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on 3 March 2013
Lets say from the beginning that this headtorch is not a Petzl Tikka BUT you are paying nothing like Petzl prices. Its a good solid feeling little torch that works well and is great value for money. (Even comes with batteries)Like others here I bought it mainly as an aid in astromical work and for that its fine. You get one central red LED and two white LEDs, one either side the red and is certainly bright enough to read a star atlas with, without being too bright.The switch is good in that one way is red light and the other way is white. You do not have to go through white to get to red which is useful in preserving night vision.
Packaging and delivery were spot on - impressed all round.
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on 14 November 2013
I needed a torch for reading my star charts without losing my night vision.

Many of the 'red' torches can be up to £20 so this looked a good price, but did it do the job ?

You have to fit the 3 AAA batteries supplied and the head band yourself. Fitting the batteries was a slight problem as the clip was a little stiff to open but better it being too loose and the batteries falling out in the dark ! The strap too was a little fiddly to fit but the headlamp was soon ready for use.

The lamp itself has three LED's ( light emitting diodes ) one red for night vision and two to act as a standard hands free headlamp. Once you have your night vision after about 10 minuets one LED is just about right and I was able to read the charts.

The lamp itself can be angled downwards via hinge on the base. It also has a rubber pad to cushion the lamp whilst resting on your forehead

For les than £5 delivered it's great value and it in my opinion works just as well as one of the specialist astronomy torches AND it's hands free.

The seller UK Hobby Store also sell other astronomy tools and scopes etc so will have a look after Christmas, if I have any money left, and take a look at their store
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on 28 March 2014
I bought this product to take with me to my basic military training as it is listed on the kit list I received. The product is very sturdy and the light it produces is very bright, and the mechanism that allows you to angle the light beam up or down seems very durable. The elastic band is great - it keeps the light securely in place but also feels very comfortable. There is also foam padding between your forehead and the until which is fab!
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on 3 March 2015
I bought this item as a gift for a couple that will shortly be having their first children - twins. I know they will need their hands free during the middle of the night so I wanted to pick them up a head torch that also had a red LED which is hard to find.

The eye is able to see perfectly in the dark of night with a red light and does not require time to adjust, you can use it as soon as you wake up and see very clearly. Red lights/torches are used for night time astronomy and sailing amongst many other uses. I use a red LED torch every single night when I am awake but my partner is not, and I have never woken her up with the red light.

Most of the head torches that are available make you scroll through the bright white settings either before getting to the red LED or before turning it off, both of which would illuminate the room with white light and more than likely wake up a newborn and lead to all kinds of headaches for the new parents.

That is why this one is so special. It has a dedicated switch to turn the red light on and off which will allow them to get up in the middle of the night as new parents need to and take care of the children without blinding themselves or the little ones.

Also it is extremely lightweight which I am sure will be appreciated when carrying around two bundles of joy/terror at 2AM.

The merchant shipped the item very quickly (next day despite paying nothing for the 3-5 day service...YAY!) and I am very happy with their service.
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on 15 March 2018
Works as expected. Tiltable, headband-mounted, red or white light useful if one needs directable torchlight whilst keeping both hands free. I bought this for use when setting up/changing accessories on my telescope.

I had difficulty joining up the two ends of the elasticated strap using the buckle. It's possible that I misunderstood what was required. Anyway, I ran out of patience and cut off the loop at one end of the strap, so that I only had to push a single thickness, rather than a double thickness, of the strap through the buckle. Once fastened, the buckle does not need to be undone (as the strap is elasticated).
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on 16 September 2016
First, you can find this exact-same design at lower prices in very many outlets.

Second, the swivel head relies solely on friction to stay in place. In no time at all, it starts losing this friction and irritatingly droops so that you can't really use it other than by getting the superglue bottle out.

For the price, it's passable, and the battery life is good. The lensing of the red light, though, is quite poor because there is not much directivity to it.
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on 26 March 2015
It's alright, but the Energizer 3 LED headlight is significantly brighter for the same price. And it's not just 2 vs 3 white LEDs; the LEDs used in this torch are noticeably dimmer.

The red light mode is bright enough to allow night work, but I'm not sure it actually preserves night vision, as it's not the deep >700nm maroon-red that one would need for that.

The light is very uneven, so for close work it works best if you stick some matte sellotape on it to diffuse it properly.
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on 6 November 2015
A simple, lightweight and reliable torch. Operation is with a slider switch, one way for red, the other way for white. The central off position is fairly positive so it is unlikely to switch itself on when in your pocket or rucksack.

There are smarter torches which have dimming and flashing functions, but this one has one great advantage over all of those: as the battery gets low, the smart torches suddenly cut out when the voltage drops too low. Not what you want coming down off a hill late at night with a fading battery! This simple torch just keeps getting dimmer and dimmer and it will get you off that hill! For this reason alone, I carry it as a spare when outdoors. I use it for astronomy and night photography and for reading in my tent at night.

On the down side: head band is a bit on the short side, it is not the most comfortable to wear although it's ok over a woolly hat, and if you're a late night jogger, forget it - the tilt has no ratchet and slips down as you run.
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on 11 March 2013
Bought for the red LED to use in astronomy. The lamp head is hinged, the light is bright and the plastic body has a pleasant matte finish. The head pad and strap are very comfortable. Comes with 3 AAA batteries, - the instructions state that you shouldn't use rechargeables, but I've tried a set and they appear to work ok.
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VINE VOICEon 14 February 2015
I am now on my third one of these. The two colour headlights are great for use in my observatory. The strong red light is enough to read star charts etc by, but not so strong your night vision gets ruined. The bright white light is good for using in the clearing up after a star viewing session.

I have actually broken 2 of these already, I can't fault the lamps, the breaks are due to clumsiness on my part, so I don't hesitate in recommending these. I will get another when I break my current one!
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