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on 6 April 2016
These are my personal views - your experience will probably be different.
I ordered these after reading reviews and comparing choices available - seemed a good buy so I went ahead. Once they arrived (nice little package by the way - smaller than you would think due to folding design) I tried them on to see if suitable - hmm. I've not used Bluetooth ear pieces etc tied to my phones before - due to discomfort wearing them in the past, now I know it is not just them that I cannot use - I cannot have any 'over the ear' gadgets.
As I stated above this is my experience - headphones seem to be of reasonable quality, and if you don't mind the way they fit - over the ear and rear of head - then you will probably love these nice lightweight headphones.
I returned these for a refund - as of no use to me - toyed with keeping them as a present for a friend, but wasn't sure what their reaction would be.

Added this comment since posting - the aftersales from the seller was excellent, which bumped up my score a bit. Received a refund and I was sent in-ear Bluetooth earphones (rather than the headphones which I found uncomfortable) as a freebie (and to review), so spot-on support - and they stand by their products too (which is nice).
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on 18 July 2016
wanted a pair of earphones that were easy to carry around, wouldn't take up too much space and that sat over the ear, primarily for use in work so i wasn't tethered to my laptop. these do the job nicely - great price and quick delivery

I wasn't expecting superb sound quality from these and was surprised at how good they are. They arent fantastic but definitely better than you would expect for the price. The Bass is a bit light and the sound overall is a bit tinney but that is me comparing them to a more expensive pair of Bluetooth headphones that i also have.

Really easy to set up, currently have paired to my Mac Book, ipad, iphone and android tablet and phone - all really quick and easy.

I also love the fact that these fold up so they take up no space when travelling and they are quite flexible eg 90% of the time i sit with one ear resting below my ear so i can hear conversations in the office. the flexibility in the band is enough that permits this without feeling like they are going to break.

would i buy again - yup
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on 11 September 2016
My son destroys wired headphones and I previously got a pair identical to these form another supplier. They work very well but my son still needs to use wired headphones when those ones are being charged. Hence decided to get another pair of the wireless ones. However they were no longer available in this form from the other supplier. Instead they had evolved into earbud style rechargeable headphones. I dared not try something different and so found these ones. These are every bit as good as the other ones (being essentially identical my son accepted them straight away) and last even longer between charges. Very impressive for the price paid. Now my son always has a charged pair of headphones.
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on 10 June 2015
Not used this type of headphone before but found it more comfortable than bigger over the head ones. I compared it (not very scientifically) with 2 others I have around, Sharkoon X-tatic 5.1 Gaming headset, and SkullCandy (unknown model), both wired and both sounded inferior when playing music on my Xiaomi MiPad or PC. The TaoTronics was also significantly louder and had more depth IMHO, I picked up details that were smothered on those other (wired) sets, which greatly surprised me tbh. Things like artists' breathing before playing wind instrument or attempting an operatic aria (this may or may not be a good thing LOL but I like it when it's live music as it feels more real). The squeak of fingers on guitar strings too.

Of course I'm no audiophile so have no access to £100+ (or even £50+) reference headphones but for casual usage these are better than I'd expected but I readily admit I'm no expert ;-)

Downsides: The buttons on the earpiece are all black on black; the advantage of some wired devices is having controls inline. I usually take off these ones just to poke at the volume and scan buttons. I also had some intermittent break up at the gym but that could equally be the Life Fitness running machine it was paired with. It also has one of those annoying flashing blue LEDs - my last wireless pair (which cost twice as much) I had to give away because they just flashed constantly when in use - this one is more subtle and less invasive at night but I wish manufacturers wouldn't bother with lights, it adds nothing except annoyance.

PS I've wandered around my (very small) house with it, probably only 5 meters or more from MiPad, there no loss of signal or interference I could hear.
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on 4 February 2016
Amazing headset. I didn't expect to get a good quality headset as it's very cheap, compare with those expensive ones. But I was amazed after I set it up with my ipad, laptop and mobile phone. The sound is great, the headset is very light, no issue with wearing it, very comfortable. And even I left my device in the house and walked to my car with this headset on, I was still able to listen to the music. Now I just wear it everywhere, if I need to stop listening, just simply hang it on my neck.

One thing I have to mention here is this seller's customer service is very good, as always. Before I received the items I ordered, the seller had sent me the information what I should do before I set them up, very thoughtful. I have bought four items from this seller, never let me down. will definitely recommend this seller to others.
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on 30 June 2017
I use the Bluetooth headphones for metal detecting so my detector is wireless I find the headphones very comfortable to wear out detecting for long periods i.e. All day the battery life is excellent last well over 6 hours continue use also the sound is clear with no lag from the signal this is an excellent product to use to make your detector wireless and is half price of detector manufacturers wireless headphones I would recommend this product if your looking to make your detector wireless
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on 6 January 2017
Just ordered my second pair of these, the last ones having finally given up the ghost after 6 months of continual daily use and being stuffed in and out of my handbag. If you follow the directions regarding charging for the first time, then you will find it lasts for at least a week with 5 or 6 hours daily use. It works well with both my Windows 10 phone and my laptop and with Dragon Naturally Speaking, which I use to dictate my writing every day. And to my delight, when I went to order today, that it's gone down in price!
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on 11 September 2017
These are at the cheap end of this style of 'phones, but the quality they deliver is worth it. I've been using these 'phones every day for over 2 months and they haven't put a foot wrong. The battery life is good - at least 5 hours continuous play - with a with a quick recharge time. The controls are easy to feel on the right hand side can, and the five seperate controls are better than the all-in-one options on more expensive 'phones. And the 'phones have kept working during exercise and rain (whereas other 'phones I've used couldn't cope with moisture at all).

These 'phones sometimes come up in lightning deals and I'll be snapping up another pair when they do. Cheap, effective, functional with no problems. What's not to like.
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on 22 May 2016
Bought these for weight training and cardio in the gym.

They are well constructed, comfortable yet robust, and the battery life is astonishing.

I am following the guidelines so I charged it to full and I am going to drain the battery completely and repeat a further two times. This is supposed to make the battery most efficient.

Only problem is I've had them playing constantly for 2 days at full hours and the battery hasn't ran out yet haha.

Should have just kept using them normally til they ran out.

Anyway, sound quality is pretty good. I've used similar speakers with better bass, but less clarity. The clarity on these is really good, but I would have preferred a touch more base. I'm not a base junkie either, I listen to a variety of music ranging from extreme metal, punk, techno, hip hop, blues and classical.

Another slight complaint is that the neck band is solid plastic rather than something a bit more flexible. So if you're lying in bed, or on a bench it kind of digs in and moves the cuffs forward.

So it is mainly for those two reasons I am docking one star, but otherwise I am very pleased with this product.
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on 27 May 2017
Very good value, excellent battery life, comfortable, sound ok for the price and seem pretty sweat resistant for the gym. Had some previously branded differently (7dayshop) which lasted a few years which was better than previous wireless headphones I'd had. Controls work with Spotify and Samsung S8 which is handy when the phone is in an armband and you want to switch tracks or adjust volume. The one improvement I'd make would be to make it possible to turn off the flashing blue led that's constantly going while the headset is paired. This is a very minor quibble though.
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