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on 11 April 2015
Very pleased with this. I had the previous model for the iPhone 4 and the new clip fasteners on this model are a definite improvement. It's very study and secure, easy to read the screen and the touch screen still works pretty well through the clear plastic cover. It's easy to get the phone in and out of the mount although the phone must be 'bare' so if you use an iPhone case you'll need to remove it before placing the phone in the mount. The only problem I've had is that the hole at the bottom for the charge/sync cable is a very tight fit. The Amazon basics lightning cable won't fit through the hole because the connector is bigger than the standard Apple lightning connector, my standard Apple lightning cable and my Anker lightning cable will fit through the hole ok though. I've not used the mount in the rain and would be somewhat hesitant about doing so, it looks like it should be waterproof but probably worth checking after a few minutes just to make sure.
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on 28 October 2013
Prior to this case I had the Biologic case for my old 3GS. One of my main gripes with that case is it didn’t keep the water out in even light rain. My main focus upon receiving my new iPhone 5 was a case that not only protected my iPhone, kept it secure no matter what terrain I was riding and most importantly keeping my iPhone dry.

The Good Side:

I've had this case for 4 months and it’s stood the test of time...so far. Not a single drop of water has entered the case and I’m talking heavy rain for up to an hour nor have I been worried about the phone popping out of the case as the locking mechanism ensures a tight and firm lock.

It’s very responsive to the touch through the transparent cover and never has issues with the iPhone not responding to my touches.

You can easily plug in your ear phones (safety first!) and the seal when closed keeps water at bay. The speaker audio is almost as good as if it wasn't in the case and with only slight muffle so with cycle apps you can hear track data being shouted at you.

The Bad Side:

I have noticed that over time if you have the case strapped directly to the handlebars the case will gradually move if you are heavy fingered. What I mean by this is because you can only tighten the strap so much without the threads giving way (plastic) it is never solid on and you can 'with force' move the case forwards or backwards. Mine is now attached to the stem.

The hinges that lock the cover are connected together by metal rods and these tend to poke out over continual use of opening and closing the latches. I find myself getting a key to try and push them back in every months or so. This I think is due to the amount of tension being created when initially locking the case up but not so much a big deal.

The case comes with a separate internal case that directly attaches to the iPhone and acts to hold the iPhone firmly in place in the case and also as protection when you take the iPhone out of the case. I have noticed a big problem with this which if you leave this on over time dust will collect between the plastic 'shim' and the back of your iPhone. There is an ever so slight amount of play that allows the iPhone to move 1mm up and down and because of this my iPhone now has minute pin holes where larger sized dust particles have become stuck and have started grinding into the back.

Even with the setbacks it’s still a good case and for the price it’s one of the better waterproof cases.
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on 30 August 2013
I've used this bike mount for about 60km of road cycling thus far, and it's been great.

It contains a shaped foam inner plus a plastic inner case to keep your phone tightly secure. Two plastic clips, not unlike those on tupperware, keep the front closed and seem to keep the phone impervious to water. The touchscreen works fine through the plastic in the dry; I haven't tried it when wet.

The home and lock buttons can be used through the case, but the volume and mute buttons must be accessed via the screen. The case allows access to the headphone and power ports, and actually reinforces them with two small clips to stop them from getting pulled out.

The case can click between landscape and portrait (or any position between the two), which is handy for certain navigational apps. I find that I need the phone flat enough that the gyroscope doesn't realise that I'm moved the position to landscape, however.

The boast that it redirects the sound towards you is perhaps a little hyperbolic, but above 15mph I wouldn't expect to hear the phone anyway; I guess an earphone in one ear would help here.

Incidentally - and this is no reflection on the product - don't expect the phone to last long with GPS going and screen locking disabled; I squeezed one hour out of mine.

I'll update this review if I experience failure like some other reviewers, but it's seemed solid thus far.
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on 17 April 2014
I've done 1200 miles and before today I couldn't fault the case/mount, but today the mount failed sending my iPhone flying under a car at 25mph. A testament to luck (avoiding wheels) but also to the solidity of the case and locking mechanism that my phone is unscathed, but not what I was expecting.

It was only 8 months old and Amazon agreed to replace it under warranty which makes me feel a lot better about the situation.

But I'm not wholly happy and it shouldn't be the case that in less than a year under average/low mileage that the case fails. The mount is clearly not strong enough and hasn't been sufficiently over engineered. A word of warning to anyone owning one, it appeared to rattle and become slightly 'loose' prior to snapping off.
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on 6 August 2013
This is an excellent product. Easy to fit (once I'd realized that the handlebar mounting works like a jubilee clip!). Phone is in and out very quickly. At first I thought that getting it out would be tricky as the fit is so secure but soon realized that it can be gently pushed-out using the hole at the rear for the camera.

By luck my first outing was in moderate rain; no problem the phone was kept perfectly dry. I'm currently leaving the entire mount fitted as the one tricky bit is removing the case from the handlebar mount (to be positive I suppose you could say this is reassuringly tight!). This could lead to one problem - I have noticed that few drops of rainwater do collect around the case clips, that's not a problem when getting the phone out but I can foresee that if care is not taken when opening the case when wet to put the phone in, some of that water ending up inside the case.

Especially good is the screen, it has a very good non-reflective surface and the phone screen is very clear through it and there is no reduction in touch sensitivity. It's very easy to see and use the phone even in high ambient light levels.

OK, an update on 18th August. The day before I wrote this another review said "Holes for the headphone socket are too small to plug anything in." I thought "what's he on about the iPhone earphones fit perfectly." Since found out that he is right. Now have tried two other earphones and the jack plug will not go through. So now got some great earphones - perfect for cycling - sturdy and non-isolating and to use them the phone's back in the pocket. Currently pondering the three alternatives 1. Get the drill out! 2. Get the spectacle screwdriver out and remove the small panel that has the hole in it. 3. ask my local friendly HI-Fi shop man to make me up a very short male / female jack lead to sit permanently in the case. The last one I think will be the best if he can do it.

Later reviews regarding water ingress are a bit worrying. Used it once more in rain since, mine still keeping the phone dry. Also having no problems with the mount. I've now got the knack of getting the case off the mount and I've seen no evidence of weakness in it. I do road and cycle track riding so a but bumpy at times but not mountain biking stuff.
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on 31 December 2013
I only gave this 4 stars because I haven't yet tried the bike mount. I have mainly used it for hill walking and it has been great. It is waterproof and was kept in my pocket where body sweat accumulates and my phone usually gets wet but this case kept sweat and rain off it and I could still access the touchscreen as well as all the other functions. The only thing I found annoying was that you weren't able to insert or remove headphones from the jack socket without removing the iPhone from the case so I just did without.
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on 5 September 2013
Ive had this product for a few months, I only managed to use it for a month or two before my bike broke :(

but while my mountain bike was fine and working, I used this product everywhere, I used my phone to video my journeys on the bike. I used the product to firmly hold my phone in place while i used the gps app around areas i didn't know. and the case most definitely served me well while i still had my bike, i still have the case and im waiting to put it on my soon to be new bike.

I guess lucky for you guys reading this review, i actually sustained a crash on my bike while my phone was in this case while it was attached to the bike, It was a pretty serious crash, so it was worthy test on the durability of the case. I flipped forwards on the bike, and after getting up my handlebars bent, but the case and phone were absolutely fine! nothing at all happened to them other than the expected scratch or two on the case, But the main thing is the phone sustained zero percent damage whatsoever. and neither did the case other than a small scuff/scratch. and for a decent crash where i was going at speed, that's pretty impressive,

Its a well worth buy for your phone, it gives you much more privileges which you didn't have before, ill name a few... You can record your journeys, use gps safely and talk on loudspeaker with a friend hands-free and safely. oh yeah, one more thing, it has a stand at the back of a case so you can put it on its side and watch videos easily, while your just relaxing,

Other than this product is fairly bulky (which is to be expected). you gotta put safety first when it comes to a £400+ phone over whether your case it thin enough,

All in all, its a great product, definitely recommend! Go ahead and treat yourself! :P
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on 18 October 2013
Does as advertised, great to mount on bike feels very secure and water proof, i took it in too the pool and took underwater videos and you can even listen to music under water!! although not for a very long time as this case is not designed to stay underwater because of the ports being rubber flips water may go in accidentally if on gets open or you go too deep, but still it worked under water for me even did a facetime call under water. on the downside is that if want to make a call while your riding it may be hard to pick up your voice because of the wind. other than that great product
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on 17 August 2013
i bought this last week and took it out on a ride in light/moderate rain. i was riding for around one hour. to my horror, when i got back, there was moisture both inside the case and on the screen of the iphone. mercifully, my phone doesn't seem to have suffered technical consequences from this (although I have had to replace my protective screen cover on the phone, as the adhesive reacted with the water). In terms of a cradle for the iphone, this works well, and i will continue to use it in dry weather, but please don't buy it thinking it's waterproof.
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on 24 May 2015
Excellent robust product. I had a previous version which had a more complicated fitting to attach to the handle bars which broke. This version attaches with a strap which you secure with an Allen key and also a hand tightened screw. It is waterproof and the outer layer allows you to use your touch screen ok .
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