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on 16 May 2014
I was pretty impressed with the spec of this camera, and there are a couple of things that make it worth having, although there are some things that are really irritating.
I'll start with the most irritating, as this has made me want to throw it in the river a few times! It's the zoom control. I have had several compact cameras and the zoom always works the same way - you move the lever one way, the zoom starts to change. You move the lever back to the centre, the zoom stays where it was at that point. Perfect. But with this camera it seems to have some sort of stupid intelligence that makes it decide to carry on zooming way past where you want; sometimes zooming right out to fully wide when all you wanted was a touch wider. It is the most frustrating powered zoom I have ever used. It seems that the only way to get it under control is to just move the lever momentarily, several times. It will then just move a small amount each time, but by the time you have the picture framed you've missed the moment. Hence it nearly went in the river.

Image quality when there is good light is very acceptable. Where there is lower light it is easy to get problems with movement blur - I guess it chooses a low ISO and a correspondingly slow shutter speed on Auto. I haven't tried manually fixing a higher ISO - I haven't had to on other cameras in this class, so I feel this is a drawback with this particular camera.

Regarding video, it only shoots at 30fps, which is different to the UK PAL video system at 25fps. This is not a problem at all if you just want to upload video clips to Youtube etc, but if you are editing and mixing 30fps clips and 25fps clips from a video camera, the 30fps shots can appear jerky as one frame in six is dropped.

There are some 'gadgets' that I really do like. One I haven't seen before and which I like a lot is the waterfall setting, which requires a tripod. It seems to take several images several seconds apart and then amalgamates them such that the static parts are sharp and nicely exposed and the moving parts (the water) softly blurred to give the creamy, moving water effect. Works well.

Some of the digital 'fun' things are interesting too - like animating a part of a picture; replacing a face with a better one etc.

Overall, I do like the camera. If Samsung could issue a firmware update that would fix the silly zoom control I would like it a lot more.
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on 8 September 2014
I think it is a valuable item to have a small digital pocket camera, this replaced a similar sized sony camera that I have had for over 5 years and had recently lost while on holiday. The adaptability of this camera can be straight forward to use but this camera is also has complex features for experimenting with and the number of modes that I don't expect to master or make full use of for some time but the quality of photographs and videos are really good. This matters as taking good quality photographs can make a holiday, occasion or event that much better when having time to enjoy viewing them later.
The automatic setting makes it so easy to get a good photograph and I have been impressed with the results. The ability to take up to 32 gig sd cards is fantastic as with use of the video button that can soon start using a lot of memory and then there is the ability to transfer through wifi to another storage medium that could be useful in the future.
I did have a problem with the original ordered camera when the battery lost it charge causing the lens to be stuck in the telephoto position and this was a problem when it happened, but the returns and replacement process Amazon have soon replaced my confidence in what a great organisation Amazon are but the replacement has been excellent in use and I have to recommend this as a good all round camera.
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on 17 June 2014
Purchased for friend who is not very techno literate and delighted with user friendly features such as top dial mode setting which is really easy-peasy. The camera also capable of finer applications and manual setting. Although can be used as simple point and shoot on auto setting it is capable of much much more and the easy zoom feature is ideally placed on top of camera. Given 4 stars because a) quick start guide is not comprehensive enough and requires on line study of user manual and b) the integral pop up flash looks a little flimsy but granted no problems yet with it. And c) the camera should include a memory card as it gives message " memory full" without one! The size & weight of camera is plus but would suggest a leather case at economical extra cost is essential ( approx £9). Overall very good value for money - Lovely little camera with auto mode as well as some "big camera features" to play with . Item was ordered late Friday evening and delivered mid morning Sunday, excellent service!
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on 12 August 2014
I bought the Samsung WB250F Smart Camera 2.0 as a slightly older, as new, model with a good discount. The only thing wrong with it was a slight scratch on the model number on the camera body.

I didn't have any great expectations for the camera as it was replacing my much loved Nikon compact that had seen better days after 100K photos and scratched lens. But, the Samsung exceeded all my expectations. Most of the time it just stays on Auto and the results are very impressive for most of the 6K photos taken.

It’s 18x zoom performs better than my bridge camera with a zoom more than twice that!

I like the touch screen that lets me focus exactly on what I want. Battery life is good. The wireless is easy to use and I emailed photos within minutes of first handling the camera.

The only thing to annoy me is the on/off button that I find too easy to knock on, but I can live with that!

I would recommend the WB250F. When the time comes, Samsung will be at the top of my list for my next camera. Had I not experienced a Samsung camera, I would not have considered brand.
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on 27 June 2014
Bought this as a pocket compact for my travels, having generally used the camera on my iPhone 4s on the go previously. Chose this primarily for the Wi-Fi function, as used to having that on the iPhone, but also for the 18x zoom, and for nighttime shots, where the iPhone struggles.

I found the Wi-Fi function easy to use, and was able to email photos directly from my hotel room using the camera. The zoom is excellent, especially at this price point (I got it here when priced at £85.99 - a bargain). The general picture quality I thought was fine, I wasn't blown away by it, and it's not really any noticeably better than my iPhone 4s, except for zooming and at night.

My only real disappointment was with the plastic body, which doesn't feel very solid, and quite a bit of "give" to it if you squeeze it tightly.

Overall, it's a good camera for the price, but if you already have a decent camera on a smartphone you might want to consider if you really want to carry a separate camera around when you already have your phone?
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on 8 January 2014
What a great little camera. I was so surprised when I opened the box. I wasn't really sure what to expect when I purchased this camera because, I have been so used to using a bigger camera. My Canon SLR digital camera had just packed up and I cannot be without a camera, even though my phones have camera's they will never completely replace the hand held version. I have been using this camera for just over a week now and I can hoestly say that I am well and truly satisfied.
I would strongly recommend this to anyone who is considering purchasing or replacing their camera. Good quality and clarification!!!!

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on 16 December 2013
l like this camera.l have the samsung smart camera dv300f too,But this is better picture quality,better zoom and fun with the software in it.When you get one,update it,which l did from the start.this camera takes a 32gb sdhc card,but will take 64gb sdxc card(double)the problem l sometimes have to relogin to social media and network password.but the touch screen on this makes it easier.l sent for the 64gb sdxc card and put it in camera,but not sending my pictures wi-fi for some reason?? still trying to work it out!! lt has a nice feel to handling,but a wee bit bulky in pocket.l bought spare batteries on ebay and no problem with with them.Take a wee bit finding your way around camera.lf you try tests pictures in your spare time and see what it can do.you will learn a lot by this way as l did. l found the seller was fast and would recommend .Overall l am happy with camera and spec and comes with a booklet.(Rab)
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on 24 May 2014
I did a lot of research before buying this camera. My previous one was dropped and broken and it took such brilliant pictures. The only thing was on return from holidays I spend ages downloading photos. This one had wifi so I thought I would give it a go. I'm not bad at technology but no expert but can you imagine my delight when I downloaded the app and was able to download pictures in a nanosecond to my ipad. Then I discovered I could upload straight to Facebook plus other social media sites if I wanted. Most of this was done without referring to the instructions as it's so easy. The pictures are superb quality and the camera has loads and loads of extra features including an option where the camera takes 4 quick pictures in a nano second and chooses the best one of your face! I cannot recommend this superb looking camera enough and have just found out a friend has one and loves it just as much and another friend has just ordered one off here.
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on 20 December 2013
First I bought ST150 but it was returned immediately because it doesn't have touch screen but for few dollars more you can have WB250f.This camera is amazing for less than £100 its connectivity is amazing but be aware when you put some SD card it comes up with error "Re-insert the SD card and switch on and off" you will be rest assured no matter how many times you do this procedure the error persists. I used my phone SD card and there was no error and then I put the first SD card back in the machine and there was no error and set up was completed apart from this the set up is straight forward.It is worth mentioning ST150 did come up with the exactly the same error for SD card.
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on 8 August 2014
A great little camera which looks good and has lots of functions. It's easy to handle and the cobalt blue is very dark and nicer than the usual bland dusky black.I began taking photos immediately once I had my memory card. There are many functions and there is a little booklet which includes how to insert the battery, memory card and take basic pics and upload onto your PC/laptop. The manual is available online and I downloaded this onto my desktop. You can send photos to your PC/laptop/smartphone and the phone is intelligent - it searches for all the internet providers and you then log on! simple as that! I could not find the @ symbol for my email address.I took the camera to Germany and it took some great photos. the zoom is good. I've discovered a whole host of other features just by changing the mode at the top and playing round with it in the evening in bed whilst I look at my pictures. If you want a great little camera which takes great photos for a very good price then this is it!
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