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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 March 2014
I've tried a few of these weather/waterproof cameras over the years and most of them have been a bit of a let down in the image department, and some have had quite poor lenses too which resulted in soft images.

The Fuji XP60 produces some fairly decent images, certainly better than I have used from some previous models (and various makers)

A quick summary of good and bad points

+ Nice chunky build feels strong in the hand and able to take a drop
+ Great price for a Waterproof camera (there is a newer model out)
+ Waterproof to 6m, dustproof, shockproof, freezeproof
+ LCD screen is much improved over previous XP cameras, brighter and easier to see in hard sunlight (still only 230k but it's ok)
+ Lens covers a useful 28-140mm range, 5x zoom, pretty sharp too
+ Image quality is pretty good for a camera of this type, though has the usual smearing at higher ISO levels
+ Full HD video and the output is quite decent (I found it pretty sharp and detailed)

- Battery charges in camera via USB (would prefer the choice of an external charger)
- Macro is 9cm min focus distance ok but nothing amazing
- Battery life a bit low, Fuji say 200 I got closer to 170-180
- Usable at ISO 800 and at a push ISO 1600 but images are quite soft due to noise reduction

As per usual you get the usual scene modes motion panarama, pro low light (takes multi shots and merges to reduce image noise), filters like toy camera, pop, partial colour etc etc for playing around with

AF performance was mostly pretty good (I didn't have any serious issues with accuracy) The cover for the battery and memory card locks securely and I had no worries about leaking with the camera. I did test the water resistance at the beach and it works just great leaving it in the water for half and hour and it didn't die. I also put the camera in my freezer for a few hours and it powered up just fine.

There is nothing amazing about the Fuji in terms of features and spec. But a lot of people like myself want a camera that you can take out with you, or on holiday and not worry about breaking it (and also give it to the kids to take shots and have a working camera afterwards!)

The images are quite good for a WR camera, I personally shoot in M at half resolution as I feel most cameras with sensors this size can't resolve anywhere near 16mp.

At this price I'm giving it 4 stars as it's really something of a bargain right now. A good choice for a kids cameras (it takes decent shots unlike the kiddie toy cameras) it should last with rough handling, and for anyone who wants a "don't pamper" camera for holidays or days out. Recommended, one of the better WR cameras I've used, and at less than £100 unmatched value.
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on 10 March 2014
I purchased this item for its underwater feature to use on holiday.
On day 3 of my holiday, the day we was going to use the camera for underwater use the camera stopped working we had used it for the first two days taking pictures of views and temples in Thailand then on the day we was going to a waterfall which was the main reason we purchased the camera it stopped working so we did not even get to try the product underwater.

I would not recommend purchasing this camera and if you do fully test it for at least a month to make sure you don't have a faulty one.

Not really what you would expect to do buying something new. But this item totally ruined my picture collection from my trip.
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on 30 October 2016
Just over two years since purchase and the LCD backglight has failed - the LCD works, but no backlight. No unusual treatment. Already had it replaced once for just failing outright.

I'm really suspect about digital cameras which claim to be a) tough and b) wwaterpoof. The quality of this camera is so heavily compromised to achieve its 'toughness' and with no significant abuse, it has failed in 26 months. I've got a a Panasonic compact digital coming up to 8 and a Nikon digital SLR at 6.

Durability is just not up to it. Avoid.
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on 19 June 2013
Having spent time in Egypt & snorkelling, I wanted a basic camera to take underwater photos. My previous camera for 5 years was another Digital Fujifilm which never let me down. Have used the panoramic shot at a recent wedding, they turned out fantastic. I'm not a camera junky so this gives me all I need in a camera & I would recommend this model.
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on 13 April 2014
We used this camera on a trip to lapland where it withstood really low temperatures and also at a splash park where it got quite wet. Great pictures on both holidays, bright and clear. The yellow casing looks really smart too. Can automatically adjust to surroundings for best picture or can be manually set. Very happy with this product.
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on 20 August 2014
We bought this camera to take on our summer hols this year. We used it in the sea and in the pool up to depths of 1.5 metres. The quality of the pictures was crisp and sharp both under water and on land. The video option is easy to use and has sound too. We had a day where we had a little condensation in the view finder, I do not know if this was because of the amount of time we were using it in the water or the fact that it was 48+ degrees. Never the less the pictures uploaded great to the laptop. I would recommend and I am about to buy another for my daughter.
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on 18 November 2013
The good: This is a great little camera for the price and appears well made. Seals are solid, and the battery cover door locks nicley into place. I bought this as an underwater camera for a recent trip to the Maldives and was really looking forward to being able to take video and stills out on the reef while snorkelling, as well as a good general purpose beach/kayaking camera.

Initial test shots and video came out fine with everything set largely to auto. The 6 disposable film cameras my girlfiend had bought looked very old school by comparison!

The bad: Day two (after about 15 minutes total usage, and making sure I cleaned the body with fresh water after immersion), the camera gave an 'Internal Overheat' message. By that time I was already in the water so took it back to let it properly dry out. The on/off button didn't work so I had to wait for a while before I could open the cover the remove the battery. And that was it, every time I turned it on I got the same message. It would playback video and stills without any problem, but as soon as I depressed the shutter to get into photo mode it would lock up with that same message.

Summary: No video/photos from this camera for my holiday, and those disposables saved the day. Some great pictures from the SLR on dry land, but the Dolphins and Rays will remain as memories only. I suspect I had a duff camera, and full refund was prompt (I bought from the high street rather than Amazon as I left it too late to buy). But it has put me off getting another Fuji. I give it 2* because I think I was unlucky, and it would have been nearer 4 or 5 without the problems. But those issues were ultimately fatal.

If you get one of these, do yourself a favour and execute a Business Continuity Plan. Boots are doing a 2 for 1 offer on disposables so pick up a few just in case.
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on 20 August 2013
I've just finished a travelling gap year and I have to say this camera was fantastic it takes fantastic photos, has a perfectly reasonable 5X optical zoom and is basically a cheaper (but better) Go Pro.

Pros: >Actually has zoom
>Battery life is amazing! I've filmed hours of underwater footage and still had plenty of battery the next day!
>But a very wide lense too
>easy to use buttons even when weraing gloves or underwater
>Dirt proof, beach proof, (just remember to wash it with fresh water after it's been in salt water) bump proof etc
>Light weight, small but not too small
>Direct HDMI output
>Some awesome camera effects including single-colour photos, panorama, 240fps slo mo filming, full hd 1080p filming and film settings inbetween. There are alot of camera effects but you don't need all of them.
>Easy to find flash, timer and macro settings
>Self standing on flat surface - very useful! not all cameras will just stand nicely.
>Charges from usb - you don't need many cables etc

Cons: >If you seriously bash it, it could compromise the auto focus functions (It was my fault though)
>HDMI output didn't seem to work very well for me for some reason
>It is a bit more expensive than a basic point and shoot camera
>Takes a while to charge, but then it does have a very good battery life

That's all I can think of for now - I highly recommend this camera!
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on 30 June 2013
Works really well, good quality pictures, being waterproof is a big plus, it got took to a couple of water parks and stood up really well under water.
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on 26 August 2014
Bought for a holiday as I could no longer find those disposable one-time use underwater cameras that Kodak used to make.
I had used these in the past and had great results, plus the pictures were put on a photo CD.
However, things have moved on, and now we're fully digital. So to the review...
A couple of problems.
The first is the charging mode. A small USB connection that is exposed when removing the side cover. This is not the best way of charging, a separate charger would have been more useful, especially as the USB connector has become corroded due to salt water. This was unexpected as the camera was always submerged into a bowl of fresh water after returning from the beach (as recommended in the manual).
The second issue is with fogging. Happened often during use, to the point of becoming frustrating. This could be because of the climate (caribbean) but still it was a common occurance.
However, it worked well some of the time and the pictures and movies were good or excellent.
Unlike some, I had no problems with water ingress and I agree with others that the battery life could be better.
In summary, I think the disposable camera may have been the better option. So much for the Tech!
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