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on 20 March 2014
I do like this model it's the second Garmin for us and I found it quite easy to use and a little clearer following instructions on screen particularly when having to turn right or left. Think we will get along just fine!!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 3 December 2014
This is mostly a cosmetic update to the Nuvi 50 model the features are very much the same as the older model, screen and features are the same just a nicer case; some of the higher end features are missing so don't expect all the bells and whistles of more expensive models, but it's certainly decent value for money and a good choice for new users or folks looking for a simple easy to use device.

Note: This model comes with the lifetime maps which is well worth getting in my view

As with every Garmin you get the windscreen mount suction pad and the in car power supply/charger you'll need a mini USB cable to update it though

What you get:
+ Fairly good 5" LCD screen these have improved a lot over the years it's not ultra high res (480 x 272) but quite readable in bright light and does the job just fine
+ Route planning is fairly good most of the time, but take note to set the GPS to avoid smaller roads and set the journey time to "quickest time" this helps, like all GPS units I've used none are super intelligent but it will get you there
+ You do have speed alerts this displays the current speed limit and you get speed camera alerts
+ Voice technology has improved for Garmin recently it's not as fluent as Tom Tom but getting better some pronunciations are off, but it's good enough to know what road you are on and most are fine, street names are spoken so it's not just a case of turn left next junction you get the road names
+ Lane assist and Junction view, quite handy and fool proof for motorway driving the screen splits in half and the current route on the left hand side, when a lane change is coming up the right part of the screen shows clearly with arrows and signs for the required lane on your route you can't really go wrong with this and I've used it extensively on the M4 (a common route for me) and it was flawless
+ You can add additional points of interests, and you get the "where am I" locator withand information on nearest petrol station and hospitals etc
+ Trip log is included this draws a line on the map showing where you've been before and based on some fairly heavy mileage the range is quite a lot (eventually it re-draws the log after a lot of miles)
+ Option to expand storage with micro SD card

What's missing:
- No trip planner this allowed you to set multiple waypoints along a journey not a huge omission being honest more useful for bigger journeys or when you want to visit many locations along a route (you can workaround this simply entering the routes as you need them)
- Doesn't have Bluetooth, nor MP3 or audio book playback, or the pedestrian mode... mid level models have this
- No 3d terrain view or buildings/landmarks (not a huge loss really)
- No Traffic Trends (which knows the congestion rates at certain times thus avoiding heavy traffic routes) and no My Trends which predicts your route based on previous journeys. You also don't have multiple route choices as you do on mid level models
- Not Traffic compatible, even if you buy the add on receiver it won't work as the GPS doesn't support it

Garmin quote 2 hours for the battery life, I've found that to be a tad optimistic but this is rarely used outside the car

Despite the number of cut down areas the Nuvi 52 still has the basics you'd want on a Sat Nav minus a few things which Garmin have decided to keep for the higher priced models, probably the biggest loss is the choice to pick multiple routes for a set destination as it is you'll get one based on the settings (ie avoid tolls and motorways or non paved roads etc) where as other models I've used allow you to cycle through the various routes on offer.

Letting that one point go, overall though it's a decent enough Sat Nav, but like all models mapping isn't perfect (some roads in Wales were a bit off due to recent work) and routing isn't always 100% either you do get the odd trip down a country lane, but it is improving and it's probably worth going for the lifetime maps if you are a frequent road user (ie for work) if you don't go with that then you get the "new maps" guarantee which allows you to download the most up to date map.

Probably the best part of a GPS is when you take a wrong turn, it will re-route you fairly quickly to correct that, esp useful if you are driving in an area you are not overly familiar with. Even without that having an on screen rolling map is also extremely handy and I use this a lot just to have the layout ahead right on screen. Once you dip your toes into the GPS water even at this level it's hard to go back to not having one or using the old paper map method.

Really despite some niggles and missing bits, you can't really complain too much basic or not these devices cost quite a lot 10 years ago and they've improved hugely in accuracy, routing and speed of use. If you want the additional extras I'd look at some of the mid level models in the range, otherwise this is a good buy.

Current map for UK and ROI is 2015.30
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on 9 March 2014
Read some very good reviews when I saw it on offer as I was sending my TomTom for repair.
I have been using it for ten days and feel really disappointed. It has a good, big and bright screen but has many problems. It has been losing signal frequently, I suspect due to bad weather but this is Britain where it is cloudy and wet most of the year.

Talking about Britain, the Nuvi expect a change of country each time the route crosses from one part of the country to another i.e. Scotland to England or England to Wales. This also means significant limitation to the use of post code for planning your route. You have to change country if you plan a route from an address in Newport to another in Bristol!

Will update my report after upgrading the software. Just hope Garmin Nuvi people would revise and amend their software to treat the UK as one country, to allow post codes as they were meant to be used. If you are planning to buy a Nuvi 52LM, think again!

PS. I suspect the loss of signal was related to the power supply. It does not work well when you use a power sharing connector or when you rely on its battery whilst navigation. It rarely lose its signal when connected directly to the car power supply (cigarette lighter).

Revised my rating to four stars now! One star penalty for the menu!
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on 10 December 2013
After 6 years owning a TomTom I decided to purchase the Nuvi 52LM as, according to many reviews, it was a superior device to the comparable TomTom. I have used it a couple of time and I have to say the routing is dire and no amount of fiddling with the settings or trying to contact Garmin has helped. Trying to get from Bournemouth to Cheltenham (with fastest route selected) resulted in a journey across country up to Salisbury and across Salisbury plain (a tractor would have been more appropriate) when the M27 | M3 | A34 route is clearly the quickest. (Note there is no option to "prefer motorways" as on TomTom).
If I could think of a reason to return this item as faulty then I would and I'd buy another TomTom.
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on 7 September 2015
this is the worst garmin sat nav i have had its been a problem from day one. the map constantly freezes up so you have to watch it because of this, the routing is a joke. and garmin were quick enough to change it , but we warned garmin do a new for old policy ie u send your new sat nav, they will send you a recondisoned unit back. that now dise same thing spoke to them a stevie told me up date maps softwear so its come from them and i need to update? should that not have been done .
me i going to get tom tom or other i been with garmin for years . hope u have better luck than me
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on 27 February 2014
When I received the new Garmin product I was eager with anticipation to try it out, but the first problem I encountered was that there were no instructions in the box to tell me how to use it. I am still trying without success to use it properly. I can give you 2 quick examples of the problems I have had. I wanted to go to Southport and not knowing the post code or specific address tried putting a place of interest in "Southport Pleasure Beach". No response at all from the machine. Second problem is that I put the wrong address in the "Favourites" menu and as such wanted to delete it from the list. Again I am unable to delete it. This product is the biggest disappointment I have ever purchased. I would really like someone from Garmin to contact me by email to solve my initial problems. I have stopped using it, so there may be other issues I would find if I used it. At least if someone from Garmin would kindly call me to resolve my issues, I would at least have a contact within the company and maybe I would stop telling my friends how poor the products is.
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on 26 April 2014
After struggling with smartphone nav systems for years with all the problems, I took the plunge and bought this, wow! what a difference, easy to set up and marvellous to use, clear and precise, 10/10!
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on 13 January 2015
Diverted me off the A14 to go 2 miles in the wrong direction only to put me back on the A14 were it had originally taken me off?
It can cope with journeys under 30 miles. I always take it with a pinch of salt though
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on 19 August 2014
Good product but has lost where we are on a couple of occasions but maybe we have not got used to it yet
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on 1 October 2014
A very good device, nice big screen and clear layout.
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