screen is put to good use, the load times at the start annoyed me but as the game progresses I find it to be less of an issue. What I like about the game is your never in any real peril like a Super Mario or Zombie U so this allows you to sit back, chill out and enjoy what I feel is a must buy for Wii U owners. Just hoping for a sequel.
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on 27 April 2013
If, like me, you have played the other Lego games out there, such as Batman, Harry Potter or Star Wars then this is going to look and feel quite different. Putting aside the HD graphics that take full advantage of the Wii U platform, this is very much an "open world" game, as oppose to the more linear "story" games of previous Lego incarnations. As an example of the fundamental difference, in Lego Star Wars you would select a mission from a back room in the cantina, or Lego Pirates of the Caribbean from the harbour. In Lego City Undercover, you use your map on your controller display to select the mission and then you have to travel there. You can do this by running, or jumping (what my 9 year old calls bouncing!) or you can use one of the many vehicles from around the City by leaping in fron of it and blowing your whistle. One look at your badge, and the driver vacates that vehicle leaving you to drive it. And all the vehicles are different, some are fast, others slow - some a difficult to steer, others easier. If you crash, you lose bricks until eventually (if you keep crashing) your vehicle breaks and you need another one. If you fall off the cliff road into the sea, you don't get put back on the road, you have to figure out where the path is to get back to where you were. You can go directly to missions once unlocked in Free Play.

You could spend hours driving around the enormous City just doing what you want. There are little bonuses to collect if you choose to do so. It is very immersive and detailed.

Once you decide on a mission, and enter it, the gameplay feels a lot more similar to previous Lego games. There is running, jumping, swinging, using a weapon or tool to achieve some task and as you play more missions you unlock more characters that have certain skills to help you move further into the game. Once finished, certain missions can be played in Free Play and, again as in previous games, new areas can be unlocked once you have certain characters (if you played Lego Star Wars, think Bounty Hunter areas or using a Stormtrooper helmet to fool security cameras!).

To give you an idea of the size of this game, your starting point is the police station, and even that has three floors with multiple items to collect or destroy to trigger bonuses and several other characters to talk to. And it's the size of the game that be a little frustrating. That and the length of the cut scenes starting the missions, or the overly long conversations with other characters. If you want a quick blast, then pretty much forget it. This is a game that needs a significant time investment over other Lego titles. And that's fine if you find the characters funny and the cut scenes interesting, which my 9 year old certainly does. He is often in fits of giggles at the jokes and dialogue as well as the funny characters that inhabit the City (most will be familiar if you or your children like collecting the Minifigs in the packets).

Whether you like these scenes or not you will get frustrated at loading times. If you had an early Blu Ray player and remember how long it took before the disc was ready to play, then that is the sort of length of time it takes to load new missions or scenes. A good 30 seconds, sometimes more.

My 9 year old adores this game and is currently playing out missions in the real world with his actual Lego City playsets. It fires his imagination and he loves the characters. I find it a bit frustrating, both in terms of the load times and the cut scenes and I do wish there was an option to just get to the mission rather than have to drive, run or "bounce" your way there.

My son gives it 5 stars, I give it 3 so we met in the middle at 4.
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on 10 May 2013
I never really thought I'd end up writing an opinion about a Lego game on Amazon. But I had to - simply put, it's one of the best games of the year, no question. The visuals, sound, characters and game-world are all top notch, and second to none. You start off at the docks but before you know it you're exploring farmland, mountains, prisons, scaling skyscrapers, driving a tractor along a railway tunnel... the variety and inventiveness never let up. The objectives are always at hand (via a subtle but impressive use of the Wii U gamepad screen), but half of the joy of the game is just wandering around the city and the surrounding countryside, seeing what you find next. The "solidity" of the whole thing is a joy, and it's clear that the developers *loved* making this game.

Saying it's a family version of Grand Theft Auto is fairly accurate, although it doesn't really do the game justice in its own right. It has so much of its own personality and its own ideas that it deserves to be recognised as unique.

If you have a Wii U but have yet to buy this - don't waste any more time. It's the best game on the system at the moment, and is unlikely to be dethroned for a while.
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on 22 September 2013
This is the best game out at the moment that the whole family can enjoy. The only downfall of this game is you have to wait your turn to play because everyone wants ago. Glad my dog can't play games or I'd have to wait longer still.
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on 1 June 2014
The loading times in this game can last from thirty seconds to a minute, and yes, I've timed them to see how long exactly it'd take then there's the other "problem" that the game can only be played on a TV because if I wanted to just play the entire game on the GamePad such thing is not possible as it doesn't allow to.

GamePad's screen is used as a GPS device but even then games like GTA have always had the information in one screen so it just goes to show that this game could've worked, however, the devs of LCU didn't do it or had the time to. Last tech issue, the graphics while they're very good it just doesn't seem to hit Wii U's potential graphically quality and the framerate at times isn't too consistent but more likely than not you won't be having FPS problems.

Aside from the technical issues, the game is great, it's quite long and funny but the main character is a pretty goofy cop which doesn't seem to know what he should do as a police officer or if people ask him to do tasks he shouldn't need to as, you know, he's a cop so priority should've been given to him although I'll admit that'd make the game shorter, yeah. Even though the Wii U won't have a GTA game, this is as close as it'll get and in this regard it's pretty great whether for kids or adults, I'm enjoying the game and I'm 24 so despite its kiddy-look this is for anyone who wants a fun quality game. Lego City Undercover also has DLC available for it through the LEGO City 60007: High Speed Chase pack.
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