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on 12 November 2014
Some of the good old rave tunes on here. Love to drive along to this.
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on 19 April 2013
Even though I bought the individual tracks through another site, to have the mixes in a physical, searchable form is valuable in itself. definitely worth the price. I would happily recommend this to anyone who likes hardcore of any subgenre.
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on 21 March 2013
THIS ALBUM IS AMAZING AND I RECOMMEND IT 100%!!!!!!!!! Also it was shipped out and got to me right on time :)!!!
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on 21 March 2013
This is by far and wide the worst album of the series.

I am by no means one of these doom mongers of hardcore, the last Clubland Xtreme Hardcore was the best and enjoyed all the previous ones, but this one is such a huge disappointment.

The only tracks that really stand out are the ones that have been on previous CLXH albums, even appearing twice! There's around 14 on there!

Don't buy until you've heard, that's all I'm saying.
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on 21 April 2013
I have all the previous CD's and really enjoyed the last 3 however '9' is a real let down. The tunes are all DUBSTEP mash ups! Not true hardcore and have little rhythmic beat - so I could NOT use any for my gym MP3 :-((

Major disappointment!
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on 29 April 2013
Darren Styles is back, I've not heard anything good from him since CXH4, I think he did a gr8 job on his CD, I like all the tracks on this one.
Honestly Breeze is actually doing something intelligent for once by not playing hardcore. He has bad taste in it anyway, I only liked CXH1,2 and 4 from him so far.
Gammer tried new stuff, the mix is short but completely wicked you it is 100% hardcore.
And the last CD is a deception, what i don't actually don't like about hixxy is that his music stopped evolving since 2006. Alright?
Look, the s*** is totally sloppy, Only a fool would open up the way you do, Nobody likes the records that you play.
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on 4 May 2013
Looks like I am reviewing a different album to the ones everyone else has reviewed as I thought on the whole this was awful. I have been into Hardcore since the 90s, evolving from Happy Hardcore into the UK Hardcore scene of recent times. There are some good UK Hardcore tunes around but they seem to be fewer and further between than before. Seems to me that the majority of it is going commercial which is a shame.

As for the album. Never really rated Darren Styles since he split from the Force & Styles combo and have always felt he was far more interested in commercial sales than the music. Tunes are generally slower than I would like and have lots of stops and starts. That has been his style (no pun intended) for the last 10 years, so it isn't going to change now. A couple of good tunes on his mix but I wasn't expecting much anyway. Breeze however I had hoped for more from. His CD is possibly the worst on the album and is largely what led to my title. SINCE WHEN IS DUBSTEP HARDCORE??!! Seriously, if you want to do that then fine, but don't go calling it hardcore. I was a huge fan of Vinylgroover until he went to hard house (along with Billy Bunter) but at least they had the decency to tell you they were changing direction. Frankly I was embarrassed to be listening to Breeze's mix - I listened to it all to see if anything would come of it but frankly it was unbelievably bad. CD3 for me is by far and away the best of the 3. That is what Hardcore is about - upbeat, bouncy and with energy. Perhaps I am not with the current scene hence my review is different to everyone else, but if that is the case then the current scene should not be called Hardcore. Ok, Hixxy hasn't changed much but this isn't the classic-core or even Happy Hardcore. There is evolution but for me he has stayed true to what Hardcore is rather than changing it for the next flavour of the month genre like Darren Styles and not it seems Breeze too. I just hope that Other DJs don't do the same as to me it seems that Hardcore is dying off and turning into the same old meaningless rubbish you find anywhere.

Rant over. First 2 CDs 1 out of 5. 4 out of 5 for the 3rd.
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on 20 March 2013
I love hardcore, used to rave all the time now married with kids! Still keep up to date with the music and this is a must have album. Since buying yesterday I have only listened a few times on the way to work but Darren Styles cd is head and shoulders above the others, not to put the others down as they too are class just that his has once again taken hardcore to the next level. Worth the price alone for the Darren Styles feat Molly track "never forget". My years journey to work has now got easier... now if only they would release a few volumes a year.
If you like hardcore or any dance genre give this album a go, pure class!
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on 26 March 2013
Depending on what you expect when you buy this album will affect whether you enjoy it or not. The title of this CD is misleading. If you are expecting a pure UK Hardcore album then you are going to be very disappointed. However, if you see it as a heavy/dirty DnB album influenced heavily by commercial hardcore, it's very good. It's not exactly DnB but it isn't UK Hardcore either, it's a new hybrid.

For a hardcore CD - 3/5. For a commercial DnB CD - 5/5. hybrid = 4/5.

CD1 - Darren Styles
There are some really nice Hardcore/DnB hybrid vocal tunes on this album like what you might find on the HU Breaks album. "Unstoppable", "Magnetic Eyes", "The Raver", "Fight".. in fact the majority of tracks on this disk are very catchy vocal tunes. Somebody mentioned the dubstep remix of "Save Me" being awful. I actually really like it. However, this brings up the main point.... what is 140BPM dubstep doing on a UK hardcore album? Nevertheless this is a brilliant CD. Not sure if CD1 or CD2 is best.

CD2 - Breeze
There is a really good flow to this mix. The first five tracks are basically average dirty DnB. Track 6 (Body Scream) suddenly goes UK Hardcore/Dubstep hybrid and it sounds amazing. Track 7 suddenly slows everything down before Track 8 goes into a Jungle remix of Blind Faith. The genres are basically being mixed up constantly every few tracks so it's never boring. R3tro (track 21) is an amazing track -possibly the best on the whole album- and the overall mixing of this CD is great.... loving the transition between T15/16.

CD3 - Hixxy/Gammer
The Hixxy mix is pure cheese... Sort of the late 90s sound with the modern Clubland X-treme sound. Track 8 "Ano Hi Yume" is a really nice track. It's a shame that the whole mix is glitchy/jumpy and effectively ruined by this. Then there's the gammer mix... by track 20 we have the first "pure" UK Hardcore track on the entire disk before it goes into CD2-style DnB. Track 23 is an amazing hybrid of Getting Better and Icarus. "Tough Guy Scream" is good for an MC-track. The ending of this mix is very abrupt and it breaks into in-your-face swearing which isn't great if you have the CD playing out loud. Although I'm not offended it's not really that funny. Overall this CD is disappointing compared to disk 1 and 2, particularly given it's Hixxy/Gammer.

If you don't like this album, wait for Hardcore Underground 6 which is in a league of it's own.
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