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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 17 January 2014
I like my gadgets and covet the Bose and Parrot Zik noise cancelling headphones, however the price is a bit steep for something that will be used on 4 flights a year at most. Having read the reviews I decided to have a look at these and I'm glad I did.

A few comparisons.

Power - Bose 1 AAA battery, Aero 7 2 AAA batteries, Parrot Zik - re-chargeable with limited duration, spare £25.78. Win Bose and AERO 7, AAA cheap and readily available.
Case - Bose Included, Aero 7 Included, Parrot Zik £39.99
Cost - Bose £259.95 , Aero 7 £28.87, Parrot Zik £224.99
Noise cancelling - Bose and Aero 7 very similar to my ears and those of the Bose owner, Parrot Zik not available to me.
Sound - Bose nice, Aero 7 OK. Very basic and subjective, if that frustrates you probably should spend the extra.

My conclusion for my purposes. For 4 flights a year the superior sound of the bose isn't worth the extra cash especially after tweaking the equaliser on my phone.. If I were using the headphones week in week out I would probably go for the improved sound of the Bose and ignore the Zik due to battery practicality.
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on 20 September 2013
You name it. I've tried it. As a long suffering Kent to London commuter I've made it my quest to find a set of headphones that kills the ambient low drone of the train without stripping my bank account. These are excellent: very well-made
Very effective. Very comfortable. Noise cancelling they're a close second to Bose.
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on 21 August 2013
I was busy recommending these to my colleagues when I decided I should really write a review about these great headphones.

I looked around on Amazon for a while specifically for noise-cancelling headphones for under £30, as people talking and other noises in the office were getting too much to be able to concentrate on work (we have an open plan office). These had the best reviews for the price, and so I decided to try them.

Delivery was fast, no problems there.

Ever since I've been using these I feel much more productive. If I need to hear what's going on I can have them as normal headphones listening to music (no complaints about sound quality from me), and if things get too loud I just flick the 'On' switch and get plunged into a lovely bubble of peace and quiet. Whatever I listen to gets louder as well, and I can just get 'in the zone'.

They are very comfortable and don't press on and hurt my ears like others have done. The ear 'cups' and headband are all nicely padded. I often forget that I'm wearing them now.

I'm not keen on using the noise-cancelling feature without something playing mainly because it can get a bit oppressive on the ears, but I think that's probably a personal preference.

The detachable cable has also been brilliant - I have not had a great track record with cables (they loosen, get loose connections, breaks, and even accidentally cut in half with a guillotine... long story!), so when, after one too many catches with my foot the end of the cable came apart, I was able to just grab another one (plain old headphone jack to headphone jack), plug it in and carry on as before without buying new headphones. Genius!

It comes with a sturdy case and an airplane adaptor as well.

The only minor complaint I could have with these is that when they arrived - as others have mentioned - they smelt really strongly of smoke. I mean, REALLY strongly. It meant they were slightly unpleasant to wear at first, but it did wear off eventually. It they could take a look at remedying this, then they would be almost perfect.

At £25 they do a great job, and I feel I have no need to go for a more expensive pair.
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on 2 January 2015
These are remarkable. I bought them to replace my Sennheisers, which I have had for years and which have fallen apart. The had cost around a £100 five years ago, so I was looking for something a bit more reasonable in price to replace them.
Having had the others for years and used them to destruction, I can give an honest review and comparison.
The AERO 7 headphones have the following advantages over the Sennheisers :
They cover a lot more of the ear, and can even be used as ear defenders.
They are more comfortable
They are much sturdier in build - a lot of screwed parts.
They eliminate far more external sound - and I mean a LOT more, including spoken radio, conversations etc. I tried them next to the dish washer and it eliminated virtually all the noise. I am really impressed.
There is no extra battery holder and the associated muddling of wires. Batteries are inside the left hand earpiece.
Connection is via a separate cable and this is SO useful. You can buy your one if you want one shorter or longer (or white)
With the NC switched off, they are excellent phones. With the NC on, the sound is boosted and makes great deep bass sounds and a good top end too.
I highly recommend these earphones.
UPDATE December 2015
We flew to Australia and back, and for this I bought a second pair so that my wife could also blot out the engine noise. The headphones performed extremely well and made the total of 41 hours in the air very bearable. Cathay Pacific have excellent entertainment systems in the back of the seat in front, and these headphones allowed us to enjoy the programs while blotting out 90% of the engine noise. The batteries also lasted the course - they're still fine in both sets.
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on 28 March 2013
Not as good as a 200 pound pair, but well worth every penny.

I would say that it eliminates about 80-85% of background noise.

One feature I loved was that the cable is a 3.5mm plug at each end, so many of my past headphones have broken where the cable meets the headphones
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on 20 February 2013
After my Audio Technica headphones stopped working and didn't last as long as I would have expected, I wanted to buy something cheap (£26) but with active noise cancelling to cancel out background office noise.

I was pleasantly surprised with these headphones - great price and good noise cancelling. Granted it was not as effective as my previous headset but seeing as they cost 3-4 times as much I was still very happy as the noise cancelling was noticeable and in the same ball park. I also think the sound quality is better and there is very little sound leakage in comparison which was a problem with my last pair.

Like AT these headphones are quite comfortable too in my opinion.
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on 29 March 2014
I love these headphones! I have had these for a month now, and am very satisfied that I have taken the time to write this review, and I never write reviews.

I have almost 20 headphones at home (in ear, on ear, over ear, bluetooth, etc.) If you ask my friends I am almost always looking at new sets, but now I am cured. These are headphones, and I don't feel I am missing out on anything. So I am happy they are my favourite set. This sounds daft, but I like them so much, I keep them in the bag to protect them. I am not kidding, these hit all my requirements, and I am so happy with them that I want to show them off, and protect them! I have recommended these to my friends.

Yes, they smell like SandleBark - very manly indeed! And, they don't 100% cancel noise out any noise. However, the comfort is just like the Bose design. It's noise cancellation is good enough to make the sound of air conditioner's significantly diminished, and when it's on gives the sound extra volume. They work passively, so if you run out of battery they still work. They take 2 AAA batteries, if you were wondering. I was concerned they would be to heavy, but they aren't.

The big downside for me is that they don't have a build in Mic for making Mobile phone calls. But I am happy all the same!

They are in my opinion the bose, without the sore nose! i.e. the price.
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on 8 January 2014
I have to admit I took a chance on these.

Because I travel a lot I can see the benefit of investing in a decent pair of headphones like the ubiquitous, if posey, Bose ones. However, also because I travel a lot, I am prone to losing small electronic items so I gave these a go in the hope that they would give me some kind of compromise. I wasn't expecting amazing sound quality, I wasn't even expecting brilliant noise-cancelling, just something that would serve as an adequate pair of headphones, particularly on flights. I also hoped they would be an improvement on the Sony pair (MDRNC7B) that I have, which fail miserably in both important respects.

Imagine my surprise on opening the package that arrived in the post only 2 days after ordered. The case struck me first, making them look like an expensive bit of kit and comparing favourably with the Bose case. Inside sat a plain but tidy looking pair of phones. I love the fact that they are plain without any branding - personally I think they look the business.

I put batteries in them and put them on, a lot of noise being eliminated even before switched on. Once switched on I can honestly say I have never worn a better pair of noise-cancellers. Usually you get a slight hiss from the circuitry when the phones are silent but not with these (unless you wear them the wrong way round, strangely!).

So then I plugged in my phone and nervously awaited the sound quality. I was just as astonished by how good they sound as I was by the noise cancelling. The volume control on one side is a useful feature.

I'm really impressed - excellent value, great performing headphones.
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on 26 April 2013
Just couldn't believe the quality of this product for the price. I didn't expect much at all for my £22.99 but in fact I really can’t see, feel or hear anything I would be missing from a £150.00 pair of cans. Well done Aventree (Whoever you are!) A great feature is that the cable is detachable: it has a phono jack at either end of the cable so it can be completely removed. Even the case is quality! very happy chap:-)
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on 24 April 2014
For months I kept telling myself to buy a pair of Bose QC15s. After researching and listening to them in-store a number of times, there was still a niggle at the just under £300 price tag. Yes, they sounded fantastic and yes, they are probably one of the best noise cancelling headphones on the market.

However, I took a punt with these headphones having never heard them before, but had been impressed with 7 day shop merchandise in the past. Well, if you consider that these headphones are under £30, you really, really cannot complain. They capture sharp tones and provide a decent (but not overpowering) bass . Really, for under £30, they are seriously impressive.

I got a chance to test them out on the tube today and then on a long train journey from the South to the North. They were extremely consistent in their noise cancellation taking out the 'buzz' of the train. Other reviewers are indeed correct that they do not eliminate every nook and cranny going on around you. But again, I'm more than OK with this when you consider the price! Rest assured, if you are looking for a pair of headphones that take out a lot of background noise, these are for you. If you are looking for a pair that really eliminate the world around you, of course, go for the Bose range (but again, you'll pay for that privilege).

I really cannot fault these headphones at all considering the price. They are comfy, not overly aesthetically pretty, but not certainly not ugly. Other reviewers are again correct that they have a sort of musty smell, but this isn't too overbearing for me. I actually lent them to my brother (a trained sound technician!) to have a listen and he concurred that, for the price, these are a seriously good pair of headphones. I'm now looking forward to taking them on a long haul flight over the summer and will provide an update as to how they handle air travel. A highly recommended purchase, for sure.
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