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I really enjoyed this book it was kind of a naughty pleasure as I found everything I loved about this book I really shouldn't be enjoying! Our main character is Charlotte and this kind of character I usually would turn my nose up at with the way she jumps in and out of bed with various men the minute she arrives in Paris she seems to become a true man eater, but the character is saved in my opinion by the opening 3 chapters of the book as this is where we first meet Charlotte and she is likeable from the first time we meet her and you can't help but feel for her character when she has given up everything to up and move to Paris with the love of her life only to find out that he is a big cheat.

The book really grabs you from the first chapter and continues at a great pace with something exciting happening on each page. It is a fun read with some charming and gorgeous Parisians for great eye candy. It feels like a light hearted read but there are some deep emotional situations which occur in this book which really bring the book into its own.

If you are looking for a fun romantic read with a hint of chocolate and a big splash of a Half-Naked French Hottie then this is definitely the book for you!
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on 9 March 2012
I got this eBook when it was available as a free download on Amazon, I already had it on my wish list so was pretty excited when I realised I could get it for free (who doesn't like a freebie).

I really enjoyed this book, it was fun, adventurous and kept my interest throughout. Charlotte is a great character, she is very likeable and easy to relate to, I loved the idea for her blog and really enjoyed reading her posts as she explores her crazy life in Paris.

There were parts of the story that had me laughing, parts that made me feel sad and parts that had me saying "what on earth are you doing?", I genuinely didn't know what Charlotte and her friends would get up to next and that was definitely part of the attraction for me.

I loved reading the wonderful vivid descriptions of France and also the hilarious chat up lines that some of the French men used on Charlotte. The whole story has a bright fun feel to it and I really liked that, but there was also a message to be gained from it - the grass isn't always greener is a phrase that came to mind quite a few times whilst reading this book.

This was a fun, entertaining and girly read that also had a good message, a perfect holiday book!
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on 10 November 2016
A good story line and well written, worth a read
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on 16 March 2017
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on 2 July 2017
A really good read
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on 21 February 2012
I must start by saying that I NEVER read 'chick lit'... I am more a serial killer, thriller, horror kinda girl. However, I LOVED this book!

The book follows Charlotte who discovers, just before she is due to move to Paris with her Fiancee, that her Fiancee is cheating on her. Charlotte still moves to Paris and we join her in her exploits as she struggles to overcome her heartbreak with men, wine and through her blog which details the rules of how to 'date like a man'.

This book has all the ingrediants of great 'chick lit' but what appeals to me the most is Juliette Sobanets ability to convey such powerful emotions whilst also making the book funny and easy to read. I think ANY women could relate to the overpowering emotions of anger, grief, hurt and emotion that Charlotte feels even if you may not agree with the ways in which she initially deals with her emotions. However, these 'flaws' make Charlotte even more real and help the reader to feel real connection as Charlotte faces her journey back to love and happiness.

Finally as a lover of Paris I think Juliette Sobanet captures the magic of the beautiful city perfectly!
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on 7 March 2012
I was on the Eurostar to Paris, and I'd recently picked this up as a Kindle freebie. It sounded like the perfect combination: a little Parisian romance to keep me entertained en route.

But this isn't such a happy read. In the first few pages, Charlotte discovers that her fiance has been cheating on her. And when she sets out to reclaim her own life, instead of embracing her independence, she quickly becomes bitter and entrenched in negative views of all men. For the first half (or more) of the book, Charlotte struck me as a completely selfish and immature individual, so when things start to go wrong for her it does feel like she's had it coming. This wasn't comfortable reading, and I'd struggle to say I enjoyed it; I rushed through the middle to get away from Charlotte's self-created misery.

But I did really like the ending, and although this wasn't my favourite book, it was well-written and I will definitely look out for more by this author.
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on 14 November 2012
I love a book with a French theme and I will always remember this one, not only as it was my first eBook, but also as it contains my favourite line (so far) in a book;

"I thought my heart was going melt into a puddle right there on the cobblestones"

Then there is the chocolate! What girl doesn't love chocolate? Well, you won't believe the role chocolate plays in this book, but if you think romance, Paris, hunky Frenchman, you will be along the right lines, and I'll be honest, I'm not looking for much else in a girlie book! I really enjoyed this book, the characters were great fun, and Juliette's love of her time spent in Paris and Lyon, really comes across. I found myself looking for any excuse to open it and carry on reading; even if it was only for a five-minute drive into town - my poor husband, I used to talk to him in the car. Looking forward to reading Kissed in Paris
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on 12 May 2012
This book was well written but I found it depressing to read. Charlotte has been dumped by her boyfriend so decides to "date like a man" but in the process people are hurt. The story teaches a good lesson and gives plenty to think about. I found it painful to read though and was at times exasperated by Charlotte's selfishness whilst still feeling compassion for her hurt. I much preferred the author's next book - Kissed in Paris which is more lighthearted. I have noticed that other reviewers prefer this one though so it all goes to show that it is just a matter of personal taste.
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on 13 October 2013
I found this to be a light yet a very compelling read. I completed it in three sessions and then I ordered the next novel, Kissed in Paris, which I have almost completed reading and am thoroughly enjoying. If you enjoy a story with a happy ending then you will enjoy Sleeping with Paris.. The story begins with Charlotte, newly engaged to her boyfriend and ready to marry him and move with him to Paris when she finds out that he has joined an on-line dating agency and he is two=timing her with another woman. Disillusioned, she turns to her friends for both advice and comfort. She decides to go to Paris as planned and finds cheap accommodation so that she can attend her French classes at the Sorbonne University. Whilst in Paris she meets up with both male and female new friends who she goes out with. She also starts a blog online on how to date like a man and enjoys herself trying to prove that she doesn't need another relationship with any lasting ties.In doing so she hurts many of her friends who are in worthwhile relationships. It all works out happily for Charlotte in the end although there is a twist to the story, which makes it enjoyable. I would thoroughly recommend this book, which also sets the scene with apt descriptions of Parisian life.
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