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on 12 July 2013
Bought as a replacement for an earlier model, (That one is 6 years old and still works but not so many gizmos hence the upgrade).
All functions are good except I have a few issues downloading updates from Website, not always clear but eventually works.)
Bluetooth function good and links to Internet through Garmin App excellent.
You do get what you pay for. Unlike my old one you can even change the voices! (Ok so TomTom lovers always could)
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on 1 July 2014
We haven't yet updated the device but used it for Portugal where we managed to get lost a few times so updating is important (Carvoeiro is apparently in Silves and not on the coast(!)). But it got us out of a few bizarre places too so well done to the device.

Back at home it's been superb.
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on 10 May 2013
Update 13th October 2013: Following on from the questions raised by Teresa I have found that the new update on Garmin Express includes the voice British English Serena - This voice works with Garmin Real Directions and only those that state this function will work for real time directions. When you download this, all your British voices will disappear, leaving only 5, including French, Latvia etc. Open Garmin Express, click Devices, go to bottom and click languages, select English and update device. Takes about 5 minutes. All voices are then available on Sat Nav. Its a very easy fix.

Having owned the Garmin 3790T for 2 years and with some PPi cash burning a hole in my back pocket I decided splash my cash and update to the new 3597LMT. Garmin have done it again and produced a fantastic sat nav. The look and feel are even better than the 3790. The maps are, as always 5* and the ease of use makes this a dream to use. I've only used it a few times but cannot fault this machine. As with my last Garmin review, for the price you pay, you should get a case! In short, if you are looking to update your sat nav, you will not be dissapointed.

Delivery by Amazon was great. In the box, Sat Nav, Traffic Cable, In car Charger, Magnetic holder, window holder, USB cable and some leaflets...but no detailed instructions which is a shame.
Sat Nav is ready to use from the box although you will need to carry out some firmware updates that took around 5 minutes via the Garmin website.
First boot up took about 5 mintues to locate satellite after which it has been locating a satellite in under 10 seconds.
The major difference with this model is that you now get a choice of 3 routes via the 'Where To?' tab, which was a much needed improvement.
Maps are easy to use in, same pinch and zoom as 3790, cant fault this.
Up ahead function is a very good idea - you can see shops, toilets, banks with a touch of a button.
Route calculations are very quick and when you go off route the re-calculation were within a couple of seconds.
Information on the maps is great, in some cases it shows exact bank name (barclays etc) rather than just cash point. This is also the same for petrol and shops. Locating near by attractions is a breeze and also phoning them is very easy once bluetooth turned on.
Real voice commands 'left at star bucks' seems like a nice idea, but I have not yet heard it while driving around Cambridge.
Bluetooth connecting is very simple and downloading contacts is straight forward - You must say the full name stored in your contacts while using voice command.
Voice Command - Not a vast improvement from the 3790 but it still works well once you have it activated by your 'voice command' You can change the word you use to activate this, and this may work better with other words.
Speed Cameras are great as is the audio warning when going over the limit with the plus of the MPH turning a nice warm red to warn you.
Smartphone link (I'm using Iphone) is very easy to use and is an excellent feature. You can view current weather in your current position as well as the weather where you are going. There are some added features that you have to pay for (about £3 an item) which I've not yet used but think the PhotoLive option could be worth a punt.
Traffic - Not had any jams to review this but you see it updating itself every few seconds so much better than the previous FM receiver where traffic was an hour out of date.
Battery life is good, but as you will have it plugged in the car, you wont really need to see how long its going to last. Speaking of which, the in car charger cable is a little too thick like the previous model but when using the Garmin bean bag holder, you wont have the cable in your face.
Magnetic Holder makes it a breeze to connect to your mount and the device turns on within a second when engine switched on. The only downside is I found the magnet to be a little too strong to pull off, but I may just need to get the hang of using it.
Overall, I am so pleased with the updates Garmin have made in the last 2 years since my last model. The price is very high, but when you take into account the life time free maps, free traffic and smartphone link services, I think its great value for an excellent SatNav.

Update - the Garmin 3598 with HD Traffic is now on sale at Halfords - The 3597 (this model) does everything the 3598 does excluding the HD traffic, so if you are after a Jam busting Sat Nav, then pay the extra £20 and get the 3598 from Halfords - Having said that, The traffic on the 3597 does update itself very quickly. Garmin claim 2-4 minutes but I have sen it update quicker while HD is 30 seconds. It all depends on what you view as accurate traffic data and how often you rely on this. The source of both the HD and live traffic data is the same, its just how it gets sent to you.

Sound issue - If you remove the Sat Nav from the Magnetic holder, it will auto shutdown in 15 seconds but allows you to press cancel - If you press cancel and then attach it back to the Mag holder, the sat nav seems to lock on Mute and the only way I have found to resolve this is to shut down and re-boot. Sound works fine if you remove it and press cancel shut down and listen via the sat nav itself, only when you re-attach it does it seem to go on mute - I may be doing something wrong myself here but with no Manual, its hard to work out.

rating is still 5 stars, I love the new route options and recalculations are so fast you dont even notice if you go off route.
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on 27 May 2013
Just an update
After updating the software the unit has lost the voice that gave the Real Directions.
I was advised to reinstall the software but still no Real Directions.
Still in contact with Garmin support but problem not solved yet.

An extremely clear display, finds the satellites very quickly. Some very good features like showing the speed limit of the road you are on and warning you if you exceed the limit, (accidentally of course). There are occasions when the unit does not match the actual speed limit of the road. The 2 worst examples are in Cambourn , Cambridgeshire where the sat nav has 60mph and the actual is 30mph. The other is in Barton , Cambridgeshire where the limit has recently been reduced to 30 from 40mph. So if you stick to 40 you will be caught by the speed camera there. So watch out for the actual limit as you should.
The unit does not say " recalculating " something I welcome, it just adjusts to the new route when you go wrong.
Lane guidance feature---- I have still to find a lane where it will give me visual guidance but it does tell me well in advance what turn to take at junctions and roundabouts. My old nuvi310 used to sometimes leave it quite late at times. I also bought for this unit the dashboard mount which is far more versatile than the enclosed screen mount, this together with the magnetic fixing on the unit saves time setting up the unit in the car.
I do not have a smart phone but did enquire on the Garmin website if in future the Smartlink feature can be used on an iPhone as well as Android at the moment. They replied than Smartlink is now available on iPhone as well.
All in all just be aware of the few problems at the minute, this is a very good unit and I recommend you get one. You won't be disappointed.
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on 15 May 2013
Had this product for a couple of days now and still can't help but love it's sleek looks and high quality finish, something which has not gone unnoticed from work colleagues who have mistaken it for a new top end smartphone when I've walked into the office with it.

I've taken it out for the few car journeys I've made since getting it and am so far thoroughly impressed. This is replacing a Garmin Nuvi 660 that has lasted me 6 years and has gone out of service thanks to a combination of my rough treatment and issues with the OLD Garmin map updating software. I was always impressed and happy with the old Nuvi 660, but obviously didn't know what I was missing out on! The new map update software Garmin Express is a great improvement and works well for easy updates, although it would be nice to see the ability to do safety camera updates from within the same software instead of having to log into the Garmin dashboard separately.

The Nuvi 3597 speaks lane directions as I approach junctions with things like "in a quarter of a mile take either of the two left hand lanes and turn left". This spoken lane guidance means less time taking my eyes off the road to stare at the visual information (which is there as well). The real voice tech also comes up with instructions such as "turn right at the traffic lights".

Instead of spending ages powering up the 3597 uses a sleep mode which seems to have next to no effect on the battery (in tests so far) but means almost instant power up times.

The new docking system is one of the best features, hold it near to the dock and the powerful magnet pulls it onto the dock seating it perfectly for the connections for power and traffic data to work. Taking it off the dock is just as easy... just pull and off it comes.

Still looking through some of the features like the smartphone link (app downloaded and connecting properly but I haven't yet had time to explore exactly what that offers). A slight disappointment for me this time round was the lack of an AC adapter / charger in the box, so you can't charge it up at home to use without the in car power cable, which means shelling out another £20 (although if you want to use the traffic information you will need the in car power cable plugged in anyway).

With the voice command tech you can search for points of interest such as restaurants, call and make reservations whilst driving all without removing a hand from the wheel (subject to connecting your mobile via bluetooth).

Another nice feature is the mapping zooming in as you approach a junction and then automatically zooming back out as you have cleared the junction to show the route to the next instruction.

All in all, I'm very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking for a higher end product or with a like of all things gadget and techy.
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on 3 February 2014
I bought this to replace a TomTom that was repeatedly freezing. I have now had it for about three weeks and here are my observations:

I like: The appearance - it's sleek, easily portable, with a very clear screen.
The magnetic mount. So easy and quick to set up and to detach.
The instructions that tell you to "turn left at the traffic lights" etc.
The lane guidance - "be in either of the two right-hand lanes" etc.
The "photos" of road signs at major junctions.
Its responsiveness picking up a satellite signal, and also re-calculating a route if you deviate.
The display that tells you at the bottom what road you are on, and at the top the road you will join next.

I don't like so much: The fact that it gives you the names of roads, not their numbers. For major roads the A or B numbers would be far more useful. After all, when you need to leave a major road, the sign at the junction will not give you the name of the road you are joining, rather its number.

The voice directions feature is really hit and miss. It works well for my favourites, but dictate an address and it often comes up with something quite different - and I think I speak quite clearly!

I'm also not that impressed by the traffic alerts. My old TomTom, with its Live HD Traffic (admittedly, which you have to pay for annually) would show up congested traffic ahead of you, or even in the opposite lane, whereas the Nuvi, with its lifetime free traffic information, only advises if there is a major accident or roadworks on your projected journey. Many times It has told me that there are no traffic delays ahead, when on my route there has been congestion and very slow-moving traffic. You really don't get an accurate picture of the state of the roads.

As with any satnav that I have ever used, it isn't particularly good at giving the fastest or shortest route, and sometimes it's recommendations are puzzling: I have been literally driven round the houses to reach a particular destination, and sometimes I wonder how the routes are planned. Still, it always gets you there in the end, and after all, that's what satnavs are for!

In conclusion, I do like this piece of equipment. I bought it as it was a "Which?" Best Buy, and because of many reviews on this site, but possibly I could have got something cheaper that was just as good. It only remains to be seen how long it lasts...
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on 16 July 2013
Slightly disappointing.
Not as intuitive as my previous Garmins particularly when diverting from the original route.
Also, there is a problem with the guidance system where instruction delivery breaks up in mid sentence.
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on 15 July 2013
I got to replace another brand where the battery had stopped holding its charge which was annoying. This is good and simple to use - it still takes me into country lanes that I would rather avoid and some of the warnings come too soon - but that apart it is a brilliant little machine and I love its slimness and the magnetic dashboard holder.
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on 24 June 2017
This navi is a joke. It gave me problems for two years with 1) Unsatisfactory maps 2) Slow downloads (6h!) or insufficient ones or both. 3) Falls on the dashboard every 10 minutes. After 2 years (what a coincidence!) downloading maps became even more complicated. Voice disappeared or turned into incomprehensible noises..like a very wild and angry dog growling at every corner. Italian customer service suggested to change memory cards...(I have a collection of them) but every time the navigator worked only for 1 day or two days. Now I can't even select the nation. Have you ever tried to write ITALY with only these four letters ( I R K S ) available? To sum up my experience. I will never buy a navigator again. A Garmin especially. I think I'll buy myself a good smartphone on Amazon and with a good App I'll say goodbye to the navigator's world.
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on 5 January 2014
Bought as a gift for my wife, and she loves it.
I can see why Which? rates this as the best Sat Nav they have ever tested.
It has a real quality feel to it, a clear and bright screen and a very accurate touch-screen.
The magnetic attachment system is great.
My wife had no problems with loading/using the software on her netbook.
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