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on 19 March 2014
I bought this MP3 player because I was so desperately bored swimming, but had resolved to swim for an hour 3 times a week.

Below are some points that I've noted:-

- I spent a long time making sure the earplugs fitted perfectly (they supply extra ones) before getting into a pool after reading some of the reviews on here about leaking earplugs letting water interfere with the sound. I had no problem at all with them falling out or water getting in, the sound quality was excellent.

- I made sure the black neck band was tightened to stop them from moving about when I was swimming, they stayed in place perfectly, though I had to wear my long hair in a ponytail (which I do to swim anyway) for them to be most comfortable.

- They were easy to charge up and a case of drag and drop to add music (or use Windows Media Player to sync with a playlist).

- I found that music was great to listen to while swimming; but I also enjoyed listening to audio books. I've never listened to audio books before and I'd always want music in the gym; but my swim sessions are more about relaxing than going hell for leather, and despite never having listened to an audio book before in my life; I've purchased quite a few now.

- Time seems to go much faster in the pool with music or a book to listen to!

- The headphones are sturdy and the cable feels like it's good quality, they do not feel cheap at all.

- The power button is the only thing that I don't like about these headphones; it is a bit fiddly and I kept pressing 'stop' on the MP3 player before I turned it off, so when I turned it on and the music didn't start I was confused and so kept turning it on and off again. This was mainly due to the fact that I was pausing the music before turning it off, and that I was trying to turn it on them while it was on my ears already. I started to turn it on before putting it onto my ears, and within a few uses I'd got used to the controls enough to be able to manipulate them while wearing the headset.

Overall, this is the best MP3 player I've ever owned, most versatile and comfortable!
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on 27 August 2015
Brilliant product and still working well after 2 years of frequent use. I don't actually use mine for swimming, but instead for sweaty gym work outs. The earphones stay in ear better than almost all other headphones I have used in the past. They don't break / degrade as easily due to sweat getting inside the ear. Not having wires/separate MP3 player is a big bonus. Sound quality is quite good, although perhaps not the best I have had through mid range headphones. Most annoying feature is no "seek function" which makes listening to long mix MP3s annoying if there is a song you want to fast forward - you cant. Really easy to load music onto it - comes up on the computer like a USB drive - no messing with unnecessary software. Works well for me on linux and windows computers. Overall a great bit of kit.
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on 27 October 2015
It works if you keep your head out the water but just does not stay in my ear if I start swimming a bit more aggressively. Soon as water leaks in it is totally unusable. Tried using it with a swimming hat but not much better. Tested the different buds and they vary from far too small or far too large so stuck with the medium size.

Would give it 1 star but its fine if you keep your head out the water. Once you start submerging your head it lasts about 5 minutes on 1 ear then the other ear then goes after 10 minutes. I normally battle on with a slight tune in my ear but its like listening to your neighbours music through the wall.

As I paid about £50 I keep trying it but it disappoints me every single time. Not prepared to buy anything else and be stung again. Will stick with this and enjoy my 10 min of music.
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on 1 September 2013
I have used this around ten times since buying it. I put this on underneath my swimming camp and googles. The left ear stays nice and loud. Its really good for swimming to. Like other reviewers, i find that one ear leaks water and then becomes very quiet, which is not helpful. You have to wait for it to dry out before it is usable. When both ears leaked on one occasion (i had put it on in a rush) it was still okish, i could faintly hear lyrics and the bass which was still better than nothing.

The buttons are easy to locate while swimming.

I find it is not good to run with. As i move, i can hear the large weight of the player inside my ear. It took ten minutes to stop being distracted by this. Also, i like to swim then run. Since the player is already wet, i can only hear from one ear on my runs. This means i still need to take my ipod to the gym.

It was easy to copy files to it. I didnt use the bloatware it wanted me to install, i just coped them across, as i would a usb stick and it worked fine.

It definitely beats the boredom of swimming, but it is not a perfect product yet.
Maybe i could get some ear pieces moulded to my ears for a better fit?
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on 23 September 2013
Had to give this 5*.Bought the player in February (its now September) and it still sounds amazingly crisp and clear after many months of use. I use it mainly for running and when I'm in the gym as it allows me to remain hands free.

The controls are intuitive and relatively easy to learn as they're split across both earpieces. There are a 3 different sized buds, and if you find your size you'll notice they create a very comfortable and firm fit. The player is quite light and well balanced for something that can easily last several hours without a charge. I noticed that I don't have to turn the volume up too loud either as the buds block out a huge amount of outside noise which is a nice benefit.

Build quality is typical Sony - high quality throughout and can be carried around in your pocket or bag without the worry of it getting damaged. The charger needs to be carried around sometimes as it has a unique charging dock. Music can be drag and dropped onto the player with any usual PC.

Recommended for anyone looking for a high sound quality, light and easy to use player.
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on 26 February 2014
I recently took up swimming and something i miss is music when Im working out. This Walkman seemed perfect, its good value and its waterproof!

It maybe water proof however this is not design for swimming. As i pushed off on my first lap the headphone came off immediately, due to the design the headphone are not as close to ears as it could be which creates allot of friction with the water. I did solve this issue by holding the cables with my goggles and this did keep it in place.

The other issue is that if any tiny bit of water gets into the speaker area the sound is blocked or greatly reduced even at maximum volume. I could barely hear the music and could not focus on the music while i was swimming. Its a great idea bit the weird shape and design of the ear piece may this unusable for swimming. I will try out larger ear plugs which i got with another standard headphone and see if this can make a difference but i doubt it very much.

The lightness and the compact Walkman would seem ideal of other sports activities as jogging but ive yet to experiment on anything else to see if it would fall off.
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on 23 March 2014
I found the buttons and operation more fiddly than a previous pair I had. Initally pleased as my previous ones worked well until I did not seal the connection area for charger properly and they stopped functioning when i went swimming but the Sony ones do not have this issue.

I found none of the ear buds fitted well so there was always leakage of water., they also were not fit securely on the player and so I was constantly loosing them.

After a few months of using couple of times a week some of the buttons have stopped working, including the on/off switch. Therefore once charged they slowly discharge. Today they switched off while swimming but once home I got them to start again. I have just ordered a different make and will just ensure I seal the charging area properly this time.
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on 31 May 2013
I must say I have only had this MP3 player for a day and I have never written a review after I have had a product for 1 day.But this product is so impressive,I took it out of the packaging,read the instructions and charged it up on my computer.Only took just over an hour.Then I downloaded a couple of albums,put the headphones on,adjusted the volume and listened to clear,crisp music all day long while I was doing some DIY work at home...You can press the shuffle button to shuffle your music,then press it again to put it back to normal....you just have to remember where the buttons are,not really a problem.All buttons are easily handled.....Although I am a good swimmer and a retired Lifeguard and Fitness Instructor,I personally would not use or recommend the use of an MP3 player in the pool or in the sea as it can cause you to switch off and not be aware of people and safety issues around you.
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on 2 January 2015
Great set of headphones for the gym / swimming /active lifestyle

Pro: waterproof, works well underwater for the casual swimmer, great in the gym the in ear doesn't seem to cause excessive thud when running, quick charge is a dream, easy to drag and drop files, simple to put on, many in ear adapters for all ear sizes.

Con: if water gets in to your ear or the device you wont be able to hear (dont worry about hitting it to clear the water they are sturdy!) the charging dock is a concern if that ever dies / gets lost its an expensive part to buy! There is no skip ahead of a song function only skip song.

Tips: use the middle band to keep it tight on your head I cannot stress this enough
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on 12 February 2017
Disappointed with this product, mostly because of its shape. I bought it primarily for swimming, but first of all it doesn't fit very well in the ear despite the three earbuds sizes. The earphones are quite bulky and uncomfortable to wear, and they move out of ear as soon as you start swimming. I tried wearing a cap to keep it in place, but nonetheless water goes quickly between the earphone and the ear meaning that the sound is then muffled, even when a lot of pressure is applied to keep them in place. As a result, I must have used it 3 times and it is since sitting in my drawer. Would not recommend if you are buying it to swim.
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