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on 12 April 2013
Hello Dolly (1969) Blu-ray released this April, is often referred to as the "last great Hollywood musical", certainly it marked the end of an era of big budget musicals. This film has always been popular with film fans, though the plot is a bit weak and perhaps overlong, but this musical is full of razzmatazz, corny humour, a large cast and plenty of glitz and colour. It was meant by the 20Th Century Fox to be another `The Sound of Music' but was neither the financial nor the critical hit that the Studio had hopped for. The film was shot in 65mm Todd-AO and this Blu-ray transfer is up there with the very best high definition transfers such as Zulu and Lawrence of Arabia. Though I am not a Barbra Streisand fan, my audience and I really enjoyed this release, made so much more enjoyable by the fantastic picture quality, I very much doubt whether a 35mm projection print versus this disc shown on my Panasonic 6000 High Definition Video projector viewed alongside on a 12ft screen, could match either the outstanding picture quality of this disc nor the price of £11! Oh and the documentary `Directing Dolly: Gene Kelly Remembered' is really interesting. A must buy, unless you hate whimsical musicals!!! Incidentally of the same period Rex Harrison's `Doctor Dolittle' (1967) is available on Blu-ray from Amazon.de, strangely an Italian release titled `Il favoloso dottor Dolittle, [Blu-ray] (strangely not available on Blu-ray in the UK or USA!!) ..It does have English, Italian and German dialogue and costs 16.49 euro plus postage. I have ordered quite a few discs from Amazon.de (it recognises your E-mail address and password) and in my experience the service and delivery is excellent; there are of course no problems with region coding or import duty!
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on 30 April 2017
An interesting musical with a good cast, I never realized that Michael Crawford was in it, and in a lead role.
The film is very much Barbara's but she is too young for the role, she was in her 20's when she made it, and Dolly was a mature woman.
But the songs are all now famous and it is shot is beautiful full color and directed by Gene Kelly.
I brought it on Prime, it downloaded easily and the sound and picture was excellent.
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on 11 August 2015
I really enjoyed seeing the film once more,and hope to obtain the BluRay.Barbra Streisand,despite severe criticism at the time ,for being too young for the part,did play her as an older and wiser woman,and would have been the only film star at that time,(1969)who could carry the "Dolly" vehicle.And ofcourse apart from her playing,which was extreemly good, her singing was exceptional.I first saw the film at the Academy in Brighton in 1969,and often wondered in later years,what had become of Danny Lockin,who played Barnaby alongside Michael Crawford's Cornelius.On Googling Danny last Saturday,I discovered he had been brutally murdered in 1977,stabbed over one hundred times,and his killer only got four years.
Danny Lockin was a superb dancer,rivalling my favourite,Grover Dale,so watch him in "Hello Dolly",and you will see what I mean.Poor,poor Danny.What a way to go.So much for Orange County justice.
My only cloud on the horizon,when watching "Hello,Dolly!".
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on 5 April 2013
Finally the biggest, most overblown and spectacular film musical of them all hits bluray and looks better than new. The picture quality is stunning - colours are vibrant and have been re-graded more accurately so, for example, Babs' gold frock now looks properly golden without the muddy greenish hue of the dvd. The image is so sharp that the detailing in the costumes can now be properly distinguished and is more impressive than ever before. Although Babs was 20 years too young, her talent and professionalism shine through all the ranks of dancers and extras and propel this behemoth on. Jerry Herman's score has never sounded better and I only hope this persuades the studios to start reissuing more of these grandiose confections on the format that currently shows them off best. There are two short extras - a contemporary making-of shot on 16mm which has also been thoroughly restored and a new short interview with Gene Kelly's widow. There is NO comparison between this and previous releases - this is by far the best so far.
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on 14 November 2017
the film hasn't improved with age, seems very dated now. I first saw it close on 50 years ago, rather wish I hadn't watched it again, must have been easily pleased back then. Mainly watched it to see Michael Crawford's performance, I suppose it was the first time that he came to significant public attention, and it was clear that he was going to become a major player.
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on 22 September 2013
I have loved this film since I saw it at age of 17 in cinema screen. After that, I had all versions available; videotape, DVD- and no one has good picturequality. This blue-ray just jump to the ayes and sounds very good. Colours ar shining in balance, picture is very sharp- and movie itself; lovely. I don't understand those some critic of Streisand casting to the role of Dolly. Perhaps Caroll Shanning was good on stage, but Barbra is a filmactres, with legendary singin-voice, rhytm of comedy and she create an sexsua woman, not an old "machmaker" like a "Fidler on the roof", not a stereotype.
Hello Dolly presents unbelieveble dancin-numbers, thanks legendary Gene Kelly. Walter Mathau and Barbra Streisand dominate a screen in every second- even when they are not in scene, you are waiting them. But other cast do their job well too.
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on 16 September 2016
This musical concerns Dolly who is a matchmaker attempting to lose her job so she cargo after her bachelor employer who she loves. She cleverly orchestrates things the remove her rivals by arranging for them to find their own loves and positions herself so she is there at the pivotal moments. There are a number of wonderful songs and big dance sequences. Walter Matthu's expressions as the hapless Horace the object of Dolly's schemes are priceless
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on 10 December 2012
At the time of its premier Streisand was slagged off for being too young to be Dolly Levi, but 40+ years on, it is not she who was miscast but Walter Matthau. He could not sing or dance and I am sure the stories coming out of the production office about he and Streisand not getting on were because he was not up to the job and we all know what a perfectionist she was/is. Having said that, it is a joy to watch the movie again, particularly the big dance numbers and the 14th Street parade. In the 1960's when it was filmed there was no CGI, so every extra you see on screen was a REAL person! Just think of the cost! I think I am right in saying that it was the last BIG production musical to come out of Hollywood.
My only problem is with the choreography, which is now dated and in many cases the dance routines go on far too long. But hey! Live for the moment, so sit back, put your feet up and ENJOY!
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on 15 October 2016
Splendid romantic musical.Supposedly restored from original TODD-AO negatives,it comes across the TV screen as excellent images and clear sound.The songs,dances ,costumes are lovely.For avid film musical lovers this film was made by people behind the cameras who were at the top of their profession-see credits.Just one quibble,the colour red in the film seems too vivid or intense.
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on 14 March 2018
The film fairly leaps off the screen. We have a 1080p projection system and every colour, detail and tonal edge comes through. Sound is good too with the original 8 tracks being well-steered to match Dolby or DTS formats.
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