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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars

on 25 October 2011
This is a stunning return to form for Death in Vegas. It's a collection of trance-like tracks that flow seamlessly from one to another, with no 3 a standout blend of harmony and beats. I normally like a bonus mix cd, but actually the original is unbeaten.
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on 4 October 2011
Great album and everything but why does everyone want to bend over backwards to reference the most 'acceptable' influences on Death in Vegas' sound. Krautrock, Suicide, Velvets, MBV, you name it. Reviews namecheck every ultra cool zeitgeist surfing bans of the last 40 years. What nobody mentions is that Black Hole is effectively a cover, yeah with detuned guitars and different lyrics, of a very unfashionable but no less influential band's most famous song. If you want clue, check the title of the first track: a bit of a giveaway.
That said, this is their best album. Less accessible than Scorpio Rising and Contino Sessions but impressive in it's scope. Recommended.
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on 22 September 2012
I must say that I was shocked to find such praise and positivity amongst the reviewers on here, because I think that this is a terrible album. Certainly Death In Vegas' worst.

Traditionally when people think back to Death In Vegas when they were at the top of their game, they were renowned for expertly fusing rhythmic electronica, big beat and indie rock. Their use of beats was a particular highlight of their earliest album 'Dead Elvis', however the mix of indie became the prominent factor in their two most successful albums ('The Contino Sessions' and 'Scorpio Rising') before giving way to the reliance on electronica for their fourth album 'Satan's Circus'. Now, out of the four albums I always thought that Satan's Circus was by far the weakest, albeit with an incredible live bonus disc. I found that once the band threw out the majority of their big beat and rock elements that their sound lacked it's traditional strength and energy. So, when I listened to 'Tran-Love Energies' I was hugely disappointed to find that these elements were still lacking.

Death In Vegas' fifth album is so devoid of rhythm in places that it sounds like an ambient film soundtrack. The tracks which do feature singers are equally minimalistic and nowhere close to the quality of songs like 'Aisha', 'Hands Around My Throat' or 'Flying'. Neither are they as beautiful as the band's earlier minimalistic sounding tracks like '23 Lies'. The stand out track is 'Your Loft, My Acid', a purely electronic affair that would have been a mere 'filler track' in their heyday. Other tracks which I half enjoyed included 'Medication', 'Coum' and 'Scissors', but none of them match any of their older work. In the mean time, tracks like 'Black Hole', 'Witchdance', 'Drone Reich' and 'Savage Love' are either totally messy or a complete waste of time.

I do feel that some of the tracks on the bonus CD like 'I.W.Y.L.A.' have a little bit more about them, but overall the album is extremely weak. Obviously it was the band's intention to make a minimalistic, electronica based, eclectic album and if I'm the only one who has failed to understand the significance of the music then I apologise. However, I suspect that most people who liked the band's previous work will be as disappointed as I am. Maybe one day, Death In Vegas will return to their full splendour, and if this album is a step in that direction then so be it. But it will quickly be forgotten if it is.
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on 17 December 2012
I received this as a Christmas present last year. Quite liked it at the time, gave it a few listens, moved on......

So, nearly 12 months on and I've returned to Trans-Love Energies to give it another chance.
And, I feel like I've discovered a small pot of gold. This is a stunning album, quite dark, at times claustrophobic but in what appears to be equilibrium of sorts it's quite a beautiful piece of work.

'Your Loft My Acid' is perhaps the highlight but the guitars that erupt from nowhere during 'Savage Love' are euphoric, exhilarating, desperate and for some reason or other bring a lump to my throat. It's perhaps an experience that won't be shared by everyone, but, when a piece of music makes you feel like you're flying then you're surely onto a good thing.
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on 24 March 2012
Some may say too knowing (Kevin Shields eat your heart out on Savage Love)...and yes some will argue too many influences at work - but the more you listen the greater the whole becomes - does lean on side of dancey and techno at times (but goodo I say). IMHO the best work they have done and my early contender for most interesting album of the year - a truly great album....
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on 12 November 2011
First like to point out this is a review for the vinyl version which is different (and better) than the CD version. It's longer and is more rounded with different versions of songs. On the whole I would say this is DIV's best work to date - it feels complete and with more direction than their earlier releases. The influence of Kraut-rock is plain to see, it's like listening to 21st century Tangerine Dream at times. The more tech/house inspired tracks are as good as anything released on Kompakt records this year. You could envisage being at Berghain whilst listening to the Fearless remix tracks of 'Your Loft My Acid' & 'Medication', whilst 'Enforced Peace' is pure Detroit techno. There are other influences here too - the opening tracks are like a cross breed of Suicide & Neu!. Overall an excellent piece of work that showcases Richard Fearless' eclectic influences that are all brought together in a cohesive piece of work. Recommended.
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on 17 March 2015
An excellent album, that continues DiV's delightfully non-conformist musical tack - this time exhibiting a 'minimalist 80s spin' here-and there (I read a music-press article describe some of it as a good soundtrack for a sleazy but posh strip club - in a good way. I couldn't possibly comment...). As with other DiV albums, some tracks are a little stronger than others but thats really just 'relative nit-picking' as the strong ones are superb and the 'slightly weaker' ones are still good. I'd got the limited-edition 2-disc version and thats the version I'd recommend to you - particularly for the last track on the second disc; Moe Tucker. Curiously, despite the 2-disc version of the album being described/sold as limited-edition and the fact DiV albums sell well, this one was released back in 2011 but you can still get it quite readily... Enjoy.
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on 31 October 2011
A strange one but a lovely surprise; the opening track sounds like an old spacemen 3 demo, all echo and reverb which morphs into track 2 which sounds uncannily like sweet sixteen by Iggy Pop. What follows is more familiar territory for DIV fans; a return to top notch vocal electro. I found this a much better listen than Satan's Circus and a more joined-up album than the overblown (dad rock tracks) of Sagitarius...Richard Fearless' vocals work well, low in the mix. The 2nd disc shows off the remix/studio side of DIV. A great value package and great to hhave them back. The December gigs should be great.
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on 23 November 2011
I'm a big Vegas fan and this is a great new album, as with all their stuff it's a bit of a mix of genres but there's def. a leaning towards the dance side of things. Nuff said.
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on 23 February 2012
Took some getting used to but it grows on you, not my favourite Death In Vegas album though, a bit too techno for me.
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