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on 17 April 2013
I bought this laptop 3 weeks ago from John Lewis (it was on offer at the same price as amazon). Prior to buying it I was convinced I didn't want Windows 8. When I went to the shop to try it out I changed my mind completely. The reason? Touchscreen. There are much better reviews of windows 8 out there but simply, if you have a touch screen laptop, it's a great OS. The comic book look of windows 8 takes a little getting used to but when combined with the familiar and still present Windows 7 desktop mode, you'll find yourself using both in a complimentry way.

This Samsung laptop is the perfect machine to show off the benefits of windows 8. Design wise, it's beautiful, easily up there with the mac book air. It's very portable and so far I've been really impressed with the battery life, getting roughly 5 hours of heavey usage.

The 500gb hard drive is a bonus, so many new ultrabooks have silly 128gb SSD, this is just too small for my needs.

I'm no expert on processors and speeds but the start up time and re-start time is extremely quick (except when updates are being carried out).

Only niggle: slightly slow set up time and a few updates needed out of the box.
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on 23 December 2013
I have just bought a refurbished unit from laptops direct and I must says its possible the best laptop I have ever had.

1) The 500GB HD/ 24GB SSD combination makes it boot unbelievably fast from cold
2) Speed is good enough for anything except high performance games
3) Made me love Windows 8, which I still hate on my big games PC with 27" monitor
4) Very light, so very portable
5) Good battery life
6) Compared to my works Dell laptop it has the same keyboard size, 0.66" less monitor size, but a drastically smaller overall package
7) Does not get stupidly hot when used on your lap
8) No wifi issues
9) Good screen
10) The bezel around the screen and keyboard is small making the unit seem very small

Windows 8 should be renamed "Windows Touch" the touch experience makes the machine brilliant, you will never use the touch pad. I still hate Windows 8 on my Games PC with a large monitor. The children instantly, without explanation, worked out all the touch controls, pretty good.

The only downer was that all the SW needed updating which took forever, as I'm impatient, minutes on a fast connection and ages waiting while the disk whirred. I'm now running Windows 8.1 with an updated bios ... and all seems stable.
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on 18 December 2013
Bought from PC World in September, all worked fine and loved the laptop. I opened it up one day as normal in November, and there was a cracking sound, looked at the back of the laptop, and the glue that holds the lid to the hinge has come away, making the screen too unstable to stand upright, which also caused some damage to the bottom of the front of the screen. I closed the laptop, and the lid no longer sits flush on the keyboard, and parts of the back are exposed where the lid used to attach to the hinge. I took the laptop immeditely back to PC World, where I had bought it from, expecting them to send it away for repair under Manufacturer Warranty, but PC World said Samsung would not accept it under the warranty and I would have to pay for the repair. I reminded PC World that my contract was with them under the Sale of Goods Act and they were obliged to supply me with a laptop that was fit for purpose and of satifactory quality, clearly that wasnt the case if a 2 month old laptop could develop such a fault of its own accord - they of course refused to budge, so I ended up claiming for the repair on my personal insurance because I am a medical student and I cannot be without a laptop for a drawn out period of taking PC World to court. The insurance company has since said the laptop is not repairable (!), and they are going to supply me the value of the laptop so I can purchase a new one) - so I have to let people know that the design or build of these laptops must be extremely poor, plus Samsung don't want to know if it goes wrong (and dont get me started on PC World) - if you google, there are plenty of people who have experienced similar problems with the hinges on Samsung Series 5 laptops, so I would never buy a Samsung laptop ever again, nor will I ever buy anything ever again from PC World after such a poor experience.
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on 27 March 2014
I have to admit, I was very unsure of purchasing a "used" ultrabook on Amazon, especially since it was being offered by a 3rd party (The Money Station). But having checked the ultrabook out in a store previously, I as very tempted by the price.

The ultrabook itself is a very sleek device. Due to the tapered edges, it gives you the illusion of being slimmer than it really is. However, if you remove the HDD and put your own SSD in (which is what I did), the ultrabook is not only lighter, but amazingly fast!
While it's not a gaming machine, I cannot fault it in any way. I do wish that it had a backlit keyboard though.
A couple of extra points:
1) If you want to migrate the recovery section onto a new SSD, there is actually a built in feature to do that! so no need to burn discs etc. Bravo Samsung! Simply plug a new drive in on USB (size not important). Then go into the samsung recovery console and use the transfer / copy function. Replace the HDD with the new drive and it simply boots up as a brand new installation. MAGIC!
2) Windows 8 with touch screen functionality make it the most amazing version of windows yet. You will absolutely love it.

For those of you who are unsure about buying a "used ultrabook" off Amazon: here is my feedback:
1) The Money Station have awesome reviews and had described the ultrabook quite accurately. In fact, they claimed the lid had scratches when it didnt have any at all! Bonus!
2) about 2 months after I purchased this ultrabook, it developed an issue with the touch screen. The issue, known as ghost clicking, is shown here [...]
3) I wrote to the Money Station and was expecting to be asked "to do one", When infact they politely and courteously offered to take the ultrabook in and get it repaired by Samsung (Thank you Nick - from the Money Station). They also suggested that I could do the same myself, to save time, by contacting samsung directly. For a fleeting second I wondered if they were fobbing me off, but when I called samsung, because I had registered the ultrabook with them I had been given a fresh 1 year warranty! (yes! even on a used ultrabook!). So Samsung collected the ultrabook within 48 hours and delivered it back within the following 96 hours, with a brand new lid/screen!

It now works like a charm.

Great product, great price on "used" and great seller.
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on 12 March 2014
Bought this laptop as I needed a portable one with a reasonably sized screen that I felt would be reliable. I have had a Samsung laptop before that gave me years of good service, and after repairing the screen continues to do so, just needed something that I felt was newer and more reliable.
The screen size and brightness is lovely. the size is compact but not too small, the HDD size at 500GB is just right, I'm not into cloud storage. Its slightly heavier than I would like , it average performance, but perfectly good . The keyboard is very positive and easy to type on. Its just windows 8 I don't like!!. However luckily Samsung have put their own user interface on which is very like Windows 7, so I've got the best of both worlds. I tend to use the Samsung interface far more than Windows 8. The touch screen is responsive, though the screen gets lots of ugly fingermarks on it and needs daily cleaning.

Overall pleased I got it.
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VINE VOICEon 10 December 2014
Great ultrabook for the family, nice balance of ergonomics, power (i3 3217U processor is a good balance of power and battery life) with 6GB of decent speed RAM, 500GB of hard disk space and vibrant touch, high quality 13.3 screen (under a very easy to access central access panel) and the usual webcam, wifi, speakers etc. Comes with Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics which is pretty decent and can play many modern games, though obviously not suited for the more intensive, screen melting ones.

Shipped with windows 8, easy to upgrade to windows 8.1 for a better UX and slightly better performance. There was a pile of pre-installed stuff which took about an hour to uninstall but after that it's a really good experience. The screen in particular is very good and I like the size and weight of the machine, good for use on the move and good on the desk too. Note the child protection features of windows 8/8.1 are excellent and are easily the best in class, as the first of these machines was bought for my daughter that was important and they are very easy to set up as long as you remember to set the machine up with you (adult) as the administrator account and then set the child up as a user account.

Very impressed with this ultrabook, in fact so impressed I bought another one for the family the day after this one was delivered.
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on 30 January 2014
I have a Samsung ultrabook series 5 NP540U3C and wish I had never bought it. It is only 10 months old and still under guarantee and has already had 2 major issues. The first after only a month after buying it was a faulty RAM, kept going to BSOD (blue screen of death) so was pretty unusable for the first month or so... BAD but repairable.
But WORSE still after only 10 months the HINGE mechanism jammed ... I was unable to open/close the product without causing further damage. I have seen other reviews of similar faults in the hinge mechanism on other similar notebooks/ultrabooks. Samsung technical team will not repair the damage even though it is still under guarantee as they are saying I caused the damage while closing it.
THESE PRODUCTS ARE FAULTY (although Samsung will not admit this) You just need to read all the negative reviews to see (I wish I had) Yes it looks beautiful and is slim and sleek but I feel sick after throwing £600 away on a shoddy badly designed piece of equipment. DO NOT BUY!
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on 8 March 2014
I like the look and feel of the laptop and that it's so light. It does take some getting used to though with the touch screen and windows 8 but that's a user education piece. I like the keyboard. It takes time to get used to working the apps as opposed to the web pages but I really like it.Great screen resolution too for videos etc.

I have one big concern, the first one of these laptops I was sent the screen was faulty, it was like something was pressed at some stage too hard into the touchscreen and it got stuck and a line appeared down the screen. The various applications would then move about on their own, get bigger and smaller while I wasn't even touching the screen. However the second exact same laptop is fine.
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on 22 May 2015
I have been very impressed with this laptop, which although it only has half the memory of my Dell desktop performs just as well. The only improvement would be if I could have bought the same machine with a 500GB solid state drive instead of a conventional hard disk - perhaps it is a future upgrade. Hence four stars instead of five.
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on 18 July 2013
For the money, this laptop is possibly slightly overpriced.

It is nice to look it, good build quality and the touchscreen is very responsive and a great show-off aspect of the laptop. Along with the general portable size of the laptop it makes for a brilliant travel companion. The screen resolution is a low 1366*768 but that is more than enough for general use and this laptop doesnt have the clout for any real games that would utilize higher resolutions than that anyhow.

The keyboard is one really good aspect as the keys are evenly spaced and despite the size of the laptop, the keys feel quite large and are very easy to type onto.

As for inner workings, the core i3 process is enough to provide the necessary processing power to run all but media heavy games and videos, though hd 720p movies can be played back with ease. And the memory and hard drive can both be upgraded very easily (simple videos on youtube will demonstrate this) so it has future proofability to a certain extent.

All in all a good purchase, and perfectly suitable for a first laptop to travel with you. If it came down in price (from what i payed for it) then it would be a definite great purchase, but until then, there are better deals available.
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