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on 7 January 2015
This coffee machine arrived on time and as described. It was easy to set up and came with a small selection of the coffee pods. I found it easy to use and the coffee was very good. We are now looking to buy some more of the coffee pods. We are also looking to buy a milk frother as the frother fitted to the machine seems to inject hot water to the cups, so you may need to consider this if you like milk coffees.
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on 22 March 2016
This machine was bought in July last year, we have not long started to use it, used approx. 20 pods and the machine leaks internally and externally. we are unable to return it. very disappointed!
Revision: 25.03.16. Thanks to the staff at Lavazza, this has now been sorted out, I am now expecting a new machine. 5 stars to them for their customer service.
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UPDATE 17.03.13

The coffee from this machine IS excellent in taste and I'll take back what I said about all the colours tasting the same; some ARE noticeably more smokey / bitter (in a nice way) Robusta tasting. But I can't remember which ones as the names/colours throw me.
Perhaps if they were named after famous people they might be more memorable -'Berlusconi', 'Il Papa' or 'Mussolini'!

You also get a wicked crema with this machine and the Lavazza pods.

I said that this machine doesn't do dosing but I've found that it DOES stop by itself just before the half-pint mark. This isn't mentioned in the instructions so I'm not sure if it's an intentional feature but it does seem consistent. If you have a big mug, you can always hit start again to top-up.

So, very tasty coffee is achievable with this machine if you're not too bothered about the steam wand or going down the pod route.
If you'd consider a more traditional loose-coffee espresso machine, checkout THIS BEAUTY:Ariete 850 Watt Moka Aroma, White! I notice the pre-order price is creeping up already but of course one wants assurance it works as well as it looks!


There are bags of these coffee pod machines around nowadays. All imposing the same forced loyalty to their roped-in customer base.

There are certain features which separate one model from another; here's where this machine stands:

1)Steam wand: Yes
2)Auto dosing: No
3)Spent pod capture:Yes
4)Adj. cup height: Sort of

1) There IS a steam wand but it is too short, not very effective (very loose foam), and fiddly to use and will drip on your worktop when not in use.

This seems bizarre considering that the tried and tested Espresso Point Matinee machine from Lavazza had a superb steam wand: any old Numpte could get a dense foam even from skimmed milk; it had SEPARATE buttons for steam or hot water and in storage position, drips fell directly into the drip tray. Maybe AEG didn't study previous models (which would seem shortsighted) when designing this one. Granted, the Matinee (still available on Amazon.com) is about £500- and built for commercial use but why try to reinvent the wheel -badly?

2) This is a manual machine. That is, you press the COFFEE button once to start the flow and a second time to stop. More advanced machines will have separate dosing buttons (Espresso/Double Espresso/Long) so you can press and walk away. This would be useful as the coffee takes a while to pour. At this price point I would expect automatic dosing, frankly. This Dolce Gutso offering has it at half the price: NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Melody 3 Play & Select by De'Longhi EDG625.B Coffee and Beverage Machine, Black. As does the basic Philips Senseo HD7814 Black Coffee Machine which looks far from top of the range.

3) The spent pods are held in a recepticle inside the machine. This sits on top of and drains into the drip tray waste reservoir. This whole section pulls-out for emptying and one has to be careful, remembering that the waste box just RESTS on top of the reservoir. I found that the reservoir filled-up quickly with clean water. The instructions explain this away as the normal result of a 'cooling cycle' executed every time between using the steam wand and making a coffee. With the reservoir filled with water, it is messy and fiddly to empty the spent pods.

4) Rather than having an adjustable cup platform, this machine has an extendable nozzle (Missus!) to suit different sized cups. It can JUST accommodate your standard 11cm 12 Oz paper cup. This would be a 'Petite' by modern coffee shop standards where a 'Regular' is a bucket.
As such, this AEG is a bit limited for cup size.

OK, so what about the coffee? One major plus is that they supply LOTS of pods in many varieties. They are not marked but instead come in a variety of gay colours. This is a bit annoying as you then need to look a a printed key to see what they are, a bit like chocolates. They also have ridiculous names like Appassionatamente, Deliziosamente, Inseminente(!) etcetera. This is completely daft and I don't know why they can't simply offer Crema e Aroma which is a Lavazza standard in my book.

Yes, the coffee actually tastes fine. Although I didn't find the different varieties particularly er.. different. Your Nescafé Dolce Gusto Espresso Barista, 16 Capsules are distinctly Robusta tasting compared to their 100% Arabica Americano. Conversely, the Lavazza 'Magicamente' (honestly!) pods which are 50/50 Robusta/Arabica aren't that dissimilar to the other silly named pods.

Yes, this does produce very nice coffee relatively quickly and conveniently.

There is a large range of coffee varieties available but the classic trademark Lavazza Crema e Aroma is conspicuous by its absence.

If you want to make cappuccino you'll struggle to make a lasting foam, will get drips on your worktop and have to empty the reservoir prematurely.

For what looks like a top-of-the-range machine this does seem to have some shortcomings.

Perhaps consider a 'proper' (and cheaper) espresso machine like this De'Longhi Icona ECO310.R Pump Espresso Machine, Scarlet Red which looks more the part to me. No plastic pods to send to landfill -the worms would thank you for it.

[My Ref: AEG/Lavazza tidy cube shaped espresso machine with rubbish steam nozzle. Mar 13]
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 February 2013
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This AEG Modo Mio Favola Lavazza coffee machine has advertised itself as using Italy's favourite coffee. Having been to Italy I can safely say that Lavazza is certainly a well advertised coffee there and Lavazza say that 16 million out of 20 million Italian coffee drinking families buy Lavazza. I'm not sure if this is true but you would expect the coffee from this machine to be nothing less than superb and the machine seems to make a pretty decent expresso. Anything larger than this size and it makes too diluted/weak coffee.

In the box comes 12 tester coffee pods for you to try:
2 Caffe Crema Lungo Dolcemente
1 Cremosamente Dek
2 Deliziosamente
1 La Selezioni Magicamente
3 Appassionatamente
2 Intensamente
1 Le Selezioni Divinamente

The machine is reasonably weighty and measures 23cm wide x 33cm deep x 25 high although you will need at least 35cm height clearance if you are planning on storing and using it under a cupboard or something. Compared to my Bosch Tassimo, I wouldn't say that the AEG machine is particularly well designed. The water container at the back is poorly designed and is very small. I found that I really need to be careful in filling the container up with water as there is a gap (as another reviewer mentions) between the water container and the coffee machine itself. This gap is to allow the very long silver part at the top of the machine to lift up which then allows you to put the coffee pod in after which you depress the lever to slide the coffee pod into place. I should mention that you can completely remove the water container from the machine to refill with water which I found far easier however I found the lid annoying as it is not attached in any way and in my opinion can get lost or damaged.

The front part of the machine has a drip container for water/coffee overflow from the cup and also doubles as the container to catch the used coffee pods. The machine is advertised as being able to dispense 12 coffee's (and hence coffee pods) without having to empty out the container however I found that the water reservoir at the rear is rather small and unless you really are sticking to espresso sized drinks, this isn't true. Another niggle is that you must press the water dispensing button in order to stop the water flow. Although this means you can have exactly the amount of water you want, it also means that you can't walk away from the machine. My Tassimo dispenses a set amount of water depending upon the type of drink you are having as it has a bar code reader which reads the code on the coffee disc.

On the right side of the machine there is a dial for controlling the frother. To use this, you just fill a cup (preferably a tall thin one) with cold milk and insert the spout into the milk. Then turn the dial to froth and warm the milk up. I actually really like this function as my Bosch Tassimo doesn't have anything like this and is great for heating up milk for the coffee as well as using it to make nice frothy hot chocolate. You'll have to be careful though as the spout stays really hot for a quite some time.

On searching for Lavazza coffee at my local Morrisons I found they didn't stock them at the time of review. I don't buy food over the internet but doing a quick search yielded only 3 places that stocked these types of coffee pods: Amazon where you can get about 48 mixed pods for about £20 or 16 for about £6; Tesco's where you can get 8 capsules for about £3; Waitrose where you can get 16 for about £6.95. Not commonly found in supermarkets by far compared to Nescafe's Dolce Gusto or Tassimo discs.

All in all it makes a nice espresso but don't look for anything larger and also has a high price tag although the frothing milk function is a very nice touch and allows you to have a nicer cup of coffee which stays warmer for longer. Not easy to buy coffee pods though and you'll probably find that your local supermarket doesn't stock them and will have to resign yourself to purchasing online coffee only. The pods do work out cheaper than for machines like the Tassimo. Personally I prefer my Tassimo although coffee pods are generally more expensive but easier to get hold of at my local supermarket.

UPDATE: Having used the machine for a while now I would strongly suggest pulling out the 'overspill' tray and using the 'coffee pod container' that catches used pods when switching on the frother each time you use it as water is expelled prior to it steaming and avoids a mess on the counter.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 25 February 2013
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This is a tidy, compact looking unit. The colour is quite a bright red, but the whole effect is just a little plasticky in appearance. There is a stand at the front to place a cup on into which the coffee is dispensed. To obtain milk froth one fills a cup about a third full with milk and places it under the steam spout and this produces a froth which can then be spooned or poured onto the coffee. However, the stand does not easily accommodate glass coffee cups where the rim is significantly wider than the base which is rather surprising.

The title of this unit is accurate in that this is an expresso machine. Each of the capsules will comfortably make about half a standard mug of coffee. If your preference is for a full mug you will end up with rather weak coffee. However, this machine does produce delicious, authentic Italian style coffee which is identical to what would be served up in a decent Italian restaurant.

The machine comes with a generous selection of two dozen capsules to try. Unlike some other machines it is not necessary to remove and dispose of the capsule after making each cup as there is a bin within the machine which will hold about twelve used capsules. The capsules themselves are easily obtainable and are comparable in price to Dulce Gusto and Nespresso capsules ie about 22p to 30p each. They can be bought through the Lavazzo site or elsewhere. Perhaps some might consider this expensive for a home produced cup of coffee. However if you have a Costa or Starbucks habit it does work out at a relative bargain.

The machine is not the fastest to produce a cup from a standing start and it does dispense the coffee at a fairly sedate pace. From turning the machine on I found that it took nearly three minutes to produce a cup of coffee with milk froth. A second cup is somewhat quicker. Our Dulce Gusto machine produces a full mug in just one minute twenty seconds, though in fairness I have to say we heat the milk in the microwave separately. Overall, this machine does not have any significant design advantages over others which I have tried, but it is hard to fault the coffee it produces which is excellent provided you do not like a long cup of coffee.
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on 24 January 2016
Great item. Did have the smaller Mini Modo Mio, this is just an expression machine. So when I saw this model with the added benefit of a steamer, I just had to have......
Excellent time, great price and delivered next day.

Recommended seller no problems encountered. Thank-you
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on 31 October 2013
its now 2 I have returned nice coffee when working unfortunately does not
work for very long, I thought Aeg where rock solid but not this product
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on 25 February 2016
Cannot comment as the machine did not function was returned
for a simple procedure to heat water and not to work in this day and age AEG should look at its products carefully
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on 15 March 2015
I love it. It's so simple to use. My friends who are serious coffee drinkers have all said that the coffee is good. I'm still trying to decide which capsule is my favourite.
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on 28 May 2015
Very good indeed. No instructions with the package though. However, I went on line and found all the info I required.

So far I am very satisfied.
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