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on 5 January 2014
I upgraded from a HTC wildfire (~yes that old) to this. I was supposed to get a nexus 5 but they messed up my delivery order so did some looking around and found this the best choice for my budget (£340 at the time)

I have the white version

++ Design is top notch, love the look of the glass surfaces
++ black is definitly the sleekest colour to choose
++comes with good quality headphones and screenwipe and protectors
++custom SONY screen protector is already installed (can be removed but i believe this one is shatterproof? I just put one on top)
++ can run pretty much any app out there
++Kitkat should be supported
++ not much bloatware
++seems like the heavy chassis is good protection (check out some drop tests on youtube)
++ WATERPROOF!! big feature. Very usefull when i want to watch.... videos in the shower
++ Full HD screen on brightest settings is lovely
++ expandable storage

-- picks up scratches and dust and fingerprints like hell
-- one single side speaker is not very loud and quality is not amazing (loudspeaker for example is not great)
-- black looks better but is more expensive (personal i guess)
-- Torch / Flashlight is not very bright
-- battery lasts for a day so nightly charges are a must.
-- Monster of a screen drains battery quickly

No issues so far, very quick, looks good physically and inside the device. Running standard firmware no custom roms.
Pretty big phone although i have small hands. For this price you can get a nexus 5 for much cheaper and its a newer model if you are willing to compromise on a few features.

Overall it is a great phone. Bear in mind it was previously a flagship model so it can still hold its ground against some of the newer phones. Not top dog anymore but it will run anything out at the moment with ease.

Had the phone for 11 months and the thing broke on me. So here is an update!

I would still buy this phone again (props to amazon for a full refund on my phone for being dodgy!!) After 11 months of near perfect use with no issues it decided to stop charging and booting up. lots of other people have this issue and it seems quite hard to get an actual fix (mixed results online).

++ At current prices (£199 especially) it is a steal. No longer top dog but will hold its own and will run all apps out there for a while.
++ has kitkat
++ waterproofing is brilliant and I will miss it on my new phone
++ Solid build, dropped numerous times and has a few small scratches. No cracks or shattering!!
++ Screen is great and I will miss going to a smaller size or resolution

-- battery gets drained
-- you need external storage to get a multimedia device (unlesss you are a peasant and dont run 1080p films on this beauty of a screen)
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on 6 September 2013
When it comes to smartphones we are somewhat spoilt for choice, they all offer something different to each other. When it came to choosing which phone to upgrade to, my choice was easier to make, I hate Apple products completely and would never use any of their cr*p if they paid me. My previous phone was a Nokia Lumia which was great apart from the lack of apps and the poor battery life. I chose the Xperia primarily for the Walkman and the super HD quality screen. The battery life is long even with many of the apps running in the background. With it being Android, the wealth of apps available is extensive. I have a Sony Bravia TV so was able to make use of the Xperia's unique function such as mirroring and NFC. Despite being a little larger than my Nokia Lumia, it is much lighter. It is worth purchasing a larger memory card, I used the SanDisk microSDXC64gb (sony claim that you cannot use more than a 32gb card, you can, you just need to format the card when inserted in the phone). I love this phone, goodbye Nokia.
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on 16 October 2016
Bough this as a present for a friend after having owned one myself. The Xperia Z is definitely one of the best phone in the market at a very good price point and also the best line from Sony without a doubt. The phone has some great specs with a stunning camera while the water resistance adds cherry on top of the cake. The phone has 16GB storage built in with option of a micro sd (which is becoming a rarity in phone now).

The phone is very well built and looks great in the hand. The display is sharp and the software is very fast and snappy. The only negative would be the non removable battery - but that seems to be the case with over 90% of flagships now.
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on 14 January 2014
Really can't fault this handset.....it works perfectly and is slim,sleek and classy! I gave my Sony Xperia Z to my partner and bought the Xperia Z1 for myself,it was a massive mistake as there are inherent problems with the touchscreen sensors on the Z1 making it pretty useless (apalling quality control on the Z1 given that it is a top of the range phone!) check out Youtube to see this issue.

I have sent my Z1 back for a refund and have now bought another Sony Xperia Z as there were never any issues with it and as far as Im concerned it beats the Z1 handsdown (particularly as it has just been upgraded to android version 4.3 with Kitkat coming shortly)

Can thoroughly recommend this handset,it is brilliant and I really wouldn't waste your time(or money) on the Z1 until they get the quality control issues with the touch screen sorted......cannot wait for my second Xperia Z to arrive!!
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on 13 October 2016
This thing had lasted me ages, I got is second hand years ago and all that happened to it was the flaps came off a bit and it got more scratched. As for the software, its running as smoothly as ever. Withstands a good bash due to the square design as well.The battery is still going faily well too, I can still get a day and a half out of this thing. Antenna wasnt band either from what i remember. Design does look old now though. Hence why I got a new phone.
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on 28 March 2016
Terrible. The build quality of sony products has really declined over the years. I have owned a few sony products in the same range and they all have terrible build quality.

One of the problems is the water-proof seal breaks off a few months of use. I only had this problem with the headphone and USB cover because I was constantly opening them.

Another problem is that if the screen breaks then the touch goes and is then completely useless.I've had the screen smash twice. The second time was completely bizarre. One second it was completely fine and the next it was broken. It wasn't even dropped.

It was also extremely uncomfortable to make phone calls on this device because the edges were​ very sharp
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on 23 February 2015
I ordered the phone on Wednesday and received delivery within 2 days on Friday.So Thumbs up Amazon’s Warehouse for the Swift Delivery. I purchased the Xperia Z outright from Amazon as my previous Network provider offered me a contract of £30 for 2 years which works out to £720 over 2 years (twice as much as i am currently paying) . Therefore i chose to buy the phone (unlocked) from Amazon for £108 delivery included. The phone is alot better than my previous phone Xperia J which suffered alot of Lag and the insufficient memory to handle apps etc. Also the internal storage wasn’t enough, Had very low Ram, Poor Image Quality etc etc. I chose to go for the Xperia Z as it has a 16GB internal memory, 2GB Ram,13 Megapixel Camera, Waterproof, Dust Resistant and is 4G compatible - All this for a Bargain Price. The Only downside is that the Battery isn’t removable, needs constant re charging and lastly it does get quite warm on the rear especially when using the Camera and other Apps. All in all, it’s still early days but i am quite happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend.
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on 25 April 2014
ive had the phone 9 months now and amazed at how quick it is, it can do a great deal and things like gesture swiping for texts make my answers rapid to friends:). however a few things which annoy me are that the glass case smears on every touch.... i veer have been so frustrated on other phones... so it always looks dirty. it has a film over the glass to protect which gets swirls of scratches easily. the other things is the shape... yes its a big phone and very capable but its not nice to hold and in pockets and jackets its bulky... after time you almost don't want to have it with you just as its imposing... i have a work samsung s3 which feels great to hold and take calls with.. and I'm aiming to go back to that size....lastly the signal isn't always strong... it loses network easier than other I've noticed, as i said a superbly made piece but the small niggles annoy you which can't be ignored either.........
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on 16 August 2013
Great size screen and excellent picture quality.
Easy to use.
Very quick and responsive
Excellent storage capacity.
Water proof and very strong.
Sat Nav facility really accurate.
Although a big phone (5 inch screen), because it is thin it fits easily into jeans pockets.

Battery life not great. With general use will only last about 16-20 hours. On standby and low use I have managed 36 hours. I would suggest buying a car charger if you intend to use all day or keep your charger with you as i would only expect about 8-10 hours if used excessively.

Overall happy with phone. I have even managed to get Netflix onto our TV with an HDMI adaptor.
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on 3 May 2014
I purchased this phone because I wanted a phone with good quality camera and video recording as my last phone was rubbish. This has excellent picture quality and zoom in and I also like listening to music on it which has excellent sound quality. This is the first Sony phone I have owned and I am very happy with it. The only problem I have found is that sometimes the battery doesn't fully charge, even if I have left it on charge all night from a dead battery and left the phone switched off. Also it would be better if you could go into your phone to change music or whatever while playing games.
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