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on 18 April 2013
This book deserves to be widely read by anyone involved with counselling women facing an unplanned pregnancy as it really deals with many of the issues involved.

Maryanne is a nurse and meets and gets involved with Lucas who is a patient of hers. However she is raped by someone at a church event and when she discovers she is pregnant then comes the dilemma of what to do. Lucas has previously had a girlfriend who had an abortion and is adamant that an abortion is not the way to go and the result is a relationship with many twists and turns.
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on 22 January 2013
This is the first book I've read by this author in fact; before Rachelle offered me this ARC (in exchange for an honest review) I had never heard of her meaning that when I started this book I didn't really have any expectations which turned out great really because I enjoyed this book immensely.

Saying that though this is going to be a short/mini review because the book focuses mostly on Lucas and Maryanne so there's not much else to write about without sounding like I'm repeating myself.

Rachelle has pulled off the impossible or should I say the not so possible. What is it you ask? She's managed to bring back the good guy (and make us like him) in a time where most books and people prefer the bad boy. Lucas is sweet, genuine and an out & out nice guy. You can't dislike like him, trust me at one point or another you will find yourself thinking "Awwww! What an adorable guy!"

Although I will say this, there were times when I thought Lucas was too good. He never really got mad even when there were times where I thought he should have got angry. Where anyone would have got angry, it was unrealistic.

The path to Lucas and Maryanne's love/relationship was not smooth by means. They were so on again, off again that I found myself thinking "will they EVER get together?" This is one of the things I rate this book for. It's not all fairy tales and princesses in real life and the book shows this. If you think about it, it was just the right thing to do for this book it fits perfectly.

For me, this was the first book I read in the religious fiction genre and to be honest the amount of religious references was overwhelming. Of course this could be because I had no idea there would be any religious references in it. That doesn't mean I wouldn't have read it if I had known, I'd just like to have been more prepared for them instead of feeling I was being ambushed (no offence).

Would I recommend this book to other readers? Yes. Despite everything it's an enjoyable read with lovable characters.
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on 22 January 2013
I'm usually in cahoots with the heroine of the story, as in 'You gettem girl! Tell him off and don't let him dictate your life!' But not this time. The hero, Lucas, was my favorite. He started off great and he had me rolling! He's upbeat and hilarious at opportune times, but straight forward and serious, letting his voice shine when it all boils down to his compassion for life. We never really see too much of the male prospective when it comes to decision making and life choices, but Lucas was strong and never backed down. In all honesty, he was Maryanne's stronghold, and I believe she would have fell, hard, if she didn't have such a wonderful person to encourage and push her in the right direction.

Maryanne has definitely had some rough times and never really blames anyone for the position she wound up in, other than herself. She chose to drink, but she didn't choose her fate nor the horrible things that were done to her. I do feel she was a weak woman and would have followed through with her original plan if her hospital stays hadn't prevented her from missing her appointments. And the fact that Lucas kept at her, constantly prodding and pointing her in the right direction.

And then we have the Triathalon/Ironman contest Lucas had been training for. This was written so well that I really felt Lucas as he competed. Felt his sweat, his muscles burning and begging to quit, his adrenaline rush as he pushed harder, focused on his goal, the prize at the finish line, and then his triumph. He's just a wonderful, awesome, and droolworthy male!

Nearing the end of the story, I was totally amazed to witness some pretty scary, yet beautiful things through the eyes of Lucas. He's definitely going to be hidden under some womens hearts ;b. Maryanne couldn't have asked for a better partner, lover, or hero to take her to the finish line. Nope!

I do have to mention that even though Maryanne had been weak, she found strength in herself and learned that fertilizer is just fertilizer. It's the beautiful flower that emerges and paints her heart with a little more color that makes all the difference in life.

So come along and see what happens, what life decisions Maryanne makes and why Lucas is so awesome!
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on 24 March 2013
I liked the first few chapters. Maryanne seemed really bright and upbeat. Lucas is funny and caring. Then it goes all wrong. Why on earth Lucas couldn't tell Maryanne his sister was visiting beats me. This sets off a ridiculous chain of reaction that ends up with Maryanne getting raped. I expected her to be a lot more with it being a professional nurse but she gets really neurotic. I thought Lucas was being nice to Maryanne because of the bet she had made not to have sex. Then it goes all religious and gets deeply into abortion after rape etc etc. I struggled to finish the book and skipped most of it. Glad it was free. Would not read it again.
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on 24 January 2013
A very moving story tackling the sensitive and heavy topics of abortion and rape. The characters are vividly portrayed, you can feel their turmoil, revel in their joy, and it is easy to get captured, particularly when the author has such an enthralling writing style. But this isn't all heavy subject matter, oh, no, there is romance and... action! I absolutely loved the boat scene and was on the edge of my seat shouting "Hurry! Hurry up and save the day!" Yes, really! It was that good. This was engaging, thought-provoking, good natural dialogue, and has a Christian thread running through it - which is not my bag but didn't turn me off. The subject matter and knock on effects will pull at your heart, as will the characters and some tender scenes. No matter your beliefs, if you enjoy romance and an emotionally-charged read, then give it a go!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 March 2013
What did I like about this book? Mostly I think, the humanity of the main characters and the way their relationship developed. It wasn't neatly sewn up from the beginning, there were a lot of stumbling points along the way, they both went into it with anxieties about how it would play out long term. I think that is realistic, there are always differences to be accommodated and adjustments to be made, and both partners have to consider if this is the person they want to make those adjustments and compromises for. They also both came with damage from previous relationships which inevitably cause anxieties of their own and causes them both to have serious difficulties in trusting one another. It is partly because of that lack of trust, that an act of cynical betrayal takes place which will have life changing consequences for them both. Whilst the act of rape is not portrayed in graphic detail, but as part of a confused and unclear episode under the influence of a drug, it is a particularly effective portrayal. The effect of the drug causes the victim to be unclear about what happened to her and she does not immediately realise that she has been raped. In the meantime, the perpetrator or perpetrators are at great pains to place the blame on her boyfriend.
These two have so much to work through about how they feel about what has happened and how to handle the consequences. They have very different views about that and they struggle to reconcile their opinions. She points out that she is the one who has to bear the consequences in her own body and that he has nothing to do with it. Whilst agreeing with her, he encourages her to try to look at the long term effects of what she wants to do. The outcome is influenced more by events which prevent actions, than positive decision making.
These are two frail human beings, with the flaws and failings common to us all, yet they battle through as life get increasingly difficult, and ultimately lives are at risk.
Lucas has committed his life to God and wants to try to do the right thing, but he still makes huge mistakes, and gets things very, very wrong. He is determined to keep their relationship pure despite the huge pressure and temptation which Maryanne puts him under, but he fails to tell her why. She however has a low self-esteem and thinks that if he doesn't want a physical relationship with her then there is either something wrong with her or he doesn't mean it when he says he loves her. She pushes him too far on more than one occasion and he back pedals on the relationship from time to time, but eventually he gives in to temptation. It is good to see a Christian writer face up to the fact that from time to time Christians do end up doing something which they believe to be wrong.

They both have a lot to learn from their parents about the events which shaped them and the assumptions they made about those events, but eventually they both face up to their own failings and fears and learn to handle them more appropriately and maturely. Up until that point there are times when as a reader, I wanted to tell the pair of them to get a grip and be honest with each other, but I realised that they couldn't be honest with each other until they had learned to be honest with themselves.
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on 13 March 2013
This was a challenging read, which was at times difficult and sad, but it was a gripping story and I could not put it down.

Maryanne is just starting a romance with Lucas when she is raped and finds she is pregnant as a result. Lucas is OK with the idea of raising the child as his, but Maryanne is not so sure - the fact that Lucas is the one being accused of rape makes it more complicated. The book deals with many difficult subjects, and it was good to see things from both Maryanne and Lucas's perspectives. Although religion does play a role (especially in Lucas's case), there are also other circumstances which affect their thinking. The two lead characters are likeable and there is a good supporting cast. The story has a nice flow to it and it was good to see Maryanne's feelings evolve as the story goes along.

A wonderful story which does have some uplifting moments as well. I cannot believe this was a free download when I ordered it and I will look out for more of the author's works.
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on 1 March 2013
i loved this book. i think I liked it because it was amazing how one woman dealt with these problems.
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on 1 April 2013
Really well written and touched on some very hard topics such as rape, drugs and abortion. I have to be honest some point in the book it was too graphic for me and I had to put it down and come back to it. The dysfunctional relationship between Marianne and Lucas did hug help their own issues clouding the decisions needed to make the choices needed for Emma. It really hurt me to see a picture of a baby named after the characters in the Book especially if this story as it seems to suggest is not and based on fiction. I don't understand why the author would give a picture making reality of a fictional character, it seems to make a mockery of the whole process of the writing. Not my favourite type of topic or genre but well written
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on 17 April 2013
I rarely write reviews about books I have read (in fact this is my first review), however I felt so strongly that another fellow reader should not have to endure this predictable, utterly ridiculous book that I felt compelled to write my findings.
This book had all the promise of a great read however failed to deliver.
It was predictable to point of being damn right ridiculous. The characters are dull, their story unbelievable and as you finally get to the end of this tedious read you discover that the unanswered question of who was the rapist remains UNANSWERED!!!
Life is to short to waste reading this book.....its free for a reason!!
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