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Bought the camera for a number of reasons (in order of importance)

i) Ability to charge from USB without having to pop out the battery every time it goes flat. Essential when travelling. Most digital cameras require you to have an AC charger with you - this makes sense for a professional camera, but NOT for a pocket digi camera which i take travelling with me.
ii) Good quality high def pictures & videos
iii) Ability to zoom while taking videos
iv) Good close up shots (both video & still)
v) Pocket sized. I like to have a camera with me at all times ready to use
vi) Good zoom with a decent lens
vii) Good standby battery life (many cameras eat their battery in weeks of standby without any use - how stupid is that?)
viii) Ease of use. Got to be simple to use. I wanted a camera that simply works without having to press lots of buttons.

This camera has fulfilled all my expectations. I'm so very happy with it.
Brilliant hi def videos, fantastic zoom, brilliant stills, easy to use, good battery life, charges via USB.

I've never owned a Samsung camera before, and it has surpassed all my expectations. If you're looking for an easy to use camera that takes excellent pictures and videos then this is the camera for you.

I'm sure professional photographers will find flaws in this camera, but then I'm not a professional photographer!..... Just looking for something that I can carry around with me all the time that is ready to take a snap within seconds of getting it out. Something reliable, quick & easy to operate.

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on 6 October 2013
Bought because need a good pocket camera in January . Have been putting it through its paces with excellent results. Have pictures taken at a mile distance and then later zoomed in to see things that the naked eye can't see. Also done the same with a bee on a flower and can see grains of pollen on individual hairs. Well worth the money . All this can be achieved on one small camera.
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on 27 March 2014
After a bad experience with a firmware update to my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, it pains me to write something nice about SAMSUNG in relation to this camera. I was not going to buy it on principle but hey... more fool me if I didn't. (I swallowed my weak minded pride)

I read review after review and as an experienced photographer, I knew which reviews were too expectant of exactly what they thought they were going to get for the VERY cheap price of this camera. After all, instead of taking my NIKON DSLR (and all its related equipment) on holiday with me I wanted something of quality and a little more transportable!

My initial needs were these:

* Good image quality (both photo and video)
* Good low light performance
* Wireless access to social media and local connection to phone
* Support for hight capacity memory cards (64GB SDXC Cards)
* Good battery life
* (It had to look pretty cool too for the wife!)
* Budget of between £100 and £150
* Good Warranty

On arrival of the camera (which I bought from an Amazon seller called Inception), I was aware that one or two reviewers were commenting on receiving GREY IMPORTS (from outside the UK) which did not have original chargers etc. I was very happy to see that this was not the case from this seller from Amazon. The seal on the box was intact and all UK adapters were present. It was clearly a UK model.

Opening the box I couldn't help but smile. It certainly looks very nice, it is easy (and light) to hold and it is VERY well finished which kept the only requirement of my wife on track. I only paid £96 for this item but despite that, I immediately wanted to examine the qualities above that I was looking for.

Before even using the camera, I registered the guarantee and serial number online and found that my Warranty was automatically extended from 12 months to 24 months for FREE! Certainly an added bonus. It was also clear that the serial number was accepted as a UK serial number, again, validating my earlier comment that this was not a grey import as one or two buyers had commented in the past.

IMAGE QUALITY was next. Bearing in mind, I wanted a point and click camera that would immediately take a photo without having to wait those ridiculous seconds that you do for some cheap compact cameras, I was blown away that when switching the camera on I was able to take a photo in less than one second of switch on. That is pretty good believe me! I will never miss a moment with this camera. I spent the next few hours testing the image quality. This is not a DSLR as some reviewers may have expected judging by their comments or expectations and I was very pleasantly surprised by the good image quality and also low light performance. Again, bearing in mind the price range of this camera, it is a very good performer. Obviously there are better and more expensive cameras out there but I bought this as a family compact and it is perfect in that sense. It is also wonderful that after hours of testing, the SMART AUTO (one click) Mode is a great mode to use as it really does read the environment well to determine the best settings to use. This is exactly what I was looking for and to be honest, did not expect to find. For a family compact, I wanted to just point and click.... so its good then.

VIDEO PERFORMANCE: Just as good to be honest. the quality of video is as expected and matches the image taking in that regards. If you suddenly use the whole 18x optical zoom in video, there can very occasionally be a slight pause for the auto focus to catch up but who honestly zooms in that fast? It would certainly make the viewer a little dizzy to say the least. That being said, the low light performance of the video was good also.... looking even better. A couple of reviewers have mentioned that when zooming in and out, there is a pause between pressing the button and the lens actually zooming. This to me has been mis-represented greatly, there is a minuscule delay but it in no way deters from the experience or hinders the process of capturing a photo. The zooming is very smooth.

BATTERY PERFORMANCE: I tested the video performance for battery usage at the highest resolution and managed 1.5 hours of video on a single charge. That is slightly more that what is stated in the manual actually and also being on new batteries (that would not be at their prime charging capacity yet), so that was very pleasing. NOTE: On max settings, every 10minutes of video = 1GB of memory (just so you can plan your memory card sizes accordingly)

WIRELESS SUPPORT: I really liked this feature but did wonder initially if it would prove to be a novelty feature that I would never really use. However, it is certainly something that I will regularly use. To be able to immediately post photo's to social media and direct link to phones to transfer photos is great but to also use a nearby camera as a remote view device is REALLY good. It works fine too. Once set up, it remembers all the settings for previous networks...... sold on that too.

ANY NEGATIVES: Well as from my five stars... not really (other than there being no case but to be honest, they are a few quid and the wife was able to pick a 'suitable one' that she likes too. So giving that, I would prefer the low price than to packing the box full of extra that some may not have preferred.

OVERALL: As a compact family one-click solution I am very pleased it is everything I was looking for. It does what it is meant to do (and more) very well. My review is a realistic one that bears in mind that this outperforms on the price range in many regards but that there are also better and more expensive cameras out there if you wanted to pay more or require the best possible image quality.

Obviously it would never replace my high end DSLRs but it does fill that gaping whole between Smart Phones and DSLR's. This by the way, has much better quality than a smart phone camera and these days, is smaller than most smart phones too!
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VINE VOICEon 20 March 2014
For a point and shoot camera, this is the best I've come across. The picture quality is amazingly good and it is able to pick out really fine detail. The zoom is excellent for a camera of this size. The photos taken on this have come out crisp and clear. The camera is a great size for being easily carried around.

Would recommend.
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Colour: White|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
By coincidence within the last month I bought the Samsung WB150f and reviewed it relatively favourably but not 100% happy (you can read it here Samsung WB150 Compact Digital Camera - White (14.1MP, 18x Optical Zoom) 3.0 inch LCD
The main problems I had with the older model were low light issues when using it indoors but not particularly dark, and the terrible way you had to input email addresses and passwords by using a 5 point cursor control!
Well the first thing you wil notice about this is it is now touchscreen - this is an incredible improvement, not just for being able to change the focus points but also for the wifi and sharing capabilities. Yes I know this isn't what a camera is all about, but to me it was a main feature of buying the original model. I want to be able to upload directly to Facebook and email to family and with the touchscreen it is much better and easier to do.
Speaking of wifi etc, it still remembers your last log in for home networks and things which is useful and also it can keep you signed in to Facebook and sky drive cloud services for backing up

Low light conditions have been improved as well. There is a low light setting in the Smart function which takes 4 shots and processes them into one shot. I'm assuming it is changing different exposures and making a composite - it doesn't really matter, the end result is jolly good and while a tripod is recommended I was able to take low light shots quickly and satisfactorily
Even without going to this setting, the low light capturing is much better than the 150f although it does still want you to use the flash so it isn't as quick

Speaking of the flash, it's tucked into the top, hidden away and emerges at the press of the button. Now from what I can tell, when the flash is inside the casing it will never go off (I know that sounds nonsensical but what I mean is, it won't pop up automatically because it thinks it should, what it will do, is flash a red "flash" icon on the screen to tell you that it "thinks" you should) - however once the flash is "up" you can can turn it from auto to off so you don't have to worry about it going off if you don't want it to. You ha e to manually pop it back inside and the hinge does feel a little flimsy, I have no reason to suspect it is, but it does feel like it could be stronger however I have no reason to suspect it isn't as robust as the wole camera seems to be

The settings have also changed slightly from previous models, the smart function is now called smart auto and it still does the same thing of trying to work out the best presets for what you are shooting automatically and for the most part it gets it right. The smart function is now the preset scenes you frequently find on compact cameras, landscape, beauty shot etc. there is a nice waterfall function which is basically a longer exposure to create dreamlike water shots and the above mentioned low light shot which is extremely useful

There is also a best face function which seems to take a few photos and then you work out in which photo the people look the best and it makes a whole picture of this - ill be honest I haven't tried this, I've only had it a couple of days and haven't seen that many people. In fact the other feature (motion photo) I had to try on next doors cat to guarantee some movement, it is very odd, it takes a series of Images and then you select the part you want to keep moving, everything else remains still. The end result was similiar to a gif image, and for some reason I wasn't able to save it and view it later. It could be a fun function but I like my camera to take shots, not movies (for the record it is apparently capable of hd movie recording)

I'm aware that a couple of features I'm still not sure how they work, and this is because there are no instructions aside from a very brief "quick start guide" there is no cd rom, nothing. I can figure most of it out but there are still one or two things which have thus far eluded me. I don't expect a dossier, but for a camera to have so many unique and interesting features it would have helped to have been nudged in the right direction.

The end result is I'm thrilled with this camera, it wonderfully addresses the issues I had with the previous model and this means it has to get 5 stars from me. It is now an extremely good and quality laden compact camera

As an edit - after having this now a week, I can confirm that the low light function is just excellent, it does indeed take 4 shots and works out the different exposures to create a very good (under the dimly lit circumstances) shot. Better than any previous compact camera
I also realised how to save motion picture shots, there will be a little icon of a floppy disc indicating save.
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on 4 June 2013
I took delivery of this camera a couple of days before going to Italy (Lake Garda) on holiday 10 days ago. I took several hundred photos and several minutes of video with it. I also took an older Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS10 and left the Panasonic Lumix FZ38 bridge at home. This later camera has a viewfinder but is much larger to lug around.

The Samsung WB250F took some great pictures. The feature I liked best and used quite a bit was the panorama feature. Whereas with both the Panasonics you have to take 3 pictures matching the start/ends of each picture up to get a panoramic one out with the Samsung you just choose the panorama option and then move the camera carefully across the vista you want to shoot. There is a limit on the width of shot you can shoot which shows on the screen as a black bar that fills out. The faster you move the camera the faster the bar fills out. The playback for a full bar is 45 secs. The results are automatic and simple great. Nothing else to do and no skill required. See below comment but in very bright sunlight it's quite difficult to see the bar on the screen.

The problem I had in Italy with this camera (and with the FS10) was that in the bright sunlight I could just not see what I was shooting-hardly at all. This was where the viewfinder on the FZ38 would have been useful. My wife tried to take some pics with the Samsung and complained she couldn't see anything at all on the screen.

When I came home I took all three cameras out into the garden on a sunny day and could get an image on each of the screens-the images did seem better than when we were in Italy which makes me wonder whether the sun being somewhat higher in the sky in Italy somehow affects the screen.

The reason I bought another camera when I already have 2 good ones is that technology always moves on and whereas the smaller Panasonic only has a 5 times optical lens the Samsung at 18 times is exactly the same as the much bulkier FZ38 so it's much easier to carry around in your pocket or bag and you get the same or better functionality.

One other thing the Samsung does that neither of the others do is that whilst shooting video you can simultaneously take photos (and you can also use the zoom feature).

At £150 this is excellent value for money.

A word of warning. Some of the suppliers ship from China so if you want the camera very quickly be careful where you order it from.

Other than this one gripe which could apply to all cameras with this sort of screen, this is a great camera. I put a fast 16GB San Disk Extreme SD card in which transfers data at 45MB/s which worked extremely well.
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on 24 July 2013
I found it simple to use and easy to connect to the WIFI.
Used it on my honeymoon for the first time and the picture quality is fantastic and when i used the zoom the pictures still turned out great.
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on 12 July 2013
After researching found the samsung to be good value for money, excellent features and simple to use. Perfect for somebody that likes to shoot and go or somebody that's a budding photographer
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on 14 July 2013
A really great camera with loads of functions. I,ve taken the Samsung camera with me when my SLR would just have got in the way & have taken some great photos with it. Great value at the full price even better at the price paid!
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on 9 February 2014
This is a great little camera for the money!!
Bought this camera mainly because it had an 18x optical zoom (and 5x digital), and I needed a camera that would be suitable to carry in a suit jacket pocket, for an upcoming family wedding.
When it arrived, a couple of months ago, I started to test it outdoors, and in various indoor low light conditions, and it seems to cope well with everything and had an exposure adjust feature that improved the already impressive results, even more. It also has the facility for total manual control over the exposure.
I soon discovered that it is absolutely packed with features to make life easy for the user, and extremely useful for those that like to adjust their images or add fun stuff or digitally improve things after you have taken the picture.
It has good video with sound (sound with playback too) with a large 3" touchsceen which makes menus a breeze and permits easy scrolling for viewing captured images .
The built-in Wi-Fi opens up a whole lot of wireless functions, such as image sharing to smart phones and other smart cameras, viewing images and videos on smart TV screens, using smart phones as remote controls to operate the cameras shutter and of course wireless printing directly from the camera to a wireless printer.
This is, without doubt, the most versatile (with full manual exposure control and a dozen or so shooting modes including macro) and fun camera (with pre-shot effects on photos and post video treatments) you can buy for the price.
With a sturdy build and responsive controls, it handles well and gives good results in poor light conditions.
This camera is excellent, but not perfect. It comes without a case(amazon have a suitable rigid protective case for under £8) and only a quickstart guide (a full manual is available on the Samsung website). It has a pop-up flash, that works adequately well, but it does seem to be flimsy and vunrable to physical damage when "out" and ready for use, i am getting used to using it for the required period of use, and then pressing it back in straight away and have had no problems to date.
If I had paid half as much again for this camera, I would still have considered it a bargain.
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