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on 25 March 2017
Great game which makes me try harder to improve in the game
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on 2 November 2017
very happy with the item
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 13 May 2013
I`m pretty loyal to the "franchise" of Tiger Woods golf, so in many ways I`m a schmuck. However, there are just (and only just) enough additions to the previous year(s) each time to make a purchase worthwhile. Whether it`s worth £35-40 cost each year, rather than waiting six months for a big drop in price, is normally down to my finances at the time!
I`m a real-life Golfer too so expect things to accurately reflect the game, and that is slightly better this year than before in career mode, as you can compete in all four majors and they are called by their correct titles. That always was a bugbear of mine, and the career aspect looks much better now you can achieve the Grand Slam. The old Tiger Challenge has expanded to competing in many classic moments from Golf history, right back to Young Tom Morris in the last century, through Bobby Jones, Gene Sarazen, Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Gary Player, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus; and up to the more recent heroics of Seve, and of course Tiger himself. That part is fun, but I don`t know if I like the "Take Down A Legend" idea - why the hell would I want to take down Bobby Jones?! Compete for his respect would be a nicer way of putting it.
Other than those things, it`s the familiar career path from amateur to the tour school and beyond, and the gameplay is much the same, however they try to dress it up. Why the graphics are not better than the first version I played (`08) I don`t know, and what they were thinking with all the nonsense about pins and badges...I don`t get that, if it isn`t reflecting real Golf I don`t know why it`s in the game.
Of course, buying the game only gets you about 40% of the available courses, which is pretty disgraceful in my opinion.
Ultimately, if this was the first TW game I`d bought I`d be going on about it for weeks. When it`s the seventh, and only minor tweaks are added, it`s not so easy to recommend wholeheartedly.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 23 May 2013
It's been many years since i last played a Tiger Woods game, although i always enjoyed them they seemed to get a little bit silly and far fetched, almost made for young teens and taking a comical approach to things rather than a true golf game. Going years back the commentary was shockingly poor with the same phrases being used on virtually every hole and every course along with stupid animations to go along with your golfer... the worse being the "Happy Gilmore" cut-scene you use to get virtually every time Tiger hit a driver off the tee.

This game however is a different proposition. Graphics look pretty decent both of golfers and the courses you can play, commentary while still lacking realism is better than past offerings and the customization available to your golfer is actually quite impressive. You start off with EA branded everything and as you make progress you can unlock different branded clubs, balls and clothes and many of the clubs are from real life and indeed play and look like real life. There's loads of courses available to play with the standard game with the option to purchase a DLC which gives an additional 14 courses to play (but it's quite expensive and i wouldn't recommend it unless you're going to be playing this game a lot). There's also lots of competitions to play in including the Maters, Open Championship and many many others. Initially when you start the game you are automatically placed into a "country club" along with other members who you can play with and you can also represent you club in tournaments. You can also create your own country club and invite friends to join.. This is very much a Tiger Woods game for social play especially with friends with the online competition side being a big part of the game...it's all seamless and works well. Besides Career mode you can obviously play a quick round of golf if you want on any course with virtually any gofer and there are lots of options regarding fairway and green speed, wind, weather, pin position difficulty as well as different modes to play. Playing with friends is where this game really takes off and you're guaranteed to have a huge laugh along the way, gone are the stupid animations and insane scores that you use to get in the old games, in this you will have to work hard for your low score and it makes the game more challenging and fun as a result. There is also a legends mode where you can play as and take on the old masters of the game (in black and white), its fun and adds a touch of class and reminds us of how they use to play the game.

PROS: It looks and feels right with some good courses and championships to play in, online competitions are really good fun, no more stupid animations, graphics, easy to navigate through menus.

CONS: If you add all the DLC content together it's actually bigger than the standard game, Putting is hard to master and they could have made it easier to get to grips with, commentary needs more work, Online Pass is required to play online (for pre-owned games only), rubbish in game music, too many loading screen freezes for my liking, wheres my caddy gone?

VERDICT: A great Tiger Woods game and the best I've played to date (although i haven't even touched a Tiger Woods game in 4-5 years so can't comment on the last few offerings) however compared to the older ones this is a huge step forward and it feels more professional in it's design even taking into account the downsides i state. If you like Golf games and so do your friends then i think this is one to get... certainly you'll have a lot of fun playing with or without friends!


(Any questions regarding this game please post a comment at the bottom and i'll do my best to answer it!)
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on 7 July 2014
as with previous versions an excellent game, however I am annoyed with this an every other game that relies on an internet connection. Sometimes this isn't available for one reason and another and it stops progress. Not everyone lives in an area where the internet is relaible!!
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on 29 March 2013
Lets be honest here, the past 3 Tiger games haven't changed much, the same way FIFA hasn't changed except for updated squads/kits etc.
The same sort of updating applies here, with the exception of having all 4 majors available in the career mode.

If you are a seasoned fan of the Tiger games no doubt you will pick this up. The game itself is what you would expect from the series but the changes over Tiger 13 are small. You can play at night now which is interesting for a hole or 2 but it's not really a deal breaker.

The series will continue, and they are the best golf games about no question. If you have yet to play any of the Tiger games, now is a good time to pick up 12 or 13 because again just like FIFA, once the newest version is out the previous games become real cheap.

I personally am a fan so naturally I picked up the Historic version from Game (although I hugely regret buying from Game it was the only way on this occasion).
There are few changes, only go for 14 if you like to keep up-to-date and don't mind paying for the pleasure.

Still gets 5 stars though.

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on 23 April 2013
This new version of Tiger Woods PGA Golf is great. The career mode (which I have mostly played so far) is once again excellent and I can see myself playing for hours on this game mode. The huge problem with this game is the downloadable content. During career mode you often get told the course the upcoming tournament is been held at has to be bought at an additional cost to the game. In total there are about 20 courses that you have to pay extra for at the same cost of the actual game, I think this is disgraceful and is an effort to force customers to pay over the odds for these courses which play a big part of the game.

Overall excellent game but be prepared to pay a lot more money for the full game experience
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on 31 March 2013
So tiger woods 14 is here... with key timing, Since the masters is just around the corner. If you're reading this post masters and tiger won it I got a good come back from the bookies. Anyhow on to the game.

So if you are new to golf or new to golf video games and you are curious to get into the sport or just play the game. Let me tell you this game will no doubt impress you very much. Its a very good golf sim which goes very deep to capture the real life game. Now if you are a tiger woods golf veteran like me there are not enough new features to really warrant you to buy this in all honesty. Each game is always very similar to the last but this year I am afraid to say ....is too similar to 13.

Extra additions are the night golf which is interesting on the eye ,A couple of new golfers added to the roster and all 4 majors are here, Online has increased golf club memberships from 25 to 100.(Pfft now I gota manage 99 bad players instead of 24)You can jump in real time tournaments which is good. So overall online is really good and 4 hours can go by in no time, Especially when you go 18 holes of alternate shot.

For the solo golfer are the pga season which you start out as a amateur and train building stats with your personal created golfer. You can start on the us amateur or the British(Euro) circuit.
The legends mode is good if you like that sort of thing,Re-living all the greats famous shots is fun,One i am in particular looking forward to is that par save Tiger made in 2008 to force a play off to go on to win his 14th Major.Not only will you re live these moments from the like's of Jack, Seve, Arnie,Gary Player,Sam snead and of couse Tiger...You will have to defeat them all.

If that's not your preference then play as a pro, practice and have fun on a choice of 20 golf course's at your very disposal.
There are plenty of dlc on day one of release which is always a sting in the butt. now people who purchase tw games are thinking am I going to be rewarded with my loyalty ..will E A see my hard drive saves and give me some free extra course and the answer is no.. You get some xp reward but that is all.
Oh I must mention also that the pro golfers are looking worse each year .

So if you need a fix of more golf then this is really the only way to go, so its a tough choice to make. So is this a good game? If you are new to the series then this is everything you can ever want from a golf video game.
If you are not new here then I must say skipping this year wont do you any harm.

Graphics 7
Presentation 9
voice and sound 6
gameplay 10
fun and difficulty for your preference 8
overall content 5 ..would have been more if the d l c wasn't capitalism at its best
Lasting appeal 8
Overall 7.5
Suggestions for future game. Please can we have the crowd shout get in the hole and let us have full choice over our clubs when we hit the ball, when am 180 yards out I don't want the game to put a club in my hand. I wanna guess if I need a hard 7 iron or a safe 5 iron to get it on the dance floor.
Thanks for reading, Hope this helps you come to a decision
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on 2 April 2013
The Tiger Woods 12 is far better and I'd still rather play that.

There is no point in playing offline 2 player as you cant gain exp.

You have to purchase all courses instead of winning them etc.


Its like you only buy half the game!

I'm never buying a tiger game again. period.
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on 28 April 2013
Pleased to see the sponsorship challenges are gone. This was a distraction. Easy to pick up from all the previous editions bought. Glad to see that all members of the country club contribute to the bonuses, as I only get a chance to play at the weekend, I could never achieve 5 day streak.
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