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on 1 June 2016
I bought this small laptop as a replacement for my older one. I was happy with it at first but then as i got to know the laptop, i wished i had got a different make altogether. Things i don't like are:

1. the text on the screen changed size many times when you don't want to adjust it. The touch pad is very sensitive and it adjusts the text size when it thinks you want to. Normally it's done by swiping your fingers apart/together. Major irritation.

2. a column of technical data opens on the right side of the screen when it shouldn't. No idea why. It displays numbers and other stuff. Another major irritation. It opens when typing.

3. the arrow cursor 'drags' slowly around the screen at times. Very laggy. Unsure why?

4. Screen size is a little too small for my liking. I prefer 13 inch. Like my old laptop. With the text set at 100% size eye strain happens quickly. So then a readjust is needed. I use the Google settings, not the finger swipe for this.

No doubt there will be other issues with the Asus laptop. I'll update as/when.

Good points. None. Only joking... The memory is adequate for the size but i don't use it for storing photo, music or gaming. If i did, i'd get a higher spec system, mybe 6 or 8gig or above. The touch screen is ok but i like keys so don't use it much. This computer is ok for beginners, net surfers or beginners or maybe kids. For serious users, a bigger system is needed. Both size and spec.

All in all a below average computer. I'll be upgrading very soon. Hope this review helps. Remember, this is my view/experience and not a general review.
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Intel's Ultrabook range have tended to be sleek, slim but never cheap. Asus has attempted to provide a light laptop that is both reasonably priced and nice looking. It's a commendable aim.

This Asus Asus VivoBook S200E 11.6-inch Touchscreen Ultrabook (Intel Pentium Dual Core 987 1.5 GHz Processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, LAN, WLAN, Webcam, Integrated Graphics, Windows 8 64-bit) is a little thicker than I had anticipated. 22mm thick. Not that huge but not macbook air thin.

It looks nice though and feels very solid. Well built for a laptop at this price.

For half the price of a macbook air Apple 13-inch MacBook Air (Intel Dual Core i5 1.8GHz, 4GB RAM, 128GB Flash Memory, HD Graphics 4000, OS X Lion) this laptop must be taking some shortcuts or Apple may be overpricing their machines?

It has a brushed aluminium interior whilst the exterior has a dark plastic and rubber underneath. The keyboard feels top-end, as does the track-pad.

Not that amazing. It has a Pentium processor so browsing and Word works really well but some of the latest apps were a little sluggish. Only a little. Having used an Air before, I would say they are broadly comparable.

At first a little weird. After a bit though, it was rather nice flicking through some things using your fingers: pictures, resizing stuff etc.

I got about 4 hours of use. Not dreadful. But not superb.

The Asus is small but heavy. Has some top end feel to it-but not quite. But you're not paying a top-end price.
Overall I think it's superb for the price. Looks good. Feels good and is responsive.
Value wise I can only recommend it. Would I pay double for the macbook air? No overall I think this is much better value.

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on 23 February 2016
The computer is very low powered, making it difficult to do day to day tasks on it. With windows 10 I found it to be very quite slow at launching things even when i upgraded it with an SSD. Moving windows around and multitasking can cause a lot of stuttering, freezing, and general lag.
I would recommend installing Linux on it instead, I put Ubuntu on it and found the performance to be much better. With windows 10 even simple things such as streaming YouTube videos could cause the computer to freeze up, and at any quality higher than 720p 60fps the video would start to freeze and cut out (dropping about 50% of frames according to YouTube's "stats for nerds" menu. With Ubuntu it became much more capable and could stream 1080p videos without any trouble (not that you would need more than 720p as the screen resolution is only 1366 x 768)

besides performance the laptop looks ok, but has an awful touch pad, there is too much friction to move the mouse very accurately and the clicks are very poor, only working if you press down on the right part of the touch pad. The display is also pretty awful, with fairly bad vertical viewing angles and a low resolution

In conclusion, do not ever buy this. Its bad. but if you already own one I would strongly recommend installing Ubuntu on it to get some more performance out of it.

also, it doesnt list it on the amazon page but it has an Intel Pentium 987 (1.5 GHz dual core (64-bit) with "Sandybridge mobile" graphics
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on 23 October 2013
At the beginning everything was problematic. WiFi dropped, smart gesture did not work consistently, problems with downloading from windows store, even problems with playing flash videos (after I updated to the latest flash player).

Some of these I fixed myself, others fixed by themselves...bottom line after a few days everything works as supposed to and I am really happy with it!
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on 14 October 2013
I needed a workaday lightweight portable laptop and this certainly fits the bill. It was very quick to set up and I have had no problems with it over the six weeks of using it. Windows 8 took a little getting used to but otherwise all OK.
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on 27 September 2013
I bought this for my daughters birthday and it is brilliant.

Has that "MacBook Air" kind of feeling to it (obviously not quite a slim and light but still)
It works really well and is very fast. Battery life is good (3+ hours) and I have absolutely no complaints with it.

The touchscreen is responsive and nice to use, graphics are good, sensible number of USB ports (including USB 3)
Windows 8 takes a bit of getting used to but she has not had any problems and thinks it is brilliant.

I would happily recommend this laptop to anyone looking for a laptop to surf the web, write documents, twitter, facebook etc from.
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on 20 June 2013
My wife was looking for a small & light replacement for her 6yo Sony Vaio SZ3, and we really couldn't justify the price of a Mac Air (especially as the new models are about to be announced).
Item arrived on time, was well packaged and the best price we would find (£349). It's a lovely laptop, tiny and light but perfectly formed - highly recommended.
Windows 8 is a joy to use as well (not sure what all the complaints have been about) and the touchscreen is excellent. The only slight downside is that the updates took several hours to complete, so beware if you're on a limited bandwidth internet package.
I'm now looking for a new machine for myself, and a larger model from the same Asus family will be at the top of my list.
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on 6 October 2013
Even though i've read reviews abou the weight.... for me compared to my old laptop. im very please with this! the buttons are big and perfectly spaced so it is perfect for quick typing. The screen is brilliant size, i was looking into a smaller size laptop for photography travelling. colours of the screen is great. this medium size laptop is perfect.
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on 15 September 2014
I have owned this notebook for just over a year after taking notice of the good reviews. From the start I had problems and Asus tech support repeatedly told me to default to factory settings over and over. Until eventually it wouldnt charge and I had to send it for repair and Asus wipped all my software. I then tried to reload the wiped software but Microsoft said someone else had used the licence for my MS Office Professional even though I had bought it from Microsoft Tech Support. I never was able to get the software back £200 approx down drain as I couldnt prove Id bought it. Then 3 days out of warranty it started to randomly switch off. The notebook has a very sensitive touchscreen it constantly flicks back and forth to programs you have open previously. I have worked for years with many brands of notebook and this has been the worst. I think alot of people have bought this notebook for young people who do not need to use it for work. I just hope someone reading who needs it for work will think twice and not believe all the good reviews. Quite honestly you get what you pay for and this was reasonable but not made to last.
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on 9 May 2013
This machine IS impressive!
The size is perfect for a portable machine - big enough to work on comfortably but easy to carry. The keyboard has a good feel. The touchscreen is responsive and the resolution and general appearance is good. The "instant wake-up" feature works very well, it is fast both on the internet and with disk access and processing (the Asus was for my daughter: I use a MacBook Air with solid state disk and i5 processor and the Asus doesn't feel slow in comparison). The computer is a bit heavier than I expected but not so much so that it is a problem, rather it is reassuringly solid - a bit heavier than my Mac for example. It arrived very well packaged in an appropriately sized box. It went down very well with my teenage daughter. It is well priced.
Negative points? The screen display is perhaps not as vibrant as some non touch screens, but that isn't to say it is bad, just that there's a slightly bluish hue and it lacks that edge of brightness. I'm not sure that the battery life is very long - seems to be about 4 hours now and I'm expecting that to fall. And I'm not enamoured by Windows 8, though its a whole lot better with a touch screen than without!
I have not attempted to use demanding programmes or games so I cannot comment on how it would handle those, except to say that its performance on run-of-the-mill applications is very good.
Overall verdict? - at the price it is a bargain and I am not at all disappointed.
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