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Dark Souls II (Xbox 360)
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
Price:£13.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 27 September 2017
My save game corrupted after many hours of play, meaning that I couldn't complete the game. My second attempt corrupted after just one hour. Now the game will not load at all, and I'm getting disc read errors, but handling has been minimal and I can't see any marks on the disc. I've owned the game for under three months, disappointing when you're accustomed to revisiting old games for months and years without problems.

While it worked, the game was enjoyable; I found some bosses very challenging, but you can walk away and build your character up while exploring elsewhere, and then return for round two (or round forty two). The flip side of this, is that you can feel you're 'farming' areas to gain souls to spend, and I ended up with deserted levels (as eventually the enemies stop regenerating). The design is nice in places, but doesn't have the 'wow' factor of some games; they say the original Dark Souls was better and more cohesive in this regard. I play offline, so can't comment on multiplayer; and if you find it too tough, there's always plenty of advice online. Generally I try to avoid this - but there was one point in the game where I got stuck, and the required action was so obtuse, I would never have thought of it without looking online, which is slightly annoying.
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on 10 July 2017
I'd heard a lot of mixed reviews on the Dark Souls games. Great,, too hard,, frustrating etc. But the overwhelming high rating and reasonable price made my mind up.... Initially wow, graphics nice and conrols fairly easy to grasp. Then comes the hard stuff, fighting mechanics, not your usual arcade stuff, realism, once you commit to attack you can't just change your mind and move away, if you've timed it wrong you'll pay the price. Most times its better to let the enemy have a go first and attack while they regain posture. Learn to roll, dodge or use sheild. It takes a while to get the hang of it, and as others have said a fair bit of grinding to build up your stats,, health, stamina etc to a point where the early enemies become easy. But thats the point, you have to keep at it, you learn when to dodge back and when to strike, learn the enemy attack moves, and ,,, the feeling of euphoria when you EVENTUALLY take down that first big boss is your reward. It may not be for everyone and it does take work, you will as countlessly mentioned in other reviews,, die,, a LOT... but if you think the price is worth a gamble go for it. I got hooked and have moved onto Bloodborne, which some will find a bit easier even though you're without sheilds it's an awsome game all round,, and I also have Dark Souls 3 ready in the pipeline.
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on 25 April 2014
I played the first Dark Souls and loved it; However with this one it just feels like copy and paste. The game graphics were said to be vastly improved and Namco even posted screenshots that looked like gen visuals. They also said the servers and online stability would be a lot better and to a degree, they are. My main gripe though is that there's still poor synchronization and latency between players when attempting PVP. You can still get 'lag stabbed' and gap hitting is still a problem. I gave this four stars because I hugely enjoyed the playing the story and love the game, its just the multiplayer (PVP) that winds me up. Not only is the latency still an issue, there's just no balance between the classes or restriction as to what you can use. I know some gamer's prefer this type of approach but im just not one of them. I like the battles to last longer and it just seems with this sequel that there are even more ridiculous spells and weapons that can just kill you in one hit. Its just seems completely exploitative and silly.
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on 1 January 2015
Albeit I purchased this game several months ago, I've decided now's the time to review it on Amazon. Dark Souls 2 is without a doubt, hard. If you're not the type of person who can handle pressure in-game or get frustrated easily, do not pick this game up! Although this game is hard, it is without a doubt a fun game to play and is definitely worth the purchase.

To anyone wondering whether or not they should pick this up, at the time of this review (beginning of January), around a month ago they announced Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin. Which is basically Dark Souls 2 with all the DLC (downloadable content), I'd highly suggest waiting until April time for the release of Scholar of the First Sin. The game will also be on the current-gen consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) and the previous generation (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360). So if you're in no rush to pick up this game, save your self a bit of money and pick it up in a few months time.
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on 26 November 2014
this game is amazing.
with a good story
lots of areas to explore
great bosses.
if you don't like dying, do not get this game as you will come across the words. you died, over and over again
however i was not good at the game when i first got the game but with practice and patience i got through and havw now completed the game at least 5 times over.
once again this game is a masterpiece and is the best game i have ever played
so even if you are not that keen on rpg games i still recommend it
you will not be disappointed
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on 16 January 2016
Loved Demon's Souls and especially Dark Souls, but this one fell flat. Very smug and self referential, whilst simultaneously feeling like a cheap bargain-bin knock-off of those games. Graphics, level design, animations, combat, lighting and dialogue all sub-par compared to it's predecessors. Music was good though.
"You're going to die! Again and again!" Yawn... This game is tough, but it feels like a chore to play rather than a challenge.
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on 18 October 2015
Amazing. Satisfying in the same way as demolishing a house with your face. painful and seemingly impossible at the time but bash away long enough and you will be so proud when you finally complete it :) Computer games in the 80's and early 90's were brutally hard and there was usually no way to save them. This game is a throwback to those days. Most games now can be completed in a few hours without much effort, this is NOT one of them :)
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on 15 August 2014
Edging slowly down a darkened corridor, wall sconces extinguished, clutching your shield to your chest as if it might make the difference in a close encounter. You turn a corner and see ahead a room, barely larger than the corridor itself, with a chest in the corner. Precious loot, perhaps a better sword? Or an enchanted ring? Or even some new spell? Poking your head over the threshold, you immediately check the corners for surprises - apparently nothing. You're in the clear. Moving with some pace now you cross the room and open lift the lid of the chest.

Then you notice the teeth.

Before you can react the chest has grown hideous spindly legs and wrenched itself out of your hands, rising to three times your height before biting down in one, fatal chomp. You lie on the floor, body broken. You died.

Next time you'll be more careful.
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on 17 April 2014
I was a bit cautious about buying this game given that I had not played Dark Souls and based on its frosty initial reception from some reviewers. The one star reviews are probably from the smartphone/tablet generation of gamers who lack the patience and perseverance required for the challenging nature of this game. At first this game seems far too difficult; you will fall down holes, struggle with even basic enemies, but as you progress and level up, you will soon find Dark Souls II immensely rewarding and addictive. The online features are excellent. Other players can assist you in tough battles or invade your game. Messages offer useful information without having to watch annoying YouTube walkthroughs.

Important points for Dark Souls novices like me:
-Souls are used as currency and you need them to level up with the woman at the Majula bonfire.
-When you die you lose your souls but can get them back if you return to the site of your death before dying again.
-Use phantoms if you are struggling with tougher enemies/bosses.
-Use the 'A' button to open 'illusory walls' (look out for messages).
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on 14 April 2014
Thanks to dark souls, my sleep patterns ruined. There are fantastic things to do and a lot of outcomes regarding a variety of NPCs you choose to deal with. Epic enemies and monsters, boss fights with summoned friends (THE i DID IT! feeling when you make it through a hard area), you can start over a new game with slight variations even if you finish the game. I personally think the game looks up to its predecessor fantastically. the armor, weapons and items are well balanced. Miracles and sorcery are fun with the new addition of hexes from the DS prepare to die edition. Sweet, So far I have clocked 60 hours over a few weeks. Dying was never this fun. Id recommend this to anyone who wants a challenge. So I hope to summon you in the near future :D
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