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on 20 February 2014
I Needed a Lightweight Wheelchair and after a lot of searching this one is only 11Kg which means for my wife a Stoke victim she can place it in the back of our Suzucki Swift with one hand!. For me suffering from Chemotherapy I need something to get me into shops and the short journey to town and this has proved absolutely ideal. Its very easy to push and additionally no bending as the brakes usuable on slopes and also locking are on the handles at the top level. Very practical. The footrests lift off in 2 seconds and lock on instantly and the Blue Finish is attractive. The Quality is good and I have seen a VERY similar item in a well know catalogue priced at £323 (Yes that's right - this is a third of the price and worth every penny). They even liked it in Oncology as it looks better that the NHS versions. If you buy one get the seat cushion at the same time as its very comfortable and no weight and ideal for our now pot holed council pavements. I had the fast delivery and it arrived the next morning. Just open the box and lift the backrest which folds, clip on the footrests and its good to go. I have no hesitation in recommending both the Wheelchair and The Company so buy with faith.
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on 5 April 2014
After a comprehensive search of reviews by other people ,I chose this wheelchair to help my wife to travel longer distances when we are out shopping etc. It is very light and easy to put in the car boot. Simple and quick to fix the foot rests on to the chair, they can be swung open for easy access, then simply flip up the handles which lock into place and off you go. All materials are strong and the whole thing is well put together. We are delighted to have made a very wise choice.
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on 10 September 2014
My sister-in-law suffers from COPD, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and as a result she is housebound and totally dependent on me and my wife to get out and about. We needed a wheelchair that was light, sturdy, manoeuvrable, easy to fold and, of course, comfortable.

When I first started researching wheelchairs it soon became obvious that it's a veritable minefield out there.
Trawling through umpteen mobility sites and going to various retail outlets, I found I was looking at prices of £250 plus if I was going to get all the required features. Then it was time to take a look at the equipment Amazon sellers were offering. Looking at the positive reviews for this chair it soon grabbed my interest, but I felt there must be a catch when it's selling at under £100!
So I thought, let's see what's on offer and if it ticks all the boxes. Well it did so I bought it and, although I went for standard delivery, it arrived in only 4 days and was very well packed.

The build quality is great, as is the paint finish. I do a lot of vehicle fabrication/welding and appreciate quality workmanship. The footrests are fitted in seconds, are adjustable and provide ample support and comfort. The excellent braking is 2 stage, with conventional lift up levers for normal use whilst pushing down on the same levers securely locks the wheels.

Within five minutes it was open, footrests were fitted, and my sister-in-law was seated and looking forward to the maiden voyage!

Although lightweight, the chair feels sturdy and rides our diabolical, pot-holed pavements with ease. The larger rear wheels make it easier to push over rough ground, so I am able to negotiate the local park. The superb brakes mean that even steep hills aren't a problem, and once locked the chair 'ain't goin nowhere'!

Because my sister-in-law weighs in at just seven and a half stone I have added a cushion and a seat belt. These keep her comfortable and secure over even the roughest ground.

In conclusion I would simply like to say that if your wheelchair needs are similar to mine then buy this model with confidence.
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on 30 July 2014
I purchased this to help my elderly Mother still get out and about and enjoy herself, as she is finding it harder and harder to walk more than a short distance now without severe pain/discomfit.

I wanted something that was light, "portable" (as much as a wheelchair can be!) and yet still strong and robust. This was because it was not really just to be used as a "get you from the car to the hospital type wheelchair"; I really wanted a wheelchair that could be used for days out, and yet could be stored easily in the car.

Well, I have to say that this wheelchair ticks all those boxes with aplomb!

This simply could not be easier to use. The two sides push together to become much flatter for storage in the car (on the in the house) and has two sturdy fabric hand pulls on the seat which you use to pull it back out to full width when you need to use it. This does not take a lot of strength to do as everything moves quite easily..

The footrests (with their metal bar that you can see going up almost to the seat in the picture) simply slot over small bars (literally line up and then drop into place) and then swing over into place (clicking securely into place with a simple "finger release" bar to get them undone again). No nuts, bolts etc. All done in seconds. The black sturdy plastic footrest part itself can flip up (vertically) so you can easily get in and raise one foot into place at a time.They have sturdy fabric "ribbons" which the the user can place their feet into to feel more secure (but can easily get out of themselves if need be; there is no fastener/lock; it just makes you feel more secure and that your feet won't slip etcetera).

To get the entire footrest bar off (for the car/storage) again you simply press the metal release bar with your thumb/fingers and you can then swing to the side and lift off the bars; fold the black plastic footrests up verticalls and you now have a vertical "flat packed" footrest for easy storage in the car etcetera.

So, put simply: you can push and pull the main width of the chair by hand; the footrests simply pop on and off by hand, swing over and click into place and you're ready to go!

The brakes have a "car hand brake" functionality (simply pull/push down on the entire brakes and they click reassuringly into place); I have to say I was surprised how well these seem to work. Even on a slope the wheelchair was going nowhere once the brakes were engaged. If you're moving the person on a hill, for example, you also have the brakes there that work like "bike brakes".

All in all, I really don't think I could have hoped for an easier to use model and design. Just what you need for getting in and out of the car in a jiffy. Also, as I said earlier, I did not just want a "short trip" solution; I wanted a wheelchair that could be packed away easily in the car but also be up to the job of transporting my Mum around all day on days out. Thus far I have had no problems doing just that with this chair. It's actually even quite comfortable without an additional cushion. However, if you were doing longer journeys in one (like we do) I would still recommend one.

Build quality seems fantastic and, for this price, unbelievable to be honest. I would not be disappointed with the build quality if it cost 3 times as much quite frankly.

My Mother is a slim build and pushing this wheelchair (on a straight path anyway!) with her is barely any harder than walking by myself. Seriously.

Fenetic Wellbeing themselves were fantastic. Turned up uber-quick and well packaged.

Highly recommended!
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on 7 February 2014
I am pleased to maintain its five star rating to date. Delivered next day. The only thing you need to do is lift it out of the box, open it out and slot on the foot rests, click. The way the footrests fit on is so easy, perhaps all makes are the same. There are two lugs that you slip over and a lever clicks it securely. The seat is rather basic but it facilitates easy folding of the wheelchair. I also purchased the cushion advertised by Amazon with it and it fitted very well. The chair is easy to push and very maneuverable with 12.5" rear wheels. It is cleverly weighted to make it easy to lift the front wheels over a kerb. It is used indoors and the fact that it is only 21" wide was a key factor in deciding to buy, so many of the lightweight ones are 24" wide which is a bit tight for our doors. The price compares very well.
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on 5 January 2014
Purchased this product and very pleased with it. It's easy to assemble though there is minimal assembly required, only really putting the footplates on. Product is very sturdy and easy to maneuverer..
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on 4 March 2015
This is a really good wheelchair, it is lightweight and fits into the boot of the car (Ford Focus) perfectly.
It is easy to manoeuvre and very light to push. The price is a genuine bargain, the exact model was on sale from one of the mobility shops for around three hundred pounds. If buying one I would advise a cushion for comfort. Delivery was very quick, ordered late Saturday night and it was delivered early Tuesday morning. I lifted it out of the box pulled the two armrest apart and it was all set to go, no assembly necessary. All in all an excellent buy, would recommend this to anyone looking for a lightweight wheelchair.
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on 17 January 2015
Having purchased two of these wheelchairs in the past six months, one for out door and one for indoor, I am very disappointed. My mother cannot walk unaided and therefore i use the wheelchairs to move her from one room to another and outside for a simple staright line walk along our lovely seafront which is flat tarmac-no bumps. The brake cable on both wheelchairs has sheared off in the handle. When taken apart it is possible to see that the cable is steel. How this shearing off happens I have no idea considering the light use of both chairs. I must also add that the brake cable has sheared on the left hand side on one of them and on the right hand side of the other. This is a major defect. On contacting Fenetic Wellbeing I was told i could return the chairs under the 'return to base' warranty or have the spare cables sent to me. Considering the cost of returning the chairs I decided to get the cables. Trying to replace them is a nightmare. I would certainly not advise anyone to purchase these wheelchairs as they are rather noisy when used outside, one of the front wheels became wobbly and after a time most importantly the brake cables are certainly not safe.
UPDATE: Both wheelchairs have been picked up free of charge by the company who have since repaired them. I am still waiting to hear WHY the cables snapped, which apparently I will be told in due course. On return, one of the wheelchairs is making a terrible clunking sound and on the other one the brake is rubbing permanently against the left wheel. At least they both have brakes...for now. I will be interested to see how long they last this time. The situation with my mother is still the same and the wheelchairs will be getting extremely light use. Watch this space.
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on 24 February 2015
Update: 16/03/2015

Received and fitted replacement break handle. Excellent customer service.


Left break has now failed. The cable has came away at the handle which is held on by three screws: one secures to the frame the other two are thread into a sleeve with a hex head through the hande itself. The latter screws are too tight to be undone by hand. Will contact supplier for replacement handbreak. Bought 15/09/2014.


Owned now for six months. I am the pusher .... Used twice a week on shopping journeys covering about 2-4km over smooth and rough surfaces. Positives: easy assemble, quickly folds for storage in a car. Negatives: front wheels wobble off axis especially if you get a good speed up, left break needed tightening after 4 months.

At Asda some of the wheelchair trolleys were too low to go over the arm rest and had to be attached at the foot rest which impeded the wheels. Morrisons have two types of trolley both of which were easy attached at the arm rest.

Carrying both passenger and shopping (via a bag at the back) the chair has had no problems with the weight.

First ever chair I've purchased and did so on the basis of other reviews.
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on 22 October 2013
light weight easy to lift into boot, construction easier to store in boot of car, better ride for occupant, looks smart, delivery good
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