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on 11 October 2014
A good mid-ranged laptop, light for a 17" screen, lacks an SD card and trackpad is annoying as it is textured the same as the rest of the laptop but other than that, a nice quality well built machine from Toshiba
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on 22 June 2013
I've used a few toshiba 17 inch laptops over the last 5 years, and this is the typical experience if you've used their budget 17 inch machine before. This one was purchased to replace a previous Tosh 17" that died after about 3 years of use. (during that time, battery failed, and ultimately the area where the power connector joins the motherboard failed and would lose power regularly and fail to power on or charge the battery.

- Looks and features
The looks are bland textured black, which I personally prefer over the garish colours you often find.
The keyboard is large enough to include a separate numeric keypad.
The power/wifi/charging lights are not labelled - a bit strange.

Keyboard is disappointingly flimsy, even the lightest of keypresses will cause the keyboard to depress.
Also the touchpad mouse buttons need to be pressed toward the centre of the touchpad. Therefore pushing the left click button on the left hand side will often not register. A bit annoying.

Bought this model over another option because of the faster processor vs memory. It would have been nice to buy this exact model with 8GB RAM instead. I may have to upgrade from the 4GB in a year or two, but at least the processor should be sufficient for the life of the laptop

Windows 8
Many words already written about this, suffice to say, it is a disaster and did not last long on this machine and Windows7 installed instead. For anyone also doing this, note a couple of things
- disable secure boot in bios
- change a setting in the BIOS under Boot Mode from UEFI Boot to CSM Boot - otherwise the windows 7 install will hang
- toshiba supply windows 7 drivers on their website under their Drivers section - Satellite Pro C870 - download these onto a usb stick before reinstall as you will have no wifi/ethernet/poor video until you install the toshiba drivers manually.

Overall, if you want budget 17 inch laptops, you don't get a huge amount of choice. For the money, this has reasonable spec and features, and the minor annoyances (e.g. flimsy keyboard) are common to most budget machines should put you off purchasing.
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on 4 May 2013
Nice size for table top use. Screen bright while plugged in. Full size keyboard . Windows 8 is very different from windows 7 and takes a lot of getting used to and works with apps like a phone . comes with trial of Microsoft office which only lasts for 1 month then £79 for home contract each year and a trial version of Mcfee antivirus which only lasts a month as well. Would be better with a touch screen to use windows 8 - I use a mouse.
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on 16 October 2013
Update: Successfully survived upgrade to Windows 10. It is now 2.5 years old. Six months ago the left hand screen hinge became tight and the screen started to close on the keyboard askew (misaligned). Now the laptop has stuck in the open position and attempts to close it result in bits of plastic snapping off and the front of the screen has come away from the back near the offending hinge. Will investigate repair options but dissatisfied with the product's robustness and reliability, given that the machine has been handled with kid gloves and has rarely left the house. My advice on future purchases is to examine the hinges and consider the overall robustness of the case and how long you'd like the machine to last. My wife's Samsung is still in great condition after 6 years and now also runs Windows 10.

Original review of C870-1H2 17.3-inch Notebook: "Does the job without fuss, but not a looker" (October 2013)
Toshiba Satellite C870-1H2 17.3-inch Notebook (Intel Core i3-3120M 2.50GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Windows 8, USB 3.0)
I have bought this Toshiba 17 inch desktop replacement laptop from Amazon at £399.99 to replace a 15 inch Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo 1437G whose graphics card died after six years of faithful use. My wife uses an excellent 17 inch Samsung R730 but Samsung kit is coming out very pricey at the moment. The Toshiba comes with lots of bloatware and apps which non-gamer types may want to uninstall ASAP. I only need the machine for email, calendar, internet, YouTube, basic photo-editing and running Office 2003 apps. So far it works really well: fast internet page loading (using Firefox in my case) and the apps respond quickly too. I've taken the plunge to migrate to Windows Mail from Outlook 2003.

As mentioned by others, I can see - but not feel - the keyboard flex, but this simply encourages me to type more softly and reduces fatigue. Some users may find the stippled effect on the wrist rest and touch pad to be rough on the palms and ends of the fingers (use of a good old fashioned mouse mainly avoids this issue). The screen is bright but can of course be adjusted to minimise the effect of colours appearing washed out. As expected the speakers are tinny, but through headphones the sound is rich and wholesome with plenty of bass oomph. It is much lighter than our Samsung and is therefore a highly portable machine (size excepted) and easy on the lap. It stays very cool through hours of continuous use (unlike the machine it replaces which always threatened to ignite).

In conclusion, like me, it looks a really boring machine but operates effectively, representing good value for money. I will of course report back if circumstances change.

And finally, here is my penny's worth on Windows 8. Being retired and having had an iPod for a few years and a Windows Phone 7 for several months, I have found little difficulty in making the necessary adjustments from XP and Windows 7. Instead of clicking on a start button, I just have to rest the mouse pointer in the bottom left corner and right click to access Windows Explorer, Control Panel, etc (not so different). I consider the Start Screen / Metro display as simply a series of short-cuts that you might place on the XP or 7 Desktop. And you can put all your favourites on the bottom task bar ribbon as usual and access the Desktop from the Start Screen by placing a short-cut (oops, I mean `tile') on the Start Screen. Simples. And there are a few free apps from Marketplace are which are both useful and fun. Roll on Windows 8.1. `Nuff said.

PS - I got a bit worried about the machine not coming with a Windows 8 Certificate of Authenticity sticker but, on reading online forums, I gather that this is no longer a big deal as long as the software is activated correctly during setup. The ability to create a system image on high capacity USB memory stick, inclusive of product key, is however possible via Control Panel.
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on 12 August 2013
perfect, does exactly what it says ,looks smart, is quite large[ previous pc was a netbook] good price, could not live without it,
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VINE VOICEon 4 July 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My wife has been struggling along with her laptop for about a few years now so it was time for a new one. This has been a complete revelation for her instead of waiting forever for her old one to load (despite having practically nothing in the start-up or excess services running) this boots in seconds.
The finish is nice with textured feel rather than just flat black plastic and gives it a very tactile feel and looks good.
The screen is great a really excellent wide display and she's been watching DVDs on it the sound is good and the picture again is fantastic.
The keyboard although full size feels a little flimsy but it should be fine unless you're the type of person who hammers keys (as I can be so maybe I'll stay off it). One really BIG deal for my wife was that it was nice to have wi-fi connection inside - the old Laptop needed a separate dongle which often caught or got easily damaged.
The integrated webcam provides a crystal clear picture and Skype is pre-loaded which pleased her no end.
This comes with Windows 8 which opens up a whole kettle of fish with people but she has found it easy to use and loves the interface, after using Vista for so long the speed and responsiveness of Windows 8 has been an eye opener for her and the performance is spot on. One thing I (personally) would say is that the track pad would have been better and improve the Win8 experience if it had been configured to respond to touch navigation. I have Win 8 on my own PC and I use Logitech T650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad to replicate touch navigation and find it great...it would work with this but then whether you want to have to carry it about as well is down to personal taste, it would make a laptop a bit cluttered in my book.
Battery life is pretty good coming in at around 5 hours between charges.
My wife isn't a heavy program user, it's used mainly for internet access and occasional document creation but she has loaded up Paintshop Pro x2 for her as she likes to adjust various photos for her FB page! It loaded quickly and runs with no speed issues and considering its a few years old now there were no issues with win8 compatibility. She has had no issues downloading apps at all and everything she has loaded set up has all been accomplished without any fuss, usually she calls me if there's any problems but I've not heard a peep.
For a budget PC it's a really nice package well built and fast, looks good but maybe the keyboard could have had a little more of a substantial feel about it.
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on 3 May 2013
Windows 8 is a bit of a learning curve but once you get used to it it is a fast and easy to use interface and I've actually set my machine up to work mostly from the "desktop" which is familiar territory.

As to the Toshiba I'm very impressed with it. Big screen, lightweight and with a battery that lasts up to 5 hours. I was also impressed that it didn't come pre-loaded with too much gumph and so had very little to uninstall. Windows 8 is great for that BTW - If you don't want something on the startup screen just right-click and select uninstall or unpin from startup.
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on 23 October 2013
I've had this laptop for a week now after my Toshiba Satellite C660 died after 22 months. The first snag was getting past Toshiba's disastrous decision to include compulsory Windows 8. What a wretched operating system! I took a couple of days getting to know just how limiting it was before changing it back to Windows 7.

After updating all programs and drivers, here are some of the many problems I've encountered with the C870-1H2:

* I set a picture as desktop background. A few hours later the background has gone blank.
* The cursor freezes about once an hour for about 20 seconds.
* If I'm downloading anything and playing tunes at the same time, the music I'm playing glitches about once every five seconds, whatever media player I'm using. Likewise the sound drops in and out of films.

Ahhh yes - the sound. This really is the computer for you if you just can't get enough of songs that sound like they're been played on a mangled cassette and broadcast over a walkie-talkie with failing batteries. On a plane. While someone stuffs bread in your ears.

According to Amazon, this laptop has "SRS Premium Sound HD" with "immersive surround complete with deep, rich bass and crystal clear dialogue." This is a huge, stinking lie. Even at very low volume, the sound of voices on iPlayer and 4OD sound like they're blasting, to the extent where it's often difficult to make out the words. As for the bass, it's completely non-existent: my dub flacs sound like knackered windchimes in next door's garden.

All in all, this woeful machine represents a catastrophic step backwards for Toshiba in terms of quality. Its only redeeming factor is its speed, which is impressive - but with all the other faults, using this laptop is like being in a Lamborghini driven by a drunken gibbon.

LATEST UPDATE: It's now 2 weeks since I bought this laptop, and I've just come here to edit my review and change my rating from 2 stars to 1 star. If I could give it a zero, believe me - I would. The main reason is that I bought a bluetooth stereo receiver to play music from the laptop to my stereo with no cumbersome leads involved. I had made sure that the setting marked 'Bluetooth on' in the computer's settings was enabled, but could the laptop detect the stereo receiver, or indeed any of the 16 other devices in the vicinity which my phone could identify? Nope. And after 50 minutes on hold to Toshiba customer service (which costs 10p a minute for the privelege), I was told by someone whose voice I could barely decipher that the reason I couldn't pick up any Bluetooth devices was that this computer doesn't have bluetooth - only an option to turn bluetooth on. Is it just me, or that head-scratchingly, eye-poppingly ludicrous? It's like having a brake pedal in a car with no brakes.

The last insult was that while typing that last paragraph, the 'pointing device' (ie. the touchpad) decided to turn itself off, and I had to spend ages rooting around in old boxes for a mouse (remember those things?) to plug in to enable it again.

Pathetic, Toshiba! Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic!!

Don't buy this sorry excuse for a laptop.
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on 25 July 2013
The Toshiba Satellite seemed to be a good machine except for the erratic touchpad; it varied in response from over sensitive to hardly working. Also, it sometimes caused things to happen which shouldn't have occurred - e.g. 'clicking' on web links which weren't even highlighted.
The screen was impressive, but the sound (in spite of Toshiba's claims) was dreadful; the sound from my Lenovo tablet is much better. The disc drive had a tendency to scratch discs - when it decided to close.
Windows 8? Dire.
The past tense shows that the machine was returned as faulty.
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on 14 September 2013
I did a lot of research before purchasing a laptop, I was after something for work which evolves around Office so it just needed to run that seamlessly. I also wanted a larger screen for viewing multiple documents. All on a budget This then was perfect.
I had noticed a few other reviews mentioning the flimsy keyboard, and I see what they mean, it is cheaply made, but it's a cheap laptop so you have to keep expectations realistic.
A lot of people were moaning about Windows 8 on reviews as well which seemed a bit unfair on the product, but to be honest, it's not that bad, a bit of research on the web and you'll soon find the shortcuts that you are used to on previous OS's. Version 8.1 is released in October as a free update which will include the Start button anyway, so don't be put off by the OS.
Sticking with the OS quickly I'm very pleased with how quickly it turns on, it's as quick as my Mac, and that used to be one of my big bug-bears with Windows. The track-pad on the laptop is ok for general use but can be annoying with Win 8 tiles, but I plug a wireless mouse in when I'm using the laptop extensively and that solves the problem.
It feels lightweight for the size, and it runs as quiet as a mouse.
I can have Outlook, Word, Excel and IE running whilst listening to music and there's no lag. It's perfect for what I need it for, if you're looking for something similar, you can't go wrong with this.
Flimsy keyboard and awkward track-pad on Win 8 stop it getting 5 stars but don't be put off. It's a great laptop for the price.
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