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on 19 March 2017
Amazing book, love these boys !!!!
And now both double olympic medalists !!!!

Would recommend this read to EVERYONE!!!
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on 5 March 2017
I enjoyed this book. The story was told from the standpoint of each individual brother, one then the other. The story gives the reader an insight into their build up to their greatest achievement, though surpassed in 2016,of gold and bronze at the 2012 summer Olympic games in London. They are a very talented pair, getting into Cambridge for Alistair seemed like a breeze in the park. The brothers give a good insight into the world of Triathlon and the demands that the sport makes on all aspects of their lives. There are lots of powerful messages that come out of the book, but perhaps the major one is enjoy what you are doing, and that will help a long way in ensuring you success . in the future. Good and enjoyable read for the general sporting fan.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 April 2017
I really enjoyed reading Our Triathlon Story which gives insights into the lives of the Brownlees, two very likeable
Yorkshire brothers whose efforts at this tripart sport of Swimming, Cycling and Running has made them Olympic
champions and household names.
Most of the book was written by Tom Fordyce after long conversations with Alistair and Jonathan at the Chevin
Hotel, Otley, and portrays their love for each other, rivalry and constant spurring each other on to be their best.
It is probably too early in their lives and sporting careers to see this book as being truly biographical as it tells
the reader little of their early lives, school days etc., but it does give a pretty in depth look at their differing
personalities, sense of humour and love for this sport at which they excel in bucket loads. Just watching
them run up Otley Chevin tires me out !
There is a good section in the book on training tips for all aspects of triathlon training.
It is an honest account of how these two great lads tick. Well worth reading by active athletes and spectators

Published by Viking 2013
244 pages with pictures
in the hardcover edition.
review image
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on 28 December 2014
Enjoyable book about the differences in the brownlee family. Two super athletes in the same family, both supremely talented but supportive. Struggled with the way it was written. Don't let that deter you from this book
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The Brownlee brothers caught the nation's heart when they won gold & bronze in the triathlon at the London Olympics. This book tells the story of how they came to achieve this.
I am not really an athletics or triathlon type of person. I watch this sort of thing alongside many of the nation when major events are shown on television but that is where my knowledge (and probably my interest) starts and finishes. Having said that, this book is one of the most down to earth and interesting autobiographies I have read. Two Yorkshire lads with sheer grit and determination arrived at the Olympics. There are not shy of naming all of the people and fortunate events which enabled them to get there - from an outdoors family, a sporting school, good coaches, the Yorkshire countryside - the list is vast and the Brownlee brothers are quite happy to give credit where credit is due.
Alistair & Jonathan have written this book together, taking on alternate chapters. This gives the reader an all round view of events & insight into how they view things differently. Both brothers say that having the other one to compete against has driven them to the success that they have achieved. The brothers different personalities shine through the chapters as does their sibling rivalry and massive support for each other. The writing is interesting and flows easily. Despite the sport not being one I was particularly interested in I enjoyed this book very much.
Throughout the book are some tips for people who are interested in fitness and the sport. The major tip is to enjoy what you are doing and take advantage of circumstances to train & keep fit - a ride to work is as valuable as a training bike ride. The tips are very laid back and made total sense even to someone as ignorant as myself.
Having finished this book i am left with the feeling that these are two young men I'd like to meet. They are down to earth, practical and committed to the life they have chosen, as well as supportive to each other and sincere in their appreciation for all the help they have received. An excellent autobiography that I wouldn't hesitate in recommending whether you are interested in sport or not.
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on 10 November 2016
Present for someone else.
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on 12 September 2013
I loved this book. Having personally done an Ironman triathlon with three of my own brothers and knowing the frustrations of training with your siblings, I loved the honesty of them both. It had me laughing out loud. Jonathan and Alastair are clearly different people but are two of the best Triathletes in the world. The book has a great pace to it and done in an interview style. It is hilarious reading about what they both say about any question asked. They often do not see the same point of view. I'm glad they revealed this side of them but it is clear they respect love each other deeply. I didn't want this book to finish, it was that good.
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on 20 September 2013
I bought 12 of these books for family and friends. It is a brilliant book and unique in that it is an autobiography regarding two people. Real insight into how to become a professional sports person. I have total admiration for these two Yorkshire lads. Hard work, determination, focus, a love of the outdoors and real talent has taken these young lads to the top of the world of triathlon. They have made triathlon a popular TV sport ard provide compelling viewing! What a sport, talent, skill, determination, endurance, drama, emotion, sibling love and admiratio it has it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This honest and remarkable story of two Olympian brothers is related from the perspectives of the two brothers, Alistair and Jonathan (Jonny) with the aid of Tom Fordyce, BBC's Chief Sports Writer. The triathlon seems an exercise in torture to most. A 1500 metre swim, a 40 km. bike ride and a 10 km. run, all taken without a break. To achieve this at any level is a fearsome task. To perform it at the highest level is epic. Encouraged by their parents (both doctors with 'sporting genes') to try everything, the brothers soon realised they had a talent for being capable of 'far more than we thought'. Swimming and running in competition as early as 9 with cycling vast distances a hobby, their competitive instincts and sibling rivalry were established. Despite this, they inevitably raced as a team versus the rest. They managed their sport with academic pursuits. Alistair balanced his physics A-level notes on his handle bars whilst cycling, later to be accepted at Cambridge University.

This detailed account of their drive for success is extensive and meticulous, describing their development from schoolboys to standing on the Olympic podium. The sacrifices, hard work, intrusions on personal life are all here. Jonny writes the advantages of training with the world champion, Alistair, are appreciated, living with him takes it to a new level. Jonny is organised and obsessive with a flair for other sports, Alistair laid back and annoyingly, to Jonny, relaxed. Fiercely competitive, the younger Jonny knew he could only beat his brother if a freak incident occurred. Both were, however, world champions.

The Brownlee punishing philosophy was 'Be consistent, train with others, set goals, mix it up, prepare for anything, race as you train, listen to your body, do something rather than nothing, make it fun'. The emphasis was of tactical preparation for endurance through training with the run the critical phase. This thoroughly engaging and entertaining book is one of passion and dogged determination to be the best. Their methods and suffering are exhaustively depicted. The Olympic Games of London 2012 may be the pinnacle of their achievements but the story of how they got there is equally momentous and enthralling. An absorbing account of perhaps the most gruelling sporting event. Excellent reading for the aspiring athlete or the armchair expert. Also recommend Chrissie Wellington's 'Life Without Limits' for her iron-man experiences.
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on 28 June 2013
Wow. If you want to understand the mindset needed to achieve the very top level of achievement this is a fascinating book. Throw into that a twist of fraternal rivalry and a slice of incredible dedication and you have a really good read. As the husband of Kate Percy, author of "Go Faster Food" (gofasterfood.com) I couldn't help wondering if some of their earlier tribulations, for example Alistair's hitting the wall at 7km into the Windsor Triathlon run and Jonny's under performance at the World Juniors in Oz in 2009 might have been down to a predilection for Fray Bentos pies- they asked their parents to send out said pies when they were first training in St Moritz and found it a tad expensive - or at least an under appreciation of the importance of the right fuel. Now I'm a good Lancashire lad and Fray Bentos steak and kidney pies were my dad's absolute favourite food - well that or tinned Irish stew - but I'm not convinced it's the ideal accompaniment to 5+ hours of training a day. Still they've got a couple of Olympic medals and World Championships between them and some exciting years of top level achievement ahead of them and now have a professional cook to accompany them so I'm sure it is no longer an issue! Still boys if you fancy some delicious, easy to cook food that will help power your performance, just let me know and I'd be delighted to send you a copy of GO FASTER FOOD! Chapeau!!Go Faster Food: Over 100 energy-boosting recipes for runners, cyclists, swimmers and rowers and FuelSmart for Race Day: 3-day Carbo-load Guide for Runners, Triathletes & Cyclists
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