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on 16 April 2017
Wasn't sure what to expect as this is a name that I am not aware of.

Out of the box its easy and quick to put together and I quickly had it hooked up to power and water. The key with this devices, as I think has been mentioned, is to keep any kinks out of the pipes as this impacts performance. The motors do not like running dry.

Patio and paving back and front now jet washed and looking good. I thought this size washer might not have the power to shift the grime on our stonework, I was wrong. The Nilfisk is a good bit of kit and well worth the money.
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on 26 April 2017
This is absolutely great. It takes time to complete the job but with patience I was able to bring the patio back to
a nearly new appearance. It had turned completely green. It did remove most of the sand and grout from
between the flag stones but I guess that's to be expected with that much pressure. I found it extremely helpful
to watch a variety of videos on the Youtube channels to help me understand the machine completely.
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on 18 April 2017
Only practised with it so far. The dvd shown in the illustration was absent. It was simple to assemble, despite the poor instructions, and seems very well made. It produces a powerful jet and no leaks. I am awaiting delivery of the wheel brush and drying cloths, but am being nagged by my grandson to go and clean the car; so here goes...

I have just assisted grandson and we are both very pleased with results. A very powerful jet wash followed by shampoo application; a few minutes pause and then jetted it off. The result was a very clean car. Ironically, the wheel brush was delivered as we finished the car. Not to worry we will try that next time; hopefully with the drying cloths too. Very pleased.
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on 4 July 2017
Everybody makes a resolution to keep their cars plane - don\t they? But, it is a real chore having to use all those buckets of water! Going to the Car Wash is expensive, so how about a High Pressure Washer? This works very well, we have ridiculously low mains pressure and you have to wait a minute or two for the washer to prime itself with enough water and occasionally the press is lots and you just need to stop washing for a few seconds, but as there is only a trickle of water coming through the hose pipe then the force of the pressure washer is impressive.

Our technique is to blast the dirt off with the pressure washer, then one of use washes a section of the car with a soft brush and washing up liquid then the PWO ( pressure washer operative - I like having a title!) rinses off before the soapy water dries. If we try and do the whole car then rinse off with the pressure washer we have to go round with a cloth and polish off the water marks.

We have used this on a wooden deck to blast off the mossy stuff that grows in the summer to make you slip and break your ankle in the winter - works well but takes a long time.
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on 20 August 2016
Basically this pressure washer seems good quality and does a good job. However, I bought it partially to help washing the car and partly to jet wash the patio and drive. The patio attachment worked well for about 20 mins and was going great guns. However, then the rotating jets slowed, and then they stopped turning. After some inspection (and me taking the thing apart - and I don't mean following the instructions for how to clean the jets) the problem is that the joint on which the spinning arm turns is inadequately insulated from water and grit - it is a metal tube with a plastic collar. Water carrying grit and other gunk can easily get to this part of the rotating mechanism and once it is in there the friction increases and the thing stops turning. So, I dismantled it, washed the grit out and put it back together and it was fine. For ten mins and it did it again, and again, and again and again. I must have taken it apart 10 times this afternoon. So, it did the job, and the machine is decent, but the accessory is poor. I thought about buying a more expensive attachment from Nilfisk but a number of the reviews report a similar symptom of the rotating arm stopping rotating. If the internal build process is the same then the reason will be the same. No good I'm afraid. Will now have to decide whether to keep the item and buy a proper attachment with a nilfisk adaptor or return the whole thing and have nothing to snowfoam the car with.
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on 16 April 2017
Fantastic product used it for cleaning slabbed patio, block paved drive be warned you will have to re sand it, cleaning car be warned stand well back from car as mine has removed the lacquer from both my alloy wheels and possibly a bit from my paint work although I think there was damage to both beforehand. I needed to remove cement from a garden wall prior to re pointing it so I used the nilfisk. Great. Didn't leave it in the 1 place for too long as didn't want the wall to collapse.
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on 30 December 2014
I bought this to replace an earlier Nilfisk pressure washer that died after only a couple of years - the water pressure switch in that one stopped working - hopefully this one will be longer lasting.

it's a very compact machine, but seems well made and plenty of power for washing cars and cleaning paving slabs and decking.

Don't go overboard looking for one with all of the accessories. This machine did come with an excellent rotating/vibrating jet nozzle that really cleans very well. But the round patio cleaning brush is pointless and simply doesn't work very well - you're better off just using the regular jet.

As with the previous Nilfisk machine, I find the high pressure hose rather stiff and it tends to get kinked - and it's never quite long enough. And the whole machine is a bit light - good for carrying around, but it can fall over.

However, this machine is ideal for occasional use - washing the car every week or so - and it's a good price for that. If you want something bigger there's a large step up in price to the next models.
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on 25 March 2015
Works better than you would think given its diminutive size. I cant really tell the difference between its performance and my now broken Karcher 3.99 despite the Karcher being twice the size and weight, The flag cleaning attachment works great as well. Design wise it's strangely laid out with the garden hose attaching at the front and the high pressure hose connecting at the rear (??) and the elec supply flex connecting at the side.
This means you need the machine to face away from you while in use otherwise the high pressure hose has to curl around the machine shortening its usable length and makes it easy to pull the washer over or kink (and knacker) the hose. It also makes storage difficult as the high pressure hose is the first thing to touch a wall so you risk damaging it by kinking it if pushed against a wall. Disconnecting it after every use is a pain and could have been avoided by reversing the connections or having both on the front as you'd expect.
Apart from this? Good little washer that cost only a few pounds more than a flag cleaning attachment on its own costs for a Karcher
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on 15 June 2015
I bought this in the lightning deals last year. It's a great washer. I bought it mainly for cleaning the slabs in our garden which had turned a horrible green colour, I tried scrubbing them with a normal brush but it was hard work and the results weren't great. With this pressure washer it's a breeze, it's very powerful and minimal effort is required. My slabs are now back to their original colour. I have gravel in my garden which had also gone off colour due to having a dog using it as his toilet. The washer made short work of the gravel and it looks brand new again, I will say the pressure is very strong and you have to be careful that your stones are flying around everywhere! It's very easy to set up, we don't have an outside tap but was no problem running a hose from the kitchen sink. It comes with lots of different attachments, we haven't used all of them yet.
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on 13 May 2017
The product, for the price I paid, is not to bad. The assembly instructions could be improved slightly. It assembled with ease and I was ready to go quickly.

The main build of the unit is okay and worked as expected. Whilst assembling the patio cleaner I noted that the plastic was flimsy and didn't seem to be of the same build quality.

On first use, it worked and removed the surface dirt from the areas with ease. It did however struggle with the more stubborn lichen and heavier soiled flags.
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