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on 11 April 2017
Good sounds again!
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on 23 July 2017
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on 27 June 2005
Hayseed Dixie have been knocking out hillbilly versions of rock classics for a few years now, so it seems fair to say that they have become masters of the "cover song". But there is more on offer this time around. Eight covers (all of which are fantastic), seven original songs ("Kirby Hill" and "Blind Beggar Breakdown" being the best), and the Dixie version of "Dueling Banjos", which is faster than Van Halen on speed.
They are best seen live on stage, but if you don't get the chance, buy this album, put on your dungerees, and have a beer. You'll be glad you did.
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on 28 April 2006
I absolutely love this album by the brilliant Hayseed Dixie. I think that it is one of the best albums and one of the most different albums I have purchased.

'Black Dog' is an excellent opener, of course played originally by Led Zeppelin. 'War Pigs' by Black Sabbath is another brilliant song, and they are both played at a very high tempo, especially the latter, which makes for incredible musical talent.

Third on this album is Green Day's 'Holiday', which is brilliant, and has a traditional Celtic folk feel about it more than country, really, with the heavy use of violin. However, this does not affect the music one iota and it makes for a brilliant cover.

'Rockin' In The Free World' is another cover, by Neil Young. Not one of my favourites, I admit, but still an impressive cover.

Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love' is track five and I was very impressed when I heard this version. The detail is excellent and the music is very precise.

Van Halen's 'Running With The Devil' is probably my second least enjoyed song on the album- it doesn't have the originality of the other covers in my opinion.

Franz Ferdinand's 'This Fire' is a good cover, and I really enjoy listening to this song. The musical talent is again very impressive.

My highlight though has to be Outkast's 'Roses', not just because it has the most humorous lyrics, but because Hayseed Dixie have the talent to even cover Rap and Hip-Hop songs. That shows absolute briliance.

'Blind Beggar Breakdown' is absolutely fantastic. The most up-tempo track on this album, and the banjo and guitar are both played at breackneck speeds here. Absolutely amazing musical talent.

'Kirby Hill' has interesting lyrics, and has a catchy tune to it. One of my favourites.

'Uncle Virgil' has great lyrics but the tune doesn't quite match. But it still makes for a great song.

'Marijuana' is another brilliant track. Has a slightly laid-back feel to it (pun intended) and the music is fantastic.

'Moonshiner's Daughter' has excellent lyrics and a catchy chorus, and is another highlight on this album.

'Wish I Was You' is the most useless song on this album. The music isn't too bad but the lyrics are dire.

'Dueling Banjos' though, makes up for that in style, with an excellent rendition of the old classic. Brilliant.

Overall this album deserves five stars because of originality, the depth, the songwriting (on the originals), and the sheer boldness of the whole thing. Hayseed Dixie rock!
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on 13 July 2005
Hot on the heels of last year's album "Let There Be Rockgrass" the Hayseed Dixie boys here give us another dose of bluegrass covers and originals to whet our appetite for things slightly off the mainstream.
They continue their love affair with old things British by giving the old yee-haw-hoe-down treatment to two of Led Zep's finest, not to mention one of Black Sabbath's, while at the same time name-dropping a couple of quality English ales as favourites in their beer cooler. "Black Dog" is definitely better than "Whole Lotta Love" - whereas on past albums they have tended to do straight bluegrass versions, on WLL they have attempted to copy the strangulated bluesy instrumental bridge in the song and it sounds distinctly off.
Of the other covers Green Day's "Holiday" is superb, but Van Halen's "Runnin' With The Devil" is messy, again I think because they've tried to copy the original too closely.
If you own the previous albums you will notice, particularly with the cover versions, that the sound has much more body. Although the instrumentation is still strictly acoustic and without percussion, and the sleevenotes insist that no limiters or equalisers have been used in the production, the guitar and bass are more upfront in the mix to give the tracks a beefier sound.
The original songs cover the usual bluegrass backwoods bases (women, drink, old rogues and drugs) and are not bad, without being world-shattering. "Blind Beggar Breakdown" is a traditional-type bluegrass instrumental, "Mountain Man" sounds not a million miles from Heart's "Magic Man" and "Wish I Was You" is a waspish love-hate song with a wee swearie in it.
The album closes with "Dueling Banjos", actually just one banjo against a guitar. You feel they had to do it, but I'm not sure they did it justice.
Whether you like this type of music, and the treatment of old rock standards in this way, is very much a matter of personal taste - I suspect you either love it or hate it. The group plays very well, vocalist Barley Scotch sings very well, and, as I have said, the sound has more polish and dynamism than their previous albums. Running times of the songs has been kept down to three to four minutes, so that the boredom threshold that was a factor before no longer applies. Overall, while it's not perfect, this is a very good album that takes the band beyond the tag of "novelty value only".
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on 29 June 2005
This album certainly lives up to and surpasses all expectations of the boys.....if you thought 'Let there be Rockgrass' was good...then you HAVE TO BUY this one...
From the covers...Rockin in the Free World, War Pig and This Fire are current favorites...but this changes on a daily basis
Originals ?....Blind Beggar Breakdown - written by Don Wayne Reno, Marijuana - John Wheeler....and of course Duelling Banjos...written by the Reno Brothers' father - which featured in the film Deliverance.
This album will make you smile all the way through....and you should definately check the guys out on their current UK tour - details of which can be found on their website:
Check them out - and PRAISE the Lord
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on 23 June 2006
I saw these guys live, not really knowing what I was letting myself in for, as i was dragged along by some mates. I wouldnt say country was my thing at all, but this gig was something special. WE got right to the front, and the covers, esp War Pigs, blew me away. Kirby hill saw me shouting along with it. Listening to the cd again, i was somewhat disapointed, as hearing it live first was such a good experience, but i came around to it. Worth a look
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on 13 March 2010
Good Album, can't question the musicanship, my only criticism is that the production has too much reverb, it adds too much space. I like my Bluegrass up close and personal, like a Yokel in a Threshing Accident.

Best song has to be Roses, love it, keeping up the Poo Theme from previous albums. Infact from Roses onwards the tracks pick up and fill up the space a lot better than the covers at the beginning.

Its a burn pouring, hootenanny!
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on 28 August 2009
Brillient album, love the music its a change from the normal stuff on the radio
love it ;)
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on 2 March 2015
I bought this more on a novelty value as Country is not necessarily my thing. I like the covers and can appreciate the musicianship, but its not quite my bag so I am possibly not the best judge of this type of music Make your own mind up!!!
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