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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: Nintendo Wii U|Change
Price:£5.31 - £48.51
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on 4 June 2013
I've been a fan of Resident Evil since almost the beginning (RE2). But lately RE5 and RE6 let me to think that the series was dying.
Resident Evil Revelations proves me wrong, it's not a complete "to the roots" game but it's much closer to one of the favorites, Resident Evil 4.
The pacing is good, mixing slow exploration and sometimes even that fear of turning a corner with some very fast sequences where you have to think/shoot fast to survive. It's a very good balance.
There are no quick time events (QTE) which I think was a smart move. There's no co-op in single, which adds a bit to the fear. The Raid mode does have a co-op (online only) and it's actually fun to play once you finish it.

WiiU specific:
The framerate is good, very solid graphics, using the gamepad to quickly change weapons, solving some puzzles and checking the map is cool. The is the first game I've been using the gamepad pro too and I have it since launch. Of-TV play is there too and it's cool when you can't use the TV.

-Games is a bit short, you can finish it in normal in like 9h-12h.
-The aiming feels a bit loose at start, you get used to it but if you play another shooter in between you'll notice it more.
-No split-screen co-op in raid mode.
-Monsters (new virus) feel a bit unoriginal
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on 17 May 2014
in many ways, it really is. but do not let HD be the reason you get this. let it be the fact, that it's RE again. finally. you're alone in creepy hallways a lot. you get hilariously bad dialogue a lot. you fight preposterous monsters a lot. your 3rd person character moves slowly. that alone ups the pressure. it's great. and raid mode is not just a tacked-on recycling of existing story levels. it's great too. especially with a friend. plus, playing it on the controller screen makes it look even better.
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on 14 June 2013
This Resident Evil is the best ever played since Code Veronice . It brings back resident evil survival horror theme that we all
loved in Resident Evil 1,2,3. This is by far better than RE5 or RE6. Capcom should have named it Resident Evil 6 and never released RE6 as we know it.

This is how next RE series should be. Get it and show capcom that this is the kind of RE we loved to play
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on 25 May 2013
Well first off, ignore any pathetic 1 star reviews because this game is brilliant!
I am now currently on episode 3 and all i can say is what a game, finally capcom have taken resident evil back to it's survival horror roots.
you cant just run around blasting everything, you have to conserve ammo and herbs, avoid when possible. find keys for doors, just like the classic resi's.
Oh and the bosses are HARD! so far there have been no zombies in the game, its all about the BOW'S, which are creeepy, but thats ok because the atmospherics
in the game are brill.
I have played every resident evil and i am a big big fan and i can say this game definatly lives up to them all. I would say its better than 5 and 6 by far.
This game is good on the wii u as you can either play on the tv or just on the gamepad if you need to, which is great. I have found no problems with the controls,
its very responsive.
I could go on forever, but if you enjoyed the classic resident evil's then this is a must buy! especially if your a big fan of Jill and Chris.
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on 13 August 2014
What's bad about this game? - well the worst thing its obvious origins on the DS system mean that the graphics could be better. But they are still not bad. And that's about it.

What's good about it? - everything else. Its pace, its story, difficulty perfectly judged (except perhaps the final boss on 'Infernal' level.), its suspense, its handling - yes everything.

If you liked RE4 you'll like this. I'd put them on a par - and that's saying something as I loved RE4.
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on 21 December 2014
Same as 3ds version so no biggie.

I see that Jill can't be bothered to run in this game any more like she did in the first games to sprint they is no sprint button at all which makes the game slow.
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on 24 May 2013
Loving all the features you get with Wii U such as Miiverse features and Off-TV when ever my dad wants to watch his shows on the big TV but I want to carry on playing.

I am glad I got it for the Wii U now.
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on 24 May 2013
This is a great game, I was sold after playing the demo ( repeatedly ) . I am not usually a fan of R.E in fact i would say ive pretty much hated every R.E game ( sorry fans ) However i cant stop playing this, it doesnt seem as sluggish as some of the R.E games.
I cant understand what one reviewer meant by unresponsive controls ? no problems at all here , no dead zones that ive noticed, i didnt purchase from Amazon and so ended up paying £39.99 , but as its a game i will play over and over again it was well worth it.

All in all a very good purchase for me, i also own a ps3 and got the wii u version as it has had better reviews .
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on 27 June 2016
Cannot rate this highly enough. Back to the classic resident evil format with Jill and Chris. The action is based mainly on an abandoned cruise liner but you also have a second strand of storyline which takes place on a Mountain range. it is the type of game that you have to keep playing to see what happens next.
The WiiU gamepad functions make this game fully immersive. The map which is displayed on the gamepad makes it easier to navigate the game world and touchscreen health boost and weapon select comes in very handy, especially with the last boss who is possibly the most difficult final boss in any game.
One of the best games on the Wii U and highly recommended for any Resi fans.
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on 14 July 2016
Don't be fooled by the back of the box, this isn't incredibly scary like RE7 looks to be. However, it is tense and the monsters are suitably grotesque, especially the zombies on the boat (which is the primary setting for the game).
If you have never played resident evil 4, 5 or 6, you will need to get used to the tank-like character movement quickly.
The Wii U gameplay is used well, but I didn't find myself using it as much as in other titles as everything done there can be done quickly and easily with the face buttons, so I only really found the screen useful for off screen play.
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