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on 8 February 2014
Aside from the slightly problematic issue of apps crashing every-so-often; it's a wonderful phone if you go out in the rain a lot or love to bathe but hate your inability to use a phone at the same time, or just want to frighten your friends by dunking it in your drink.
Laugh as other plebs who didn't spend inordinate amounts of money on their phone shield them from the rain, and never worry about water damage again.
Just make sure you close the flaps properly, otherwise karma will slap you in the face with a wet fish.
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on 27 June 2017
Have had nothing but trouble with this phone since i bought it.
The charger connector keeps breaking, and so far i have had to have 3 new ones replaced, it has cost me nothing but money.
never again .
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on 26 May 2014
I've had it for 2 weeks now and it won't turn on, I've tried all the resets like the power button whilst pressing the volume up button but nothing works it's dead. I don't think you should be able to charge this much for broken equipment, as well as having misleading reviews praising the product on your site. The problem is very common and should be highlighted/ warned to those wishing to make this purchase.
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on 25 April 2014
very quick delivery. good size to handle well worth the money only thing is I would have liked to have received a reciet for my money
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on 21 May 2015
Horrible battery life. Phone returned back.
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on 17 March 2013
I am a self proclaimed gadget geek and the Xperia Z is my latest toy! So here is an honest review of the phone:


Yes it is stunning when viewed straight on - detailing is crystal sharp, colours are natural and reading text (Internet, SMS etc) is a delight. What you will notice is that when viewed from an angle the colours become washed out and the blacks appear grey. May be good for privacy (as the screen does blur) but in my opinion, it is a downside. You will definitely notice the HD crispness when watching movies - it is stunning.


Probably one of the most impressive functions of the phone. I've taking pictures in various situations (sunlight, night time, macro etc) and it has produced stunning photos. It has an auto adjust function that will try and detect the best setting for a scene and it works 95% of the time. The smile and blink settings are genius - it will only snap the shot when a smile and open eyes are detected - very clever. The flash is adequate and again, this can be auto adjusted when taking a photo (red-eye reduction, normal, fill flash etc). The HDR mode produces beautiful pictures and the editing software is adequate (wish it was more like Apple's iPhoto). Video recording is HD and HDR and produces lovely home movies.


It's basically faster than you'll ever need. Quad core processors clocked at 1.5GHZ. The phone smoothly glides through apps, downloads, internet browsing etc - the processing power is truly great.


For around £500 to purchase outright, you want quality right? The materials used for the Xperia Z really give it the WOW appeal - Toughened glass front and back with minimal plastic panels around the sides - it feels expensive. I'm not impressed with the fingerprints that are left behind (but that happens with all touch screen devices right?), maybe so, but this phone seems to attract more than other devices i've used in the past. I've heard people who use the black model of this phone complain about dust getting trapped between the screen and plastic panels. I can see how this would happen but the white model doesn't suffer this problem. Waterproof and dust proof? A gimmick? Probably, but I know if I ever dropped this in water and it didn't have that protection, I would be gutted. Better safe than sorry seems to be the motto here? Yes, the phone is big but it has a 5" screen so have to expect that. It is beautifully slim and holds nicely in one hand - a big plus is that the on/off/standby button is located centrally on the right hand side, easily operated with your thumb.


The small apps feature is a wonderful addition - you can launch mini apps (camera, calculator, notes etc) while in another app - you don't need to stop what your doing to open them. They launch at the blink of an eye and once done, you can 'cancel' them and you are free to carry on with what you were doing previously (for example, I was in the process of typing an email and wanted to take a picture at the same time - launched the mini camera app, took the photo, cancelled it and carried on with my email)

The music player is stunning. It is Walkman branded and the options you have within it are amazing. Various sound settings, equalizers (manual and pre-set), clear audio+, surround sound, clear stereo, xloud etc. They really do make a difference to what you are listening to and you have the choice to change it to your liking. I use the music player a lot (while travelling) and my music has never sounded better.

Sony Music and Video unlimited: Two services that Sony offer - basically the music function is Sony's paid version of 'Spotify' and the movie function is movie purchases and rentals - both work well and have a decent catalogue of titles. You can of course purchase music and movies from Google Play, Amazon MP3, 7digital etc but it is nice to have a choice as prices do vary between these various stores.
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on 1 March 2013
I have never owned a Sony phone, preferring in recent years to use a series of HTC's and more recently Samsung's (S2, Note and Note 2) so for me it was a big decision to give this a try as my main phone.

I received the phone this week with high expectations following several positive previews. Having been used to the Samsung Note, the size of the Sony was not a surprise or an issue. I have actually found it to be far more manageable using it with one hand compared to the Note. Still be warned this is a big and quite heavy device so won't be for everyone.

The main 'WOW' factor however is the stunning screen. I'm not going to get technical but visually this is the best quality screen both in terms of touch experience and clarity. Text is sharp and clear and easy to read and the colours are vibrant and brilliant. Watching movies on this is a joy and its very impressive.

The flaps over all the ports can get a little irritating especially the one on the charging port which you have to remove every time you plug in, but this is my only design gripe on what is a beautiful device.

Sony have kept the Android experience reasonably pure adding a few of their own widgets and apps but have not messed around too much. Its quick and never lags, so you can be confident it will handle anything.

I have added a 64GB MicroSD card to top up the 16GB it comes with and it works perfectly even though Sony states it will only handle 32GB cards....lovely!

Its supposed to be water resistant but I will let other reviewers comment on this as I'm not about to dunk this in my fish tank! I will just have to trust Sony on this one :-)

Now to the possible deal breaker, battery life. Its average at best. I am charging with about 10-15% remaining at the end of each day and I consider myself a heavy user. My Note II had a much better battery and I could easily get day and a half out of it so this may be a problem for some. I'm used to charging daily so not an issue for me but keep that charger handy!

One final slight criticism, why oh why did Sony ship their flagship phone with the out of date Android OS (4.1.2)??? Hopefully an update coming soon but its a silly decision from Sony in my opinion.

In summary this is a great looking, well-made and premium device and its great to have another major manufacturer in the game and making decent Android phones. I loved my Samsung's but to be honest got a little bored with the plastic materials they used and much prefer overall feel and quality build of the Sony.

I strongly recommend this phone and despite some minor niggles am very pleased with my purchase.
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on 13 August 2015
I used to be a huge fan of Sony, however I have the device quoted here - I am now looking at a nice shiny black useless piece of tech - the phones main screen has two hairline cracks within it - meaning the screen doesn't respond to touch in the effected area - additionally the micro SD card (additional memory) within the phone is damaged (not readable in other viable devices) - these two things combined I believe is down to the device overheating (this is just my opinion) - I recently updated to the latest Lollipop software & have had many issues post this (including a very hot handset) - re-sets of the device for example - my device has lasted just over two years which is a plus point but I would expect what is supposed to be a premier phone/brand to last much longer - I could pursue the issue with my phone which was not purchased through Amazon (Supply Of Goods act etc) as it is supposed to be viable for 6 years but I don't want the expense of potential paying for replacement parts which on reading the many forums out there has the potential to fail again - merely adding as an advisory here for any one considering buying this phone - don't get me wrong its a great device but I was flawed when it failed with little or no warning of the imminent failure. I am talking to Sony - I don't expect any change here but if positive moves are made on their behalf then I'll update here. Further update Sony have now repaired my phone free of charge - this has greatly aided me and is much appreciated :-)
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on 11 September 2013
I'm really happy with this phone - it's beautifully made and works perfectly. I've had it a year now and can't fault it. It is pretty much perfect: it never crashes, freezes or hangs, and it's the first phone I've had that actually works like it's meant to work! There's no point saying any more - there are plenty of techy reviews out there and I'm not going to add to them!
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on 18 December 2013
Having seen this phone, it was a no brainer to buy at the time. It looks great, feels nice and performs well.
After I looked at the specs it didn't seem to let me down.

Design & Display
The Xperia Z is quite a large phone but not too large to comfortably fit in your pocket. Compared to its predecessors the Xperia Z keeps it elegant with style having sleek style of thin rectangular sided with shatterproof glass decorating both sides to give it a sophisticated finish. The phone only being 7.9mm thick is still weighing a hefty 146g which is quite a downfall comparing it to the iPhone 5. It has 5 inch "HD Reality", 1080p display. It is a great screen which gives vivid viewing of videos for the user to enjoy and pictures which are a sensation to view.

User interface and usability
Easy, simple and efficient exactly what you would expect from a phone on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system. It also comes with some Sony UI customisable features to make it even more exciting. Some of the customisable features include seven fully customisable home screens available. The Sony Xperia Z benefits from the basic Android functions such as app shortcuts and widgets also calendar and mail widgets which have integrated adequately together giving great business assistance.

Sleek design
Waterproof and dust resistance
Powerful quad core processor
Micro SD slot ( extra memory)
Superb camera quality

Over heating
Finger print magnet

Overall, I have to say it is well worth getting if you are not a fan of samsung or Apple devices. As it is great to try something different and its price is not too bad either!
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