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on 13 July 2014
I have had previous versions of this software. This one has no surprises and does a good job. Good value and has all the processing, noise removal etc. that I have ever needed. I have used it to record and tapes and vinyl, but it can also be used to record music streamed down the internet. There seems to be some confusion as to whether the software can record streamed music. It can if your hardware has a stereo mixer option. To find out on Windows 8.1 go to the show hidden icon arrow at the left of the task bar when in Desktop mode. Left click on the arrow and then right click on the speaker icon. Select recording devices.

If stereo mixer is present set it as the default recording device and you are good to go.

If stereo mixer is not present then right click on ANY of the devices listed and check show disabled devices. If stereo mixer shows up (and it probably will) enable it and set to default recording device.

If neither of the above work then it might be worth checking you have up-to-date audio drivers or looking in more detail at your hardware specification.
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on 23 May 2017
Excellent software for cleaning up old vinyl or cassette recordings and transferring them to digital files or CDs. Highly recommended to all amateur audio hobbyists. It has many presets to make cleaning and mastering fairly simple and final recordings can be saved in .wav, .mp3, .wma and other file types and it is compatible with W10.
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on 27 April 2017
Good programme
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on 11 May 2013
It works very well, but...why change a very simple useable and much appreciated interface to the current flash for flash sake?
OK gripe over I have used previous product for years since NT days and Win 7 basically objected to running the old version, o well buy this and try some tatty cassette tapes through a very simple battery player (not the best way to download really) and the results have been excellent. if you have lots of old irrepeatable cassettes or 8 track (my i'm old) then this will be a good route to digitise and tidy up the sounds you have, also produces very useable cd's with little grief or thought
so apart from the glossy (you might love it) front end I'm very happy with this product
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on 19 July 2013
I have been a long term user of Magix Audio Cleaning Lab, going right back to Audio Cleaning Lab 10.

The main reason for being disappointed with this new version of Audio Cleaning Lab is because the spectral cleaning facility is far less effective than previous versions.

The addition of the Spectral Cleaning Editor in past versions was a real benefit for anyone wanting to clean up problematic recordings. For example, LPs sometimes have thumps and bumps that declicking software cannot remove entirely. The Spectral Cleaner would successfully remove all but the very largest of thumps and was thus a remarkably powerful feature, even more so considering the relatively low price of Audio Cleaning Lab.

In Audio Cleaning Lab 2013, spectral cleaning is no longer a stand alone feature in the Cleaning menu. It is now only available in a much less flexible form in the main window. With previous versions one could refine the spectral editing by choosing crossfading, damping and other noise reduction types in the Spectral Cleaning Editor. All these functions - and others - are missing in the 2013 version. As a result, the spectral cleaning does not work as well, and in fact several large clicks and thumps I tried to process were only partly removed, whereas in previous versions they were fully removed.

The new simplified spectral cleaner is certainly easier to use, and may therefore appeal to some users, but why remove the more powerful Spectral Cleaning Editor? Why not offer both facilities? In fact, Audio Cleaning Lab 17 DID have both!

Another way I feel this product has taken a step backwards concerns the denoiser. The denoiser in earlier versions was a very powerful and useful tool that did not produce unwanted artifacts so long as it was used properly. However, in the 2013 version the denoiser starts to produce a slight pumping sound even when applied at very low levels, and it also sounds as if it is overly damping the music in a way that previous versions didn't. With some forms of heavily processed electronic music this may not be noticed, but it is noticeable when applying it to early classical and jazz LP tracks.

Magix also claim that Audio Cleaning Lab 2013 is much faster at processing files than earlier versions, but that has not been my experience.
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on 28 July 2013
I strongly agree with the other reviewers who find this version of Audio Cleaning Lab a massive disappointment. I have been using what I consider the best version [Audio Lab 15] almost daily for years, and also own Lab 16 and 17. I found this version completely unusable and returned it to Magix for a refund. Like some other reviewers I rely on using Spectral Cleaning to remove individual clicks, thumps etc from analogue recordings- in this version it has been ruined. I soon gave up with it as it seemed the whole package had been emasculated from an excellent tool to some kind of novelty product - you cannot even load CDs directly into projects but have to copy them by other means first!

I fear that with this development that we have seen the last of Audio Cleaning Lab as a useful tool, particularly as Magix seem impervious to all customer comments or suggestions.

I recommend if you have Windows 7 you track down Audio Cleaning Lab 17 rather than waste your time on this version.
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on 24 May 2013
This was purchased as an upgrade with a new PC as I have not completed my cassette and record.
This version is easier to use than my earlier one to record from both cassette and vinyl. There are new functions to clean up the sound and remove hiss, scratches etc with a lot more mastering functions.
The primary focus is on this activity but you can also do a lot more to the input. We have a problem with low level road noise when recording from a microphone and one of the functions will remove this easily. There are all sorts of functions most of which I have yet to explore.

This looks expensive but does a great job
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on 15 July 2013
Works well, but is more complicated even for simple tasks than the old version (3.0) I've been using for using for years and I can only get it to record from external inputs whereas I used to be able to record whatever was playing from the sound card.
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on 3 August 2014
Like others I had to invest in an up to date version as the much loved tried and tested version isn't compatible with Windows 8. While the new features are welcome and the overall format thankfully maintained I found the program more difficult to use. It took me a long time to work out how to do a seemingly simple task I could previously do in seconds with the old version. I also preferred the slider controls the old version had to the rotary now used. Still a good product in the main.
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on 30 October 2014
I preferred the old system overall ...the idea that a change in colour and icons some so small as to be difficult to see is only change for change sake. Simplicity of use is paramount and although I think some of the improvements are there in the technologies the simplicity has been lost and on balance I was disappointed.
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