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on 30 April 2013
I purchased this laptop last month after scouring the internet for a long time to find something that suited my needs. Since this is a long-term and expensive investment, I read reviews on several machines, many from Dell (with whom I've had several bad experiences in terms of overheating), HP, MSI, and Lenovo.

Eventually, this review from NotebookCheck convinced me: [...]

I've been waiting to write a review since my plan was to put the laptop through it's paces. So here's an overview of my experience so far:

I wanted to buy a machine primarily for photo and video editing, as well as educational applications such as MATLAB, and one with a decent graphics card for occasional gaming. I believe the laptop shines in all aspects, and can play most of the latest gaming titles fluidly (40-60 FPS).

+ As you would expect from an i7 machine, the laptop is very responsive.
+ Battery lasts between 2 and 3 hours with WiFi usage, watching a film (using the built-in speakers), office tasks such as Word processing, programming or using Photoshop. However, if you continuously do one of these tasks for an extended period of time, it will discharge rather quickly around a maximum of 2 hours.
+ Multi-touch trackpad is a bonus, especially if you use Windows 8
+ Sound quality is marvellous, loud, and well-balanced. The subwoofer that comes is a wonderful extra.
+ The keyboard is very responsive and good to type on, but it can be a bit loud at times
+ The screen is MATTE, so it is easily usable in bright light.
+ The HDMI port works well, and I have been using it with a 22" Samsung LCD as a second screen
+ The graphics card is a GT650M, unlike the GT630M mentioned (this is a huge difference, though if you are unaware of the intricacies, it might seem like a small jump)
+ The aluminum body has a very nice feel to it, as well as the brushed plastic lid. Both are fairly finger-print-free, and neither the LCD nor the laptop body get excessively hot (on the outside) even while gaming. The maximum body temperatures I've experienced is 45 degrees Celcius.
+ The USB 3.0 ports are a nice addition, and work well with USB 2.0 devices.
+ The webcam is 720p and works well, even in low light.
+ The built-in microphone is good for Skype (however, the Windows 8 Metro Skype App does not work well with it).

- The USB ports are next to each other and towards the front of the laptop, so if you have extra wide devices, you might have trouble connecting them.
- The LAN port, while it works absolutely fine, can be a bit fidgety to remove.
- The charger is quite large so it'll take up some space if you want to carry it with you.

---CUSTOMISATION (advanced)---
If you feel like upgrading the RAM or hard drive, all you have to do is remove on screw on the bottom and you'll have access to both. If you want to do something a bit more extreme and replace the optical drive with a second hard disk, then again, all you need to is remove one screw. I personally replaced the 1TB drive with an OCZ 256GB SSD from my old laptop (MASSIVE speed boost) and the Blu-Ray drive with the 1TB HDD.

Overall, it is a very well rounded multimedia machine that suits my needs perfectly. The pros are many, and as for the cons, I'm probably being nit-picky since they really don't effect usage. If you're looking for something that does what I've mentioned in the usage section above, I would highly recommend buying this laptop!

I hope I've covered everything in this review. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Happy shopping! :)
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on 26 May 2013
This laptop is amazing, i have had it for 2 weeks now and it has not disappointed at all. With the i7 processor, 8gb ram and the gt650m gpu this laptop is a beast. It's metal body makes this laptop feel extremely sturdy and well built, the 1080p matte screen is amazing, the best screen i have ever seen. The speakers though, are just simply out of this world. My old laptop, a toshiba with Harmon Kardon speakers was supposed to be one of the best speaker/laptop combinations out there, but compared to this they sound like s***. Even without the included subwoofer, these laptop speakers are just amazing. The keyboard is fantastic, a soft touch and mostly silent typing experience, the speed of the boot times as well, from pressing the on button to being in the log on screen takes around 10 seconds. Even with a 5400rpm drive. There are no bad things at all about this laptop, even though this laptop is not aimed at gamers, i can run most games on the highest settings.
BioShock Infinite: 1080p ultra at 60+fps
F1 2012: Ultra at 1080p 50fps
Battlefield 3: 1080p Ultra at 60fps
Metro Last Light: 1080p High at 50fps

The only bad thing is that you should not buy from here, I got this laptop for £768 online from Saveonlaptops.co.uk and it is the exact same model.
When comparing this to my friends MacBook pro late 2012 retina 15" model. This just blows it away, even with the exact same specs, this boots up in half the time, loads things faster, and even has a much higher geekbench 2 score, one of 13000, while the MacBook pro has one of just over 9500. even with the exact same specs.
Not to mention i got this for £768, and the MacBook pro cost over £1500, which is double what this costs! Both have an i7 3630qm cpu, both have 8gb ram, both have a gt650m gpu and both are a premium metal design. The speakers on the Asus blow away the Mac, the looks are nicer (In my opinion), the boot speed, the speed in general, The screen is 1080p on the Asus while the Mac is 2800x1800 which is almost double the Asus, but i honestly cant notice any difference, only if i have my nose against the screen can i begin to see any difference between these two.

The battery life isn't bad on the Asus, getting up to 4 hours on normal settings isn't too bad. but this laptop isn't designed to be carried around as it is a desktop replacement, but seriously, I don't know why anyone would buy a MacBook Pro after seeing this, this laptop is the best laptop of its kind under £1500 and more.

100/100 for this, amazing.
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on 24 October 2013
It makes an awkward sound that apparently is related to the audio drivers. It doesn't really affects anything, but it just makes you wonder why something that is brand new isn't working properly. Also, I found the inputs poorly made. Every time that I take the internet cable to use wi-fi, it feels like the cable is going to get stuck inside the laptop. The same happens with USB inputs.

Apart from that, it provides a really amazing sound quality, which surprised me. I also like that the screen has a wider viewing angle. The performance so far is ok, quite what I expected.
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on 20 December 2014
This is a great laptop and for the price I paid from Amazon (Less than £650), it was good value for the specs you get-especially compared to macbooks of a similar spec. I purchased this in 2013 to replace my Sony which died after just 3 1/2 years.

I'm not a computer geek so I can't comment on it's specs and performance, but more about my day to day use of it over the last 18 months.

The main reason I purchased the laptop was for the Full HD matt screen. I do a bit of photography so the ultra reflective standard res screens which are on the majority of laptops are just plain annoying and make photo editing a pain in any light. This, at the time of purchase was the only laptop I could find with a good HD screen which wasn't a business laptop (too heavy and ugly) or an overpriced macbook and I'm very pleased with my purchase.

-The screen is great with a wide viewing angle. It can be viewed outside in bright light and the matt surface means it isn't a fingerprint magnet like other laptop screens.
-I had to purchase an external speaker for my old Sony as the sound was just too quiet. Sound quality with this ASUS is great for a laptop and goes up to a decent volume. The additional plug in subwoofer adds some extra bass and can fill the room with sound.
-As a touch typer I find the keyboard is excellent but keys are a tad noisy when typing.
-The laptop is a good looking thing with a metal body and nice circular design on the speakers.
-Battery life considering the laptop specs is not too bad. I get around 3 hours from full charge, which is an improvement on my previous Sony.
-Almost silent and much quieter than my previous laptops.

-Build quality around the screen is poor. The black plastic which surrounds the screen is very flimsy and thin and has split in the top left hand corner. My Sony felt a lot more sturdy in this respect.
-The charger is ridiculously large and at least twice the size of every other laptop charger that I've seen.
-I'm not a fan of the trackpad, however I just use an wireless mouse

-Having seen the speedy performance of my mum's core i3, 4GB RAM desktop which has a SSD, I'm tempted to replace the blu ray player with a SSD to run the OS and programs. I believe with the appropriate caddy and fascia, this is quite simple to do.
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on 14 March 2013
Just a quick note I hevn't yet used the laptop but the GPU is actually a GT650 not a GT635 bargain get it while you can
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on 20 January 2014
The specification of this is excellent for the price. A friend who is a computer technician checked out the facilities for me before purchasing advised that I would need to spend a lot more to get the same with other brands. So far still learning to use the Windows 8 system, but getting there.
The touch pad does seem to have slight movement, but I use a wireless mouse so do not have a problem.
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on 2 December 2013
Really good computer. Although didn't know that the EU version has not got a back lit keyboard.

Really disappointed with Windows 8, would love to swap with Windows 7.
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on 23 April 2013
Quite a nice laptop. It seems well built and, with the sub-woofer, the sound is very good.
Like most computers these days it does not come with a Windows 8 installation disk. Instead there is a recovery partition. This is annoying if you want to change the hard-drive, say to an SSD which I very much recommend since the hard-drive is the bottleneck in this laptop.
It was good value when it was going for £799.
The warranty is for 1 year.
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on 1 June 2015
Got it for my sis b day, stop working after 14 month , did expect it will last a bit longer for such a money ,very disappointed
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on 28 March 2013
Everything on this laptop exceeded my expectations...except for the OS.
Windows 8 sucks, IMHO.

Also, bought it when it was listed at £799.
I don't know if I would buy it at £900+ now...
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