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Customer Reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 6 March 2013
Above and Beyond used to be known by their melody driven sets and own productions. Unfortunately over the last couple of years they've dramatically changed their style. Now their mixes are dominated by tracks with chunky, ugly baselines - think the usually awful sounds of Norin and Rad, Arty and Mat Zo (the last thankfully not on this compilation). Anjunabeats 10 is no different. It does have some good moments (Alchemy, When You Loved Me, Pink Skye, Sinai and Only Totally) and the mixing is very tight as you'd expect, but its generally boring and hurts the ears.

Anjunabeats was great all the way up to Volume 8 and the last two compilations are so poor in comparison. Maybe once this spell of electro trance/house is over they'll go back to the stuff that made them great - proper melodic trance. Until then I won't bother with the next instalments.
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on 6 March 2013
I just have to firstly say how puzzled and amazed I am at the people reviewing this album so positively. Compared to Anjunabeats Vol.8 (the most recent triumph in the series) this is like a Ministry of Sound compilation, full of high pitched repetitive tedious synth melodies reminiscent of 'pop' acts such as Swedish House Mafia and David Guetta - there just isn't any soul.

The last volume (9) was dipping in these waters occasionally and I had hoped this (especially the significance of the 10th volume) would signal a return to form, with the uplifting, transcendent sound that won so many fans. Word of advice A&B, we hear this **** every day in the charts, your fans do not want to hear you evolve into the same genre!

Its not all bad though, the saving grace(s) of the album are Super8&Tab (LA, what a track!), Bart Claesson (Only Totally, very immersive), Genix (Stateside, not a bad track since I don't really rate Genix highly), Bluestone (Sinai, again not bad but not a patch on the previous single Namaste), Arty (Believe In Me, quite a catchy, bouncy tune), and Mike Koglin vs 7Skies (Vision, nice emotion in the breakdown) but even these tracks aren't great. This is strange because some of the more regular players on the Anjunabeats label who you can normally rely on disappoint here (Andrew Bayer, Maor Levi, and even Above & Beyond).

Maybe I am getting left behind with the evolution of the genre I love(d) but for me this just does not hit the right notes, it all sounds a bit too similar to the same cheesy pop/electro sound that is dominating the charts these days and I hope I am not alone in thinking this.

At least we can rely on the consistently superb Anjunadeep series...right?

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on 8 March 2013
..and who can blame them, years of only making money from gigs because of all the "freeloaders" stealing the music.
Making their sets US-friendly is endearing them to a new breed of culturally johnny-come-lately dance fans who believe EDM is a messiah that delivers them from the bland nature of American corporate music.

This album is the goodbye old fans and hello new ones.

It's unlikely A&B will revert back to melodic uplifting loveliness, they became the house/trance beast we all knew they would.
Good luck to them, I hope the money helps and brings them many new exciting experiences.

Oh, critical album review?
Technically, beautifully mixed, superb production values as always.

Disc 1. Bland house-styled crass. *I like house, but this is dull
Disc 2. Slightly better than disc 1, the remix of Home is nice.

On a final note, I'm glad I knew A&B for the seven years I did, we've had many great times and I'm proud a UK-based label is making it work in a huge marketplace.
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on 6 March 2013
Very disappointed with this. Sad to say it's boring. Really looked forward to the album. It's duff and does not grab me at all. What's gone wrong?
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on 6 March 2013
I have to agree with a lot of the comments on here. Above and beyond have changed there direction in style and if you are expecting a lot of synth and euphoric sounds like previous albums then you will be disappointed. I think its still better than anjunabeats 9 though that was terrible. The anjunabeats albums to go for are 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 8.
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on 7 March 2013
Above and Beyond have continued their commercial (some might call it trouse) sound of the last couple of years in this compilation and I found it bland and boring. Other reviews are spot on when they say that the best in the series are between 1 and 6.

You used to be able to listen to a trance DJ/act and be able to tell who they are by their unique style, but it seems Above and Beyond want to 'advance' their sound to the same house rubbish that you hear from nearly every other DJ.

I wrote a poor review for their Cream Ibiza album last year questioning why they still call their weekly show 'Trance Around The World' and they have changed it to 'Group Therapy'. Please can Amazon acknowledge the same and change the category of this album from trance and create a new trouse category. They can them move this in there and maybe retrospectively apply it to albums released in the last few years, so I can actually find trance albums in the trance category.
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on 14 March 2013
Really disappointed with this one. I was waiting so long for this compilation. Sounds are annoying and boring. What is happening with your uplifting, melodic style A&B??
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on 7 March 2013
I was exceptionally disappointed with the previous couple of Anjunabeats offerings and I was fearful in purchasing Volume 10 that we would be given much of the same. Sadly in most cases, the general trend towards electro spoil has continued with a vengeance, perhaps not surprisingly. I know I've gone on about this before, but why do so many artists insist on putting long and loud pitchbend noises into their songs? In some cases, a potentially good song has been ruined by the inclusion of a horrendous pitchbend. Jaytech, who I am a huge fan of, has really let me down with Inception. Pitchbend City, I'd have called it. Then, having nearly got through CD1, just as I despair, Ost & Meyer's track 'Here We Go' gives us the inverse pitchbend, i.e. from high to low... variation? No, just more noise I'm afraid.
This said, it's not all bad. CD1 isn't brilliant compared to most previous Anjunabeats albums. But there are some decent songs thrown in; perhaps not surprisingly, by and large, the ones that don't have pitchbends in them. I like tracks 2 and 3 by Soundprank and Sunny Lax; a throwback to the more traditional dreamy-house era of Anjunabeats CD 1's. The album is OK up to Jaytech's track, which is when the more electro stuff starts, stuff that I just don't get on with. Track 10 by Ronski Speed et al is the only decent track in amongst the rest of this CD, in my opinion.
Unfortunately, CD2 doesn't get off to a much better start. The first taste of trance appears in track 3 by Genix, although of course, complete with complimentary pitchbend and electro-style intro and outro, but overall it's a decent track. However, track 4 is truly horrible, which again is really disappointing given how incredible Nitrous Oxide's solo album is. The rest of the album continues along the same lines and is not a patch on older Anjunabeats quality, in my opinion. Many of the tracks have some cracking melodies and great ideas, but are simply spoilt by NOISE or rough bassy sounds. The best track on the second CD is again by Ronski Speed; even this has a light electro undertone, but the melody is as catchy as anything and stands out for me. Arty's 'Believe in Me' is also ok.
But overall it's not good. Worryingly, it's not as if the album is littered with new artists; the old trance maestro's like Nitrous Oxide, Oliver Smith and A&B themselves have now gone all out electro. Is this where the money is these days? Because I find it difficult to believe that they prefer this sort of music.
I suppose I have to accept this is the new Anjunabeats style. Just because I don't like it, doesn't mean others shouldn't (although it seems from other reviews, many others agree too). I just can't help feeling that it simply isn't as good as it used to be. I've seen A&B live a couple of times, and I remember being blown away by stunning, quality trance stormers. You couldn't pay me to go into a club to listen to this style of "music," at least not without a pair of ear defenders.
In all seriousness, this is a real shame and a very sad finale to what I think will be my last Anjunabeats purchase.
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on 4 December 2015
Anjunabeats Vol. 10 by Above & Beyond contains a varied chillout, trance, and electronic music mix on this compilation feat. various artists. I was overjoyed to here Home (Genix Remix)again even with a different version from when I first heard it on their Tristate collection (which I purchased back in June 2007). I enjoy the song Home due to a reason different from what most people think. Contrary to how I may appear to many, I’m actually very comfortable in my skin, my racial backgrounds, and even see the good within myself even as I’m in the process of increasing my self-love around my physical appearance and growing wisdom/intelligence. However, Home resonates with me because for me it is a tune about finding a sense of belonging and community even with my new age/occult beliefs and working towards increasing my self-confidence/self-appreciation (I have been fortunate to come across people who were willing to welcome me to their group despite my level of self-confidence but with the caveat that I give up my belief in past lives/reincarnation and give up my belief that even the most evil of souls do not have to permanently stay In a hellish afterlife and can eventually ascend to higher more heavenly realms and/or reincarnate back on earth). There are so many other brilliant songs on Anjuna Beats Vol. 10 by Above & Beyond such as England, Inception, Alchemy, Walter White, Believe In Me, Liquid Love etc. As another person online implied in a similar way, metaphorically speaking, Anjunabeats Vol. 10 by Above & Beyond sounds like a compilation that would be played in a music dance club in a heavenly afterlife (imaginatively speaking).
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on 9 March 2013
very disapointed with above and beyond's change of music direction. Repetitive bland and boring, is what i'd call it. and that's hard to say, as i love above an beyond. :(
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